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Jubilee youth Mbuya we are destined to help all youth reach their dreams in excellence..., we will help you discover what is in you.....


Hello, kindly note from our previous post that the account "Lule John" was hacked and is bring run by a false person with malicious intentions of conning money from many other people. We therefore inform you that the said number and name in this photo is not a member of Mbuya Jubilee ChristianLife Church And is not supposed to receive any money on behalf of Bishop Ssali Lulenti John.

Thank you,


We kindly inform all our followers, members of Mbuya Jubilee ChristianLife Church, and the general public that a false account that was hacked, running in the names of our senior pastor, Lule John, is running a post claiming that he has lost his mother, and is asking for money for funeral arrangements. Please disregard any information and messages coming from that account


Today, we are excited to announce that our former pastor Wabwire Enoka introduced Lydia Talemwa as his wife to be to the church at Mbuya Jubilee ChristianLife Church today.....

[03/07/19]   Good morning everyone, we hope that you are well. We sadly regret to inform you that our assistant chairman, Mr Wandera has lost his baby this morning.

We kindly ask everyone to stand with the family spirituality, morally, and financially in this sad moment.
May the baby's soul RIP


Its tomorrow at 4:00pm-8:00pm. Don't miss

This is a special one of its own kind.A year of shinning at the peak like a star.Come be part of this mega conference.


This is a special one of its own kind.A year of shinning at the peak like a star.Come be part of this mega conference.


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


For this noble cause, we adore their music, life and culture. The zulu land.


As Youths called forth to live in this generation, we join the world in celebrating the birth of our nation 'Uganda' May God pr9tect U mother Land.


Dont miss this Sunday 16th Sept. 2018. Its a Jubilee Youth come together party. Its gonna be big, massive and exclusive. There z gonna be lots of delicacies,fun moment and inspirational talks. Don't do dare miss! Be there! 4pm-8:00pm.


We bless God for the gift of a mentor, a seer, a prophet and above all, a man of God. We celebrate your inception into the earth. We have become who we are by your mentorship. Happy birthday dear Dad.


We too are anxiously waiting for the Transform. Be there or be nowhere!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have just a few days left to this day... the great YOUTH SUNDAY at Jubilee Mbuya is here, you do not have to miss, we'll have lots of music, fun and others, all presided over by the Jubilee Mbuya Youths.... Dont miss . Doors open at 7am


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


And indeed its bigger, its better. FREE ENTRY to everyone, with your family, friends and others. And the world must know that we have a reason to to cherish the cross upon which he was nailed for our transgression. 3pm prompt!!!!!! 1st April

There is nothing more than celebrating the reason why He came to die for us, and this Easter, we choose to make a FREE ENTRY event to every one at Jubilee Mbuya . Its massive, its bigger, with the Jubilee Mbuya Mass Choir, alongside Hosanna Joy and other artists. Be there
for inquiries, please call 0781055552 / 0705710574 / 0704353048


There is nothing more than celebrating the reason why He came to die for us, and this Easter, we choose to make a FREE ENTRY event to every one at Jubilee Mbuya . Its massive, its bigger, with the Jubilee Mbuya Mass Choir, alongside Hosanna Joy and other artists. Be there
for inquiries, please call 0781055552 / 0705710574 / 0704353048


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


We would love to thank everyone that was part of this remarkable event yesterday, God bless you. And our sister Gloria from Rubaga Miracle Centre, thank you for coming


It's happening tomorrow 19th November ...... At Mbuya Jubilee ChristianLife Church and you don't need to miss. It's the Heart to heart praise and worship experience.
Entrance is πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“
Time πŸ•’πŸ•’ 3 pm

[11/16/17]   ATTENTION:
Good morning Saints. Over the past week, an unknown number (0751460267) has been calling some of our church members and this person is impersonating some church members and asking for money. We warn everyone from the Jubilee family that we do not have a member with that number in our database and should be very careful not to send any money to numbers that are unknown to you.
Blessings and we wish you a blessed week.

On behalf of our father, Bishop John Ssali.


We are more than ready, come 19th Nov, we are all at jubilee mbuya. Our hearts are ready to meet with the heart if God. Pliz dont miss, 3pm doors open, free entry


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Ladies and gentlemen, it's here, bigger and better, save the dates


[07/10/17]   The grace of God is the only thing that gives us what we are not worth getting. - Bishop John L. Ssali


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page

[06/20/17]   Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, and every hand that rises to fight you shall fall.
We are in a life of war until we will rest in heaven. The kind of war we are fighting is fought on our knees. The moment you sit down, your enemies hit you - Bishop John L. Ssali


We have no words to thank everyone that made it to our easter explosion yesterday. Ohhhh my God, it was a blast.
Special thanks to our dad Bishop John Ssali, and our mum pastor Mary ssali, our one and onky, jubilee mbuya mass choir, pastor Twina Herbert, maranatha church, and all the teams that were present. We wer blessed. This was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Great thanks to the urban tv team that was with us in coverage...... Thank you


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


Timeline Photos


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


Ladies and gentlemen, we can't wait anymore, our dad, bishop John Ssali together with our youth pastor, pastor Enoka wabwire, and the whole youth ministry havr done it again, here is the third annual youth gathering..... Do not miss great men of God, great music from Joseph segawa, Caroline bu'dhwike, Jubilee mbuya mass choir, and other artists around Kampala, we will be glad seeing u


Jubilee Xtian Life - Mbuya youth page


Ladies n gentlemen, its just 20 days to go. We now hold a countdown to the long awaited gospel crusade 21 to 24 September at the kibuku awakening gospel crusade. Evangelist anh Lee from USA is with us. Our own friend, Joseph segawa will attend in person, Michael musaalu, And not forgetting the Focus Acrobats.....mm if u miss thisssssssssss... please contact 0706677677 for details

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we do missions, crusades, youth conferences, and youth outreaches all over Uganda, to book and contact us, please call 0706 677 677, 0777025086. At jubilee Mbuya, we have orphans ministry, widows ministry, prisons ministry, and others under hope for the hurt, you cind details at www.hopeforthehurt,org.com, also meet our pastor, Ap. John L. Ssali on +256 706 677 677


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