Pillars of God Kindergarten

A nursery School in Salaama, (Kyamula) Makindye division that needs all the help you can give. "In God we trust". Dear friends, I came across this kindergarten in Salama Kyamula but to me it looked like it is in a sorry state and needs all the help anyone can offer.

Its been in existence since 2005 but look at it, something has to be done so that these children can get quality early childhood education. Research shows that the early years of a child’s life are a critical influence on the child’s lifelong learning and development. High quality early childhood learning experiences lay the foundation for all later learning. Early childhood education contributes to the development of self-esteem, as children gain understanding of their emotions and establish the basis for relating to others. Pillars of God kindergarten is public kindergarten, so it receives some small parents’ fees funding. However, donations from parents, well wishers and fundraising efforts are necessary to enable these children and the community in Salaama get quality early childhood education. Support from sponsors and the public is essential and hugely appreciated. Your contribution will help to alleviate the financial pressure that this kindergarten teacher/founder has been facing since the opening in Feb. 2004. Without the pressure to continually fund raise and seek additional funding, this teacher will be able to continue to focus on teaching the children.

Operating as usual


This is to warn the general public of a fraud star and Land grabber called Lukyamuzi Kakooza Hussein currently the LC1 chairman of Salama Kyamula located in Makidye division, this man is good at forging documents relating to land sales or ownership, the documents later help him to fraudulently obtain Land titles or legal ownership of kibanja plots on Kabaka’s land especially in Makindye.
This is to call upon anyone that Lukyamuzi has defrauded land from in makindye division or any one that knows about the land cases he’s involved in to join hands in the fight against any more land defraud by Lukyamuzi Kakooza Hussein, in this case land that belonged to the late Katongole Ssabaganzi in Kyadondo at block 273 salama Kyamula. With very little money Suzan Kalwese constructed a small building on her share of the land in which Nursery children could learn in class.
This nursery school was founded by Suzan Kalwese one of the grand children of the late Katongole Kelementi Ssabaganzi, this was built early 2005 however she has faced a lot of hardships since then, including demolitions of the same building in the night by unknown people. The civil suit has been filed in a civil court but as you may all know, court cases in Uganda take too long and we need more witnesses in order for such incidences never to happen to anyone ever again.
A lot of people have fallen victim of this but it looks like he’s never going to stop defrauding. You can confirm these fraudulent acts by inquiring from the previous RDC’s of Makindye because some cases where reported there.
In 2008 one victim called Rebecca Namanda filed a civil suit No. KDLT 8/08 at Makindye court against this Lukyamuzi Kakooza Hussein and won the case, in this case he 1st moved in with Namanda as he forged the documents which Namanda happened to land of and cried out for help Namanda comes from the late Katongole’s family. the building is now demolished to the ground as shown in the pic.
Please help expose such people.


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Residence and admin block

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Pillars of God Kindergarten's cover photo

[06/30/13]   this is a one classroom school




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