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Praise the living God everyone
The Heart II.
Colossians 2:2 That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;(KJV)
The other categories of people you meet in your life are;
Comrades: Are against what you are against, they join you to fight as long as the enemy is there. You may think they are for you but they are not. You do not entrust them with sensitive issues in your life. However, long after fighting what you are fighting, they may turn to fight you instead.
Confidants: These are people you confide in. They are not there for what you are for or against but they are for you. Their language, tone, motives etc is just for you. They are ever asking whether you fine or have everything you need. If you take them for war, you may lose them and they will feel unsatisfied because they did not enter your life to fight against what you are fighting against or to achieve what you want to achieve, they entered your life for you.
They just want to spend time with you, talk to you, and get your attention. Their heart beats after you for example the John kind who leans on Jesus’ chest in that when Jesus is about to breath his last, he does not entrust anybody else with his mother but him.
John did not join the league of those thinking, “this man has a lot of crowds, he has power to do miracles, so I think am on track.” Because even after everyone had left and were hiding, as He was being crucified, it was John in front, beside him.
John's heartbeat was after the heart of Christ. He had the serving attitude and the relating attitude. Confidants are there in your life but are not many.
Jesus had three and Peter was one of them. He really was.
Paul’s heart and concern after the people of Colossae was expressed by the tone of his writing though he had not met them physically. That same heart is what every minister ought to have.

Cornerstone Healing Centre is a Bible based, Word of God centered, Miracle believing Church with in Kampala, Uganda, wit over 15 branches throughout Uganda

Operating as usual


We had a wonderful wedding of our associate pastor at CHC Butogota branchon 8th June 2019 aPr. Samsonand Evelyn Akankwasa


I met the ladyin geen about7 years agosuffering from a terrible blood issue like the woman in the bible . I prayed for her and she was immediately healed. Lat January I went back to her village in Mubende District and she came forwardand gave me her testimony completely healthy after mred the bsany years still hesled. Thebaby I am holdineliveg near histely mum nearly died during births scting as thse. Midwife and they callrd 0meon dpdishone. I ps sraye andd 0she immest their home in Mubende The dad was acting a


On 7th Feb2019 Cornerstone Healing Centrehad its 19th Birthdy anniversary . We cerabrated this at church on Sunday 24th February. Thank you for your prayers friends. In the pictures weare cutting a cake. Glory to God !!!!

[11/29/18]   "Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples , the Lord rises upon you, and His glory appears over you !!". Isaiah 60:1-2

Brehteren, children of God this prophecy is being fulfllled in our time. The earth is being engulfed in darkness. Evil and death is everywhwere. Accidents on the roads on the sea and sunamies are every whwre and frequent. Typhoons and wild fires are rampant. But take heart child of God, He has proclaimed protectiion in your life. "A thosand will fall on your left side and ten thousand on your right side, but it will not reach you. You will see it with your eyes but it will not reach you. " Psam 91: 7-8. Every bkessing to you !!!

[11/21/18]   Fear not for the LORD is always with you to fight for you and to protect you! !!


After Karangara we proceeded to Byumba Cornerstone Healing Centre a few kilometres away where we found this lady Nyiraguhirwa in great excruciating pain, unable to walk without surpport with her husband (in the middle of the picture). She had previously lost her baby after standing up in thewomb and dying. After the doctors removed the dead baby in Be info Hospital , they told her that the womb had been badly damaged and other adjacent parts. So they turned the womb upside down. And discharged her. They told her she woul never conceive again. I praise to to Jesus to remove all the damaged parts and transplant in her new spair parts from heaven, and He did. She was immediately healed and be
gun to dance thanking God. On her left was a man who had been sacrificed and had Number 6 stamped on his soulder. I prayed for him and the Number disappeared. We all gave glory to God. And we continue to do so !!!!


Excited and singing Haleluyah songs of praise are the Christians of Cornerstone Healing Centre Karngara, in Subcounty Kayonza Kanungu District as we arrived in their village last Wednesday 14th this week tis month. For two days we conducted mission there . The sick got healed and the oppressed were delvered producing great joy in the village. We return all the glory to God Almighty our Abba Father !!!


This was the joyful dedication of Baby Karabo Grace first dota of Margret Biyinzika and Paul dota of Pastor Rosemary Muwanguzi. Margret and Paul live in Dhubai. It was a joyful occasion at Cornerstone Healing Centre Kampala on 8/7/2018. May the Gracious Lord be glorified !!!!


From 18th to Sunday 21st January we held a teaching conference for all the Pastors of Cornerstone Healing Centre Church from all the Branches throughout the country at Banana Village near Entebbe. The conference successfully ended with a church Service and lunch at our church headquarters at Old Kampala Primary School. It was such a jovial moment of celebration and get together !!! Hallelujah to God !! Hear are some of the pictures at the church and at Banana Village.


Participate in the joy my Associate Pastor ,Rosemary Muwanguzi had at her Birthday Celebration at Cornerstone Healing Centre Church in Kampala at the beginning of November 2017. Note how excied she was.


Exciting !!! Mrs Penninah Tumwesigire teaching during Bible Study Session. Congs Mummy. Come again !!!


The wedding of Pastor and Moreen Kayole of Cornerstone Healing Centre Church Garuga Road Branch off Entebbe Road which took place at Entebbe Full Gospel Church three weeks ago..Congs Pastor and Moreen Kayole !!!


Ordination of Pastor Kayole at Cornerstone Healing Centre Church Garuga Road off Entebbe Road soon after his wedding three weeks ago.


Receive the 77th Bìrthday Blessing from Pastor Sam K Tumwesigire now and be exceedingly blessed! !!!


Please share in the Blessings of Pastor Sam K Tumwesigire at his 77th Birthday Celebration at Cornerstone Healing Centre Church in Kampala on Sunday 24th Sptember 2017.

[08/28/17]   Dear friends, I am excited about your responce and likes to Cornerstone Healing Centre Church page. Please inform your friends about us. May God increases your prosperity, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit !!! Every blessing to you all !!


Holy Communion, when it is real and not religious acting (Katemba) is a very powerful thing. As the faithful receive the communion, the sick get healed, the possesed get delivered and every one get blessed. Watch what is happening as Senior Pastor Sam Kaseeta ministers Holy Communion at a crussede at Nyabitanda Cornerstone Healing Centre Church in Kayonza, Manungu District:


Hullo friends ! Thank you for your continued interest and support of Cornerstone Healing Centre Church. Here are some new testimonies : The man Am on who was brought by his wife to my house has been falling down and staying like a dead man for hours for about three month. After praying for him he was completely delivered. He comes from Rugyeyo in Kanungu District. During his falling period he had also become alcoholic and completely lazy. He is now completely transformed. Hallelujah !!! Glory to God !!!


The Following are the Mubende Kalagala and Kattabalanga visitors at my house before going to church and in the service at church.


Last Sunday we had ten visitors from our branches from Mubende District namely : Cornerstone Healing Centre Kalagala Church and Cornerstone Healing Centre Kattabalanga Church; plus one lady , the wife of Or Francis of Kibale Cornerstone Healing Centre Church. They had come on Saturday and spent the night at my house. When they called me earlier in the week to say they were coming to visit me, they had not told me why they were coming. When they arrived early on Saturday , for they had travelled in the night, I asked their leader Pr Edward Tukundane, why they had invaded me. Do you want to know what he told me? They had all come to say "Thank you our beloved Bishop for praying for us, and for prophesying to us and for contributing some money to enable us to build a church !!! All the prophesies have come to pass and all your prayers have been answered!! Wow wow !!! What a purpose for such a big delegation !! Amazing !!!

[07/01/17]   I greet you all friends of Cornerstone Healing Centre Kampala. Have a woderful month of zJuly 2017. With love from Pastor Sam K. Tumwesigire.

[04/17/17]   Witness the joyful worship at Cornerstone Healing Centre Kampala on Easter Sunday 2017.


Easter Sunday was marvelous at Cornerstone Healing Centre Kampala. Some of our children who work outside the country such as Dhubai came to join us to celebrate Jesus' resurrection within us. The church was full of testimonies and joy !!!

[04/14/17]   A Very Happy Easter to you all Cornerstone
Center Fund !Every Blessing to you !!!


[04/14/17]   Dear friends of Cornerstone Healing Centre ; May you have a very Happy Easter Festival ,and may the blessings of Easter not pass you by. Ìn Jesus' name !!!!! Happy Easter to you all !!!!!


Leticia gives me a hug to say thank you pastor Sam !!!


Below is Mr John Muwonge who has not been able to talk since October last year. He couldn't see well and ate with great difficult. The doctors after examining him said nerves in hrains needed operation which could only be possibly done in Nairobi. A friend of his took me to pray for him at his home in Kisaas. After praying for him he immediately began to speak clearly. Today he gave his testmony very fluently in our church. Glory be to our Lord !!!!


Please read new exciting testimonies. The lady Leticia was diogonissed with advanced cervical cancer two weeks ago. Her sisters who attend our church brought her to me for prayers before the planned operation. I prayed for her and she was completely healed. When she went back the doctors could not see the cancer. Glory to God !!

[02/03/17]   The pictures you have just seen are part of the activities that took place during the power picked mission that took place in Kanungu District Cornerstone Healing Centre Churches at Nyabitanda CHI and Byumba CHC . Among the activities were Crusades, Weddings, Baptism and Holy Communion. The glory must go back to God. Hallelujah !!!


We have successfully returned from from our annual mission in Cornerstone Healing Centre Churches at Nyabitanda and Byumba in Kanungu District .The following are photos of some of the activities that took place in the mission. So many miracles took place and God was glorified. Glory be to the Almighty God !!! Among the events that took place were: Crusedes, Weddings, Holly Communion and Baptism.


We have successfully returned from Kanungu Cornerstone Healing Centre Churches at Nyabitanda and Byumba in Kanungu District. The following are pictures of some of the activities that took place in the mission. They include weddings crusades baptism and Holy Communion services. Many miracles took place. The glory goes back to the Almighty God our loving Father !!!


See how we enjoyed Christmas at Cornerstone Healing Centre Church Kampala. We praised, danced and cut two cakes brought by two members as a surprise !! Glory to our loving God !!!!!


Our youth leader Rosemary Jr testify in Church yesterday with tears how Jehovah Yahweh delivered her from prison in Sironko where she had been maliciously dumped for a month ! Kyamagelo kyange kili wanno-sang her mum as she jumped up and down and danced vigorously. Glory to God !!!!


This is how Alleni looked just before I prayed for her last February 2016. When I saw her smiling at me last week I couldn't recognise her. !!! !!! ! Glory to God ! Hallelujah !!! !!! ! Our God is a mighty God !!! !!! !


This Allen of Butogota Cornerstone Healing Centre Church in Kayonza Kanungu District. Notice how healthy and even grown fat she is. Completely healed from HIV Aids after l prayed for her last February 2016.

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Receive the 77th Bìrthday Blessing from Pastor Sam K Tumwesigire now and be exceedingly blessed! !!!
Holy Communion,  when it is real and not religious acting (Katemba) is a very powerful thing. As the faithful receive th...
Last Sunday we had ten visitors from our branches from Mubende District namely : Cornerstone Healing Centre Kalagala Chu...
The women's service was full of the glory of the LORD! ! HALLELUJAH! ! TO THE LORD! !!!
Here is the Ordination of Pastor Davis Ariho of Remmah Healing Centre Church at Mukinangye, Singyiro by Pr. Tumwesigire ...



Healing and Deliverance


Old Kampala Primary School Main Hall. Services Start At10:30 Am

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Wednesday 17:30 - 20:30
Sunday 09:30 - 14:30
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