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I am Pastor Willow Creek Church Mbarara Uganda.We are involved in preaching the Gospel of salvation both indoors and outdoor Gospel crusade.

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[03/02/21]   The Lord didn't come to give you an unfulfilled, average life; He came to give you a full and enjoyable life (see Jn 10:10–11 AMP)

[03/01/21]   I declare in the name of Jesus you are going to succeed! Even what feels like it has failed will prevail by the Spirit of God and your success will give God ALL the Glory! AMEN!!

[03/01/21]   Some of your enemies will have to eat their words when they see the promises of God come to pass! IT WILL HAPPEN for His glory!

[02/28/21]   God will displace what has kept you in one place. The shift coming into your life is imminent. New things are about to take place all around you in Jesus name.

[02/27/21]   God, I ask that you expose every imposter-- Show us who appears as an angel of light but is sent by the enemy into our lives... In the name of Jesus!

[02/26/21]   God is about to do a miracle in your life- believe with me! In the name Jesus, The Lord will do a supernatural suddenly for you- speak it in faith today.

[02/26/21]   Every generational limitation is broken by the power of God. The power of misfortune is broken forever. Promotion is coming to your house.

[02/25/21]   No weapon formed against you will prosper! God will fight your battles..

[02/24/21]   When the right time comes for us, no devil in hell or man on earth can keep us from getting what God wants us to have!
Now I want to decree to somebody today from the direction you are not expecting, help will come to you in Jesus name.

[02/24/21]   Every mark of oppression, death and trouble is removed for your sake. I shake off that long standing issue that has stuck with your family for generations. It will not destroy you; instead, it will be a stepping stone to your elevation in Jesus name.

[02/23/21]   You’re moving from being a borrower to a lender; from lack to abundance. You may have experienced many “River Jordans” but be rest assured you’ll safely cross each one of them because HE is with you.

[02/23/21]   As from today, you will experience Breakthrough as your reward of Obedience.
I mean, you will receive the kind of Financial Breakthrough that will make you forget the pains and Affliction of the past. In Jesus' Name!

[02/22/21]   The Lord is your deliverer; He will deliver you in times of trouble!

[02/22/21]   The world may get darker, but as a believer, God has declared that He "will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you" (see Isa 60:2). Beloved, continue to shine forth with the radiance of God because His favor is at work in your life in Jesus name!

[02/21/21]   Failure is not an option, don’t stop but keep moving on. Looking unto God’s unfailing promises, you will soon come up with a testimony.

[02/20/21]   I command that, the spiritual wall which has become a barrier to your breakthrough in every area of your life ,be broken, crumble and fall down now, never to be rebuilt in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

[02/19/21]   No matter what happens during your lifetime, you can be sure that God is working everything out for your good. (Romans 8:28)

[02/18/21]   I pray God contend with everyone contending against you and fight against everyone fighting against you! Those who devise evil against you will be disappointed and turn back in the name of Jesus! (PS 35)

[02/17/21]   Your prayer request is about to become your praise report!

[02/16/21]   God will be an enemy to your enemies! I pray The Lord vindicate you against every evil worker of wickedness to bring destruction! Let it be exposed in the name of Jesus!

[02/15/21]   Let every arrow shot at you be turned back to the sender in the name of Jesus!!

[02/14/21]   Don’t get discouraged when you face things you don’t understand. You may have obstacles that are bigger than you, but that’s an opportunity for God to show you He’s God. It’s one thing to believe God has power, to believe He can do the impossible, but God wants you to do more than just believe. He wants you to experience His power. He’s going to show you His greatness, show you His favor.

[02/13/21]   God has released angels to work on your behalf! I declare today they will carry out His plan for your purpose in the name of Jesus!

[02/12/21]   I am praying for everyone who feels alone, isolated, hurt, worried, concerned and overwhelmed. God is your comforter. He holds you in the palm of His hand. He will never let go of you! Your “season” will change and God will be with you ... ALWAYS!

[02/11/21]   The world may get darker, but as a believer, God has declared that He "will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you" (see Isa 60:2). Beloved, continue to shine forth with the radiance of God because His favor is at work in your life in Jesus name! Let me see your Amen.

[02/11/21]   By this time next month you’re going to see things that didn’t seem possible. By this time next month, you’re going to be free from that addiction. By this time next month, you’re going to be at a new level in your health, your finances, your career. God is up to something. He’s about to show out in your life. “You’re just getting people’s hopes up. I don’t think this will happen for you” You’re right; it won’t happen. This is for people who believe. You have to let the seed take root. Don’t talk yourself out of it; talk yourself into it.

[02/10/21]   Let every arrow shot at you be turned back to the sender in the name of Jesus!!

[02/09/21]   I declare that whatever you have fought for a long time, God can and will bring divine closure to in a short time! Get ready for a swift deliverance in the name of Jesus! God is bringing you a SUDDENLY!!

[02/09/21]   Blessings will overtake you... God says so!

[02/08/21]   My spirit keeps coming back to this- The enemy will regret ever messing with you! I call forth all stolen, overdue blessings for you NOW in the name of Jesus!

[02/07/21]   “The Lord will guarantee a blessing on everything you do…The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you” (Deut 28:8 NLT).

[02/06/21]   I command every power saying No to your progress to be destroyed by fire. Receive divine backup to fulfill your purpose in life in Jesus name.

This is the start of the month, and may your weaknesses turn into your strengths. May this month bear good news for you, May your wildest dreams and wishes come true this month and may each day unfold with pleasant surprises giving you reason to celebrate. The past is gone, so it is of no use to mourn it, think and plan ahead. Life is waiting for you. In Jesus’ name!

[02/04/21]   I declare and prophesy provision for your lack, healing for your body and breakthrough in that challenge. That small seed will become the instrument that God uses to produce the awesome, coming manifestation.

[02/03/21]   God is clothing someone with a garment of favour in this year 2021, type Amen if you are the one.

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