The Real Fathers Ministries International

The Real Fathers Ministries International is a nondenominational and is basically set to raise Fathers of both nature, Spiritual and Physical.

We desire to see maturity and perfection in the Body of Christ by raising and bringing back the 5fold Ministry. The Father son relationship we normally see in the Bible, Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Moses-Joshua relationship, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy so on so forth. It is in the Church where we do not see mentors, self up bringing is found right here in Church and you wonder why? No wonder why Paul told the Corinthians about having many teachers but having him alone as a father. Do you have a father? Do you mind about a mentor in your life and what you do as a ministry? think about it my fellow minister, you need a father not just a minister.

Operating as usual


Weak Men are the number one enemy of their families.
Men (Adam) are supposed to look for food in the Garden of Eden, not Women (Eve) biblically.
Snakes are so evident and very active to irritate every Eve (woman race) who goes to the Garden to look for food (provision).
It not Eve's responsibility to look for food, it is Adam's role to play that role, any Eve in the garden is vulnerable to the attack of the enemy of the family life.
The greatest work of every woman on earth is the bringing up of another country/nation.
Women are beyond money making.
Men are supposed to sweat, not Women.
Put man back to His or in his position and women will settle in their God created role on earth.


The devil (Herod the king) will kill as many children as he can when he is searching & seeking to kill the Child Jesus, to him, it is ok.

Once again I want stress my point here, the Universal Church is not closed 🔐 and locked 🔒, it is the Local Church that is suffering, what touches the Local Church automatically affect the health of the Universal Church, this is not a joke.
We're not Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or Buddhas, we're a living Church and we need to feed, we need to communicate with the Lord.
Let there be some regulations to our gathering, there is power when the local Church gather.

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews:10:25.

Tuve mukwekiliranya.


Don't Wait for them to come.
It sounds very unfortunate that in Africa we're familiar and used with used and imported products.
Sermons, Clothes, Shoes, utensils etc.
Hopefully this time in a critical time like this, Africa countries are not sleeping with their heads not active to find SOLUTIONS to the problem of Covid 19, just waiting for medicine from abroad as usual, NO.
Wake up Africa, wake up African DOCTORS, wake up African PRESIDENTS, wake up you sleeping giant and help your own people. China did not wait for USA to treat their People, they stood strong.
Africans, trust and useyour heads, I trust and know that you are able to invent, you're able to discover and create that treatment needed.
Let them find us moving.
Hopefully am not speaking to myself.
Yes we are able.
We have heads.
Use those heads.
Activate your heads.
Think hard to bring solutions.
Africa, Africa Africa wake up.


In Ministry, it is not all about How you serve, it is rather, Why you Serve.
The Meaning here is that the purpose of your ministration is more important than the activity of your ministration.
Why are you preaching?
Why are teaching?
Why Ministry?

What is doctrine?
The word “doctrine” simply means “teaching” or “instruction.”
This Is a day in which all believers need to know:
1. Who they Believe
2. What they believe and
3. Why they believe it
Because all religions, true or false, “isms” and ideologies are founded on various doctrine and these teachings received, believed, obeyed and continually practiced determine:
1. Character – What we are
2. Behaviour – What we do
3. Destiny – Where we go.
I take this seriously and every minister should.
Preaching goes to nonbelievers and
Teaching must be given to believers
Teach, teach, teach and teach.

As a Church leader, can you tell us the kind of song you are leading us into, what is the type and the purpose of the song before you sing it? If you sing a song what does that song deliver to the congregation?
Check out, Find out especially Church and Worship Leaders.
Is it a Psalm song, Is it a Hymn song, or a gospel song?
1.A Psalm song is a praise song (What God has done) Jehovahistic
2.A Hymn song is a prayer song (What God will do) Elohistic
3.A gospel song is a testimony song (What God has done) Jehovahistic
What is the purpose of your singing and why are you singing the song you are singing?
It is very very wise to discern the type and kind of song you using to lead others before the throne of God. Avoid the song that kills.
I love you friends who learn with me here.

[12/29/18]   GOD IN A CAGE:
I have seen and heard it so many times in the Church when God is "used" by ministers as a servant to fulfill their (man's) desires and agendas in life.
It is sad that we organize so many events when the Lord hasn't sent or told us to do anything at all, we use God's people too and we even weary God with our hidden intentions and aims in ministry.
We even go on telling flocks that when you miss here, you will have missed God, we even forget that God is Omnipresence, we even tell them to come with sacrifices that will touch God's heart, hahahahaha, "touch God's heart? Funny.
If God will only be where you have organized your prayer meeting, that god is a demon not a true God.
My fellow ministers, it is not all about the" Day", it is not all about a particular "Place", not even a certain kind of a "minister".
Banange, let us learn to mature the flock, teaching the flock to to look to and have faith in God by themselves, but not in any man (minister).
Let us stop 🛑 the generation of Church tourists and raise a church of perfect believers who will be able to seek God by themselves.
Let us run away from the Old Testament mind, this is a New Testament Church.
Happy New Year 2019.

When God created man, he created him or her as an intellectual being with a freewill to "choose" between good and bad, between right and wrong, between heaven or hell, this does stop when you are born again or when you get saved.
No one will go to heaven as a puppet, it is by your decision to walk in righteousness and holiness to the end of the salvation journey on earth.
Remember that salvation takes away the Adamic nature (sin), but you're not saved from the presence of sin (temptations).
Don't not yield to temptations.
It is your responsibility to free from all the appearances of all evil and also to purge yourself from such.
Value yourself as the atoned one.
'Remember that Christ sympathizes with your temptations, but not with your sinning'.
Stay Valued and Loved in Christ.

[11/24/18]   WHAT IS REPENTANCE?
Def: (Greek metanoia, a “change” of mind). In the theological and ethical sense a fundamental and thorough change in the hearts of men from sin and toward God.

Although faith alone is the condition for salvation (Ephes. 2:8-10; Acts 16:31), repentance is bound up with faith and inseparable from it, since without some measure of faith no one can truly repent, and repentance never attains to its deepest character till the sinner realizes through saving faith how great is the grace of God against whom he has sinned.

On the other hand, there can be no saving faith without true repentance. Repentance contains as essential elements (1) a genuine sorrow toward God on account of sin (2 Cor. 7:9-10; Matthew 5:3-4; Psalm 51); (2) an inward hatred to sin necessarily followed by the actual forsaking of it (Matthew 3:8; Acts 26:20; Hebrews 6:1); and (3) humble self-surrender to the will and service of God (see Acts 9:6, as well as Scriptures above referred to).
To be continued ......................


Pastor’s Wife vs Church Elders.
Whose voice is heard, Wife or Elders?
This is just a reminder to all my fellow Church leaders, I told you and again say that stop promoting your wives above the Elders of the Church. The Church is not led by the pastor and his wife, the Church is led by the lead pastor and the Elders of the Church. It is very funny that there is a new trend now where pastors put their wives close to them than they promote the Elders of the Church.
The Church is God’s business, it is not a family business.
These are little foxes my dear friends ministers of the gospel.
Let us avoid such things, I don’t see them in the early Church.
Let us check everything we do in line of the scriptures and all will be well with each local Church.


How happy is your family with you, your ministry and calling, how safe are they with you as a leader of the family/home?
It will be very Hypocritical to be powerful in ministry, that is at Church, when at home you're so weak not to be felt by your family and indeed if you can't make that impact at home, check yourself and make that impact now.
1. Before you make the Church/Ministry happy and smiling.
Serve it to your home, your family first and then others.
2. Before you provide money to Church and ministry.
Provide first to your family and home the best.
3. Before you commit or offer so many days to your Church.
Commit as many as quality days to your family and home.
4. Fast and Pray for your family and home knowing that your family and home work as a solid foundation for your strong and powerful ministry today and tomorrow.
5. Don't be like Eli and Samuel who ministered so well and powerful, but ended with their sons failing to live holy lives and also to minister to the Almighty God.
Start with your FAMILY.
Be powerful at HOME.

It is countless times as I come back here to teach and also warn my fellow men out there, that the level of dilution I see in our linage as men is too much to bear and indeed we are heading to the days of Roman Empire. True men are made of principles, they are not made by policies in all societies.
Men are made up of these principles:
1. The Providers
2. The Leaders
3. The Protectors
4. The Mentors
The moment any man fails to do the above mentioned, he is simply coming another thing, say "a woman in the body of a man" or else you help me to mention it. Men please, don’t misplace yourselves from your God ordained responsibilities with so many excuses. Men, when you happen to abandon the above four principles you’re in grave danger of losing your lives and families too.
Let men be men and women be women.
Let us save society, let us save nations.
There is no room for excuse on this.


How ready are you to carry an elephant of your head?
With my ministry experience, I have found this to be very very true, some people in ministry think that they can carry any ministry since that they are anointed with the Holy Ghost. I want to say No to that. Still so many others think that they can contain any number in their ministry, which is wrong too. The Spiritual Stature of your Maturity MUST be equal to your Wisdom in ministry, if your maturity is equal to 100 people, don’t run to 500 people because they will destroy you and the ministry you're doing; “Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou, and the people that is with thee:” Don't be like Moses.
Not every pastor was called to shepherd a flock of 1000 people, to some it is 1000, others are for 5000 and others are for 100 or 30-50 people flock. Try to measure yourself and ministry with the will of God, not your neighboring churches.
Make sure you Increase in wisdom, stature, and in favour with God and man as a minister or servant of the living God.
It is a great blessing that you are yourself.
It is a great blessing that you’re unique.
Don’t minister under pressure.
It is time to stop competition

[08/09/18]   MONEY and GREEDY
It is too much and I can’t tolerate it in mind anymore, I have to talk about it again, Money and Greedy is destroying and killing the Church in our days. Look at this:
1.There are so many churches today started by or through the purpose of making money.
2.There are many fellowships in this city Kampala and Uganda I know whose purpose of start was Money making, targeting money from World Council of Churches and from the government.
3.When you look at the way we handle finances in Church today, most churches are doing in wrong way, how dare you tell me that tithe belongs to the lead pastor, where is that scripture in your Bible?
4.How many times have we lied to the “WHITES” about the many Churches and Orphanage homes we have?
Money, money, money, Greedy, greedy, greedy. Again, church money is not pastor’s money, it is not an individual’s money, it is church money and therefore it belongs to us all in that church, let every son and daughter of God enjoy what is in the house of their heavenly father.
Pastors please, keep your family away from the treasury of the Church
Don’t choose your wife, your sons or daughters for a treasurer’s position.
Don’t buy Church properties etc in your names.
Make all Receipts in the Church’s name.
I have seen it all and the troubles thereof.
All this in, thru and by LOVE to you all.

We claim to be the generation NOW, and we very well know that there is a finishing generation of our fathers, but in order for us to live a perfect spiritual health, we need to AVOID the deceases that killed our fathers. Avoid these killer Deceases dear friends.
1.Avoid the Love of Money decease, (a) The Selling of Churches/Ministries, (b) Misuse of Church funds, (c) Fake Orphanage homes and schools, (d) Prosperity gospel/paying for prayers etc.
2.Avoid the GLORY decease, (a) Being part of Inter-religious Council/Ecumenism, (b) Being state apparatuses, using church as Government Avenue to reach its agendas, good or evil etc.
3.Avoid the family decease, (a) Divorce and divorce and remarry, (b) Failure to give enough time to wife and children etc.
4.Avoid the unlawful/unbiblical ministry, (a) Planting churches without the father’s permission and consent or approval, (b) Being a father without a father, (c) Ministering when you are not fully Ordained etc.
5.Avoid Staying in Ministry Forever, (a) Failure to pass on the Button, (b) Being a local Church leader and at the same time the entire ministry/organization, knowing that biblical retirement is at 50 years of AGE etc.
Tell us those other deceases you know and others will be mentioned in our Saturday meeting, I welcome you all my friends. I Love you all my friends in the kingdom of God.

Church growth is measured both, numerical and spiritual, so many times we confuse those two, and at times we think that Mega churches are the grown churches, still some people take those who have been in church for long to be mature than those who are new, funny indeed.
Some Reasons For Church's Imperfection:
1.The Lack of proper teaching of the word of God.
2.The Lack of proper Church leadership.
3.The Lack of proper Church planting.
4.The Lack of trained/qualified Church leaders.
5.The Lack of true spiritual Fathers.
6.The Lack of true spiritual Sons.
7.The Lack of training and raising of young leaders.
8.The Lack of true Team ministry in Church.
9.The Aiming of money and glory in ministry/Church.
10.The One man’s leadership and the promotion of SELF.
Wait for more on Church……………..Thanks.

What went wrong?
It is true that he prophetic office is one the most violated, hated and abandoned office of all. Because of the misuse of this office in many of the Local Churches, many Church leaders have decided to quench the Holy Spirit by denying prophetic ministry to operate to bring exhortation and edifying the Church. Imagine a head with eyes, mouth and nose but without ears.
The Prophetic office like the other four offices is a must to be and have in all Local Churches, when we deny this office and the gift of prophecy, we indirectly deny God himself to have a say in His Church, prophetic office is the mouthpiece of God, they are the very office to usher the voice of God in Church, if other ministries bring Logos to the Church, prophetic office brings Rhema.
How many times do you hear the voice of God?
When was the last time God spoke to you?
Was it Logos or Rhema?
To be continued…………………………………………


Dear friends, the world shouldn’t and can’t even define the Church.
The Leadership of the true Church is not in any way supposed to be like that of the world and that of the religion.
1. A Bishop, Bishop-ship or Bishoprick talks about the work an Elder does to the flock and that is to oversee or to look after a flock, not primarily flocks (Churches) as of today.
2. An Elder then is not in any way different from the bishop, and this (Elder) talks about the level of maturity the bishop needs to be on “ELDER” (Heb. zaqen, “old”; Gk. presbuteros, “older”; English “presbyter”). Not a baby in the Lord.
3. The above-mentioned calls for the office and that is the PASTOR, APOSTLE, TEACHER, EVANGELIST and PROPHET, whoever is in those offices simply qualifies to be an Elder and they are Bishops, because (a) they are called, (b) they are mature/old (c) their work is to be “Above” (EPI) so that they can “See” (SKOPOS) (EPISKOPOS).
It is a pity that in the Church today we have adopted the religious leadership setting and it has caused pride in the Church ministers and also killing the Body ministry. We have also promoted the Clergy and Laity in the Church which is wrong, dead wrong.
Being a bishop doesn’t come by having many Churches under your supervision, it is simple, it means and calls for the supervision of a flock even if you have two or three membered Church. Let us run away from this much infancy that is destroying the Church today.




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