Mission Projects in Africa, India, Belize and Mexico Worthy of Your Support

This page will feature pre-approved projects vetted by Strategist and Missionary Gretchen Smith, Harvestime International Network. Africa, India and More!


youtube.com 18/04/2019

G Life - Love Gospel

Prophetic Gospel Artist Isaac Benka Davies out of The Gambia. Powerful video and music!

youtube.com Hello YouTubers.. We are Gospel Life also known as G Life.. We're a group of three Christian brothers that love gospel music and wanna share the gospel of Ch...

[03/15/19]   AFRICA
Sah Nji Wilson Cameroon
Scholarship needed for higher education.
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to this need please contact Gretchen Smith.

He needs $260 USD to be paid no later that 20th of May for higher education in Yaounde Cameroon. He is doing diploma program Batch24 in Human Resource Management at CITEC Higher Institute of Technology and Management (CITEC-HITM). Fees can be paid directly to the school or we can arrange a tax deductible donation for those that are in the states so if you want to help directly then just inbox me.

Please note: Sah has a real heart for helping displaced Anglophone youths in Cameroon and we are fleshing out a ministry plan now. It is going to be amazing.


[01/18/19]   About this Project by Strategist and Missionary Gretchen Smith, Harvestime International Network

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

In 1998 I went on my first official mission trip to Kiambu Kenya and Dar Es Salaam Tanzania with the International Mission Board (photo above...that is me in the middle). My heart never left Africa but my journey went in a different direction taking me to Haiti, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Florida, Kentucky, California, Colorado, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and now Belize all to serve God nevertheless I always had Africa on my prayer list.

I posted a theology question in an online theology group in 2018 and no one responded at all and I only got 1 like but suddenly I had dozens and dozens of under-supported pastors, ministers, and missionaries in Africa and India contacting me on FB and none of them were connected with each other at all and they were not in that group so it was really weird. Here is a link to my question https://www.facebook.com/groups/493987174015913/search/?query=gretchen%20smith&epa=SEARCH_BOX
I don’t have any idea how this post with no comments and 1 like suddenly connected me with pastors all over the world but suddenly my territory increased tremendously and now over 100 of them have added me and every day more and more find me.

I looked at their pages and saw how they were serving and struggling and felt overwhelmed by their desperate pleas for help especially when they posted things like 205 children had gone days without food and some had to bury children dying of HIV/AIDS complicated by starvation. I had been contacted over the years by ghost orphanages online (fake accounts) but these were different and I knew I could not ignore them. Some people would have dismissed them for not presenting their ministry needs properly or letting children suffer but I decided to take a closer look and investigate and get to know those that were persistent in reaching out to me.

At first I was overwhelmed by their needs which were great. I started by sharing a few of their needs with my private prayer team but soon realized my amazing prayer team prefers to give their resources to their neighbors and people they personally know and Africa was far from their mind and it would take a long time to redirect their energies and they were already stretched thin supporting my many projects all over the place. I began to pray more earnestly and soon God showed me a different path to help theses struggling ministers.

I have extensive experience in grant writing and partnership development and had recently completed a project in Mexico for an under-supported pastor where we raised $80,000 to build an orphanage to serve victims of human trafficking. I decided that even though it would be very difficult, I would teach these pastors and minister how to write grants and develop partnerships rather than do it for them. I set up an online group and began the arduos task of educating them about NGOs, Government Agencies, Foundations, Not-For-Profits, and Church Partnerships. Frankly it would have been easier for me to just do it for them but that is not what God called me to do. After many many many long hours of mentoring online, some of them have made it to the point that they are ready to partner. I have featured those particular projects here on this page. They have been extensively vetted and references have been checked and I personally mentor each of the pastors presented here and will vouch for them.

Now I am going to sit back and see what God does...I am used to him working many miracles so I have great expectations that every one of the pastors featured on this page will succeed in getting partnered. If you are willing to partner with them, or with me, please contact me directly at 619-780-8209 or [email protected] or better yet just inbox me on my personal page at www.facebook.com/tallartist
If you would like to know more about me check out the pinned post with my testimony on my public ministry page at www.facebook.com/gretchensmithministry

I have a feeling this project is going to grow so please pray for me. We probably need to set up a proper website and bring it under a larger, better connected church or NGO as a whole. Could that be you?

Check out how God accomplished what you see here by taking a look at our social learning UNITS on our group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/africapastors/learning_content/

To God be the Glory.




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