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I am Pastor Willow Creek Church Mbarara Uganda.We are involved in preaching the Gospel of salvation both indoors and outdoor Gospel crusade.

Operating as usual

[10/15/20]   God will restore your family name and your dignity. The one who restored the prodigal son will restore you. He’ll free you from damnation and restore you into your redemptive purposes

[10/14/20]   You were not designed to live without God's help. God is your source and sustainer.

[10/13/20]   You will overcome every evil prophecy against you; campaigns against your family, a life of sweat and struggle will be shaken off you. Territorial and environmental challenges will not prevail over you.

[10/11/20]   Get in agreement with God and declare what He put in your heart. Declare, “I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am forgiven. I am healthy. I am free. I have the favor of God. My children are mighty in the land. My family will fulfill our destiny. Dreams are coming to pass. Problems are turning around. New doors are opening. I’m excited about my future. I will become all God created me to be.”

[10/10/20]   God said He would give you water without rain. That means God can promote you even though you don’t have the experience. God can heal you without the treatment when, medically speaking, it’s over. God can increase you beyond your paycheck, beyond your education. He’s not limited by your job, your income. He owns it all.

[10/09/20]   Your answered prayer is on it's way! Believe with me...

[10/08/20]   I declare divine closure to everything that is depleting and draining you - no more suffering, no more emotional, physical exhaustion! Rejuvenation by The Spirit of God- In the name of Jesus!

[10/07/20]   I declare that, the blood of His atonement and redemption speaks against any injustice you’ve suffered. The God of the last minute will turn it round for you.

[10/06/20]   Stay encouraged; know that God’s word which you are standing firm on never returns void (Isaiah 55:11).

[10/06/20]   It's a prayer day... All stolen moments, goods, opportunities, favor & finances are coming back by Divine authority! Everything the enemy stole is coming BACK!!

[10/05/20]   I pray that every demonic network formed to kill, steal and destroy you, your family and purpose, be scattered and overturned in the name of Jesus

[10/05/20]   God has new beginnings for you... He will make everything brand new for you!

[10/04/20]   I declare victory over you- that when God is finished, the enemy and all those against you will have to stand back and eat their words! God is going to vindicate you in the name of Jesus!!

[10/04/20]   Whatever you need, God is more than capable of supplying it.

[10/03/20]   I Pray for you reading this
You will not lack this month of October
You will succeed this month of October
You will not be a victim but a victor
You will not shed Tears but you will share Joy
I pray in Jesus name.

[10/02/20]   May God reveal Himself to you in this new month in Jesus name.

[10/01/20]   I decree divine spiritual and physical healing of your wounds and also that the Lord may restore whatever it is you lost and you will no longer be an outcast . (Jer 30:17)

[09/30/20]   God will do something extraordinary in your life.

[09/29/20]   Refuse to bear the curse of sickness and disease, because Christ became a curse for you (Galatians 3:13). Say I refuse them.

[09/28/20]   Jesus’s hands and feet were nailed to the cross so that he couldn’t move. By that sacrifice, you cannot be nailed in life. Because Jesus was nailed, you will be released. Whatever has nailed you down and told you this is how far you can go, you are coming out of it today, in Jesus name!

[09/27/20]   Get ready for a bright future knowing that Christ will open and shut the right doors for your provision and protection (see Rev 3:7)!

[09/26/20]   You may not see a way, but God still has a way. It may look impossible, but God can do the Impossible.

[09/26/20]   Whatever that is not planted by God in your life, poverty, disease, rejection, etc, right now, send it back to the pit of hell! Say let them go to hell.

[09/25/20]   What does God want you to know about Him? That He is able and willing to heal you today.

"For I am the Lord who heals you."
Ex 15:26

[09/25/20]   Your health, your kidneys, your liver, your blood, your womb, your bones, your organs, every faculty - I command them in the name of Jesus, to be restored!

[09/24/20]   PROPHETIC DECLARATION.....I declare that the grace and favor of God will set apart among equals.

[09/23/20]   Every accident, disease, calamity waiting for you, is destroyed right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I destroy every satanic accident organized for your sake in the name of Jesus. Somebody Type Amen: It's Destroyed in Jesus name!

[09/22/20]   PROPHETIC DECLARATION.... I declare the hand of the Lord upon you and your family, death and destruction shall not be your portion.May your life be preserved!

[09/21/20]   Continue to remove anything in your business, anything in your life that will prevent God from making all things possible for you. Say I Remove it.

[09/20/20]   God is constantly providing and working miracles through you and for you by His Spirit (Gal 3:5). Receive His inexhaustible supply today!

[09/19/20]   PROPHETIC DECLARATION.....May the spirit of wisdom grant you creative and witty ideas to solve complex problems. I declare you are a Joseph to your generation.

[09/18/20]   PROPHETIC DECLARATION.....I rebuke the spirit of lack and prophesy that whatever you touch shall become fruitful; God will multiply the little in your hands.

[09/17/20]   When God called His children out of Egypt, He made a covenant of healing with them. He made a covenant of blessing, salvation, miracles and deliverance with them. The Lord has made a covenant of healing with you today.

[09/16/20]   Before this month ends someone will come into your life as a blessing, as an answer to your prayers!

[09/15/20]   By the power of the spoken Word that said, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 16:19),” right now, receive the key to stop satan from coming into your life to steal, kill and destroy. Receive the key to put your enemy into perpetual lock in Jesus name!

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