Kazo Ambassadors' Club

The club is a Seventh Day Adventist founded group that brings youths together and closer to their God.

Operating as usual


It's been recorded in history that our times have been hit by one of the deadliest diseases. This has made the whole world bow down. Isn't Covid 19 one of the dreadful diseases talked about in Luke 21:11 announcing that the end is near? During such a time, from where does our help come?

[01/16/17]   Let each and everyone of us purpose to save 60% of their income this year. And u will be rich by the year end

[12/15/16]   ''For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God''
Let no man deceive himself to be pure and perfect,for non is perfect but God.
We are only perfected in the Grace of the Lord Jesus who died for us,and by whose blood we are purified before God.
Let's therefore spellout our transgressions before God this morning and claim the promises He makes towards a clean heart.
Have a blessed day.

[12/14/16]   BACK TO THE ROOTS?What do you mean?:
The Executive Meeting that sat on Monday 11th Dec 2016 endorsed that the above theme is going to be the line of Propagation for the next 11 Months.2017
The following 7 concepts Best spell out the meaning of the Theme.They are the 7areas of implementation in which we are going to score next year's Goals to fulfill our Objectives.
Thanks to Mr.Kisakye John Paul the Chairman Strategies Planning Committee in the name of the Senior Secretary of the Club.
1.Of Intense Scripture Study and Wholesome Application
2.Of Diligent Worship and Positive Life Style
3.Of Faithful Service and Result Oriented Evangelism
4.Of Maximum Organization and Leadership Development
5.Of Member Empowerment and Capacity Building
6.Of Talent Discovery,Development and Innovations Encouragement
7.Of Transparency and Excellency.
We can do all things through Jesus Christ Who strengthens us.

The following people have been legally passed by the Church Board Committee today 11th Dec 2016 as AMBASSADOR CLUB EXECUTIVE MEMBERS:
1.Kasoma Alex -Chairperson
2.Ssempijja Derick-Asst
3.Kisakye JP. -Secretary
4.Narinda Naplin-Finance
5.Semakula Brian-Evangelism
6.Semakula Aaron-Music
7.Tebitendwa Bonny-Asst
8.Kasangwawo Stev-Social
9.Nakawesi Esther-Asst
10.Kakooza Elijah -Sports
11.Adrian Adams-Asst
12.Ntome John -Ex official
13.Mawanda Elijah-Drama
14.Nalumenya Ben-Comunctn
15.Eld Ssempebwa G-Club Elder
16.Mrs Kiiza Betty-Sponsor.
There shall be an Executive Meeting before 14th Dec 2016 that will wind up the year with an annual report and wayforward for next year.
Make sure you don't miss out on this meeting.

[12/05/16]   Good morning brethren.
As we continue with our quest to get ''BACK TO THE ROOTS'' in our 2017 Evangelism Targets,we hereby remind all members of the service we are to render at SDA Church Masanafu this Sabbath 10th Dec 2016 through music.You are reminded to attend music practices daily at 4:00pm,and to pick up your uniform on Friday after Vespers at Church.Please prepare 3000 for your transport to and fro.We will depart at exactly 8:00am on Sabbath at Church.All transport dues are collected by the transport officer in our social and welfare department Mr.Kasangwawo Stephen who shall later report this financial expense to be recorded in the Finance department.
God be with you all,have a blessed week.

[12/01/16]   WHICH TREE ARE YOU?
Peace and blessings to you all.
On Sunday 27th Nov 2016,we had a Prayers and Fasting Session meant to revive the Old Paths of our purpose to God.
We learned from the book of Mark that we should be trees that are fruitful,lest the Lord cut us off the True Vine-Jesus.
In our desire to revive ourselves,we should cry out to the Lord to pour the Holy spirit on us.We should have one accord in Prayer and Supplication-Acts chapter one.

[12/01/16]   Good morning brethren.We thank God for continuing to bless us with the breath of life.We remind each of us of our aim as Ambassadors ''To preach the Adventist message in all the world in my generation.''Today,make sure you do something towards fullfilling this mission.
God be with you all.

[08/23/16]   TO LIVE IS CHRIST
Thats exactly going to be the theme this Sabbath 27/08/16 at SDA Church Lugoba.We were entrusted to run the Day's Worship Service from morning to evening.All members are notified that uniforms will be picked on Friday 4:30pm when we have our last Music Practice and Briefing.Please be ready! PEACE.

[08/15/16]   Welcome Back everyone who participated in the Prayers&Fasting Session organised by the Club's Evangelism Dept.The Theme was to put God First Once Again in our personel lives,to recreate a Power House/Prayer Band,dedicate the Club Organisation in The LORD's Hands.Blessed Week!

[08/11/16]   SYMBOL OF POWER:
Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!We (Kazo Ambassador Club)have been entrusted to chair and spear head this year's Youth Camp Meeting Event.This means we are responsible for the Success Mobilisation Strategies,Programme Modification& Creativity Approaches.This means The Lord has entrusted us&has given us the Potential,a sign of His Power workg in us.The 9th-18th September week is going to be Spiritually Transformational, Mentally Educative& Physically Entertaining.Keep checking this page for more updates.God Bless U as you prepare to participate!!

[06/08/16]   MORNING GLORY:
"For every Season,there is a time and for every time a Season.A time to Sow and a time to Reap..." Ecc 3:1.As you go into the world to work or study or do anythg in the purpose of sowing,may u reap a good reap.Therefore Sow a Good Seed so that u harvest The LORD's Blessing of a Good Harvest.

[06/07/16]   Welcome back everyone who has attended today's Prayers&Fasting Session.Below is a brief review of the day's Sermon by Mrs.R.Bukenya.
Dan 3:16-18."Shadrack, Meshack&Abednego answered and said to the king."Oh Nebuchadnezzar,we are not careful to answer you in this matter.If it be so,our God Whom we serve is able to deliver us from the fiery furnace,and He will deliver us out of thine hand,Oh king.But if not,be it known unto you Oh king,that we will not serve thy gods,nor worship the golden image which you have set up."
How many times have u compromised to God's Standards in fear of losing somethg?Is there any way u can revive your diminished value so that u start afresh?

[06/07/16]   "I will love you Oh LORD!"Ps 18:1.We can never forget what God has done for us.We can never forget the Sacrifice of Crucifixion.Even in our distress,we shall never denounce His Name.Are you tired and heavy laden?Join us in a Prayer& Fasting Session today Tue 07/06/16 at SDA Church Kazo.God bles u!

[03/29/16]   Now that weve had a transition of office,allow me on behalf of the Club to introduce our New Director H.E KASOMA ALEX.We are proud to announce the gratitude towards the Great Service of a Great Leader,who has served the Club for four yrs,and in whose shoes our New President stands.We wil always remember your contribution Mr.Kisakye John Paul.We also believe in and pray for the incumbent to beat all Innitial Recordz in this NEW BEGINING ERA.Praise the Lord!

[01/16/16]   BIBLE SOCIETY IS HERE:Today 16/01/16 is the second Annual Youth Convention at Buganda Rd Play Ground under the theme "Motivated To Walk In The Light".Come On Members,we r waiting at Church for the ones that havent reached.tpt z 2000.

[01/11/16]   As we are still freshly filled with Power from "Okusaba Kwokusumululwa,"here we are again unveiling somethg Interestg.The first of its own happened 2yrs back when we were beaten 3:0 by our Church Elders.This time its going to be a New Sports Beginning.Its A FOOTBALL GOLDEN REMATCH btn Ambassadors and the 'Veterans'(rest of the Church).8:00am this Sunday 17/12/16.GOD BLES U!

[01/10/16]   Thank You very much brethren for attending OKUSABA KWOKUSUMULULWA at Namboole.Our Costa has taken more than 50members.We believ that God has answered our Prayers.Matt 7:7

[01/05/16]   Good Afternoon members.We Thank The Almighty God for 2015&request Him to lead us through 2016,focused&determined on Salvation Through Jesus Christ.We as a Club are set to dedicate ourselves before God on The TUWANGULILA KU MAVIIVI Prayer Day slated 10th Jan this year 8:00am-500pm at Mandela National Stadium,Namboole.We are departing from SDA Church Kazo Grounds at 6:00am.Please dont forget to come with 5000shs this Sabbath to book for your transport to&fro,plus some packed snacks/money for lunch.God Bles U as we meet this Sabbath!- CLUB PRAYER BAND.

[12/25/15]   Above all things its crucial for man to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the utmost will of the father, and according to phessians 1 it is clear that God's utmost will was man to begotten of Him. But to understand this man ought to know the mystery that was hidden for ages and that is Christ in me the hope of glory (Colossians 1). A begotten of the Father is expected to exhibit specific traits that are unique and according to the bible this makes him a light in this world for he stands out out of the many in all things he does . when he does something the results are pleasing unto all and when people look at such a man they find him worthy of the Lord (Colossians 1). This probably explains why a woman looks a Elisha and the only judgment she can make is that he is a man of God.
fellow youth there is nature we out to have let seek to know, understand and manifest it coz it is ashaming if you stand with a nonbeliever and there is no distinction between the two of you. If you happen to be in the later category check yourself.
God bless you all.

[12/16/15]   Forget not brethren,KAZO AMB CLUB ANNUAL SABBATH is here.Only 2 Days To GGo!THEME: "The New Begining" PREACHER: "Eld.Mugerwa Medson Bikongoolo".AVAILABLE ARE: Invitd Amb Clubs, District Club Directors and Non Adventist Friends.MUSIC: Christian Brothers Accapela Group, The Hebrews Chior& Kazo Amb Club Chior.Thx!!!

[12/12/15]   Ladies& Gentlemen,7dayz Countdown to the Kazo Amb Club Annual Sabbath.Theme:THE NEW BEGINNING.Preacher:ELD MUGERWA MEDSON Bring Non Adventist Friends and get ready as we unvail.HAPY SABBATH!

[10/13/15]   Good morning
Mubuulizi Kawutu has died.
We are called upon to be at church at 9am.

[09/21/15]   As we do everything to get where we individualy are persuing,lets not forget that our GOD should be glorified in everything.Since our motive is to reach the Gospel Of The Truth Of Jesus Christ as far as we can as AMBASADORS especially to the close felow youths in our bounderies,we should never forget to share CHRIST'S ABANDUNT LOVE and also profess Him Always even if it means risking our personel valuables,HE wil never forsake us too.Our Director Mr.Kisakye John Paul wishes to testify that the examinations he mised on Saturday 8days back were canceled&a re-siting has been done today(Monday) morning.PRAISE THE LORD. Does anyone have a Testimony?you are free to post it or send it to The Evangelism Dept of the Club for publishing in the yet to be launched Club magazine.

[02/01/15]   By his grace we served many thanks to all our brothers and sisters who went to serve God at insiima SDA church. May God bless you abundantly, as the days' preacher said we did our part lets' leave God do his in the youth ministry at that church.

[12/29/14]   Good evening members.We thank GOD for enabling us stay together all this time.Its time to thank our LORD for the best He has done for us as a Club and on personal basis.Now that we are still alive,lets get together,thank Him and pray for His protection and guidance as we dedicate our lives to him to continue using us and transform us in all life aspects next year.You are all most welcome to the last Prayer and Fasting session in 2014 on 31st Dec at SDA Church Kazo with 2000shs for breaking the fast together.Pliz come with a friend and in case you do not have the money(as GOD shall read your heart),you are also welcome.God bless you all.

[09/11/14]   with God., all we do is win. Thank you everyone for your tireless work towards the club, sacrifices and all your effort for the success of our camp meeting.

[09/03/14]   The Grand Discusion
#Should Seventh Day Adventist Christians join the Armed Forces?#

[08/20/14]   OH MY GOD! It's just afew days to the camp meeting that's starting On 29th Aug to 07th Sept. Let prepare and be there at LUGALA WISDOM. We are serving on the thursday of that week.

[07/30/14]   lets prepare for the CAMP MEETING acordingly,this time we expect more than the Best,especialy the Best in Personal REVIVAL#Jesus bles U#

[02/22/14]   We are done with the volley net and ball. The tour plans are going on. 5day tour, 30 people on board, Western Uganda trip. shs100,000/= To join, use this page.

[01/29/14]   We are done with the "kusaba kwokusumulula, football match and next is the hand over ceremony of the executive committee. Thank you God

[01/07/14]   7 DAYS into 2014. LET'S FULFILL OUR MISSION IN MATTHEW:28:18-19

[12/14/13]   HAPPY SABBATH




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