Church Of God In Uganda

Church Of God In Uganda


Shalom brethrens,,,Peace be with you all
shalom, shalom, be ready on the rigth and unrigth time, the kingdom of elohim is on the way.
Grace of elohim be with you.
Kacou 143:7 Homosexuals are born homosexual, they don't become homosexual. And telling a homosexual to stop being homosexual is like telling a smoker to stop smoking. He does not have the power to do that and there is no cure for that, but if he dies a homosexual, he will go to hell. And when a country decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality, it's a country that stinks. It is a country whose stench of sin reaches up to God. Every country that decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality becomes S***m and Gomorrah, and there was neither God nor a prophet in S***m and Gomorrah. Before the first homosexual parade in the United States in 1970, William Branham had already left the scene. And God Himself did not dare to go down to S***m and Gomorrah.

12 Et plus t**d, ils diront que les garçons peuvent venir à l’école vêtus de camisole et de jupe. Et un couple d’hommes adoptera votre petit garçon et ils lui feront porter des camisoles et des jupes et lui diront d’appeler un homme : "maman" et le coupable devant Dieu, ce sera vous. Vous n'avez pas hérité de l’homosexualité, ne donnez pas l'homosexualité en héritage à vos enfants. Ne faites pas de mal à la terre.

33 Ce Message a délivré plusieurs personnes de l’homosexualité sans aucun effort. Et j’ai la conviction que ce chapitre Kacou 143 conduira plusieurs homosexuels à Dieu. C’est la réponse de Dieu pour la délivrance de tous ceux qui sont dans la captivité et la souffrance de l’homosexualité. Ce chapitre Kacou 143 est la plus grande Chose que vous puissiez offrir à un homosexuel.

70 Mais bienheureux ceux qui ont aimé mon jour. L’Ange a dit à un prophète dans le ciel : « Quand tu étais vivant sur la terre, tous ceux qui t’ont aimé et tous ceux que tu as aimés, Dieu te les a donnés ». À cause de mon Message, beaucoup ont connu la prison, beaucoup ont perdu leur travail, leur mariage, leur école, l’amour de leurs parents et leur avenir sur la terre. J’ai fait des malheureux sur la terre mais des bienheureux dans le ciel, dans la cité céleste où l’Agneau du 24 avril 1993 est la lumière.

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57 And if you believe that the Bible is the word of God, know that it is said in the Bible that at this time, a prophet will rise from the midst of Africa according to Matthew 25:6 to fulfill what I am doing. And it is this prophet who will make you know God's will for this time concerning homosexuality. And this prophet, it is me, speaking to you.
30 Despite their differences in doctrines, the churches unite in alliances and I said that they were beasts, dragons with multiple heads. Each head symbolizes a church and having the demon and the language which is the theology of that church. Whoever is in one of those churches has already received the mark, that is to say, the spirit, which is the demon of the beast. A mark is a spirit. When God put a mark on Cain, it was a spirit. And the mark of the beast of Revelation, it's the holy spirit of the beast. You see? The mark of the beast today is, it is the holy spirit that acts in those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. And when you are in an evangelical church, you are fathered by that spirit and it’s by it that you speak in tongues, you prophesy ... as if it was really the Holy Spirit. It controls your body, your soul, your spirit. And you are exactly like in the condition of the Pharisees before the Lord Jesus Christ or the condition of a Catholic who has candles, rosaries, statues, incense, crucifixes and holy water in his hand and who believes himself in the truth. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. The same mark, the same demon of disbelief that possesses the beast is the same mark that possesses its image, its daughters, that is, the Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. [Kc.2v21]

Infact This Is Life!! Jesus Is Son Of God
God's The Life!!

[10/19/17]   Jesus Is Jesus We Have Life In The Name Of Jesus Amen!!



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