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Natural products that deal with a number of illnesses all at Healing Fall Uganda at Najjeera 2
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[07/27/17]   The World Bank has again arm twisted Govnt into allowing GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS, DRINKS AND SUBSTANCES.

Just like they did with the gay law and our coperative.

I thus call upon all those who desire to live longer and healthier to effective immediatly abandon the sale or distribition or purchase or growth of all imported and locally grown GMO foods. Kawanda varieties.

Let them stay on the shelves as we witness their long medicated chemical shelf life as naive people buy them.... dont forget to share and alert them....

Like we have a Raw Vegan Wednesday to help herbivor humans cope up with their classification as herbivor humans...... we shall have every Thursday as the NON GMO day where all known GMOs will be shared with pics so that a loved member home and abroad can make an informed decision about consuming it again.

How do GMOs affect the body?

The human cell is a composition of complex phytochemical molecules and minerals the body disintegrates into upon death.

These phyto molecules have a complete structure related and alligned with the human's molecular structure.

Genetic modification of these plants alters this molecular structure depriving it of the body's desired bioelectric nutrients. Eg Apples and SA yelo oranges have nothing to offer the human cell apart from death.

GMOs thus alter the human molecular structure triggering hormonal imbalances, phytochemical imbalances in aome humans is the cause of homosexuality, cancer, deficiency as the host thinks they are consuming health.....

"Give me the control of the peoples food and i care less who sits at their thrones" - Bill Gates. Owner of world's largest GMO giant MONSANTO.

They are splashing cash and free GMO seeds and seedlings to naive farmers in rural areas with a promise of high yield pest killing food varieties.

They are paying their black GMO merchants in towns to promote these killer foods.

Unfortunately GMOs have been banned in Russia, Europe and many other countries. So you can not export them any where. You only have the power to grow them, eat them and die.

GMOs trigger a speedy human cell atrophy where the cell is programmed to self distruct that is why the disease of today knows no status or tribe.

All colgates, All imported toothpastes
All animal milk
All soya products
All sugar products
All caffein products
All microwave ovens
All pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemo, radiotherapy
All imported foods and drinks
All kawanda varieties
All apples
All SA oranges
All supermarket factory cereals,cornflakes, witabix, nudles, gorilos, icecream,
All Sodas esp Coke and Pepsi
Unpotted drinking water
All "Mineral" bottled water.
All products with "For External Use Only".
All petrochemical products. Lotions. Creams. Condoms.
All cosmetics
All vaselines
All Pharma contraceptives
All processed foods and drinks
All white breads
All biscuits

Pliz add onto this list anything that is

Non Alkaline
Non biodegradable
Non organic
Factory food

White bread
GM ginger
GM garlic
Seedless paw paws
All Kawanda varieties
GM drugs
GM mangoes without fibre
White cauli flower and all white vegs
Chinese garlic is pure cancer

Boycott The growth, sale, purchase of ALL GMOS AND ALL FOOD LIKE UNNATURAL SUBSTANCES plus all IMPORTED foods, herbicides, pestcides, chemicals, anti perspirants and cosmetics sold in the markets.

Consume or use them at your own risk

Dr. Ausar😡😡😡


Waging war against cancer
Tune in this Friday 21st July 2017
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Products by Healing Fall Uganda
Very effective with no side effects. Results in a very shot time


Natural health herbal products
Very effective with no side effects by Healing Fall Uganda


Our new home, Najjera 2 first floor above ANK supermarket

[03/22/16]   This Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 from 4:00 pm through the night.
Join us with sister Cathy as we celebrate Jesus' resurrection together


Give without expecting back

[02/26/16]   It's not about your religion but salvation is a must. Romans 10: 9-10


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Give without expecting back



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