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We are hounored to welcome you to this Holy mountain of Our Lady Queen of Peace Prayer centre Kiwamirembe in Kampala Archdiocese Uganda.

During the years 1982-1986, our beloved country Uganda was marred by wars. Many people lost their lives and property and some thought that God had forgotten Uganda. But despite all this, many Christians prayed to our Lady Queen of Peace to restore peace in our country. Among them who prayed to mother mary was Father John De Bernard (Veronica Missionary), the then parish priest of Lweza. He pledged thet if peace was to be restored in Uganda, he would set up a shrine and dedicate it to Mother Mary.

Mission: Provide a place of prayer so that through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, God grant all pilgrims Peace of Heart.

[04/27/20]   _*27TH APRIL 2020*_


_*ACTS 6: 8-15*_

In those days: Stephen, full of grace and power, did great wonders and signs among the people. Then some of those who belonged to the synagogue of the Freedmen (as it was called), and of the Cyrenians, and of the Alexandrians, and of those from Cilicia and Asia, arose and disputed with Stephen. But they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke. Then they secretly instigated men, who said, “We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and God.” And they stirred up the people and the elders and the scribes, and they came upon him and seized him and brought him before the council, and set up false witnesses who said, “This man never ceases to speak words against this holy place and the law; for we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place, and will change the customs which Moses delivered to us.” And gazing at him, all who sat in the council saw that his face was like the face of an angel.

_*The Word of the Lord.*_

_Psalm 119: 23-24, 26-27, 29-30 (R.) 1b_

_*R/. Blessed are those who walk in the law of the Lord.*_

Though princes sit plotting against me,
your servant ponders your statutes.
See, your decrees are my delight;
your statutes are my counsellors. R.

I declared my ways and you answered me;
teach me your statutes.
Make me grasp the way of your precepts,
and I will ponder your wonders. R.

Keep me from the way of falsehood;
grant me mercy by your law.
I have chosen the way of faithfulness;
your decrees I have upheld. R.

_Matthew 4:4b_

Alleluia. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Alleluia.

_*JOHN 6: 22-29*_

[After five thousand men had eaten their fill, the disciples of Jesus saw him walking on the sea.] On the next day the people who remained on the other side of the sea saw that there had been only one boat there, and that Jesus had not entered the boat with his disciples, but that his disciples had gone away alone. However, boats from Tiberias came near the place where they ate the bread after the Lord had given thanks. So when the people saw that Jesus was not there, nor his disciples, they themselves got into the boats and went to Capernaum, seeking Jesus. When they found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, “Rabbi, when did you come here?” Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not labour for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of man will give to you; for on him has God the Father set his seal.” Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”

_*The Gospel of the Lord.*_

Rosary and Mass live - Kiwamirembe Catholic Shrine

[04/26/20]   The Holy Rosary and Mass coming up at 10:30 AM. Be Blessed as you join in!

[04/23/20]   _*APRIL 23RD 2020*_


_*ACTS 5: 27-33*_

In those days: When the officers had brought the apostles, they set them before the council. And the high priest questioned them, saying, “We strictly charged you not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and you intend to bring this man’s blood upon us.” But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men. The God of our fathers raised Jesus whom you killed by hanging him on a tree. God exalted him at his right hand as Leader and Saviour, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins. And we are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.” When they heard this they were enraged and wanted to kill them.

_*The Word of the Lord.*_

_Psalm 34: 2, 9, 17-20 (R.) 7a_

_*R/. The lowly one called, and the Lord heard him.*_

I will bless the Lord at all times,
praise of him is always in my mouth.
Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Blessed the man who seeks refuge in him. R/.

The Lord turns his face against the wicked
to destroy their remembrance from the earth.
When the just cry out, the Lord hears,
and rescues them in all their distress. R/.

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted;
those whose spirit is crushed he will save.
Many are the trials of the just man,
but from them all the Lord will rescue him. R/.

_John 20:29_

Alleluia. You believed, Thomas, because you have seen me, says the Lord; blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. Alleluia.

_*JOHN 3:31 -36*_

Jesus said to Nicodemus, “He who comes from above is above all; he who is of the earth belongs to the earth, and of the earth he speaks; he who comes from heaven is above all. He bears witness to what he has seen and heard, yet no one receives his testimony; he who receives his testimony sets his seal to this, that God is true. For he whom God has sent utters the words of God, for it is not by measure that he gives the Spirit; the Father loves the Son, and has given all things into his hand. He who believes in the Son has eternal life; he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God rests upon him.”

_*The Gospel of the Lord.*_

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A blessed Easter season to you all dear brethren.



Katonda yalaba nga byonna bye yakola birungi

Bye tusoma mu kitabo ky’Amasooka. (1, 1 – 2. 2), oba engeri ennyimpi. 1, 1. 26 – 23
Mu masookera ddala Katonda yatonda eggulu n’ensi, ensi nganjereere, terina bw’eri, yonna bwengula bwa nzikiza, Omwoyo gwa Katonda nga gumaamidde amazzi. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Wabeewo obutangaavu, n’obutangaavu ne bubaawo. Katonda n’alaba n’obutangaavu bulungi; Katonda n’ayawula obutangaavu ku nzikiza. Katonda n’ayita obutangaavu: Emisana; enzikiza. Katonda n’ayita obutangaavu: Emisana; enzikiza n’agiyita: Ekiro. Ne buwungeera ne bukya: lwe lunaku olubereberye. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Wabeewo ebbanga wakati w’amazzi okwawulamu amazzi ku gannaago. Era bwe gwaba. Katonda n’akola ebbanga n’ayawula amazzi agali waguulu w’ebbanga ku mazzi agali wansi w’ebbanga. Katonda ebbanga n’aliyita: Eggulu. Ne buziba ne bukya: lwe lunaku olwokubiri. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Leka amazzi agali wansi w’eguulu gakungaanire wamu n’olukalu lulabike. Era bwe gwaba. Katonda olukalu n’aluyita: Ensi, ekkungaanyizo ly’amazzi n’aliyita: Ennyanja. Katonda n’alaba nga kirungi. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Ensi emeze ebimera; omuddo oguleeta ensigo n’emiti egibala ebibala n’ensigo zaamu. Era bwe gwaba. Ensi n’emeza ebimera: omuddo oguleetya ensigo mu ngeri zaagwo ennyingi, n’emiti egibala ebibala n’ensigo zaamu mu ngeri nnyingi. Katonda yalaba nga kirungi. Ne buziba ne bukya; lwe lunaku olwokusatu. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Wabeewo ebyaka mu bbanga waggulu okwawula emisana n’ekiro, bitegeeze ennaku enkulu n’ennaku eza bulijjo n’emyaka. Wabeewo ebyaka bibiri; ekyaka ekisinga obunene kifuge misana, ekyaka ekisinga obutono kifuge ekiro, ssaako n’emmunyeenye. Katonda n’abissa mu bbanga waggulu byake ku nsi, bifuge emisana n’ekiro, bisseewo ekitangaala n’ekizikiza. Katonda yalaba nga kirungi. Ne buziba ne bukya; lwe lunaku olwokuna. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Amazzi gajjule ebitonde ebiramu n’ennyonyi zibuuke waggulu mu bbanga ly’eggulu. Era bwe gwaba. Katonda n’atonda agasota aganene ag’omu nnyanja, na buli ngeri ya kitonde ekiramu ekisangibwa mu nsi, na buli ngeri ya kitonde eky’ebiwaawaatiro. Katonda yalaba nga kirungi. Katonda n’abiwa omukisa ng’agamba, nti: Muzaale mweyongere, mujjuze ennyanja; n’ennyonyi zeeyongere mu nsi. Ne buziba ne bukya; lwe lunaku olwokutaano. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Ensi ezaale buli ngeri ya kitonde ekiramu; ente, ebyewalula, na buli ngeri ya bisolo eby’omu ttale. Era bwe gwaba. Katonda n’akola buli ngeri ya nte, na buli ngeri ey’ebyewalula ku ttaka. Katonda yalaba nga kirungi. Ne buziba ne bukya; lwe lunaku olwomukaaga. Katonda n’agamba nti tukole omuntu mu kifaananyi kyaffe kyennyini, ne mu nfaanana yaffe, bafuge ebyennyanja n’ennyonyi eza waggulu, ente, n’ebisolo byonna eby’omu ttale, n’ebyewalula byonna ebyekulula ku nsi Katonda n’atonda omuntu mu kifaananyi kye. Yamutonda mu kifaananyi kya Katonda. Yabatonda omusajja n’omukazi. Katonda n’abawa omukisa, nti: muzaale, mweyongere, mujjuze ensi, mugifuge. Mufuge ebyennyanja, n’ennyonyi eza waggulu n’ebisolo ebiramu byonna ku nsi.

Katonda n’agamba, nti: Mulabye? Mbawadde ebimera byonna ebireeta ensigo ebiri ku nsi yonna, n’emiti gyonna wamu n’ebibala ebireeta ensigo; eyo y’eneebeeranga emmere yammwe. Ebisolo byonna eby ‘omu ttale; ennyonyi zonna ez’eggulu n’ebyewalula ebiramu byonna ku nsi mbiwadde ebikoola byonna eby’ebimera bibeere mmere yaabyo. Era bwe gwaba. Katonda n’alaba byonna bye yali akoze, wamma nga birungi nnyo. Bwe kityo eggulu n’ensi ne bimalirizibwa n’entereeza yaabyo yonna. Ku lunaku olwomusanvu Katonda n’amaliriza omulimo gwe yali akola. N’awummula ku lunaku olwomusanvu ng’amaze omulimo gwonna gwe yali akola. Ebyo Omukama ya’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Zab. 103, 1 – 2a. 5 – 6. 10 + 12. 13 – 14. 24 + 35c
EKIDDIBWAMU: Sindika omwoyo gwo bitondebwe, enfaanana y’ensi ogizze buto.

Ayi mwoyo gwange, gulumiza Omukama. Ayi Mukama Katonda wange, oli mukulu, oyambadde ekitiibwa n’ettendo. * Ekitangaala okyambadde ng’omunagiro. Ekidd.

Ensi wagiwanga ku bikondo byayo, teriyuuga emirembe gyonna. * Oguyanja wagigubikka ng’ekyambalo, amazzi gakirako ensozi okugulumira. Ekidd.

Olagira ensulo ne zikulukuta mu myala, ezifubutuka wakati w’ensozi. *Ennyonyi z’omu bbanga zisula awo kumpi mu matabi mwe ziteera eddoboozi. Ekidd.

Mu lubiri lwo mw’oyima okufukirira ensozi, ebibala by’emirimo gyo bye bikkusa ensi. *Ebisolo obimereza omuddo, n’ebisimbe biyambe omuntu, alyoke aggye omugaati mu ttaka. Ekidd.

Ayi Mukama, bye wakola nga bingi bulala, byonna wabikoza magezi. Ensi ejjudde ebitone byo. Ayi moyo gwange, gulumiza Omukama. Ekidd.

Ekitambiro kya jjajjaffe Yibraimu.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo ky’Amasooka (22, 1 – 19) oba engeri ennyimpi (2, 9a. 10 -13, 15 – 18)
Olwatuuka mu budde obw’oluvannyuma, Katonda n’ageza Yibraimu n’amuyita, nti: Yibraimu, Yibraimu! N’addamu, nti: ndi wano. Katonda n’agamba, nti: Twala mutabani wo, omwana oyo yekka Izaake gw’olina gw’oyagala, ogende mu nsi y’e Moriah. Eyo gy’olimuntambiririra ng’ekitambiro ekyokye, ku lusozi lwe ndikulaga. * Yibraimu n’akeera bukeezi ku lunaku oluddirira, n’ategeka endogoyi ye n’atwala babiri ku baweereza be ne mutabani we Izaake. N’ayasa enku ez’ekitambiro ekyokye, ne yessa ku lugendo lwe ng’alaga mu kifo Katonda kye yamulaga. Ku lunaku olwokusatu bwe yasitula amaaso n’alaba ng’ekofo kyesudde ebbanga. Yibraimu n’alyoka agamba abaweereza be, nti: Musigale wano n’endogoyi, omulenzi nange tujja kugenda emitala eri, tusinze tukomewo gye muli. Yibraimu n’addira enku ez’ekitambiro n’azitikka Izaake, ye nnyini n’akwata omuliro n’akambe. Awo bombi ne bagendera wamu. Izaake n’ayogera ne kitaawe Yibraimu, nti: Taata; n’addamu, nti: Yee, mwana wange. N’agamba, nti: Omuliro n’enku biri wano, naye akaliga ak’okutambira kaluwa? Yibraimu n’addamu, nti: Mwana wange, Katonda yennyini y’anaategeka akaliga ak’okutambira. Awo bombi ne bagendera wamu. Bwe baatuuka mu kifo Katonda kye yali amulagiridde, Yibraimu n’azimba omwaliiro, n’ategeka enku n’asiba mutabani we Izaake n’amussa ku muliro kungulu kw’enku. Yibraimu n’agolola omukono gwe n’akwata akambe okutta mutabani we. Naye malayika w’Omukama n’amuyita ng’ayima mu ggulu n’agamba, nti: Yibraimu, Yibraimu! N’addamu, nti: Ndi wano. Malayika n’agamba, nti: Tositulira mulenzi mukono gwo. Tomukola kabi, kubanga kaakano mmanyi ng’otya Katonda.

Tonnyimye mutabani wo oyo yekka! Awo Yibraimu bwe yasitula amaaso, n’alaba endiga eya sseddume ng’ewambizza amayembe gaayo mu kisaka. Yibraimu n’addira endiga n’agiweereza ng’ekitambiro ekyoke mu kifo kya mutabani we. *Yibraimu ekifo kino n’akituuma: Omukama ategeka, kwe kwava n’enjogera ya leero, nti: Omukama ategeka. *Malayika w’Omukama n’ayita Yibraimu omulundi ogwokubiri ng’ayima mu ggulu n’agamba nti: Nneerayiridde nzennyini, Omukama bw’agamba, kubanga okoze kino, kubanga tonnyimye mutabani wo, mutabani wo yekka, ndikuyiira emikisa, ezzadde lyo ndirifuula lingi ng’emmunyeenye ez’eggulu n’obukerenda bw’omusenyu ku lubalama lw’ennyanja. Ezzadde lyo lirirya emiryango gy’abalabe baalyo. Amawanga gonna ag’ensi galifunira omukisa mu zadde lyo ng’empeera olw’obuwulize obwo. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Zab. 15, 5 + 8. 9 – 11
EKIDDIBWAMU: Ayi Mukama, nkuuma, nzirukidde mu ggwe!

Omukama bwe busika bwange, ekikompe kyange, wekka ggwe onkuumira ebyange mu ddembe. *Omukama gwe nzisa awo mu maaso gange bulijjo, kubanga ng’andi ku ddyo wano, mpaawo kinnyeenya. Ekidd.

Omutima gwange kye guva gusanyuka, n’omwoyo gwange, ne gujaguza, n’omubiri gwange gwennyini guliwummula mu ddembe. * Kubanga omwoyo gwange toliguleka magombe, oyo gw’oyagala tolimuleka kulaba ‘Gunnya! Ekidd.

Olindaga ekkubo ery’obulamu n’ompa essanyu eringi ennyo mu maaso go. *Ku mukono gwo ogwa ddyo, essanyu eritaggwaawo. Ekidd.

Abaana ba Yisraeli bayingirira ennyanja wakati nga nkalu.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo ky’Amalamaga. (14, 15 – 15, 1)
Omukama n’agamba Musa, nti: Lwaki mundeekaanira mutyo? Gamba abaana ba Yisraeli batambule. Ky’oba okola: Situla omuggo gwo, gololera omukono gwo ku nnyanja, gyawulemu ku lw’abaana ba Yisraeli, batambulire mu nnyanja ku ttaka ekkalu. Nze ku lwange, nzija kukakanyaza emitima gy’Abamisri babagoberere. Bwe kityo nzija kwefunira ekitiibwa mu Farawo n’eggye lye lyonna, n’amagaali ge, n’abeebagazi be. Bwe nnaamala okwefunira ekitiibwa mu Farawo n’amagaali ge, n’eggye lye, olwo Abamisri banaayiga nga nze Mukama. Awo malayika w’Omukama eyali atambulira mu maaso g’eggye lya Yisraeli n’akyusa ekifo n’adda ennyuma. Empagi y’ekire n’ekyusa ekifo n’eva mu maaso n’edda ennyuma waabwe n’esigala eyo. N’ejja wakati w’olusiisira lw’Abamisri n’olusiisira lw’Abaisraeli. Ekire kyali kiddugavu, ekiro ne kiyita awatali magye g’abalabe, kusemberako kumpi okumala ekiro kyonna. Musa n’agololera omukono gwe ku nnyanja. Omukama n’asindikiriza emabega ennyanja n’empewo ey’amaanyi ey’ebuvanjuba ekiro kyonna, ennyanja n’agifuula olukalu, amazzi ne geetemamu. Abaana ba Yisraeli ne batambulira ku ttaka ekkalu, mu nnyanja mwennyini, ebisenge by’amazzi nga bibali ku ddyo ne ku kkono. Abamisri ne bawondera: baagenda babagoberera, ne bayingira ennyanja, embalaasi za Farawo zonna, amagaali ge n’abeebagazi be. Ng’obudde bukya, Omukama n’atunula wansi ku ggye ly’Abamisri ng’ayima mu mpagi ey’omuliro n’ey’ekire, eggye n’aliireetamu okutabukatabuka. Yasibanganya nnamuziga z’amagaali gaabwe nga tezikyayinza kugenda. Omukama n’agamba Musa, nti: Gololera omukono gwo ku nnyanja, amazzi gaddemu okukulukutira ku Bamisri n’amagaali gaabwe n’abeebagazi baabwe! Musa n’agolola omukono gwe ku nnyanja, obudde bwe bwakya, ennyanja n’edda mu nteeko yaayo. Abamisri abaali badduka ne bagiyingirira butereevu, Omukama n’asulika Abamisri mu makkati gennyini ag’ennyanja. Amazzi bwe gaakomawo ne gasaanyaawo amagaali n’abeebagazi b’eggye lya Farawo lyonna eryali ligoberedde Abaisraeli mu nnyanja; ne wataba n’omu yasigalawo. Naye abaana ba Yisraeli baali bayise mu nnyanja ku ttaka ekkalu ebisenge by’amazzi nga bibali ku ddyo ne ku kkono. Abamisri ne baleekaana, nti: Leka tudduke Abaisraeli Omukama y’abalwanirira eri Abamisri. Ku lunaku olwo, Omukama n’awonya Yisraeli Abamisri, Yisraeli n’alaba Abamisri nga mirambo, gyerambise ku lubalama. Yisraeli yalaba ekikuuno Omukama kye yali akoze mu Bamisri, abntu ne bawa Omukama ekitiibwa ne beesiga Omukama ne Musa, omuweereza we. Awo Musa n’abaana ba Yisraeli ne bayimba oluyimba luno ku lw’ekitiibwa ky’Omukama:

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Oluyimba olwa Musa Amalamaga 15, 1 – 2. 3 – 4. 5 – 6. 17 – 18.
EKIDDIBWAMU: Tuyimbire Omukama eyasukkulumya ekitiibwa kye.

Nnyimba Omukama ayambadde ekitiibwa, embalaasi n’omwebagazi abikasuse mu nnyanja. *Omukama ge maanyi gange, luyimba lwange, bwe bulokofu bwange, ono ye Katonda wange, mmutenda; Katonda wa kitange mmugulumiza. Ekidd.

Omukama ye mutabaazi, Omukama ly’erinnya lye. * Amagaali n’eggye lya Farawo abikasuse mu nnyanja, abalondobe mu beebagazi be, bagalamidde, bafiiridde mu nnyanja. Ekidd.

Ebuziba ebaggalidde, basse ku ntobo ng’ejjinja. *omukono gwo ogwa ddyo, ayi Mukama, gulabise nga gwa kitiibwa, gwa buyinza omukono gwo ogwa ddyo, Omukama, gumenyamenya omulabe. Ekidd.

Olibatwala n’obasimba ku lusozi olulwo ku bubwo, ekifo kye wafuula ekisulo kyo, ayi Mukama. *Ekitukuvu engalo zo zennyini kye zaategeka. Omukama aliba KabaKa emirembe n’emirembe. Ekidd.

Omukama, omulokozi wo akusaasira n’okwagala kwe okutakoma.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo kya Yisaaya Omulanzi. (54, 5 – 14)
Omutonzi wo ye balo, Omukama w’amagye ly’erinnya lye, era Omununuzi wo ye Mutuukirivu wa Yisraeli. Ayitibwa Katonda w’ensi yonna. Omukama akuyita ng’omukazi ayabuliddwa, era aliko obuyinike ng’omukazi agobwa nga muto. Katonda wo bw’agamba. Nnakuleka akabanga, naye ndikukumaakuma n’ekisa kingi. Obusungu bwanzijira, ne nkukisa amaaso gange akaseera, naye ndikusaasira n’okwagala okutakoma bw’agamba Omukama, Mulokozi wo. Kijja kumbeerera nga mu budde bwa Noa, lwe nnalayira ng’amazzi ga Noa tegaliddamu kwanjaalira ku nsi, bwe ntyo nneerayirira nga siriddamu kukusunguwalira, na kukuwerera. Ensozi ne bwe ziriyegulukuka, n’obusozi ne bunyenyeezebwa, okwagala kwange tekulikuvaako, n’endagaano yange ey’eddembe, tegenda kunyeenya. Bw’ayogera Omusaasizi wo, Omukama. Omunaku asukundibwa omuyaga, atalina akubagiza, laba, nja kusimba bulungi amayinja go: omusingi gube gwa safiiro. Ebitikkiro byo ndikola bya mayinja matwakaavu enzigi zo zibe za mayinja mabajje; nkwebunguluze amayinja agoomuwendo. Abaana bo bonna baliyigirizibwa Omukama, n’eddembe mu baana bo liriba lingi. Olinywezebwa mu butuukirivu, olujoogo lulikuba wala, nga tolina ky’otya, kuba entiisa terikusemberera. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Zab. 29, 2 + 4. 5 – 6. 11 + 12a + 13b
EKIDDIBWAMU: Ndikugulumiza, ayi Mukama, kubanga waponya!

Ndikugulumiza, ayi Mukama, kubanga wamponya, tiwaleka balabe bange kunneeyagalirako. *Ayi Mukama, omwoyo gwange waguggya emagombe, wantaliza mu bakkirira mu buya. Ekidd.

Muyimbire Omukama ku ntongooli mmwe abatuukirivu be, era mwebaze erinnya lye ettukuvu. * Kubanga obusungu bwe bumala akabanga katono, okwagaliza obulungi okukwe kwa bulamu bwonna. Ekidd.

Wulira, ayi Mukama, era onsaasire, ayi Mukama beera muyambi wange. *Okukungubaga kwange wakunfuulira kinyumu, ayi Mukama wange, ndikutenda emirembe gyonna. Ekidd.

Mujje gyendi, omwoyo gwammwe gunaalama: nditta omukago nammwe omukago ogw’olubeerera.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo kya Yisaaya Omulanzi. (55, 1 – 11)
Omuyonta yenna ajje ku luzzi, n’atalina ssente ajje, agule, alye. Mujje mugule evviini n’amata, awatali kusasula kwonna. Lwaki mwonoonera ssente zammwe ku kintu ekitali mmere, n’empeera yammwe ku kintu ekitamatiza? Mumpulirize bulungi, mulye ekirungi, mwesanyusize ku masavu. Muwunzike amatu, mujje gyendi, muwulirize, omwoyo gwammwe lwe gunaalama. Era nja kukuba nammwe endagaano eyoolubeerera okukakasa bye nnasuubiza Daudi. Anti mulabe, nnamufuula mujulirwa eri abantu, omukulembeze ate kabaka w’abantu. Mulabe, mujja okuyita ensi ze mutamanyangako, era ensi ezitabamanyi ziririnnimukira gye muli, kubanga Omukama Katonda wammwe, ate Omutukuvu wa Yisraeli y’abagulumizza. Munoonye Omukama ng’akyasangika, mumukowoole ng’akyabali kumpi. Omubi ave mu makubo amabi, n’atali mulongoofu ave mu birowoozo bye, adde eri Omukama, amusaasire, eri Katonda waffe, kubanga ajja kusonyiyira ddala. Kubanga ebirowoozo byange si bye birowoozo byammwe, n’amakubo gammwe si ge makubo gange, Omukama bw’agamba. Kubanga ng’eggulu bwe lyesuubye ensi, bwe gatyo n’amakubo gange bwe geesuubye agammwe, n’ebirowoozo byange bwe byesuubye ebyammwe. Anti kyenkana ng’enkuba n’omuzira bwe biva mu ggulu ne bikka wansi, ne bitaddayo, wabula okufukirira ensi, ne bagigimusa n’ebaza n’ewa omusizi ensigo n’emuwa n’emmere ey’okulya: n’ekigambo ekiva mu kamwa kange bwe kiriba; tekiridda gyendi nga kikalu, kirituukiriza kye nngenderera, ne kireeta omukisa ku bye nkitaddeko. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Yis. 12, 2 – 3. 4bcd. 5 – 6
EKIDDIBWAMU: Musenanga n’essanyu amazzi mu nzizi z’omulokozi.

Laba, Katonda ye mulokozi wange mmwesiga tiwali kye ntya, kubanga Omukama ge maanyi gange, mmutenda, y’andokola. *Musenanga n’essanyu amazzi mu nzizi z’Omulokozi. Ekidd.

Mutendereze Omukama, mukowoole erinnya lye, mubuulire ebikolwa bye mu mawanga. * Mwatule ng’erinnya lye lya kitiibwa. Ekidd.

Muyimbire Omukama, kubanga akoze ebyekitiibwa, ensi yonna etegeere. *Leekaana, sagambiza ggwe atuula mu Siyoni, kubanga omutukuvu owa Yisraeli, mukulu, ali wakati mu ggwe. Ekidd.

Tambulira mu kkubo erikutuusa mu kitiibwa ky’Omukama.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo Baruku Omulanzi. (3, 9 – 15. 32 – 4, 4)
Wulira, ayi Yisraeli, ebiragiro eby’obulamu, tega okutu, oyige obwegendereza. Yisraeli, lwaki nno olemaganye mu nsi y’abalabe bo ne weegwagwawaza n’abafu? Lwaki nno obalirwa mu baserengese emagombe? Oluzzi, amagezi mwegava waluleka. Ah, singa watambulira mu makubo ga Katonda n’otebenkera mirembe ebbanga lyonna! Geza okutegeera obwegendereza we buli, n’amaanyi, amagezi, toolema kumanya awali okuwangaala, n’ekitangaala ky’amaaso, n’eddembe. Ani yali azudde awabeera amagezi? Ani yali ayingidde awali enkuluze yaago? Naye amanyi byonna, ye agamanyi, yagazuula olw’obwegendereza bwe, ye ye eyanyweza ensi emirembe gyonna, eyagijjuza n’amagana n’ensulo endala ez’amagulu ana. Atuma ekitangaala ne kigenda, akiyita ne kimuwulira n’okukankana. Emmunyeenye zaaka mu kifo kyazo n’essanyu, aziyita ne ziddamu, nti: Tuutuno! Ne zaakira n’essanyu eyazitonda. Ye wuuyo Katonda waffe, tiwali amwenkanankana! Amakubo gonna ag’amagezi yagazuula, amagezi n’agawa Yakobo, omuweereza we, ne Yisraeli, omuganzi we. Kya ddaaki, yennyini n’alabika ku nsi, n’ayogera n’abantu. Amagezi ky’ekitabo ky’ebiragiro bya Katonda, ly’etteeka eryolubeerera. Bonna abalikwata balirama, naye abagaana ba kufa! Ayi Yakobo, komawo, gawambaatire, tambulira mu kwakaayakana kw’ekitangaala kyago! Ekitiibwa kyo tokiwa mulala! Eggwanga eddala lireme kukikira. Twesiimye, ayi Yisraeli, kubanga Katonda ky’ayagala kitubikkuliddwa. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Zab. 18, 8. 9. 10. 11.
EKIDDIBWAMU: Ayi Mukama, ggwe olina ebigambo by’obulamu obutaggwaawo.

Etteeka ly’Omukama ddungi, lizzaamu omwoyo amaanyi. *Ekiragiro ky’Omukama kinywevu, kiyigiriza atamanyi. Ekidd.

Ebiragiro by’Omukama bituufu, bisanyula omutima. *Ekiragiro ky’Omukama kitukuvu, kimulisa amaaso. Ekidd.

Okutya Omukama timuli kabi, kusigalawo emirembe gyonna. *Ennamula y’Omukama ya mazima, yonna wamu ntuufu. Ekidd.

Yeegombebwa n’okusinga zawabu nandibadde omuyooyoote ennyo. * Ewoomerera n’okusinga omubissi gw’enjuki. Ekidd.

Nja kubayiwako amazzi amalungi, nja kubawa omutima omuggya.

Bye tusoma mu kitabo kya Ezekieli Omulanzi (36, 16 – 28)
Bino by’agamba Omukama Katonda: Mwana w’omuntu, ab’omu nju ya Yisraeli, bwe baali mu nsi yaabwe, baagyonoona n’ebikolwa byabwe ebibi, empisa zaabwe mu maaso gange zaali ng’obwonoonefu bw’omukazi, mu kweyawula kwe. Omusaayi gwe baayiwa ku nsi, n’ebifaananyi ebya balubaale, ebyenyinyalwa bye baakola byansunguwaza nnyo. Kye nnava mbasaasaanyiza mu mawanga, ne mbabunya mu nsi nnyingi. Nnabalamula nga nsinziira ku mpisa zaabwe n’ebikolwa byabwe. Ne mu mawanga gye baalaga baaweebuula erinnya lyange ettukuvu; abantu bwe baaboogerangako, nti: Bano be bantu b’Omukama, abaava mu nsi ye. Ne nsaasira erinnya lyange ettukuvu lye baswaza mu mawanga ago gye baalaga. Ky’onoova ogamba ab’omu nju ya Yisraeli, nti: Bino by’agamba Omukama Katonda: Bye ngenda okukola, sijja kubikola ku lwammwe, wabula ku lwa linnya lyange ettukuvu lye mwajolonga mu mawanga gye mwagenda. Erinnya lyange, abaamawanga lye babadde bajoogoola, nammwe lye mubadde muweebudde mu bo, nja kulizza mu kitiibwa kyalyo, abaamawanga bategeere nti: Nze Mukama! Bwe nneddiza ekitiibwa kyange mu mmwe nga bo balaba. Kubanga nja kubaggyayo mu baamawanga mbakungaanye eyo yonna mu nsi, nja kubakomyawo mu nsi yabommwe, nja kubayiwako amazzi amalungi, muggweko kazambi yenna, n’ebyo ebitaliimu bye mwesiga mbibamalemu. Nja kubawa omutima omuggya, munda mu mmwe nziseemu omwoyo omuggya; mu mubiri gwammwe, omutima ogw’ejjinja nja kuguggyamu, mbawe omutima ogw’ennyama. Nja kubassaamu omwoyo gwange ndyoke mbatambulize mu biragiro byange, munyweze era mukuume bye nnalagira. Mulibeera mu nsi gye nnawa bakitammwe, mugenda kuba ggwanga lyange, nange mbe Katonda wammwe. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OLUYIMBA OLW’OKWEBUULIRIRA: Zab. 50, 12 – 13, 14 – 15, 18 – 19.
EKIDDIBWAMU: Ntondamu omutima omutukuvu, ayi Katonda.

Ntondamu omutima omutukuvu, ayi Katonda, ozze buto mu nze omwoyo omugumu. *Tonzigyanga mu maaso go kunkasuka eri, n’omwoyo gwo omutuukirivu togunzigyangako. Ekidd.

Nziriza essanyu ery’obulokofu bwo, onkakase mu mwoyo ogwewaayo. * Ndiyigiriza ababi amakubo go, n’aboonoonyi ne bakyukira gy’oli. Ekidd.

Anti n’ekitambiro tikikugasa, ne bwe nnandikuwadde ekyokye, tiwandikisiimye. * Ekitambiro kyange, ayi Katonda, gwe mwoyo ogumenyese; omutima ogwemenya, ogwetowazizza, ayi Katonda toligugaya. Ekidd.

Kristu ng’amaze okuzuukira mu bafu, takyaddayo kufa.

Bye tusoma mu bbaluwa Paulo Omutume gye yawandiikira Abaroma. (6, 3 – 11)
Abooluganda, timumanyi nga ffe ffenna abaabatizibwa mu Yezu Kristu, twabatizibwa mu kufa kwe? Ndaba mu batismu twaziikibwa wamu naye mu kufa; nga Kristu bwe yazuukira mu bafu olw’ekitiibwa kya Patri, naffe nno tuyise obulamu obuggya. Oba nga twaziikibwa wamu naye olw’enfa ye gye twafaanana: era bwe tuliba, olw’enzuukira ye. Tutegeere: Omuntu owaffe omukadde naye yakomerererwako; omubiri gw’ekibi gulyoke guzikirizibwe tuleme kuddayo kuba baddu ba kibi: Anti oli bw’afa ng’ekibi akiwonye. Oba tuli bafu ne Kristu, tukkiririza ddala nga tuliba balamu wamu ne Kristu: Anti tumanyi nti: Kristu ng’amaze okuzuukira mu bafu, takyaddayo kufa, walumbe takyasobola kumufuga, anti nga bwe yafa olw’ekibi, yafa mulundi gumu; kati nga mulamu, mulamu ku bwa Katonda. Nammwe nno mulowoolereza ddala ng’ekibi mukibeerera bafu, muli balamu ku bwa Katonda mu Kristu Yezu Mukama waffe. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

OKWANIRIZA EVANJIRI Zab. 117, 1 – 2. 16ab – 17. 22 – 23
EKIDDIBWAMU: Alleluya, alleluya, alleluya!

Mwebaze Omukama, kubanga mulungi, kubanga okusaasira kwe kwa mirembe gyonna. *Ennyumba ya Yisraeli egambe, nti: Okusaasira kwe kwa mirembe gyonna. Ekidd.

Ddyo w’Omukama akoze ebyamaanyi, ddyo w’Omukama ansitudde. * Sijja kufa, nja kulama, ndirojja ebikolwa by’Omukama. Ekidd.

Ejjinja lye baasuulagana nga bazimba lye lyafuuka lukulwe mu nsonda. *Ekyo Omukama ye yakikola, tukwewuunya okukiraba. Ekidd.

Azuukidde, ajja kubeesooka mu Galilaya.

Ebigambo by’Evanjiri ya Mukama waffe Yezu Kristu ebivudde mu Matayo. (28, 1 – 10).
Olwa Sabbato bwe lwaggwa, ku lunaku olwaddirira, mu matulutulu ddala, Maria Magdalena ne Maria omulala ne bajja okulaba entaana. Ne wasituka musisi owaamaanyi ennyo: kubanga malayika w’Omukama yawanuka mu ggulu n’ajja ayiringisa ejjinja, n’alituulako. Yali afaanana ng’ekimyanso, n’ekyambalo kye nga kiri ng’omuzira! Abakuumi ne bamutya, ne batekemuka, ne baba ng’abafudde! Malayika n’ayogera n’agamba abakazi, nti: Mmwe muleke kutya; mmanyi nga munyoonya Yezu eyakomererwa ku musaalaba! Muno taliimu; anti azuukidde nga bwe yagamba. Mujje mulabe ekifo mw’abadde agalamidde; ate mugende mangu mubuulire abayigirizwa be nti Azuukidde, ajja kubeesooka mu Galilaaya, gye mulimulabira! Kale mbabuulidde. Ne bafuluma mangu mu ntaana nga batya ate essanyu nga libajjudde, ne baddukanako okubuulira abayigirizwa be! Yezu n’abasisinkana, n’agamba nti: Mutyanno! Bo ne bamusemberera, ne bakwata ku bigere bye ne bamusinza! Awo Yezu n’abagamba nti: Timutya, mugende mubuulire baganda bange, bagende e Galilaaya gye balindabira. Ebyo Omukama y’abyogera.

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