Live christian center mission

Live christian center mission


GOD Blessing all my beloved church members who prayed for my success. Finally Pastor yo prayer gave me Luboobi John.. (Johntech). Nalongo Noelena my mum in church. I love u all.
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Mwebale kuwereza praiz GOD
AVOID MAKING PROMISES IF YOU ARE THAT KIND THAT FORGETS. A promise is not only a debt but a ground which can empower Satan and his forces to accuse you of unfaithfullness ,thus making your prayer hard to be answered. It's not bad to promise, but endeavor to carry through your promise, for failure to do so will taint your image before those you promised, get you labelled a liar, and also weaken you in spiritual Spheres. You will have so many debts hanging over your head and which will burden your spiritual life. The Bible says do not have debts save that of Love. If you are prune to promising and forgetting, then learn not to say anything to anyone but be quick to do what you perceive in your heart. Just make a deed with out a prior promise. We are taught in the Bible, that be quick to fulfill your pledge or else you will suffer the consequences. Many people try to win Peoples hearts by promising things which will excite the one promised. But they forget that you will never be free from your promise till you get it fulfilled. It will distruct your peace and progress in ways you will not know because God will be demanding that you get it fulfilled and the devil will be gaining ground to battle you legally as one unworthy to claim any of Gods promises. You can release your self from a promise by fulfilling it or going back on it by asking the promised to forgive you. Many are hostages for u fulfilled promises and do not ask why your life is riddled with challenges. Unfulfilled promises open up windows of demonic oppression and frustration. I have learnt to be quiet and only carry out my convictions because I do not want to put fetters on my hands by making a promise. God is a promise keeper and it is one tribute that makes him worthy our trust and faith. We can depend on his word, for he works to see it come to pass. Repent of unfulfilled promises and seek forgiveness from those whose hopes you raised. Ask God to forgive you as well and you will see a flow of blessings on your life.
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FOUR PEOPLE THAT A PASTOR NEED. Pastors are human beings that also experience day to day challenges... Pastors are not superhumans living on another planet. They are human beings living among us. They sometimes experience challenges that may go unnoticed by the congregation. Every typical pastor need a friend because a good friend will keep him or her in the ministry for a long haul. For that reason, every pastor need the following people: 1.) A developer. A developer is a kind of a friend that brings the best out of you. He/she brings encouragement to pastors. Developers do not blame the pastor but they look for a solution in every challenge the pastor maybe facing. Developers set standards...they set goals. They don't compete with the pastor. They usually steer away from evil competition that sometimes arises in the church. 2.)Designers. Greek define a mentor as "advisors". Designers are mentors in our ministry, marriage, relationship, etc. They design us through sharing of scriptures, books, tapes, etc. They design solutions in the time of adversity. 3.) The disturber Some pastors hate disturbers...but disturbers are very good: They shake up our status quo. They ask difficult questions and demand answers. They usually force us to take a closer look at our motivations and ambitions. They put to test our faith. Disturbers know when we have retreated into our comfort zones and they call us to greater effectiveness. They act like an Eagle that stirs up her nest(Deut.32:11).Most pastors as I said earlier, don't like disturbers: They like members who praise them...they like members who give them fake loyalty even when their conscience is against what they're doing! The church today need more disturbers than " fake loyalty praisers!" The world is bleeding... The world is not just looking for a fruit/pastor: The world is looking for a ripe fruit...a servant of God who is a true salt to the dying world. The church today need disturbers to shake us from the "fake spiritual manipulative father loyalty mentality." The church is in need of the spirit that was with the Berea's church... (Acts.17:10-11)The Berea people were noble because, they would search scriptures to find out whether what they were taught was true. Any church full of the "Berea spirit" will always put the pastor on the toes: That's the church we need today. 4.) The discerner This requires mutual vulnerability, accountability partners. A discerner bring the gift of spiritual insight into our lives. They know how to speak truth in love. They know how to exhort and rebuke, while seeking to keep their friendship and respect on the right track. They use the Word of God to remove all the leavening...They also help us to resist the leavening. They can easily discern whether the pastor is under a manipulative spirit of Jezebel due to the kind of people that surround him/her. They can see in the future and inform the pastor what the enemy is planning. A discerner is not blind in the spiritual ream: He/she sees far. Note: The above four kind of friends are people who can walk into your life while everyone else is walking out. It's therefore advisable that we learn to identify and treasure them in our ministries. Together we stand strong.. Together we can sow the seed of righteousness. Shalom.
God is a working
Woooo program was colourfull
Examining the intricate nature of our God. The sovereignty of God part 2 Our God is sovereign. He has all the unquestionable right to do so anything as he pleases. All powers, dominions and various levels of authorities are subservient to him and exist to do his will. In his sovereign power he raises up kings and puts down others. He orders and directs history of mankind. As a sovereign ruler his subjects only receive a favorable disposition from him when the obey his bidding. God has been crafting treaties with mankind and in these he has expressly revealed what man has to do to avoid his retributive wrath. Any neglect of his stated out stipulations inevitably invoked his anger and subsequent punishment. The mount Sinai covenant God made with Israel was patterned in similar ways the suzereign leaders of the day did their treaties with their subjects. These convenants stated out the obligations of the two parties. It stated out the privileges enjoyed as a result obedience and loyalty and it also made it plain the repercussions that would accrue out of disobedience. This what Adam fell to. Any neglect of our duty and failure to pay our agreed tribute to the sovereign King unquestionably results in our chastisement. Generally mankind suffers because of this principle.His sovereign position grants him the privilege to love one and reject the other! Scripture states this in Romans 9: 1-25. He can make others objects of his wrath and other objects of his mercy. He is answerable to none. He sanctions the existence of everyone for his preordained purposes. He does not bend to the standards of men's judgement of good and bad, for he has the power to earn good out of evil. He has set levels for all persons in this world. Some will be rich and others poor. Yet the rich will be tested by the way they treat the poor. All men will never stand on a levelled ground but all will equally be subjected to his standards of judgement. All must give an account before him. He has the power to heal, but he does at times chose not to heal. He has power to silence death but he permits to carry out its horrendous exploits. He makes the blind to see, the deaf to hear and all manner of miracles are within his ambit. Yes he leave some who love him with out the miracle touch, but chooses to calm them with his grace. Yes his grace suffices!! This is the God who created us, and who loves us so much that he gave us his son to die for our sins yet knowing not all will go to heaven!
THE GOD WE BELIEVE It is pretty important for any believer to understand the doctrines of the Bible that build up the belief system on which true Christianity is built. The word God in its context is not a name, but a descriptive word, shading meaning relating to a supernatural being. God connotes of what this being is and what he can do. He is unique, only one of his kind. He has no comparison and no contender for his position in realm of spheres of life. He created everything, by his word and hand or power. He is self existent and outside Time. He is the Beginning of all things both visible and invisible. He was before all things were, for he caused their being and Beginnings. When the Bible speaks about the Beginning it does not include God as an element in that beginning but as one who is its cause. He is the Alpha And omega of every existent thing, both animate and inanimate beings. All that he made, he has power to unmake. All that he sets in place, he has power to dislocate or relocate. All things are subject to his authority and exist for his pleasure. What is, was made to serve his chosen and determined purpose. This God is not a loner. He is a family. He has qualities of a relator because, he is not single, but just unique in his metaphysical nature. He created man in his image, but not in his sameness. We are his image carriers, but non of us share in his essence, thus none of us has his sameness. He is God and we are human, just a wonderful art piece of creative acumen. Because of peganism that had shrouded the minds of people, God did not at one reveal his inherent nature. He only revealed his attributes to which he called people to build their faith in him. However, when Jesus was made manifested, the inherent nature of God, as composed of three coeternal and cosubstantial persons began to be unfolded. The church labored in understanding this because of the secular ways of describing God. Some imagined God as so lofty and extracised or divorced from this wicked world, and thus he set in place a ray of small gods that made a. Descending emanations from him and it was through these miniature of god's that the most high God related to man or got to know what is taking place in the arena of mankind. So according to these ideological orientation, man could only pray through mediums that would in an ascending order transmit his pleas and request to the most high God. Because this seemed cumbersome, the concept of offering sacrifices to quicken the process of seeking divine intervention took shape. It was thought that the type of sacrifice one gave, the quicker one would receive the involvement of God in his life through his appointed emanations or gods and goddess This unbiblical teaching, and unorthodox frame work of faith disturbed the early church and it's residual vestiges still hold in some. Christian sects. The Bible presents God as both transcendent and immanent. He is high and so lifted up in glory and Holiness, but so close and accessible to mankind because of his love and grace. He is Revered ,worshipped because of his unique nature and standing before all he created, but praised and exulted in because of his redemptive grace and works. The God of the Bible is one: not in numerical sense as regard to Persons, but one in uniqueness, and equality in essence, power and wisdom of the coeternal persons of eternal God head. God the father, the Son and the Holy spirit make up this eternal divine family, which exhibits an inherent mutual love, honor and interdependence. There exists sharing of roles when it comes to executing any mission mutually agreed upon. Non is inferior to the other, but for any assignments, one. can take on a subordinate role. This can be clearly seen in when Jesus condescended and took on the form of man to execute the redemption mission of mankind. Similarly The Holy spirit too took on the supervisory role of the birth and growth of the church. The Holy Spirit did not come here to overshadow Jesus, but to bring him glory by vindicating his claims and endorsing his mission on earth. Nothing is done here on earth in exclusiveness by any member of the Godhead. All work together in a synergy of unity of purpose and intent. It's in this context that we can understand the Trinity concepts of God.The new testament houses this doctrine in clarity though in was in the OT in a nutshell. May God the father ,the son and holy spirit hold you and enlighten your mind to know God better and deeper

Live Christian Center Mission was founded by Bishop Robert James Kakande on 4 February 1990 and it is located along Gayaza- Namulonge road.

Mission: Lift Jesus up and men will be drawn to him. (john 12:32)

God is love (Katonda Kwagala) part 2 by Bishop Robert James Kakande
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This is a part of a teaching that Bishop Robert James was making on a Tv program Knowledge is power which is supposed by Live Christian Centre Mission. If yo...

God is love (Katonda kwagala) by Bishop Robert James Kakande

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This video is from teaching that was done by Bishop Robert James Kakande of Live Christian Center mission on Knowledge is power program which air on Gugudde ...


5 Benefits Of Attending A Bible College,

Selecting the right college is one of the most important decisions in your life. There are many factors to consider, such as location, cost and the type of school. In addition to a community college, state-funded university or a private liberal arts school, you should consider the advantages associated with attending a Bible college.

Affirming Your Religious Beliefs

If your spiritual life is important, a Bible college can help you establish or reaffirm your religious beliefs. Although many children grow up in a religious environment, going to a traditional public or private college does not have this structure. Self-discipline may be difficult to maintain when the school lacks a spiritual foundation. A Bible college can nurture your faith and provide the spiritual tools that are required to keep you centered and focused once you graduate and begin your career. It can give you the resolve to avoid earthly pitfalls.

Campus Culture

The majority of students, faculty and staff at a Bible college typically have the heart to live for God and do the right thing. This creates a positive Bible-centered culture for students who would rather avoid the possible negative influences of a secular education. It may create the positive peer pressure that you need to stay focused in your faith and schoolwork. Bible colleges foster a sense of a Christian community. With students, faculty and staff from many different places, a Bible college can expose you to the larger global Christian community whether you are seeking a career in ministry or a secular field.

High Academic Standards

Bible colleges are not inferior to other schools. In addition to maintaining a spiritual environment, these schools also have high academic standards. Bible colleges are fully accredited. They strive to provide the same caliber of education that you would find at a traditional university or college. Your education will be equivalent to that of a comparable traditional private or public university. A Bible college is well equipped to provide you with the education that you need to further your academic and professional goals. You will have the opportunity to learn with other students and faculty who have the same strong beliefs and standards.

Education Options

Similar to a secular university, a Bible college will provide a wide range of academic options. While a Christian college may avoid certain subjects, it will generally offer a variety of fields of study that are relevant to your intended degree and career field. These comprehensive courses of study will offer a faith-based curriculum that reinforces your values and beliefs. Faculty members are also committed to upholding these core values. You can rely on the school to teach in accordance with Bible principles while providing the same vocational education that you would receive from a traditional college or university.

Spiritual Activities

When it comes to your social life, you can rest assured that you will find other like-minded students. Bible colleges often sponsor wholesome faith-based social events that do not challenge your beliefs. You can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities knowing that fellow students and faculty will never attempt to disparage your core beliefs and faith. You do not have to worry about the latest fads or trends. The school will provide a sense of stability that will help you grow and create new relationships in the community that will last a lifetime beyond the campus.

As with any significant decision, you should weigh the factors that are important to you before deciding which school to choose. When evaluating your options, remember to consider the many benefits associated with attending a Bible college.

[04/25/20]   Is Leadership Training |°IMPORTANT?| - Part 1

The greatest challenge to fulfilling the Great Commission is the lack of trained Christian leaders. This need motivates LTI to offer biblically-based leadership training for the leaders of today and tomorrow. There are three reasons why leadership training is vitally important to fulfilling the Great Commission:

1) The Influence a Leader Has on Their Followers.

The leader of any team, department, or organization has great impact on the results and effectiveness of the people they lead. The leader sets the example that everyone follows. As the leader goes, so the followers go. The leader needs to be properly trained in order to model good leadership. If the leader is not effective, then the followers and their results will most likely be hindered.

2) The Message of Respected Experts.

George Barna, America’s foremost expert on Church Growth and Christianity says leadership development is the key need in churches today. Likewise, Patrick Johnstone, Editor of Operation World, the key researcher for Global Christian activity, says the greatest need in the body of Christ worldwide is leadership development.

|The Church in America|

“I believe that in America today, fewer and fewer people will embrace the spiritual dynamics of the church unless the church can raise up strong servant leaders.”
_(George Barna (adapted from) Leaders on Leadership

|The Overseas Leadership Challenge|

“Leadership training is the critical bottleneck …
leadership is limited at every level."
__Patrick Johnstone, Operation World

3) The Message of the Bible.

Leadership training is at the core of the Biblical method for expanding the Kingdom. Both the Old and New Testaments focus on training and multiplying leaders who will change the world. In the Old Testament, Jethro challenged Moses to create a leadership structure and leadership development system. In the New Testament, we see that Jesus spent three years training His disciples

[04/10/20]   Has the Lockdown given you enough time to fellowship with God on a personal level?

Strive Masiyiwa

#OneFightAgainstCorona (Part 3)

__Now is the time for action. We need your help.

As many of you know, I’m part of an initiative that is lobbying for a $100bn Stimulus Fund for African governments to help their businesses and entrepreneurs, including I expect some of you here on this platform. Problem is, we just don’t have enough data to support our work. No one really knows what is happening!

You can help us, help you. When it comes to Africa, one of the biggest challenges we have is getting accurate information (data) to help us convince governments and global donors. This is where you come in. Give us the data! How?

Please complete at least one or, if possible, ALL of the five surveys I am going to share with you here on this post and again in the Afterthoughts. (Note: This image is NOT a map where COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Africa. The pins you see show where we have gathered data from surveys so far, as we launch these five surveys today. We want data from across the continent. Please help us make sure we hear from your community).

We are doing this because my team at Liquid Telecom Kenya was asked by Kenya’s leading industrialists to help develop a platform to help them collect data that can help them in their push for assistance for Kenyan businesses.

When I saw this platform, I asked my team to expand it so that it can help any country. The platform they created is being released to Africa, for the very first time through this platform.

Now if your nation is in national lockdown and you are staying isolated through social distancing as you must, you might feel you can’t do much to help, but you are wrong.

__By taking the time to fill out and also share these surveys with your friends and colleagues, you are doing something very important to help us get assistance to Africa. Fill out all of them if you they are relevant to you:

#1. SME Business Impact Survey:

#2. Self-Isolation Survey:

#3. Working-from-Home Survey:

#4. General COVID-19 Knowledge Survey:

#5. Social Distancing Impact Survey: -

Why is this information important?

Think for instance, when you read or hear a government say that “few people have tested positive” … How can we be assured that they have put in place mechanisms to actually identify and trace people who have the virus?

Remember: many people themselves will get away with mild symptoms, and yet manage to infect (and even unknowingly kill) other people they come in contact with, whilst others will simply lie at home and get support from family until they recover. Sadly many will die.

Problem is, we don’t know yet enough…

Then there is the challenge of so many businesses and entrepreneurs like many of you, now forced to work from home. What impact is this having on you, your business, your family?

If we don’t have data, then how can we advocate for help?

__Today I need YOU each to take action by completing these five surveys, and over the next seven days, to share this post or the links with your friends and colleagues.

When you complete each one, your personal information is all kept confidential and private, but we extract common information to create a map. This map will be shown to organizations like:

# United Nations

# World Bank

# African Development Bank


# Many others… including your own ministers and Presidents, many who are considering urgent new policy and budget priorities as I write.

Guys, I cannot over-stress the importance of completing at least one survey. Even if you do not have a business, or are not sick, please find a way to complete them. You are doing this for yourself, your community, your country, your continent, the world…

__We need to know more so we can help find #Resources and #Solutions.

#OneFightAgainstCorona, means joining forces to win this battle!

This is how we fight: By being smart in the digital age!

Remember: When you have completed the survey, ask at least 5 friends and colleagues to do the same.


To be continued. . .

Image caption: If you want to track whether voices in your own country are being heard through people filling out these surveys, #Click on the circles at this LIVE link and check it out:

These pins on the map show you where we have received surveys so far! We want to hear from everywhere. Please help us.

Live christian center mission


Nkwata Omukono (Jesus HOld my Hand) by Ambassadors of Christ Choir. very powerful song.






WHO considers 'airborne precautions' for medical staff after study shows coronavirus can survive in air The coronavirus can go airborne, staying suspended in the air depending on factors such as heat and humidity, WHO officials said.

[03/20/20]   HELLO DEAR ONES.
Yes we are in a precautionary restrictions in movement, school have been closed for a while and church too, plus many other public gatherings.
As children of God we are called to obey our civil leaders for their judgement which is intended for the common good of all persons, and has to be treated with value much as it has affected us in regards to our fellowship moments to offer God a corporate worship..
However the house of God will be accessible to those who want to have private time with God in prayers. We know how important it is to strengthen our faith in these troubled times.
The Bishop's office will be open every Thursday evening and Sunday from 9am to 2pm to help anyone and to offer moral and spiritual counseling to those in need of it.
I argue you to follow all health guidelines communicated to us by health professional and the government. Let us use this time to play the roles of priests to intercede for the nation and the world at large. Fret not for lord is in control and we shall see this behind us soon.
The lord told the Israelites during their exodus that the Egyptian you see today , you will never see them again.
Take heart the blood of Jesus suffices.

[03/19/20]   Hello church members who are on this page and other platforms, I ask you to inform fellow believers that though our congregation prayers are suspended for the a month by the state, church office will be open every Thursday evening and Sunday from 9am to 2pm, to allow people who need a word of encouragement to meet the Bishop.

Tell a friend to tell a Friend.
The worship experience overnight at Gayaza live Christian center mission
10th/April/2020 Good Friday.
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Praise rally ft Streams of life

Thank you for the hot praise.
Holy Spirit praise
Streams of life.

When praises go up, indeed blessing come down.

Come one come all
Tell a friend to tell a friend
Come we worship and dance to God

Live christian center mission

Evangelist Bernie Moore

Gulu get ready for this miracle crusades.
Tell a neighbour to tell a neighbour

Gulu shall be saved!

The year 2020 is a year of a turning point in our lives. It has been given to us as a gift.
Hormisdallen primary school play ground was on fire for Christ as we ushered into a year of a turning point.

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We are festive season when people are doing all they can to prepare themselves for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ into the Human race..
Arguments are ripe on whether this celebration is rooted in pagans practices that were christianized, and other arguing about the the exactness of his birthday..
What has to be noted is that his birth is a historical fact ,much as his date and month of birth is debatable.
What is further notable in the scriptures is the period and what significant happening was used by the Gospel writers to draw to our attention to the Birth of Jesus.
The life ,ministry and death of Jesus would have gone down in passage of history unnoticed, but the story of his resurrection and the revolutionary effect it had on his disciples was an eye opener to social and religious historians to start searching for information about Jesus family and how he grew up.
Mary like any other person, had also not taken Jesus seriously beyond being his son, and had not connected well the pieces of the message the Angel Gabriel had told her and even all that happened during his dedication in the temple. All that came to light and carried meaning after Jesus has risen from the dead. She has not liked what her son was doing. She felt something wrong was with him, for he seemed to be too radical in her view regarding his approach to the traditions of the Jews and their religious practices.
She even attempted to arrest him.and take him home, thinking he had gone mentality Disturbed. See Mark 3: 21. Jesus has not yet been accepted even by his mother or brother and the least the community where he grew could rate him to be was a Prophet. See Mark 6: 4. " As Prophet is not without Honour except in his own town,among his relatives and in his home."
Surely his brothers kept taunting him regarding what he was doing.
John reports of this provocative attitude his siblings had towards him. See John 7: 1 -8.
As his ministry grew , many started to figure what this man from.Nazareth could be.
Doubts about him did not even spare John the Baptist. In Matthew 11 when in prison John sends messengers to inquire from him if he was the Messiah awaited.
If the society where he was born and raised has reservation about him, then we need a more lucid of source to know who Jesus is.
It has to be noted that Jesus himself stated that all what people needed to know about him was written in scriptures. Scriptures housed all the information people needed to be able to uncover the mystery that Jesus was and has remained to be to many even in this generation. Jesus challenged the Jews who were accusing him of calling himself God, and drew their attention to scriptures which they studied everyday.
See John 5:39. And Luke 24:44.
It is worth noting that Jesus speaks about the person who lived and moved among the people of his day, but who was a visible reality of the invisible God.
The Name Jesus carried meaning but people did not grasp what it meant. Jesus means " God saves"
The Jews knew God as God who judges. The God who in his Holiness deals with sin in a retributive justices. He was out to punish sin.
When the Angels brought the news of the soon coming of Jesus to Mary and Joseph he told them what name this extraordinary child will be given. Jesus or Yeshua, " one who will save his people from their sins! This was later understood to be a fulfillment of what prophet Isaiah has pronounced almost 700 year in the past that a virgin will give birth to a son and he shall be called Immanuel, meaning "God with us". To clarify more Immanuel means ,God has come to dwell among us.
See Matthew 1:23.
Jesus thus is God.
Until this revelation comes crushing into your mind and heart, you will only be able to see Jesus as man and a son of Mary.
This Jesus is the creator of all things that we see and even what we don't see.
Scriptures reveal him as a mystery. A mystery is something hidden but which has gotten revealed. 1timothy 3:16, Paul present this Mystery..
Human wisdom and carnal mind can't understand this. Colossians 1: 15-19, Jesus is explained as image( what can be seen ) of the invisible God. The first born ( he who as before) of all creation.
John present him as the word that created all things.. John 1: 1- 3. Through him all things were made and without him( Jesus) nothing was made!
Paul reveals his deity in Phillipians 2: 5-8......who being in the very nature God!
Hebrews 1: 2-5 furnishes us with more proof that Jesus ( God saves) is God.
But did Jesus claim to Be God in his life and ministry?! Yes he did!
John 5: 18, Jesus calling of himself as the Son of God was understood by the Jews as equating himself to God, a treasonable case in the Jewish tradition. They started planning to kill for doing so.
In John 10 :30 Jesus clearly states that " I and the father are One" Greek means I and father are same. He carried the very Nature of God but in a Human Body!
His disciples were made aware of this fact in John 14: 8-10, He who has seen me has seen the father!
He revealed his preexistence when he talked about Abraham..
John 8: 56 Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day ( my visible appearance) and he saw it and was glad.."Jesus appeared to Abraham as the Angel of the lord in his preincarnate state of existence..( the term Angel of the lord means The visible form of God) . He was not an ordinary Angle,but the form God took on to reach to mankind in a visible form.
Similarly Jesus Christ took on the form of humanity to come and dwell among us to be able to do all that was required to open away for mankind to be saved. That is why he came as God who saves. He never came judge the world but that the world would be saved by him and through him.
He became a son of Mary by eternal decree and Design, for in opportune time he was to be manifested into the human race as their kinsman's redeemer, to buy back people to God from the captivity of Satan and his demons.
Only faith in Jesus name is one that saves.

By Bishop Robert James Kakande

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