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we gather. we feed. we nurture. Our passion is to raise men & women fully equiped for the work of ministry and who can influence all spheres of life

Every person counts. Everyone matters. Ours is to make an impact on each individual that comes our way. Feel free to visit us.

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It means everything to us that Jesus was born. What would have happened to us if he did not humble himself to be born of a woman? Like the wise men and the shepherds, may God draw our hearts to Christ, that we may worship him and take the message of his birth to the ends of the earth.
Merry Christmas.


The Smallest steps taken towards your dream, vision, and calling, are far better than the loudest Cry. Stop lamenting, it's time to move on. Here is the full message. Stay blessed.
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Whoever will walk in the greatness of God's Kingdom must acknowledge that heaven is the source of all authority.


Since 2009, Rivers Of Life Healing Centre has ministered to students of Makerere University and the surrounding institutions of higher learning. Many of those we have pastored and mentored, have since moved to various parts of the country and the world where they continue to walk in the faith.

We thank God for His mighty hand and we bless God for all those of you who have ministered alongside the Church. We trust that in the near future we shall continue our ministry to the university students.

However, the #Church #is #relocating to Kawuku along Entebbe Road. And we will need funds to cater for the basic needs of setting up a worship environment. These include Rent, Church hall, the Children's church hall, the Sound System, and such related costs. The total budget is estimated to be UGX 40 Million.

That is the Reason for the Fundraising Event named the #FUNDFEST, to which I am inviting you. We thank the Lord that #Bishop #Morris #Bukenya and the family of Eden Revival Church Wandegeya have accepted to co-host with us this #Fundraising #Event their Church Hall.

I therefore appeal to all Active and former Church Members of Rivers Of Life Healing Centre -Makerere, all our friends, my pastor friends, Churches and ministries and all Well wishers, to Come and support us as we fundraise towards this noble cause, come the 5th. August 2018.

For those who are far away and can not make it to the #FUNDFEST, There are ways you can send in your support towards the relocation of the Church. You may contact us on +256 703 393235/ +256774662702 or you may use the same numbers to make your contribution via mobile money.


Please share with others.

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Counting Down to A very important Day in the History of Rivers Of Life Healing Centre


Do not conclude that you have nothing to offer the Church and the world. You do have!. The people who have contributed to humanity were not made of steel. They were as human as you are.
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“But God had come to Laban the Syrian in a dream by night, and said to him, ‘Be careful that you speak to Jacob neither good or bad.” Genesis 31:24

The relationship of Jacob and Laban turned deadly. But the God of Jacob’s Father appeared unto Laban and served him a notice. Laban was not to harm Jacob.

Emphasis: Provoking the fear of God

The fear of God is a weapon against financial malice.

If you are under the illusion that everyone approves of your financial freedom, you are mistaken.

You need the fear of God around you to protect you from those who would like to do you harm.

Once you start creating wealth, there are people who will want you destroyed.

You need to provoke the terror of God in your life.

People should come to a point where they know that they cannot just do as they wish with you.

People should not blackmail you and they just walk scot-free.

Here are three accounts in which God’s terror was manifested.

1. Mordecai (Esther 6:13).

Mordecai was innocent. But for selfish reasons Haman wanted him killed.

Those close to Haman warned him, that if the man He was messing up with be a Jew, that Haman should know that what he plans will befall him.

The fate of Haman was death by the gallows he had set for Mordecai.

2. The Lord Jesus:

The Lord Jesus had worked and preached among the people.

His enemies thought they could therefore just apprehend him without protocol.

They were in for a big surprise. Those who came to arrest Jesus were instead arrested by His overpowering presence. They were struck and they fell down (John 18:6).

They arrested him at His will, because it was ordained to happen.

When he rose from the dead, the soldiers were struck and fell down as dead men.

This was because of the fear of the presence of an angel (Mathew 2-4).

They will fear and fall, they that rise against you in malice. But to you the Lord says do not fear.

Oh today I see God releasing his strike force in your favour.

3. Abraham: (Genesis 20:3, 7)

God visited Abimelech the king of Gerar to demand for the release of Sarah. God’s message to him was in no simple terms.

But God came unto Abimelch in a dream by night, and said to him, ‘indeed you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken, for he is a man’s wife.

My dear friend, God is tougher than the toughest man. May he make the demands for you.

There is a side of God people should know when it comes to dealing with you.

There should be a sense of Protective Fear of God around you.

When they dig a pit for you to fall in, they will fall into it by themselves.

Believe God to protect your financial interests like he did for Jacob.

#Pr. Eryeza Kalalu

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It is written in Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.”

I declare that you belong to the kind of people who successfully goes through the waters and fires of affliction.

You shall testify of how you made it through where others got stuck.

Your faith in God is making a difference in the results of your life.
That problem that seems overwhelming, may it be overwhelmed by the glory of God.

The waters of debts shall not overwhelm you. The waters of rejection shall not swallow you up.

The rivers of unemployment shall not overcome you and your children. The floods of evil and envious people shall not prevail over you.

The torrents of destruction and death shall not overpower you. Bareness shall have no bearing over your life.

May the same waters that would have destroyed you, instead take you to your prophetic destiny.

I pray that God shall show up in new ways to help you. The worst shall not happen to you. For the Lord your protector is with you to help you.

Every heat you are in now, may it be cooled by the breeze of the Lord’s presence.

The Lord said, that “For I am the Lord, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob." Malachi 3:6.

Your problem might be severe, but that does not change God’s ability to help you.

May you experience the unchangeable grace of God. I link you up to the unchangeable God, this month and for ever more.

His healing power hasn’t changed; He will still heal you today. His liberality has not wavered; He will still supply to you abundantly. His resources are not depleted; He is still the ALL - SUFFICIENT ONE.

May the God who helped yesterday, Help you today and forever. May the God who gave you the children, sustain you and your children.

May the God who gave you the company, also give you a wide a cliental.

He gave you the marriage, Now receive grace to keep it all together.

He has not changed. You can not be changed. Make this declaration in faith: “ He has not changed, I cannot be consumed. My God has not changed, therefore I can not be consumed.”

All this I pray in the saving Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hallelujah. To God Be the glory.

Pr. Eryeza Kalalu




It is written in Isaiah 43:1 “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are mine.”

Today I speak against every spirit of fear that might have taken over your life. You will look for fear in your life and it shall no more.

Even under the most threatening of situations, your heart shall refuse to fear.

I say to you, “Don’t fear”. You are redeemed of the lord! The worst has been taken care of.

I pray that your heart shall stay peaceful even in the midst of the storm.

I rebuke the fear of the unknown. I rebuke the fear of people.

I speak against the fear of opportunities. I speak against the fear of travels. I speak against the fear of greatness.

May the fear of death be rooted out of your life in the name of Jesus. You shall not die, but you will live to declare the goodness of the Lord in this land of the living.

Every attitude that makes you fear stepping into God’s promises and provisions for your life, be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

Your heart shall be strong when everyone is afraid. You shall not panic anymore!

Your provisions bear your name on them. For the Lord says that he calls you by name. Therefore the fear that you will miss out on you God ordained opportunities, be cast away from your life in the name of Jesus.

Every fear that your joy shall not last, I declare it overcome in the name of Jesus.

I decree that no form of ungodly fear is justifiable in your life.

All your fears of the past are behind you. May you be locked away from everything and everyone threatening your life.

Fear inflicted on you by the people around you shall not take room in your heart.

Let fear be replaced with faith. From today you shall talk in faith. You shall act in faith. You shall negotiate for business deals with utter trust in God.

You shall respond to challenges as the redeemed one of the Lord who has a caring Father and a God.

Thank You Father.


Pr. Eryeza Kalalu


#Happy #New #Month


Your Dedication To God Shall Preserve You. Exodus 34:24



We have all been to meetings where we have listened to a speaker and we are like, "I know that." I have heard it before." Even a child knows that."

Yes. You might even pay a fee to hear from this international speaker or preacher, only to hear the obvious. It might even involve traveling to other nations for a conference, and guess what, you you are taught what you already know. Or it might be that you just went to a service at your Church, and all you heard the pastor preach are simple principles that you could even preach better! (Haha). Is it worth sacrificing so much, to hear what seems to be "common knowledge?"

When very few people know what is true, it becomes risky business for anyone who attempts to implement that truth. But there is a flip side to this: when truth seems to be known by everyone. This poses an even more serious challenge. It is a challenge when sacred truth becomes common knowledge. We somehow begin to treat as less important the things we already know or that we usually hear people talk about.

Take the Bible for example. Men lost their lives to have It written in the language of the common people and for printing it. But today, because of it's ready availability, it is treated, by some, as one of the books written by men. It is often read as only an option, if read at all. It seems that the closer the Truth draws to people, the less importantly it is treated.

But Truth is not meant to be hidden. It is meant to be common knowledge. Yes. Wisdom is meant to be a street commodity. That anyone - privileged or not, uneducated or highly skilled - should access (Proverbs 8:1-3). Truth is meant to be popular.

The popularity of truth makes it neither ineffective nor obsolete. If you know it to be truth, just be believe and apply it. Others might just talk, sing or even joke about it. But for you, it should retain its sacredness. It should always be the life-changing message that you have from God.

These days some of us have grown up in church. We have heard certain truths so many times that they have lost their appeal to us. It is sadly so. The truth that the world needs, we who have heard it since childhood or youth treat it with disdain. Timothy knew from childhood what could make him wise unto salvation (3:15). I submit to you that the Truth you have always heard in church, or at home, still carries power to make you wise and transform your life. But that is if you will treat It with more respect. How long you have known truth or how many know about it, does not cheapen it.

As a preacher, know that it is your advantage if people already know what you want to preach about. Don't say "but they already know this." Even If you were to preach from a scripture which every one in audience knows so well that they can quote it from memory, you are still valid. Your call is not to preach from the unknown but to preach the Truth. Dear fellow Minister of the gospel, Know that Even a well known scripture like John 3:16 Is still very powerful and effective. Preach it as such.

Finally, to those who are preached to, it is important to know that the solution you are looking for might be in what you call "common truth." It is good to learn new truths, but what have you done with the Truth you already know? I am here to tell you that prayer and reading the Bible (which is a Sunday school song) hasn't lost its power. You certainly don't need another preacher to preach to you about giving your tithe & offering. Chances are that you know all scripture that speak about offering and tithe. But I tell you, it hasn't lost its power. The same applies to all other "common principles" of truth. Just Believe the Truth. Act on it. No matter how popular it is.

How about making this article "common" by sharing it.




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Rivers Of Life Healing Centre


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Rivers Of Life Healing Centre

[05/09/16]   Oh what a time it was at the Convention. Thanks to all participants.

[04/17/16]   THE BELIEVERS WEALTH CONVENTION IS THE THING! COME SUNDAY MAY 8TH 2016 2:30 - 7:30 PM. CONTACT +256 705 345 635/ +256 702 579 036 TO SECURE YOUR SEAT IN TIME.


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Rivers Of Life Healing Centre - Kawuku's cover photo

[12/31/15]   Wherever a big block of time to wait upon and minister to the Lord avails itself, grab it with both hands.
Tonight is one of those times. when u Can take the time uninterrupted, before God.

we Take time in Prayer and worship seriously.
u may be part of it here at Church.

[05/01/15]   Since Last Sunday, The 26th. April Our Church Program Is As Follows:

Sunday Services:
1st Service: 08:00-10:00 AM

2nd Service: 10:00-12:30 PM

Faith Arena: 5:30 PM-7:30PM

U are welcome

[01/30/15]   The 28 days of our prayer month closes this Sunday on 1st Feb. we are going to have a special prayer time in the Sunday service. For all that have been available for the daily prayer sessions at church, God bless you abundantly.For those that sent in Prayer requests, because you couldn't physically be present, Believe God for your answers.

Now you are all invited to this Sunday service at from 9:30 A.m to 12:30 Pm. Am excited at what the Lord has done and is still doing. #Prayermonth#

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