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R.C.C' mission is to implant God's word into the actual humanity in order to generate Spiritual & Physical Change in the daily basis from our activities.

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Photos from Rehoboth Community Church/Kampala's post 18/04/2021


Despite the laws that maybe set against you, God has a perfect plan for you. It doesn’t matter who declared them or for how long have you been there, the more you trust in God the easier it will be for you get through.
God’s favor is enough to get you where your own abilities could not have taken you

Photos from Rehoboth Community Church/Kampala's post 04/04/2021

He is risen. He is alive and He is soon coming to take us his church. God has shown his great love for while we were still sinners he sent only begotten son to save us. Today as always, the church celebrates the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The love has been desplayed to all the humanity.
Happy Easter to Everyone


God has always the best for you. And in seasons like this one. He has not forgotten of his promises to you. Join us this Sunday as our senior pastor expands more about how this is your new season.

Note: We have a place for you at our church


Hello family, it's a pleasure again to announce to you that our church activities have resumed already. Every TUESDAY and THURSDAY we will be having a Bible study services from 5PM to 6:30PM.
We believe that you have been waiting for this to happen and God has made it happens.

Our main service remain service remains opened for everyone every SUNDAY from 10AM to 12PM.

All safety measures have been taken to assure you a nice experience at our church. Please notice that coming with your mask is mandatory as we cope up with the measures given by the Government of Uganda.
We are praying for you and can't wait to have you in our midst. We have enough space for your family and you.
God bless you


Hanniel Ministries


As the World celebrates the International Women's Day, we are grateful for the gift of our mothers and sisters who work harder for our families, bringing unity and harmony in our society and more being part of the Church body of Christ.

The word today for the Church was entitled: The Power of God.
God's power is unlimited and available for those who are willing to receive it. While people's and even devil's power is limited. We, as a generation of sons and daughters of God have the unlimited power through Christ in us. The only challenge is that many Christians don't dare using or desiring its manifestation.
This word was brought to us as prophecy by the servant of God Evangelist Delphin Makombo.



What a great way to start a new month!
The word delivered today by Evangelist Adeline Mutabazi was what we need to be reminded how victorious we are when we remember that CHRIST is our secret to success.
Through the preaching we received the keys we needed to be a blessed and victorious generation in all we do. Focusing more on our secrets which make our strength.


It was a great blessing to welcome these two young people into the Kingdom of God. We believe in more to come as God is bringing more people to him.


Sunday 23rd February 2020


We are kicking off this new week with a lot of hope and faith turned firmly to Jesus Christ thanks to a special message from Mama Faida Charlotte who noted in our service yesterday "Faith over fear will lead triumph your way from all kings like Nebuchadnezzar". Be blessed!!!


Our Sunday 02.02.2020 in images.
Theme: Following Jesus even in the Wilderness
Speaker: Apostle Musa Musoda
Being a Christian is being committed to his ways. Even in hard time our determination to follow him stands


Matthew 6:33
[33]But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

This message was expanded by Evangelist Delphin Makombo, today Sunday 26th January. God has and is all we need and putting Him first will always give us all that we need


We had another great Sunday. God wants always to be at the center of his children's projects. This day, God used his servant Evangelist Mayele Jules to remind us that whatever we may aspire to, we need to make God first. Having our goals and projects Christ's centered will always change the result we expect.
#sunday19thJan #christcenteredgoals


For the second Sunday of the Year, we had an amazing praise and worship experience. The word of God that was share by the man of God the Evangelist Emmanuel Sergio who shared about the importance of relaying on God's grace for everything we need. Knowing Jesus Christ on a personal level is the key to success


Sunday 5th January 2020
As we celebrated our Lord Jesus Christ on the first Sunday of the year. The Lord wants us to focus on HIS WORD, and by meditating and putting into practice what he recommends through HIS WORD our lives will be transformed.
The man of God Pastor Innocent Cirimwami was used with inspiration to lead us into prayer as we all are eagerly desiring to put GOD'S WORD first.
#2020 #word #rehoboth


Ordination ceremony of Apostle Musoda

What a great way to celebrate the last Sunday of the last month of 2019! We hope you enjoy this short video which features our beloved pastor Musoda Musa Musa Musoda being officially ordained an apostle by Bishop Innocent Mobutu, the president of the CCCU (Communautechretienne Congolaiseuganda).

Credit video: Malembe TV



Today we celebrated the ordination of pastor Musoda Musa as an apostle. He was anointed by Bishop Innocent M., the president of the CCCU; and the service was led by Pastor Cirubakaderha Babane, the senior pastor of our church. We wish the Apostle Musa Musoda joy and success as he embraces this new journey.



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Today our Sunday school led the service, these wonderful kids reminded us what Christmas is all about; they reminded us that grace is the greatest gift that humanity was given on that blessed day when our Lord was born. For those of us who have been born again, His birthday marks the beginning of our own redemption story. Let us extend this Christmas cheer throughout the entire year. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas.



Rehoboth Community Church/Kampala's cover photo


There is no other one that truly consoles us rather than Jesus Christ from this life's heavy burdens and therefore we wish to be nowhere else except in his presence.


"Teach a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" Prov 22:6. Last Sunday our Junior Worshipers took lead of the worship session in the main service pushing us to call for heaven while still on earth.


Leo tume ushuhudia mkono wa Bwana mu Ibada ya leo tarehe 4 Agosti 2019. Soma Yoshua 1:6 na Mwanzo ama Genese 33:9


Rehoboth Community Church/Kampala's cover photo


We're thrilled to share this pictorial collection from our Grace of God Choir's Violent Worship Concert


We are doing everything we can to spread the gospel allover the world, one of the techiques used by our youth department is #football.

With yesterday's game, we reached more than 300 people who attended the game, these youths stand as role models on and off the pitch to fellow youths in the community by showing them good examples to follow.

Let's take a moment and give a shout out to our youth department that brought joy into our hearts and smile onto our faces with the victory of 2 - 1 on a football game opposing them to the youths of 5eme Celpa Throne of God .

We are looking forward having more games with fellow churches and community teams around Kampala.



It was blast for our youths! Last weekend 17 youths from our Youth Department got to spend time together at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. They played exciting board games, Bible trivia and shared various experiences between themselves that was followed by a memorable trip to Gabba fish market.


The year of praise


Happy New Year


Don't miss to join us and celebrate Jesus for the new year


Join us tomorrow


We were so blessed with privilege to share a Christmas present to over 297 families this weekend. Through the "Christmas Love" campaign we were able to give a 5kgs bag of rice, beans and corn flour to families from Katwe, Nsambya, Kibuli, Bunga, Kabalagala, Lukuli, Makindye Massajja, Busabala, Kisenyi, Kirombe, Nabulagala, Najjankumbi and Ends-corner. Shout outs to Elisha Cito and the rest of the team. #ChristmasLove2018 #OneMealAtATime #FeedAFamilyOnChristmas Galatians 6:9
Merry Christmas from all us of at Rehoboth Community Church/Kampala!

Rehoboth Ordination, Wedding Celebrations 19/12/2018

We were abundantly blessed the past weekend, with 1 marriage ceremony of our very own Pastor Babane Philip with his lovely wife Nzigire Ruth. Additionally, followed by an ordination ceremony of 3 pastors, 6 evangelists, 1 deacon as well as 1 baby dedication. We lastly wish to thank everyone that made our ceremonies turn so wonderful. God bless you all,

We were abundantly blessed the past weekend, with 1 marriage ceremony of our very own Pastor Babane Philip with his lovely wife Nzigire Ruth. Additionally, followed by an ordination ceremony of 3 pastors, 6 evangelists, 1 deacon as well as 1 baby dedication. We lastly wish to thank everyone that made our ceremonies turn so wonderful. God bless you all,


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Ordination ceremony of Apostle Musoda
Grace of God Choir, 30th 04 2017




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