World Healing Embassy Church - WHE

World Healing Embassy is a Pentecostal Christian faith based Church. Christ being the head of it , founded by Pastor Jordan Joseph Serugo. (Senior Pastor), in October 8th 2006.

Located in Balituma zone Kiwatule-Kampala. Focus is teaching divine keys. Christ being the head of it , founded by Pastor Serugo Jordan Joseph (Senior Pastor)

The church was founded on October 8th 2006 to date. Its is a fast growing church and the teaching of divine keys for excellent living has encouraged and transformed lives in the church and across the country, empowering generations of both the old and the young to excel while putting God first and maintaining biblical principles and virtues. Healings and miracles, signs and wonders are being witnessed everyday at World Healing Embassy. Over the past decade the community of Kiwatule in Nakawa of Kampala has been greatly influenced by the church activities, especially communal engaged work by the youth and the assistant pastors. Helping to teach the community especially about Christ and transforming them to use their God given talents to serve the nation and the community, putting, expressing and ultimately living a virtuous life. Charity works have been done within the community, regular visiting of the elderly to provide for their needs and also the vulnerable and incapacitated people within the community. The church further runs a Bible Institute known as SEED BIBLE INSTITUTE which was opened in 2013. The institute comprises of four bible colleges that is Woman of Virtue, Majoring in Men, Seed Bible and Marital Preparatory Academy. The bible institute has produced over the past 4years great bible scholars and empowered spiritually several young men and women who attend the Institute to further do Evangelism and self esteem empowerment to define their lives for better living and excel spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Operating as usual

[11/20/17]   Weekly devotional:
Proverbs 10:22
"The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it"


[10/09/17]   NB; To all World Healing Embassy. Our servers are being upgraded for media upload of all anniversary info. We apologise for the offline delay.
Enjoy a million moments of WHE with us via friday

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[10/04/17]   2017-11th World Healing Embassy Church Anniversary:

It was merely a regular day when Pr. Jordan Serugo asked to post and boost a simple message about "marriage and vows". It simply meant do as pastor has said. Month or so later and I see things in a way I never imagined. The spiritual maturity I have had is immense, especially through one on one talks with him but more importantly, the discovery of what lays in the knowledge of a thousand years old practice that I had zero knowledge about. Each day I witnessed God reveal to him words, statements knowledge that I simply couldn't quite explain. There are times he said something, pause for hours and later complete his statement. And when he did it all made sense. The knwoledge of this revelation is transforming, renewing and redefining. As I read through this book, all seems new.
It is my prayer that God will help us all know and understand this wonderful revelation. The realisation of patience in serving God, being more than an exhausted elastic material. Knowing that each day is a fresh and brand new experience in Christ. In patience
as God shines your light brighter, let your candle be unto all mankind a torch. God bless you
" marriage vows-the untold secrets"
Stay blessed


Meet afande Emma, Jesus soldier

[09/19/17]   Tuesday inspirational:Luke 18:17
Imagine the faith a child has in the arms of the mother. Always content and comfortable to the extent that even when all is dark and gloomy, all it takes is the touch of a mother for a child to know that everything is alright.
God never gives you a dream that matches your budget,He isn't checking your bank account,He is checking your faith. Trust in Him to make all and everything alright

[08/14/17]   Weekly motivation: Psalm 23
Because the Lord Himself is your shepherd, "the good shepherd" so shall He guide your ways, He personally will lift your hand in glory, exalt you and teach you to prosper, for your His own. Let this week be full of signs and wonders, testimonies in all you do Amen.

[08/09/17]   Verse of the day: (Psalm 119:133)
"Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me"
-Understanding and comprehending Jesus Christ (The Word) not only sets your life free from the mentality of daily "good" BUT rather to know and understand that through both the good and the bad you are held, loved, supported, cared for, understood and completed in every emotional, bodily and spiritual concern by the good loving Father God. And know that whatever you ask from Him in the name of Jesus Christ is done.

[07/24/17]   Weekly Motivation:
It is the will of God that every need that you have, it be supplied. Be someobody's miracle and let those around you be a miracle to you. I need you and you need me, we all are apart of God's family. Your important to God. In the name of Jesus Christ

[07/21/17]   Always trust and rest well..knowing that the living God is beautiful for every situation. A wonderful Friday to ye all saints of God

[07/18/17]   Edifying the soul:
"Don't be a part-time Christian who demands a full time God"

[07/18/17]   Scripture today: " Romans 6:11-13"

Let your mind, will and body always be inclined toward Jesus Christ, freeing yourself from Ignorance, unbelief and religion

[07/05/17]   Verse of the Day
Galatians 5:1
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

We have been set free! We are delivered from law, sin, and death. We have been set free to serve God and share in his grace eternally. So how will we use that freedom?


The name of Jesus Christ be lifted on high. Thank you Jesus for these new children you have welcomed into your Kingdom today.

[06/24/17]   Romans 8:1 "Therefore there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus" Come cast your burdens away and set your life free as we glorify the name of the Most High God


Meet the TOWA worship team. Come join us every sunday for wonderful woship and praise

[06/17/17]   God is good all the time..for his goodness and mercies endureth forever. Dont miss a signs and wonders filled service this Sunday at WHE together with our amazing worship team
Time: 10:10am-1:45pm. Come and be prophesied upon and be blessed





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