Amooti Enterprise

Distributors of all household items all types of flasks from one litre to two litres, dragon stoves,small and big dietz lamps, bat globes,dietz globes etc

Bring all household items to the last retailer at a low price


Amooti Enterprise

The right attitude very rarely leads to the wrong action

[05/23/17]   Bussiness ethic, when you fall down rise yourself and stand again no matter wat

[03/09/17]   It has been a long long time how are my esteemed customers and wellwishers. i have been going through some hard time and ive learnt one thing PATIENCE You know failure was soon putting me down but my will and determination for success is strong.....

[09/13/16]   Good morning Uganda

[05/19/16]   The first important skill in a business is the ability to read

[05/18/16]   Hello people we've taken long without hearing from ourselves hi once more
Today I want to talk about the three(3) most important skills in a business...

[05/06/16]   The sun shines to those who forget the past and focus on the future
Moral concept
Things are not doing well now doesn't mean we give up only to overcome this huddle for tomorrow's smooth running

[01/03/16]   Happy new year 2016, I take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have been with us for that whole past year thank you so much
We promise to improve in our services to your expectations this year.

[11/12/15]   ethical measures are highly required in a business

[06/13/15]   In these times when the dollar is not stable with the Ugandan shilling, you need now to focus on the prices of the commodities so as not to sell at a loss

[05/21/15]   Good morning
Today is Thursday, this is always the last day to acomplish your week's target in your business

[01/16/15]   When you fall just raise up again in a bussiness this is the right time to lay your foundation, otherwise happy new year 2015 too u all

[10/17/14]   The right attitude very rarely leads to the wrong action

[10/04/14]   In a business you must work with a purpose so as to strongly collide with destiny

[09/30/14]   Investing in a risk helps u to keep your business booming. How? U learn how to maximise potential loses hence keeping strong in the business

[09/28/14]   Money money

[08/13/14]   Success is not a destination but a journey

[07/26/14]   Avoid short cuts on your road to success

[07/19/14]   When you throw a one year old baby in the air, he/she laughs coz he/she knows u will catch him/her, thats trust. Always have trust in yr bussiness

[07/15/14]   Every night we go to bed, we have no assurance of waking up alive, but we still plan for the next day. Thats "HOPE" always have hope so as for your bussiness entity to grow big.

[06/26/14]   The 2 biggest problems in a bussiness:
1.Acting without thinking.
2.Thinking without acting.

[06/23/14]   Through the mistakes u do, perfection becomes a routine so never give up in a buss becaue of the first fall

[06/21/14]   "Actions are better then words."
In a business dont just talk about things, do them. in the end u will have a smile on yr face.

[06/18/14]   Dont tell people your dreams, show them

[06/16/14]   Three types trading
1: Trading in secrets.
2: Trading in lies.
3: Trading in favour.

[06/16/14]   Faith only

[06/10/14]   Never have excuses for not doing something if u want to be successful

[05/22/14]   The best way of knowing that u have a good vacuum flask is by looking at its walls and see the ........




Ben Kiwanuka Street Mosque Arcade
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