Pastor Gertrude Ssekayi-Najjanankumbi Miracle Center

Pastor Sekayi was commissioned by God to start ministry in 1986 and ever since she has preached the Gospel,its power and Grace there in.Through her ministry she has prayed for the barren,sick,cursed and all other troubles and she has seen Gods miracles

Pastor Ssekayi was born in 1953 and a week after her birth her parents divorced.she was forced to grow up illiterate since denial of education to the girl child was the norm in society during that era. In 1983 Pastor Sekayi started her ministry with a fellowship of not more than 7 people in the walls of her home. And in 1986 she was commissioned by God to go and start a church ministry as a pastor to which she has been obedient and faithful through out the years,from ministering a handful of people under a tree to what the church is today (a secure building of a capacity o 300-400 people). However in her early years of ministry,the pastor soon came face to face with the horrible reality of being HIV/AIDS positive but did not forsake her calling,instead she was steadfast amidist rejection from her own. after receiving her healing,today pastor Sekayi is a living testimony of how great the lord Jesus that she serves is. In obedience to her commission pastor sekayi has preached all over East Africa, south Africa and Europe. the woman of God has been anointed to pray for the sick and people with all sorts of troubles and her years of ministry have been full of testimonies of the Lord's healing,salvation and breakthroughs. She has made it her life long goal to empower the youth of Uganda through education and the gospel of Jesus by hosting annual youth camps and giving free education to some orphans in her school Miracle Primary School.

[08/29/14]   We are finalizing our preparations for the thanksgiving event this Saturday 30/08/14 at Najjanankumbi miracle center church,come lets offer our sacrifice of thanks together to the lord. Starting from 11am-3pm. All things catered for,come join us as we celebrate Mama Ssekayi's home coming.God bless you

[04/13/14]   God's fulfillment of his word or promises in your life does not depend on your actions but on His faithfulness.

[01/03/14]   He jammed the wheels of their chariots so that they had difficulty driving. And the Egyptians said, “Let’s get away from the Israelites! The LORD is fighting for them against Egypt.” (Exodus 14:25 NIV) .
This is the year for your enemies to flee from your life,business,family and every other aspect of your life while they testify of the presence and greatness of our lord Jesus in you. Happy new year to you all.

[12/11/13]   We are currently holding a week long conference and crusade as well as a charity week in Gombe town.Apart from preaching, we also have to feed the multitudes and house some of them as well as all invited guests and for us to be able to do this successfully we need all the resource we can get both monetary and non monetary. we do make an appeal to you to partner up with us in this endeavor. Tap into this blessing by sending Mobile money to or contacting these numbers. +256-782-422018,+256-773-057307. God bless you as you do this. please be sure to leave your prayer request in our inbox and our intercessors will join in believing for your miracle.

[11/20/13]   Giving thanks to the lord for the little that we have,causes the Lord's power to work in our "little" the miracle of multiplication so that we end up with more just as Jesus did in the miracle of feeding the multitudes,He simply gave thanks for the few loaves of bread and fish.

[11/17/13]   The secret of receiving more from God is to always be thankful for what He placed in your hands first.

[11/17/13]   Peninnah was a necessity to Hannah life because the more she challenged Hannah,the more Hannah saw the need to get closer to God and thus getting closer to her miracle and deliverance. Be thankful to the people(good or bad) that challenge you to thirst for God more.

Pastor Gertrude Ssekayi-Najjanankumbi Miracle Center's cover photo

[10/27/13]   God will make you qualify for thing you never qualified for. -Judith Babirye

[10/27/13]   Your grave is about to open an you will come out whether the devil wants it or not. -Judith Babirye

[10/27/13]   The one who authored a good work in you can not give up on you on the way.He will see it to the end.-Judith Babirye

Double Blessing Sunday



[10/27/13]   The enormous blessing that the Lord channeled through Judith Babirye today in our ministry as she ministered in the word of the Lord and through worshiping in her songs like SURVIVOR,is something you can hardly sum up in words,it could only be felt to be understood and whoever was in church today can testify to this. God bless you mightily Judith.

[10/07/13]   God will start or continue to bless you the moment you change your attitude and confess that all that you have and will get,you will use for the good of the kingdom of the lord.

gyeyagenda nga-NMC worship team

Najjanankumbi miracle center singing about the great ministry of our lord Jesus.

[09/22/13]   You could be in prison right now but you are the answer to those on the outside just as Joseph was to Pharaoh.

[09/22/13]   There is a God given promise to everyone but there is a conflict or process between the announcement and the fulfillment of the same. so hold on through the conflict and you will see the fulfillment of the promise.

[09/22/13]   Problems do not come as hardships to us,but to lift us from one level of faith to the next.

[09/02/13]   Miracles never happen unless there is a situation that warrants their presence. So if you desire miracles, know then that hard situations will show up first.

[09/02/13]   whoever has a dream that will one day be beneficial,will definitely be attacked by mighty things. But you should never give up because that is what the enemy want you to do.

[09/02/13]   Even when you are reported by your enemies to the highest worldly authorities and you are sentenced,God will still bring salvation to you.

Pastor Gertrude Ssekayi-Najjanankumbi Miracle Center's cover photo

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[08/03/13]   when Simon peter got out of the boat to go towards Jesus in the midst of the storm,only Jesus was his portion on the sea and not the storm or any other thing for that matter,and when he(Simon) took his eyes off his portion(Jesus) he then started to sink. In this life as we move,its important for us to decide who our portion is and if its Jesus,then let us keep our focus on Him to avoid sinking.

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Apostle Byamukama on a visit to Najjanankumbi Miracle Center

Apostle Byamukama on a visit to Najjanankumbi Miracle Center

[07/21/13]   God can never bless you until He changes the way you walk(character),just like in the case of Jacob,God had to alter his hip bone.-Apostle Byamukama

[07/14/13]   When God is to deliver a miracle to you,it will involve these three; people,places and time so as children of God we should do our best to always respect all people in our lives no matter who they are or what they do because they are the same ones the lord will use to bring our miracle. We should also always listen to the spirit of the lord and go to the place sit is telling us to go to because our miracles could be in those locations and lastly always take note of the times so as not to miss our season of the lord's visitation-Pr Moses Buyinza

[07/14/13]   According to Ecclesiastes 9:11,time and chance happen to all men and how we use them is up to us-pr Moses Buyinza

[07/14/13]   When you have a purpose in life,expect resistance from the devil- Pr Moses Buyinza

Pr Moses Buyinza of Kamuli preaching during his visit to Najjanankumbi Miracle center

Pr Gonahasa Zepphania during the Receive a blessing through sowing conference held at Najjanankumbi Miracle Center

[07/14/13]   Everything starts in the mind and then it manifests,if you can not perceive it,then you can not receive it.

[07/14/13]   That what you see as a curse or shame,God can turn into a blessing for you

[07/14/13]   After a week long conference which was hosted by Pr Gertrude Ssekayi and Pr Jamil Sekyanzi of Great Commission Church and Pr Gonahasa Zepphania of Miracle Center Mbiiko,we can now say that truly God has blessed us as a church and a family. The conference had a theme saying: RECEIVING A BLESSING THROUGH SOWING. and many secrets about this Godly truth were revealed by the men of God. We extend our gratitude to both Pastors,Jamil and Zepphania,may the good lord bless you.

[06/30/13]   The way you were born and raised has no attachment to your destiny,for your destiny is in the hands of God.

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