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We! Discovered that On This Earth, There Are Many Languages! PEOPLE Speak & All Of Them! Have Different Meanings & Purposes! On Life to BE LEARNED By Us!

If People Can! surely Learn! One Common Language As Pre-teached!!! by 1cor14:1-9!-10!-19!-25!-40 And Make-It Life Promise To Understand The Language's Meanings And Purposes! and Knowing!!! Explanations as Asked by the official! Reader Acts8:31!-32 And Make Sure To Obey! the WORDS READ! and Use Them As-In, On Daily Basis!!! while Dealing! with Fellow PEOPLE!, for Profit gaining! honestly! in lord

Operating as usual

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Thoughts create the new world in thy vision and mission!

[12/22/20]   Read everyday motivational books to inspire your thinking and gain energy of attracting positive thinking..... which will lead you to winning as planned...


The Secret of your future success is in what you do daily towards or according to your mission and vision written down..habakkuk2:2-3 vs eccle4:9-12 vs eccle11:1-6 vs prov27:17?-27 vs gen1:26-28 vs gen2:15-25 vs prov20:3,13 vs 2thessa3:6-10?---All beings must work to put food on table!


The world is driven by those who know they can and try their best to try all they can! Try this with me!!!!!.


If all were easy

Believe and act with us in faith to lead you! There! Hebrews11 vs 1tim6 vs prov27

[10/17/20]   *Whose Father is He?*

```A beggar came asking for food. I told him to come around to the back door and asked him to sit on the floor while I went in to bring the left over food.

I brought him food & said, let's pray. Now repeat after me, "Our FATHER in Heaven". He said, "Your Father in Heaven". I said."No, say OUR FATHER in Heaven". He again said, "Your Father in Heaven"!!!

This extremely Irritated me! I asked why do you say 'Your' father when I say 'Our' FATHER?'

He said, "Sir, it's like this. If I say Our FATHER, then we both become brothers. If we are brothers, you would invite me in through the front door and not the back; you would ask me to sit at your dining table not on the floor; you'd also not give me stale food! Sir, somehow it's not possible that we are sons of the same father"!

He may be your Father, but he can't be OUR father!

Whose FATHER is He?

It took a beggar to teach me the truth!!!```

*GOD becomes our FATHER when we treat one another as brothers and sisters.*


Take time to unlearn self and tame all relatives and friends around you to speak the same language in order to change and retrieve the world together as revealed in genesis11:1 vs gen1:26 ~28 vs gen2:15, 24 vs gen9:1-7 vs prov27:17 vs prov4:23 vs prov13:20,22 vs james4 vs prov18:18 and Amos3:3 to receive mt19:27 ~30 revelations thru 1tim5:8,9,17&18


I can't breath until those vultures and wolves and dogs and goats that destroy house of God are put in jail and throw the keys in ocean!, until God uses his apostle to call fire to destroy such fools , I will not settle....., Eeeeeeeiii, where are Christians leaders of 21st century, let us use the two weapons our king jesus told us we shall use at a proper time, I think this is it, if we see such blindness of so called rich political leaders destroying houses of God. Oh lord! #Ps110


Believe and act with us in faith to lead you! There! Hebrews11 vs 1tim6 vs prov27


Take time to connect your thoughts with my posts in English, you will see the secret therein!......proverbs4:20 ~23!, says master your thoughts! , to attract all your needs!


Who are our friends? And when we meet with friends and relatives and neighbors of same faith, what do we really discuss about awakening life purpose on earth....ps115:16


Just #focus on your mind and #thoughts, (#prov4:20-23!) the knowledge vs faith~you get along the way and put in action(jam2:26!), attracts all life wants doubt, but do we really know what life wants on this earth of humanrace?...ps115:16 vs gen1:26~28 vs gen2:15 ~25 vs gen9:1-7 and ps115:13 ~16 vs deut14:22?-26? We must stop here and think! And ask, Wait on! What is the purpose of life on earth? And what does really life want on earth of human.race!....ps115:16? Vs gen1:26~28!


PLO Lumumba

The problem with us Africans also is that we are prisoners of sorrows and lamentation.


Gospel Light Channel

Akhekho Ofana no Jesu - Donnie McClurkin (Gospel Goes classical SA)
L I N K:



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Master thy thoughts and you will attract the intended world around you! As revealed in GNB. Proverbs4:20 ~23 vs proverbs13:20?,22, vs proverbs 27:17?~27 vs titus2:1~15


Read thru and think! About it!


Read daily to improve your thinking and actions~prov4:20-23? Vs mk12:24 vs prov27:17?-27


Only self readers will understand the ways of the apostle Samson karekyezi k of christ kingdom family ministries purpose in earth ~genesis 1:26~28...29 vs genesis 2:15~25 vs psalms115:13 ~16


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Only self readers, will change thy society to thy level of understanding, keep reading until you get real you to to the rest of communities mission to change their mindset to fit imitate christ love for all races equally to live in harmony while protecting each other to live a longevity lifespan as revealed in Isaiah 65:20~25 eliminates away ps90:10 and thru gen1:26~28 ~29 revelation, then we can attain Isaiah 65:20~25 prophesy

[02/16/20]   Those successful people don't make excuses or blame others.They focus on what they can do.

Since I decided also to never give or take any excuses I started realizing my potential.I have learned in the process that those who succeed, aren't those who have faced hardships and escaped them, they are those who stay focused and keep pushing forward.

#Proverbs27:17 ~27 vs #prov13:20,22



Motivational Fearless

[11/17/19]   A police officer stopped a Pastor for speeding.
The Pastor seeing trouble, yelled back: “I am a Pastor going to Church not a thief.”
The officer replied, “Please, leave that Pastor thing out. Anyway, if you are indeed a Pastor, then you must have a Bible in your car. Bring it.”
The Pastor speedily brought out his Bible to prove his honesty and to be freed.
“Please read Matthew 5:25-26 to me.” Said the police man.
Incredulously, The Pastor opened the recommended text and it reads:
*“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to a judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you the truth; you will not get out until you have paid the last penny”*
The perplexed man of God upon interpretation *“QUIETLY”* made an *“offering”* of a "few dollars" to his newly found *“Preacher. ”*
The Officer collected his bribe and said to the Pastor,
*“End of the matter. Go quickly in peace and never argue that policemen collect bribes. We only settle matters quickly and peacefully with all offenders instead of taking them to court to be thrown into prison. It's Biblically part of our job."* 😂😂😂😂😂

(Posted as received)


Heidi Dellaire

You can always write a new future.


Together as karekyezi kingdom family members, we unite with our karekyezi kingdom hometown communities to celebrate their achievements, now celebrating 25yrs of Benson gwejemera family and give away of their firstborn daughter in marriage, Amen


Karekyezi~kingdom in #kanungu hometown gathered in Kampala for a family reunion, Amen....and blessing to our hometown family of benson gwejemera generation


[09/25/19]   karekyezi~kingdom kanungu hometown ministry, wishes you, a hbd who have it today!, as seen it to hundreds on our FB!, read~ isaiah65:20~25 and obey it all to attract those years above 120yrs


Photos from Started2000AD Samson Karekyezi Community Language Learning English Ministry's post


*Fintegri .. finttrade.. Online exchanger welcomes you in any country you are operating in from.....coz it's a global market business for *all United mindset people to have A global cryptocurrency for all! Self willing billionaires*
Use ! The *word of Lord given below* to obey the above *cryptocurrency revelation* conquering the world!

GNB *Eccl 4:9~12; vs eccl10:19?~20 vs eccl11:1~6....9,*

[09/03/19]   Great minds , think together, move together and all readers know, applied knowledge is power.....prov27:17



For Daily Encouragement Like 👉 GOD TV


The karekyezi kingdom hometown kanungu crusade was a success on 6th june 2019AD,
Wow, Glory to the word of God, eccl4:9~12
Thanks to whoever attended, looking forward to seeing you on 27th December 2019AD

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