WAMU YOUTH Ministries

We’re a counseling, care and educational institute existing to declare and play part in making the world a better place for everyone to stay in.

Wamu is a Luganda word for Togetherness. WAMU YOUTH Ministries is a counseling, care and educational institute existing to declare and play part in making the world a better place for everyone to stay in, providing physical, educational, spiritual and emotional care for vulnerable people more so children. We exist to help, inspire, motivate and bring hope to those stigmatized by encouraging them to realize the purpose and never give up in life through Music, Counseling, Conferences, Health Education, Missions and Out-Reach. While introducing those in need to the ministry of care and love through which we will inspire actions by community activists and policy makers, we seek to invest in the lives of current and future leaders, so they can effectively build into the lives of others and reach out to the vast population of Africa and beyond.

Mission: Inspire · Educate · Develop Communities Aiming at motivating and reaching out to the vast population of Africa and beyond, Wamu is dedicated to inspiring, educating and developing future community leaders.



We would like to thank you for having supported us this year by giving us the opportunity to serve and making our work/goals possible thus making a difference in the world 🌎!

As 2020 draws near, we would like to wish you a *Mery Christmas and a prosperous 2020* full of new opportunities and Blessings!

*Merry Christmas*

wamuyouthministries.org Founded in 2012, WAMU Youth Ministries is a counseling, care and educational institute existing to declare and play part in making the world a better place for everyone to stay in by providing physical, educational, spiritual and emotional care for vulnerable people, even more so, children.

Our mission outreach of December is almost here!
And we could use your help and support as to make it possible!
We creat the kind of world we want to live in and through these missions of giving back we have seen lots of lives changed, kids given a chance to attend school again.
Kindly donate to the link below as to support this beautiful cause!



Donate - WAMUCharity

Our December mission outreach is around the corner!
We could use some of your help by donating to this beautiful cause , follow the link below!

wamuyouthministries.org We are a nonprofit organization empowering African communities to improve the lives of children. Our program helps villagers identify the most vulnerable children and develop care plans for them. This care can vary from personal hygiene products to clothes and school supplies to medical care.

Love To The world ( Better Tomorrow)

You can follow the link below to watch the full Documentary.
Thanks for always supportibg this beautiful cause.
It's all about love.

Gratitude 🙏

The team volunteering to clean the village hospital in budondo.

Medical Outreach during our mission. we managed to treat over 231 and did HIV/Aids testing for 187 people.

counseling and guidance is one of the actives we greatly respect.....we strongly believe a positive word of encouragement impacts lives and can cause tremendous positive change in lives.

What simple gifts mean.
we always request request people not to trash clothes,shoes if they no-longer need them, but rather donate them , we always put them to proper use for the good cause.

The greatest gift you can give a child is education. it's the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.
wamu youth ministries gives opportunities to kids to attend school and also give assistance with scholastic materials to the vulnerable kids in different communities.you can be part of this by supporting this beautiful cause.

Simple Acts of love make difference. love to the world.

Few pics of our mission!
Thanks a lot to those who supported this beautiful cause!
Those who donated and to the amazing team of wamu youth Ministries

About our previous mission outreach in the villages of nakimboledde and Budondo (May 2019) reaching out Families, we respect prayer, this is why it's important for us to have few minutes to pray with each family we reach out too.

WAMU YOUTH Ministries's cover photo

About our previous mission outreach in the villages of nakimboledde and Budondo (May 2019) reaching out Families, we respect prayer, this is why it's important for us to have few minutes to pray with each family we reach out too.

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[04/16/19]   WAMU Team and Supporters!
I ask you to read Romans 8:28 and pray on it! This missions that is coming up is not about us, and it has no selfish interests. It is about bringing our Holy, Holy, Holy Lord to people who need to know Him. Read this verse, pray on it, and read it again. It will bring a smile to your face, a peace to your heart, and a belief that He will be here for the people he wants all of you to reach in His wonderful name. Love all of you so much!

Prayer has power to change and creat things, therefore during our mission outreach we creat time to pray with members of every home we reach out to!


Thanks Andy!
For those who want to support this beautiful cause below is the fundraiser link!

To every single follower and every friend, you have on Facebook:
This is my prayer and heart of the Holy Spirit pressing on me to voice my heart felt feeling. This is not my ministry, but I LOVE this ministry and what they are TRULY about.
They will be going on a mission to Jinja at the end of May and need your support for the people there. Not one person on the team wants a thing, all they want is what you can help them give others.
They get angry at me when I try to give them a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, but they are so deserving of a good night’s sleep after working sometimes 16+ hours in missions for these people.
I will be going out with them this year, and this is my prayer and request of every follower of this ministry: GIVE FOR THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!
I will cover their expenses. I will meet their needs (which they ask for NOTHING). I just ask all of you followers who can financially contribute ANYTHING to please do so. And if you can’t financially, do with hard goods of clothes and shoes and basic needs.
I am blessed to have been asked to be a part of this ministry, and I thank the entire team, especially my good friend Emish, for allowing me to be a part of their team and a love of people who need to hear about what the great Jesus Christ can offer them.
Please pray on this. Do what you can, give what you can, and ALWAYS pray for this team.
I thank all of you personally right now!

May is here soon!
And it’s our mission outreach month , as always we welcome all this who want to participate in this , we welcome all kinds of donations, don’t trash clothes ,shoes , bags because you no longer need them in your closet.
We can put it to greater use by donating them to people with nothing or very little.

We as well request you to support us on this beautiful cause as your support makes this possible.

It’s through your support that we make this happen, play part in making the world a better place , changing lives
Every little thing counts , 5$,10,20 or even more!
We kindly request you to support this cause

We are deeply saddened with the news of the loss of our dear friend, we visited her during our mission outreach in December And conducted prayers with her before we left.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and community of Nakimbolede village for the loss
We can't imagine what the family is going through and the community.
We are praying for you and may the Good lord give you strength!
Our heartfelt condolence

Lauben being thankful for the opportunity to go back to school.

We still need people who can stand with us on this , 50$ after every 4 months is all a child needs to attend school, and his/her world can be turned around because of education.
Support the cause please .

Feeling grateful for the support given to us by generous people , you have made it possible for these kids t have a chance to go back to school.
May God bless you.

The love we give, The LIL things we share makes the world a better place!

Giving medical attention, sensitization is one of the activities we during our missions outreach.

Indeed we are always challenged with the health cases we find in people.
They live with health cases (illness) for ages because they have no access to health centers and others can't afford the fees for treatment.
As Wamu youth ministries we extend the LIL help we can afford to these communities as to achieve a healthy generation.

The simple acts of love are what makes the world a better place
Usher Kelly handing over a package to a grandma.
The love we share with others

Wamu youth ministries stuff challenging a kid in dancing during our mission outreach!


This is a project ( program) aimed at helping Africa's ( Uganda 🇺🇬) most vulnerable Children by giving them a chance to attend school.

While on our mission trip in the remote village called "NAKIMBOLEDE" we came across a number of children who don't go to school because their parents can't afford and others are orphans , some are as old as 8 years and above and have never attended school, some are abandoned children staying with grandparents!

These children have unlimited potential, just as they are . But with education, support and mentoring
They can use the potential to become future change makers in Africa and the world at large!

We need your support on this cause!
So let's join our hands , make that sacrifice that saves a future , one child at a time , one life at a moment.
35-50$ every after 4 months is all what is needed to send a child at school in this remote village!

Mission outreach!
We thank everyone who participated to make a success!
We went to Eastern Uganda to a remote village called NAKIMBOLEDE.
In Buikwe district.

We had a number of activities:
* Counseling
* sensitization
* Motivation/ inspiration speeches
* Medical attention ( treating the sick)
* Donations
* preaching the gospel
* Reaching Out to families

We where able to give medical attention to 52 patients, more so some came with the entire children they gave birth too!
We came to realize that lots of people can't access hospitals as they are miles away from their areas of stay!

We realized that more has to be done most especially in healthy education so that people can learn to prevent diseases , sanitation, sleeping under mosquito nets etc.

We as well managed to visit over 20 families, and these families where really in a terrifying situation , we donated food stuff, personal hygiene materials and scholastic materials to the school going kids in these families.

We managed to put a smile to over 200 kids , we donated scholastic materials, clothes and the kids where also able to have some playing time with team.

Thanks to everyone who made possible all those who donated.

"Words cannot express our feelings!
We greatly appreciate all the kind of support you offered to make this mission a success

[12/10/18]   8 days to our mission outreach

1 month to our mission outreach
Giving back
Sharing love

[11/07/18]   We are just one month and two weeks to our mission outreach, sharing the love and impacting lives!
Come be part of this , putting a smile on someone's face!
Partner with us, don't trash clothes, shoes,bags because you nolonger need it in your closet , it can be of help to someone out there!

As we are almost nearing our December missionary outreach event where we always impact lives , give back to the disadvantaged!
Spread the love, medical outreach,counseling ,gospel preaching!
Therefore Don't trash shoes, bags , clothes because you nolonger need them in your closet they can be of value to those without!
If you want to play part in this mission
Contact: for donations or any kind of support to the cause!
Email: [email protected]

Hello family, once again we are collecting donations for our coming mission outreach at the end of this year.
Please don't trash clothes, shoes,bags if they are still in good condition, they can make a difference in someone's life.
We welcome all kind of support and you can as well join us on the event:
Email: [email protected]
Phone no_+256772008869

Wamu Youth MINISTRIES is open to everyone who wants to play part in making the world a better place.
We are organizing our next mission outreach and every one is welcome to be part of it.

Another day of putting a smile on the face, reaching out , an expected visitors .
The Lil things we do for the needy means a lot and can change the world .

Mother of 4, strong African woman, literally struggling to put food on the table, we were unexpected visitors who brought a smile their faces.
The little things we do means a lot and can change the world .

Our main focus is children, the role of that day was taken on by #Angel, #Feddi & #KellyUsher. They conducted games and song dances, bible quiz and many more that left the kids in a happy mood.

Same arriving day as the medical team was doing its work, Emish Orr, #Esther & #Sera attended to the youths giving them basics of going on with life, employment routes, serving others and many more...

The #MedicalTeam lead by #DrJoshua & #Racheal performed its work perfectly towards the village patients and we were able to reach a few medical needs that we were prepared for. #FebOutReach

Our #BigTeam at the Feb outreach in Buikwe District. It was a early morning journey set off with charity work of 3 full days. Wait for more updates...

WAMU YOUTH Ministries

WAMU YOUTH Ministries's cover photo

It's just two weeks to our mission trip
If you need to be part of it contact me on
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +25677200869
Don't trash clothes, shoes ,bags if you nolonger need them in your closet ......we make good use of them by donating them to the disadvantaged people .

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Love To The world ( Better Tomorrow)




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