Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine Official

We are hounored to welcome you to this Holy mountain of Our Lady Queen of Peace Prayer centre Kiwamirembe in Kampala Archdiocese Uganda. During the years 1982-1986, our beloved country Uganda was marred by wars.

Many people lost their lives and property and some thought that God had forgotten Uganda. But despite all this, many Christians prayed to our Lady Queen of Peace to restore peace in our country. Among them who prayed to mother mary was Father John De Bernard (Veronica Missionary), the then parish priest of Lweza. He pledged thet if peace was to be restored in Uganda, he would set up a shrine and dedicate it to Mother Mary.

Operating as usual


Good Friday Program


Kiwamirembe has organised a Way of the Cross for the Elderly, weak and sick on Monday. This will not be the Calvary way BUT around the Grotto shrine.


The Friday Way of the Cross has begun. Blessings


Tuesday 2nd March at 10am - You are all invited to this special day.


Its the Tuesday Public Way of the Cross led by Fr. Edward Kabanda.


Today, on the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, let us pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis:


V. Let us pray for Francis, our Pope.
R. May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies. [Psalm 40:3]

(Say one Our Father and one Hail Mary)

O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful people, look mercifully upon Thy servant Francis, whom Thou hast chosen as shepherd to preside over Thy Church. Grant him, we beseech Thee, that by his word and example, he may edify those over whom he hath charge, so that together with the flock committed to him, may he attain everlasting life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Its Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday at Kiwamirembe starting 12pm.


Public Way of the Cross program.


Fr. Vincent Lampert - Mary vs. Attacks of the Devil - Necessity of Exorcists #4 of 5

As we Journey in this graceful season. We hope this Holy Spirit inspired preaching of Fr.Vincent can be of good help.To know that in our Mother Mary's hands we can obtain all. A blessed Lenten season to you all.May the Good Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you all.

Fr. Vincent Lampert gives his fourth talk of five at our conference on exorcism in January 2020 on the need for exorcists in the Church where he describes th...


Are you ready for the Valentines day Special Holy Sacrifice of Mass for the Singles and Searching, Married couples, Engaged couples, Courting couples......... Those who lost hope, come and receive your blessings on the 14th of February 2021 at Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine, The Holy Sacrifice of Mass will start at exactly 11:00am, Don't Miss out, come and receive your blessings through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. #Valentine2021


Are you ready for the Lenten Season starting on 17th February 2021? #AshWednesday2021,#LentenPeriod202, #mother


Change of program. Effective February, this is the program for Thursdays at Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine. Come with a friends and family and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

#Mother Mary Arena


“In the end, it is not what is believable that matters, but what is believed. Our eternality is in our complete surrender to an infinite God who has promised everlasting life in response to our faith, which Jesus has said could be the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20).” May we all have such a faith.

We join the whole Catholic church in celebrating the life of Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, keeping his memory and vision before us.

May He Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.


Kiwamirembe has yet lost another old time Pilgrim called Frank Nekuusa.
He will be remembered for single handedly donating all the floor wood at Scala santa plus its installation. Thank you for your great contribution and love for Mother Mary.
May you be received in God's eternal kingdom.


We thank God for His life, the fruitful and outstanding talents He endowed with him. A prayerful, merciful, humble, soft spoken, inspirational leader, time conscious, developmental, social, ecumenical, an advocate for peace and justice and most profoundly a Priest committed to his service through the sacraments he has administered to many and bringing the Faithful closer to their Creator for the cause of the salvation of souls.

You have gone to meet your creator, We shall miss you, May He Recieve your humble soul, May the Saint, Angels, thrones and dominions in heaven welcome you to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Eternal rest Grant unto you O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon you, May your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Rest In Peace Most. Rev. Bp. John Baptist Kaggwa(Dr.)


Bishop John Baptist Kagwa has returned to the Lord. RIP


During his teaching today, Rev Fr Nsumba the spiritual director of Msgr Lawrence Mbwega Foundation though based in Gulu, reminded us to be the light to others. He testified on behalf of Msgr Mbwega of all the good things he did for the church and especially Kiwamirembe like like selling off his personal property to expand Kiwamirembe.

During today's mass we also remembered Rev Fr. De Benardi who is also a founder of the shrine.

Fr. Nsumba reminded us to be merciful and caring for others just like Msgr Mbwega was.


Prayers for Msgr Lawrence Mbwega who died on 7th Jan going on at his graveyard in Kiwamirembe.




Please accept our New Year's Season Greetings and best wishes accompanied with many God's Choicest Blessings for the New Year 2021 to all the Clergy, the Religious as well as the Laity.

As you are all aware, our country is holding National Elections beginning on the 14th January 2021 for leaders at all levels of governance in the Nation. So far the electoral process is fraught with violence and brutality causing so many citizens in this country untold suffering and anxiety, as to the future of our nation.

The Caritas, Justice and Peace Department has proposed a Nine Days Prayers for Peace which are meant to pray for Divine Intervention and Reflect on Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Good Governance before, during and after the elections.

The General objective of the Novena is,”

The specific objectives of the novena are: 

1. To reflect on the theme of peace, reconciliation and justice in Uganda. 

2. To pray with and for all agents of peace building members of security forces, political leaders, cultural leaders, community leaders. 

3. To pray and console victims of injustice and abuse. 

4. To pray for peaceful general elections in Uganda.


May this new year bring you a life full of peace, warmth, and solidarity in your family and much prosperity! Happy New Year!


Happy Birthday to our own Rev. Fr. Edward Kabanda. God's blessings to you!

[12/31/20]   Welcome back from the hills of Kiwamirembe children of Mother Mary. We hope you have reached home safely.
We shall have 2 masses tomorrow at 8am and 11am (this will be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Ruzindana). Come consecrate yourself to Mother Mary if you have missed today!

Blessings to you all and a Happy New year!

Stay safe and free from COVID 19!


End of year prayers at Kiwamirembe


New year prayers from the Hills of Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine


Dear Pilgrims, Kindly take note of the program on the 31st of Dec 2020. Program will start at 9am and end at 5pm

There will be no Overnight this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic Curfew guidelines.


Merry Christmas and a Blessed new year from Kiwamirembe catholic shrine!



Bya Musomesa Joseph Yawe
St. Andrew Kaggwa Catholic Sub Parish Nnazziba, Lweza Parish

Omukama agenda kukuzimbira enju.

Olwaleero tukuza Olunaku lw’Omukama 4 mu Budde obw’Amatuuka. Tusemberedde Olunaku olukulu olw’Amazaalibwa g’Omukama – Omukama yennyini mu Kwagala lwe ng’asalawo okufuuka Omuntu nga ffe bw’atyo n’akuba ensiisira mu ffe wakati. Ye y’ajja gye tuli n’azimba enju mu ffe bw’atyo atutuuse ku bulokofu. Amasomo g’olwaleero gatuyamba okwebuulirira ku Mukwano gwa Katonda. Awonno ggwe wamma tussa kimu n’omuyimbi wa Zabbuli etuweereddwa olwaleero (Zabbuli 88) okusaakaanya nti: Omukwano gw’Omukama ndiguyimba emirembe gyonna. Kuba olw’Omukwano omungi guno gw’atunalinako ky’ava asalawo okujja gye tuli; nga bwe yasuubiza Daudi nti Enju n’obwakabaka bwe ssi bwakuggwaawo emirembe gyonna. Mu Yezu oyo gwe tulindirira, Omukama mw’anywereza Obwakabaka bwa Daudi emirembe gyonna.

Essomo erisooka erivudde mu Kitabo ekyokubiri ekya Samuweli, tuwulira nga Daudi ayagala okuzimbira Omukama ennyumba. Daudi bwe yatunuulira ekitiibwa ky’enju ye wamu n’ebirungi ko n’obuwanguzi bw’atuseeko n’abigeraageranya n’eweema Katonda wa Yisraeli mw’asula wamma ggwe n’alaba nti kituufu okuzimbira Omukama ennyumba egwaniiddde. Kyokka era nga bwe tusoma nti Omukama tasula mu nju nzimbe na mayinja, Katonda akoma ku Daudi n’amugaana okuzimba enju, kyokka ate Ye Katonda yennyini, n’amusuubiza okuzimbira enju ekira awamu n’okunyweza Obwakabaka bwe. Atottolera Daudi nti Ye yennyini ye yamulonda, obuwanguzi bw’atuuseeko, abutuuseeko olw’omukono gwa Katonda. Katonda Yennyini y’ensibuko y’ebirungi byonna, Y’oyo ayoleka Ekyamagero ekyakisibwa nga Paulo Omutuukirivu bw’atuyigiriza mu ssomo eryokubiri erivuddde mu Bbaluwa gye wandiikira ab’e Roma. Omukama oyo asuubiza Daudi, y’omu y’awa Maria Embeerera Omukisa n’azaala Omwana ow’obulenzi, Katonda yennyini olw’Amaanyi ga Mwoyo Mutuukirivu y’awa ensi Omulokozi ng’ayita mu Biikira Maria. ‘Amaanyi ag’oli ali waggulu ddala ganaakubikkirira. Ekirizaalibwa mu ggwe ekituukirivu, kye kiriva kiitibwa Omwana wa Katonda.’

Daudi yeeraba nti asula mu nju ya Sedero ate ng’Omukama asula mu weema. Kuno kwe kwagala awamu n’obwetowaze bwa Katonda. Katonda oyo olw’okwagala okungi kw’atulinako y’asalawo okufuuka omuddu, yeefaananya ffe ababi, ne yessa nnyo, era mu kwessa kuno naffe mw’atuweera obulamu obwannamaddala. Ku Mazaalibwa ge tumulindirira ng’omuwere, oyo nnyini ggulu n’ensi n’afuuka ng’ataliiko bw’ali ne yessa mu mikono ne mu buyinza bw’abantu so nga y’ensibuko ya buli mukisa gwonna. Mu bwetowaze obwo, naffe mw’atusoomoleza n’atubuuza nti: ani ensulo y’amaaanyi n’obuwanguzi mpozzi ffena bwe tuliko? Ekyo Omukama ky’asuubiza Daudi, nti ye y’agenda okumuzimbira enju; kuba obuwanguzi bwonna bw’aliko, yabutuukako lwa mukono gwa Katonda. Daudi ayagala kuwa Mukama ekyo ekiyita obuyisi so ng’Omukama ye ayagala okumuwa ekyo ekitaggwaawo era y’ensonga lwaki yamulonda; Katonda yennyini amulinako ‘Plan’.

Katonda nno yeeyoleka nti asigala Katonda ennaku zonna. Ekiseera ekiyise, ekiriwo n’ekirijja byonna biri mu mikono gye. Ye y’alambika byonna mu Kwagala kwe. Oba nga ddala guli gutyo nga ne Katonda ali bw’atyo, ffe tweraba tutya? Twetaba tutya era tuyingira tutya mu ntegeka ya Katonda mu buli mbeera na buli budde bwe twesangamu ffe abantu? Tusigala tutya nga tutambulira ku ebyo Omukama by’ayagala bituukirire mu bulamu bwaffe? Yalonda Daudi, yamuggya mu kulunda endiga n’amufuula Kabaka ng’amulinako entegeka. Yajjuza Maria Omukisa nga naye amulinako entegeka. Y’eyo endagaaano gy’ayogeddeko mu Zabbuli eya leero: ‘Nkubye endagaano ne gwe nneerondedde, ndayiridde Daudi omuweereza wange…’ Omukama yennyini y’akuba naffe endagaano, yatutonda era n’atulonda ne mu Batismu. Ffe tutegeera lwaki y’atulonda? Mirundi emeka nze nnaawe gye tulemererwa okusigala ku mulamwa ne mu nteekateeka Katonda gy’atulinako? Maria Nnyina Yezu ye atuwa ekyokulabirako ekirungi, byonna abissa mu mikono gya Katonda, ayatula nga bw’ali omuzaana wa Katonda bw’atyo n’akkiriza Katonda amukolemu kyonna ky’ayagala. ‘Nzuuno Omuzaana w’Omukama, kikolebwe nga bw’ogambye.’

Abo ab’essa mu mikono gya Katonda, ne bakkiriza Katonda abakolemu omulimo, abazimbemu ekiggwa be bokka abasobola okulega n’okutenda obwesigwa n’ekitiibwa kya Katonda ng’omuyimbi wa Zabbuli eya leero. Beebo abalega ku mukwano gw’Omukama ogw’olubeerera, Omukwano gwa Katonda oyo eyeeyoleka bantu be ng’Omuzadde, nga Taata, ng’Olwazi olw’obulokofu era ng’Omulokozi.

Abooluganda Omukama naffe atuyita tumwesige, tumuggulirewo obulamu bwaffe, ye Yennyini azimbe enju mu ffe, ye Azaalibwe mu ffe, atufuule batukuvu anti mu maaso ge byonna bisoboka. Tumusabe atuyambe naffe emitima gyaffe olw’omukwano omunene gw’atulinako; gisibuse Omulokozi. Amiina.

Omukama abeere namwe.

Mbaagaliza weekend ennungi nate amazaalibwa ga Mukama waffe Yezu Kristu amalungi ate ag'essanyu n'omwaka omugya ogw'emirembe n'essanyu n'enkulaakulana. 12/12/2020

Blessed Bartolo Longo: A saint for the depressed and anxious

Blessed feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Let's also get to know how powerful the power of the Rosary is, in conversion of souls.Nothing you can bring to our Lady even when considered hopeless as long as it honours the Will of God you can not obtain. Here is Blessed Bartolo Longo who by the propagation of our Lady's powerful weapon (Rosary) was able to overcome all diabolic influence of the powers of darkness. Be blessed as you read.God bless you all. According to tradition, the Blessed Mother revealed the Rosary to St. Dominic as the threats of error and falsehood propagated by the Albigensian heresy grew. That and several other episodes in the… 12/12/2020

Pope Francis proclaims “Year of St Joseph” - Vatican News

In this Vatican news as you read along, you will find very good inspiration to aspiring fathers or already fathers and to us all in the matters of faith. We pray the Holy Spirit inspires us to make the world we live in a better place. May God bless you all. With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as ...



Omulamwa: Ekitiibwa kiva mu buwulize.

Nga 8 December, 1854, Omutukuvu Paapa Pio ow’omwenda y’alangirira ng’ekyamazima eky’okukkiriza kwaffe ekitabuusibwabuusibwa, Abakristu ffenna kye tulina okukkiriza, Katonda kye yabikkulira Eklezia we, nti: Maria Omubeererevu, okuva lwe yafunibwa mu lubuto lwa nnyina (Anna) yatalizibwa Katonda okuva ku buli bbala lya kibi, newankubadde ekibi ekisikire. Kino kyaba kityo olw’okusobola okutuukiriza enteekateeka y’okulokola omuntu ng’afuuka “Nnyina Katonda,” Omukama gye yali yategeka edda.

Katonda eyatununula okuva mu kibi ekisikire ng’ayita mu Mwana we Yezu Kristu, y’omu eyataliza nnyina w’Omwana we ebbala ly’ekibi ekisikire okuva oluberyeberye ng’atondebwa mu lubuto lwa nnyina.

Bw’atyo Maria n’afuuka akabonero k’essuubi ly’okutabagana kwa Katonda n’abantu, ng’atutuusa eri omwana we Yezu Kristu. Okujeema kwa Adamu ne Eva nga bwe kwayawula abantu ku Katonda, olw’obuwulize bwa Maria “Nzuuno omuzaana w’Omukama, kikolebwe nga bw’ogambye” (Lk.1:38) twaddamu okuggulirwawo omukisa gw’okutabagana ne Katonda.

Okujaguza kw’olunaku luno okwa buli mwaka, kutujjukiza okussaamu ekitiibwa Maria Omubeererevu eyatondebwa mu lubuto lwa nnyina; Anna nga taliiko kamogo yadde ebbala ly’ekibi ekisikire, y’oyo Elizabeti muganda we, gwe yayogerako nti: “Waweebwa omukisa mu bakazi bonna.”

Mu budde buno obw’Amatuuka, Nnyaffe omuzadde atuweebwa ng’ekyokulabirako kyaffe eky’obuwulize eri Katonda mu bulamu bwaffe; nga twesambira ddala obulamu bw’ekibi, Mukama waffe bw’alijja atugabanyize ku kitiibwa ekyo Nnyaffe ky’agabanako olw’okuwulira n’okukkiriza enteekateeka ya Katonda mu bulamu bwe.

Katonda yajjuza Maria Omubeererevu n’ebirabo by’omu ggulu ebiteenkanika ate naye n’aba muwulize eri Katonda mu bulamu bwe, nga yeetaaba mu buwulize, mu by’amagero ebikulu Katonda bye yali yateesa edda okutuukiriza. Bw’atyo n’afuuka ensulo y’enneema, omulyango gw’eggulu eri abaana ba Katonda bonna Kristu be yewangulira ku musaalaba ng’ayiwa omusaayi gwe.

Twekwate ku Muzadde Omubeererevu eyagwa munda nga taliiko kibi kisikire atuwolereze naffe tubeere bawulize, tugondere enteekateeka za Katonda mu bulamu bwaffe, olwo tunesuunga okugabana ku kitiibwa ky’oyo ajjudde enneema.



Solemnity of Mother Mary Kibeho Mass. Live from Kiwamirembe


Praising Mother Mary in preparation for the fisrt apparition mass in Kibeho here at Kiwamirembe catholic shrine!


Mother Mary Kibeho procession on the hills of Kiwamirembe that followed after mass!


Vigil mass in commemoration of the First Apparition of Mother Mary in Kibeho.

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