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Hello; Praise God. I am prophet Emmanuel; God has called me and given me the anointing to reach out to His people with the Word through Prophetic Ministry.

Operating as usual

[02/22/18]   Hello friends I want to share some thing small with you this evening.

There is a Joshua set before you in your life even wen the Moses you knew is no more
Deuteronomy 34:4-10 and Joshua 1:1-2
In this life we live there has been a moses you clung unto for quite a long time but I want to question someone f the moses you knew is no more does it mean dat life is no more ov course no more our God is a God of diverse ideas and plans f the moses he placed in your life is no more than He is raising up a Joshua who will push you to your next level don't give up.
Our journey is not dependant on human beings even though they are part of it. The moses in your life will die but God will bring you a Joshua to push you to another level.
All you need is to walk with faith and be focused. In every journey God has a bark up plan for you child of God.
Hold unto him.
God bless you.

[10/28/17]   God is faithful in our lives
Just speak heavenly language that's "FAITH"

[10/05/17]   We are now in Gayaza, namafundu, just get a boda at mirembe stage and see the favour of God this month


That's it ma beloved in Christ

[01/26/17]   I humbly appreciate all those who have made this ministry page be what it is today .

Pastor Emmanuel Businge loves you all and by Gods grace says happy new year 2017, A year of success, moving from glory to glory and unlimited prosperity.
We now introduce you our new strategic and supportive non profit project
Supporting our people. As you know Pastor Emma grow with a humble single month and always it was hard for him to reach treatment. For God's grace here is A testimony clinic
Kasonoki Foundation clinic. A healthy family is a happy family.
Reach out with us and be part of our volunteers. God bless you
@ house of prayer
#Elshadia global church USA


Texas was a blessing to me and ministry
I love you Jesus
And I say thank u God


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That's how God is doing us well
Glory to God


This month is my month traveling to Houston Texas USA, I know my time to conquer is now, the devil was defeated.
From 27th-5th oct.
Thanks to Dr Ramson Mumba
#El shaddai church family
#house of prayer Uganda
@Exousia word ministries
I love my congregation. My treasure in the lord is my spirit


It was great a gain Fort portal Church was blessed, with our Sunday service, shalom


They all prayed in one and the number of followers, thanks to Pastor Solomon, priestess Smith, Kenneth and all at House of prayer, shalom


When the ministry is prophetic, every thing remains prophetic, God's work is a calling, you keep smiling because you followed his call not desires of man, friends, ur needs but your calling , submission is the best teacher in ministry love you partners in Christ. Prophet Emma will be in Kampala this week

[04/30/16]   no matter how things seem to be hard, there is a friend who will tell you keep moving on am having ur destiny that's Jesus Christ


One side sitting of the Church in fort portal


Crusade time winning souls for the lord


Emmanuel Businge Prophetic Ministry

[01/29/16]   Today's verse is proverb 8:17, hallelujah let's seek the look early because he has loved us as we love him, all you ought to do is in love of Christ and be built in it as you do business, as you marry, as you travel, as you are employed, have love for all and sure of what are doing is built on love, " LOVE NEVER FAILS "

[01/16/16]   This January is your month of divine favor and enlargement as 2016 intiates, when God singles you out it doesn't matter were you or what you are doing, may be you are the David who was despised but become a king and others like moses, Esther,Abraham when God speaks to you, next ur situation changes.Now listen he is calling you 'hallelujah' I declare divine favor in ur life, marriage, ministry,academics,bussiness and all Amen as you declare too. Am humbly to invite you to prayerhouse churches in Mbarara, Fortpotal, and Bukedea

[12/01/15]   hallelujah,partners in christ Prophet Emmanuel B will be visiting SouthAfrica[Ibula western johnernberg] 18th December to 21st .As ablessing to many lets stand with this ministry as always for we are blessed to minister and the gospel to the whole world.Shalom
You are invited to prayerhouse churches in Mbarara,Fortportal,and Bukedea.Welcome in Jesus' name.

[07/20/15]   Jesus is alive for the world was created by him , don't worry for the worldly things just seek for him and the rest will follow be blessed as you be in author of everything that may follow you amen

[04/20/15]   God your sufficiently a programmed creator, brethren he programmed your life, success, prosperity, and whatever God created its plans for prosperity not disaster and the one in CHRIST overcometh the world. In CHRIST all things are possible

[04/15/15]   Ooooh ooh Jesus is changing your situation today say Amen to claim that prophecy

[04/11/15]   Paul says I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength not Paul but all those in CHRIST, brother or sister you can do it in, don't get scared of what you have or passing. I prophecy today in Jesus' name that you have made it, Philippians 4:13

[04/07/15]   In him we that all are possible for he was ashamed for me to be gloried poor for me to be rich, suffered for me to not to suffer, beaten for me tobe hhealed, he never had a house,a vehicle for me to have them , sin for me to be righteous oooh how wonderful to be in the lord let's be in him and him in us (CHRIST the cornerstone)

[04/05/15]   His destiny was the cross,his crime was love,his reason was me and you!!his love for us never ends how wonderful to be in CHRIST that yoursins were gone blessed easter and thanks for puputting on anew man CHRIST

[04/01/15]   two are better than one in prayer in ministry,prosperity, and so precious in God's presence if faithful to one another and what God combines can't be separated by man be blessed as you get a partner this year not because if desire but God's desire Amen

[03/31/15]   Let's renew our mind and put anew man the old has gone for sin came in the world trough one man and through one man righteousness came let's be in Jesus to be slaves to righteousness not sin be blessed patterners in the gospel

[03/27/15]   God sees Jesus instead of you because you are in CHRIST oh how lovely that demons,poverty,sickness fear you in him you are the righteous of the kingdom be blessed brethren I prophecy grace favour love promotion and prosperity in your life

[03/24/15]   God has a plan for all things to happen thanks brethren to like this page let's live to see Jesus manefist in his finished work

[03/21/15]   For God's timing is the best let's seek his love and grace and others will look for us because he owns them and he is in us

[03/19/15]   For by love God gave us his son and by love he died for us and by love we received the holy spirit let's minister with love and faith in CHRIST amen


Emmanuel Businge Prophetic Ministry




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