Bwaise Pentecostal Church

Bwaise Pentecostal Church


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May the Meet u in jesus's name #amen
Happy Easter BPC . I love u all n be blessed!
Always do a PUSH when on pressure or confused, " Pray Until Something Happens" !
Happy new year 2019!
One born of God overcomes the world! serious message in here always ringing in ma mind
i love you BPC, coz u make me feel maself again. God Bless you home church and everyone for the support, pliz dont stop, just keep it moving!
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Bwaise Pentecostal Church is a community-based church located in Bwaise a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. The ministry is under the umbrella of Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG).

Operating as usual


Sunday Service

Hello!, Avery good morning. Join us as celebrate our Lord this morning through the word. Be blessed


A very Happy Birthday to our Pastor.....
More years of fathering us....
Thanks for being a friend, Mentor and you are really an inspiration. Love you to the moon and back.


Sunday Service

Hello, thank you for joining us for Our Sunday service. Be blessed as we continue our series of Understang Salvation. God Bless You


Sunday Service

Hello,It's A Sunday And we welcome You all to our Sunday Service.Be Blessed


Sunday Service

Hello! Good morning, This is the day that the Lord has made that we may Rejoice and be Glad in it, So join us as we celebrate our God through our online service be blessed.


Sunday Service

Hello! Good morning, This is the day that the Lord has made that we may Rejoice and be Glad in it, So join us as we celebrate our God through our online service be blessed.


[01/25/21]   Hey, As a church we would like to inform you that our midweek services have resumed and they will be starting this Thursday at 05:00pm
God bless you as you be part of this program
Have a blessed week.


Hello! We are Glad You Joined us on our online service. God Bless You.

Sunday service


Sunday Service

Hello!, This is our online service hope you get Blessed as you follow.

Happy New Year2021


Bwaise Pentecostal Church


Sunday Service.

Hello!, Good morning this is the Day that the Lord has made that we may rejoice and be glad in it.
So you are here by welcome to join us online for our service
God Bless You.


Christmas Presentation

Christmas Presentation


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you
As BPC we are glad that you are joining online
God Bless You


Sunday Service

Hi!, It's Sunday again hope you had a blessed week. We are also here by inviting you to be part of our Online service. God Bless You!


Life Care School and Life Littles Kindergarten

Life care children receive xmas cards and gifts from their sponsors. A Joy to the world season. Why not reach out to someone and give; a smile, kindness, a compliment..... everyone has something they can give. How many smiles will you cause today???


COVID-19 Alert!

Please as Bwaise Pentecostal Church we are here by reminding you to please Keep the Government SOP's
God Bless you and Blessed week


Sunday Service 7th Dec 2020

Sunday Service 7th Dec 2020


Bwaise Pentecostal Church


Sunday Service Nov - 29th - 2020

Sunday Service Nov - 29th - 2020


It's Christmas a gain and we are so excited about it
We have started celebrating it as a church, you too can by letting us know what Christmas means to you.


Sunday Service

Sunday Service


Sunday service
Our services will run as follows:
First service 8:00am to 10:00am
Second service 10:15am to 12:00pm
Online services 8:30am

Please feel free to attend any of your choice
Come with your mask.

God bless you.


Happy New month......


Church is a family you belong to....
Don't miss out our Sunday services both First and second service if you can't come to church please join us Online at 8:30am
God bless you.


Hello Family!, today is the day that the Lord has made that we may rejoice and be glad in it.
So as we go deeper in God's word about the Prophetic Time Line, please don't miss out more of it this Sunday at Bwaise Pentecostal Church and online.
Be Blessed as you join us.


The Prophetic Time Line.


Sunday Live service

Hello!, Please join us as we lift up the name of our Lord in worship this morning.
God Bless you!


Hello!, Good morning it's Sunday again and we are excited and looking forward to meeting you today.
Our Sunday services for today will run as follows:
First service 8:00am - 10:00am
Second service 10:15am - 12:00pm

Online service 8:00am

Let's not for get to keep the government standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Have a great day!.


Join us for the Sunday service or Online service on 11th-October/2020


Happy Independence Day!


Please Join us this morning as we lift up our Praises and Worship to our God.
Be Blessed.


Our Sunday service timeline for October. 4. 2020

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Thank You All For Joining Even Today On Easter. God Bless You All
Hi, We welcome You Our Online Church. Thanks For Joining Us
We Welcome You Our Online Church. God Bless You
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Sunday Service
Hello! We are Glad You Joined us on our online service.  God Bless You.
Sunday Service



Bwaise, Kampala, Uganda
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