GOD'S Healing POWER International

Its to help so many people's souls to come out of darkness.

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huffpost.com 02/06/2020

Barack Obama Writes Essay On Effecting Real Change After George Floyd's Killing

huffpost.com "If we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both," wrote the former president.

[05/04/18]   You are not going through pain because God is not aware, he is but He wants you to learn how to value and recognise his presence

[04/28/18]   I wish all people knew the importance of life, we could all be well off but you can find that there those who take others life like nothing this makes me worry and start regreating that I wish I did not come into this world, but is referring the solution? No God has season for why my live am still alive. And this gives season of not retreating

[10/16/17]   Many people have not ralised that @e have amiracle working God bit please today I w&nt to tell that God is awonderful and amiracle working God. So many people have been sending us messages here that GOD HAS performed miracles to them


GOD'S Healing POWER International

[05/16/17]   God I calling you to give him all your burdens and he make you rest. Cast your burdens anto him he know what to do with them

[02/09/17]   Many people say it's impossible before any start. But am here to challenge you that everything is possible if you are covered in the blood of Jesus the living son of God our dad.


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GOD'S Healing POWER International

[09/17/16]   Today is my day no other day I can own


GOD'S Healing POWER International

[05/27/16]   One of our members has been seriously sick,but we thank the almight God that wr raised our hands to jesus in heaven and he sent his healing power and angels so he is now feeling well.
So thank you lord jesus for your power, your holy spirit for healing him.
And we again lift our trust in you father because of the many people who are right now seffering and we call your might hand and help, lord jesus send us your holy spirit, touch the sick,the needy,the poor, and any one with aproblem help the to get what every one desires,

[05/21/16]   Many people we robbe jesus,because most times we want to get healing from him,we want prosperity,we need peace in our day today life,we need every good thing on our way,but its so sad that we hate giving in the house of the lord, wr hate helping those who dont have,we hate supporting the work of God, but we demand healin,peace,prosperity from God.
But please friends how do u expect to wripe from where u did not swole??? Start thinking about your self and know how you will get good things from the father.in God`s healing power international we take offering and helping the needy as the priority

[03/15/16]   In every situation God him self has got away out for you.
Only he wants from you is believing that he was,he is and he will be lord the helping lord of all nations.
No matter which situation no matter how u spent the day today no matter whether you are in jail,just trust and believe him.he is awonderful lord.

[10/21/15]   oh yes dont worry friend of us every thing you want is done since our lord jesus died on the cross he took all our pains and worries so you u g*t nothing to worry about. i therefore pray dir everything and every plan you have to go through in the name of our lord jesus.

[05/29/15]   Helo every one u are invited to attend to this page in jesus name.

[03/27/15]   Any one here to say something, you are free to post Godly messages and photos here

[03/09/15]   Helo every one am inviting you to like this page




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be more specific with wat god thinks about u than wat pipo thinks about u.