WAMU YOUTH Ministries, Kampala Video December 23, 2018, 12:45pm

Videos by WAMU YOUTH Ministries in Kampala. We’re a counseling, care and educational institute existing to declare and play part in making the world a better place for everyone to stay in.

"Words cannot express our feelings!
We greatly appreciate all the kind of support you offered to make this mission a success

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Beautifully said. www.wamuyouthministries.org

be part of this beautiful cause by visiting : www.wamuyouthministries.org

Service above self.

Preaching and praying with the community! Prayers her the power to change things and when we pray God listens. HILDA #wamuYouthMinistries Www.wamuyouthministries.org

We are thankful for this program! Thanks for love and support expressed towards it, may God bless you! For those who still want to be part of this please contact: Email: [email protected] www.wamuyouthministries.org Donate: http://www.wamuyouthministries.org/donate

The little things we do, is what makes the world a better place. visit our website to be part of this beautiful cause. www.wamuyouthministries.org email: [email protected]

Our mission outreach of December is almost here! And we could use your help and support as to make it possible! We creat the kind of world we want to live in and through these missions of giving back we have seen lots of lives changed, kids given a chance to attend school again. Kindly donate to the link below as to support this beautiful cause! http://www.wamuyouthministries.org/donate Www.wamuYouthministries.org

Love To The world ( Better Tomorrow)
You can follow the link below to watch the full Documentary. Thanks for always supportibg this beautiful cause. It's all about love. https://youtu.be/gzcmJWTIahk

Gratitude 🙏 Www.wamuYouthministries

Prayer has power to change and creat things, therefore during our mission outreach we creat time to pray with members of every home we reach out to!

Lauben being thankful for the opportunity to go back to school. We still need people who can stand with us on this , 50$ after every 4 months is all a child needs to attend school, and his/her world can be turned around because of education. Support the cause please .

Wamu youth ministries stuff challenging a kid in dancing during our mission outreach!

"Words cannot express our feelings! We greatly appreciate all the kind of support you offered to make this mission a success

Our main focus is children, the role of that day was taken on by #Angel, #Feddi & #KellyUsher. They conducted games and song dances, bible quiz and many more that left the kids in a happy mood.

It's everyone's call to make the world a better place, so help us share this message, let's make the world a better place, you can as well stand with our ministry in prayer and financially. Tag a friend, share the message #MakingTheWorldAbetterPlace

During our missionary trips you're able to get involved with WAMU YOUTH MINISTRIES MINISTRIES activities in numerous ways. A number of programs are available which would require people like you and those connected to you to be involved in. As WAMU YOUTH MINISTRIES There are other personal ways in which you could Get Involved with us in such as organizing trips to visit, bringing medical teams to Uganda, and coming with building teams,preachers,Activist,counselors,sportsmen and women and all kind of people. OUTREACH Outreaches with WAMU YOUTH Ministries ministries we provide you with a hands-on experience of the daily operations of the ministry, as teams get an opportunity to understand how children are liberated, how they are taken care of. Volunteers have an opportunity to serve meals to the children,teach them,play games with them; others are given a chance to have a one on one so they get to understand the lives of children in the home and what it means to be a care taker. Other volunteers can participate in carrying out fun and practical bible study for the children in the homes, counseling,empowerment speeches,teaching them different games among others. TIF MEDICAL OUTREACH Medical teams are also welcome to visit Uganda to carry out medical outreaches to the needy communities of Uganda. Volunteers with such teams get first-hand knowledge of the medical challenges of the people in such communities, which at times differ from community to community.

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