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I love my Church, I like my Church.
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The saturday 4pm..come join us
I love these luvs...
I love these luvs...
My Papa oh.... I bless God for this Sunday..
My Papa oh.... I bless God for this Sunday..


Mission: To be a blessing to the city, nation, and nations.

Operating as usual

[10/23/20]   Your Food for Today
Wisdom and Folly
Proverbs 9:1-18
Both wisdom and folly are here personified and contrasted. Wisdom portrayed as a lady who prepared a rich banquet and invited all while folly is a seducing woman who parades in street to entice men.
The verses btn the two pictures tell us our responses to either.
Whatever we choose will determine which table we share.
Let's choose wisdom, and we will be safe in all we do.
A blessed day to you
Prayer: Lord help me live in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

[10/22/20]   Your Food for Today
Genesis 26:12-16
God kept his promise to bless Isaac. The Philistines became jealous because everything Isaac did seemed to be right. So they tried to block his wells. Nothing they did against him succeeded because the Lord's blessing was upon him. Until they confessed by telling him, " go from us for you are mightier than us"
Remember Philistine was already a powerful nation by then.
When the Lord blesses you, even the mighty will be afraid of you.
Remember you are blessed because the God of Isaac is not only your God but your Father.
Prayer: The Lord bless you as you get out and as you come in.
In JESUS name

Pr. Jaymin

[09/26/20]   Hello, starting this Sunday 27th, our live stream will start at 10am E.A.T.

[09/24/20]   Your Food For Today
1 John 1
The above chapter has only 10 verses and in those verses the word Fellowship is mentioned 4 times or 5 if you observe keenly.
The Holly Spirit is speaking to the church about the importance of fellowship. Well, it's in the context of our walk and relationship with the Lord but you know that if we are to do that well then we need the fellowship with and of the brethren.
You may be lacking nothing, and be well, but your spiritual life, your soul needs to be fed and sustained by and through what the Holly Spirit can do through others to minister to you and to bless you.
As we gather on Sunday to fellowship after almost 8 months, may the lord bless you and your house in JESUS name. A men
Prayer: I declare a blessed day unto you in the mighty name of JESUS.

[09/18/20]   Your Food for Today
Nothing You do for God will be forgotten
2 Samuel 19:31-43
When the king was in distress, Barzillai willingly offered to help without expecting anything. Thank God for people who do what is right because it is right and not just because they expect any pericular gain. Ultimately the reward they obtain extend beyond their life time. 1 kings 2:7, Luke 18:29-30.
Vs 34-37. As we grow it's wise to keep our final end in mind than worthless pleasures..
After Absalom's rebellion was crashed, people joined king David s procession to Jerusalem including those who had been deceived.
Whatever you do, the Lord will never forget.
A blessed day
Prayer: God remember and bless your every act of righteousness and generosity.
Bless you

[09/17/20]   Your Food for Today
True Forgiveness 2 Samuel 19:16-30
Judah, David's tribe came to welcome him,and a large group, but also Shimei who cursed and abused him when he was fleeing vs 16-18. He asked David for forgiveness vs 18-20. David on his part, proved to be more of an astitute politician than just a wise king. He spared Shimei s life but note how he did it, 1 kings 2:8-9. He allowed Ziba the double crossing servant to keep half of the inheritance of his loyal and selfless master Mephibisheth, the crippled son of David's faithful friend Johnathan
Ziba s story shows how dishonest and shrewd people gain at the cost of the faithful. Psalm 73. That gain is temporary.
May the Lord help us live in total forgiveness.
Prayer: Lord forgive us as we forgive those who sin against us.

[09/16/20]   Your Food for Today
God's Mercy
Deut: 30:1-6
Moses told the Hebrews that when they were ready to return to the Lord, he would be ready to receive them. God's mercy is unbelievable. It goes far beyond what we can imagine. Even if the Jews deliberately walked away from him and ruined their lives, God would still take them back.God wants to forgive us and bring us back to himself too.
Some people will not learn this until their world has crashed in on them. Then the pain and sorrow seem to open their eyes to what God has been speaking all along.
If for some reason your spirit had strayed, don't wait, just return to the Lord.
Prayer: Lord have Mercy upon me,change my life and do not take your Holy Spirit from me.
Blessed day

Cap: Some church elders sharing with the youth.

This is September, the youth month of ministry, join us for a youth service every Saturday of this month at 5:00pm

[09/15/20]   Your Food for Today
Faithful Vessel
2 Samuel 18:19-33
Ahimaz was eager to take the news to the king even though for good reasons, Joab preferred to send the Cush*te, but Ahimaz insisted vs 19-20 n 22-23. Ahimaz outran the Cush*te but even then, he didn't have enough information about what happened vs 28-30.
Look at Joabs instruction to the Cush*te in vs 21 and see what you learn about being a faithful vessel or servant.
Ahimaz is an example of people who are zealous about ministering but have not had enough time to listen, to be taught, to see and to learn. They just wanna be in the front line but lack the necessary preparation.
But we also learn a father's love as David moans for his son..
Prayer: Lord help us have a learning spirit that we may be well prepared for thy work

Pr. Jaymin

[09/14/20]   Your Food for Today
A rebellious child
2 Samuel 18:1-18
David reorganized his army preparing for battle against Absalom his son. He himself wanted to go for battle but the troops couldn't accept it.vs 1-2.. Take serious note of the reason they gave for not allowing him to go to the front line. Vs 3.
Vs 4-5 see David's instruction, what would you have done?
David spared his persecutor Saul more than once, 1Samuel 24:8-11;26:7-12, and here he does the same by pleading for his rebellious son's life.
Isn't that the Lord does for us even when we error.
Let's do the same to both our spiritual and biological children who seem to be rebellious either in the house of God or in our homes.
Praying: May the Almighty grant you a week of breakthroughs. In JESUS name. A men

Pr. Jaymin Luke

[09/11/20]   Your Food for Today
Vengeance For God
2 Samuel 16:1-23
David was having multiple troubles, betrayal, deception, insult, disgrace etc. Sometimes we find ourselves in similar situations. We identity those for us and those against us. It is important however to put our emotional under control at such times.
Ziba s gesture vs 1-4 was timely and refreshing. But it was generosity with strings attached. He actually lied to David against Mephibosheth. See 19:24-30 and David fell for the deception.
Notice David's reaction to Shimei s open show of hatred vs 5-13. David's patience under this trial was exemplary and Christlike. He knew the Lord would avenge him at the right time. 1 Pet 2:21-23.
Prayer: The Lord fight all your battles and avenge you of all your enemies.

[09/10/20]   Your Food for Today
A call to Praise the Lord
Psalms 134:1-3
This was a call for the Levites to collectively worship and adore the Lord. Those on night duty were particularly called upon to do this. The psalm therefore calls upon us believers as we serve the Lord to worship Him irrespective of our vocations. It's a call to bless the name of the Lord consistently with humble hearts.
It's a brief but powerful Psalm in two parts, the call to bless the Lord vs 1-2 and the Levites to bless the people with the blessing from the Lord, maker of heaven n Earth. Vs3.
Prayer: The Lord bless you today

Pr. Jaymin

[09/09/20]   Your Food for Today
The counsel of the Lord shall stand
2 Samuel 17:1-14
Imagine that you were David and twelve thousand soldiers were coming to you unawares. A hit hop he L a renowned counselor was guaranteed success. However, Ahithophel counsel wasn't taken. Why? Vs 14, compare Prov 21:30.
Read vs 5-13 and note Hushai s role in frustration Ahitjophel s counsel. He was David's friend who remained in Jerusalem for David's sake.
The Lord knows how to frustrate the plans your enemies and the evil one against your life.
Prayer: May the Lord frustrate all the plans and devices of the wicked one in your life. In JESUS name. A men

Pr. Jaymin

[09/08/20]   Your Food for Today
Passion for kingdom Glory
Psalm 132:1-18
This psalm is believed to have been written by Solomon during the installation of the Ark of God in Jerusalem, as an expression of his gratitude for the privilege God gave him to build the Temple. He doesn't claim any merit for this achievement, rather sees it as God's faithfulness to his promises as to his father David.
Vs 2-5, David teaches us how to pursue God's mission in our generation. If we are to fulfill the great commission in our days, then like David,God's kingdom and his Glory should become our consuming passion and pursuit.
What 4 things did Solomon pray vs 8-10
Vs 11,13-18 are promises of God to David's descendants, ultimately fulfilled in Christ. What's the condition for enjoying them? Vs 12.
Prayer: Create in me a heart with a passion for thy kingdom oh Lord my God
Blessed day

[09/07/20]   Your Food for Today
1 Timothy 6:1-10
What's your attitude toward work and your co workers? Respectful, honesty and diligent attitudes toward work will enhance our Christian witness whether under non believers or believing bosses. Also 1 Peter 2:18-20
The money trap is a reality in our world today. People do just anything to get money. What's responsible for this attitude vs 9-10. Money is not the problem, its our attitude towards money that's the problem. Money is one of God's resources that He has given us as stewards, but the love of it can draw us away from the Lord.
What's Paul's warning about this, vs 3-5. Vs 6-8 provides us with the antidote for greed. The Lord always provides our needs but if we are not satisfied with that we open ourselves to temptations and damning consequences.
Prayer: The Lord guard you from all forms of temptations and that u may lack nothing this week. In JESUS name. A men

Pr. Jaymin

[09/02/20]   Your Food for Today
1 Timothy 3:1-16
How does Paul describe the church in vs 15. That the church is the pillar n foundation of truth means that the church is the custodian of God's truth and should set example of what's right.
Vs 2-12 has the qualifications for leaders. God is still recruiting leaders for his church. Take note that whatever disqualifies us from leadership can do the same concerning eternity.
You don't have to be worried about those qualifications, all u need to do is follow Christ. Phil 2:5-8, Heb 12:2.
Prayer: Dear Holly Spirit, help me to faithfully follow Christ JESUS.

Pr. Jaymin

[08/31/20]   Your Food for Today

The Lord's grace
1 Timothy 1:12-20

Paul confesses that his calling was unmerited. He was far away from grace due to ignorance and unbelief. Not believing is one thing,it's another to blaspheme and persecute the church vs 13.

But more important is the extent of God's love,grace n mercy unto Paul n us.
By describing himself as chief sinner vs 13&15, Paul is remembering God's mercy and grace upon him.

Whatever yo past is, the Lord can forgive and use u for his glory and service.
Every believer who wants to make it to the end, must heed Paul's warning to Timothy in vs 18-20.

Prayer: The Lord have mercy and use u for his glory.

Pr Jaymin

The Saturday Fellowship

[08/28/20]   Your Food for Today
Psalms 107:23-43

The last group mentioned are those who do business on the seas. Read vs 25-27 and find out what problems they faced and how in their "in their evil plight" cried to the Lord and he delivered them.

Compare vs 29 with Mk 4:36-39 n c what u learn about our Lord JESUS Christ.. Do we have to wait until storms arise. Mt 28:20, HE has promised to be with us till the end of the age. Vs 31-32, as believers we are to always give thank to the Lord and we are to do it in the assembly of God's people.

God helps his people vs 33-43, God is able to change the deserts and hungry circumstances of His people into great blessings.
No matter how hard is your situation, call upon the name of JESUS today trusting for His deliverance. Even in lockdown, may the Lord grant you great testimonies and victory in every situation and battle.

Praying: I pray for victory and breakthrough in your life. In JESUS name.

Pr. Jaymin.

[08/27/20]   Your Food for Today

Giving Thanks to the Lord.
Psalms 10:1-22

Vs 1-3 serve as the introductory verses to this psalm. "The Redeemed of the Lord" are those who have faith in God and through life's difficulties have experienced God's deliverance and help. This passage applies first to post exilic Israelites who after their numerous troubles were gathered back to their land vs 3.

The extension may be made to all genuine believers in Christ JESUS who have experienced true deliverance from sin and hell.
There are four groups of people who are called upon by the psalmist to give thanks in a special way to the Almighty God who helped them when they called upon Him in their troubles. There are those who wondered in the desert vs 4, those who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death vs 10, and those who were fools through their sinful ways vs 17. What did these people do to secure their deliverance. Vs 6,13,&19.

Whatever may be happening to you call upon the name of the Lord. He will not let you alone.

Prayer: May the Lord hear your cry in whatever situation you're in. In JESUS name, A men

Pr. Jaymin

[08/26/20]   Your Food for Today

A Royal visit
1 kings 10:1-29

The passage has the visit of the Queen and the catalogue of the wealth of king Solomon.
Read vs 3-5,and find out what particularly amazed the Queen of Sheba. The wisdom and prosperity of Solomon were overwhelming. Carefully read the concluding remarks of the Queen in vs 9. Whatever God gives us, whether prosperity or wisdom it's to give Him glory.
From vs 14-29,try to imagine the volume of king Solomon s wealth. God fulfilled his promise in his life.

The Queen of Sheba was amazed and that Royal visit was cause of the fame the Lord had made Solomon.
God is able to bless u and make you a Wonder.

Prayer: The Lord bless u till you are a blessing to kings and queens

Pr. Jaymin

[08/24/20]   Your Food for Today
1 kings 8:54-66

The spiritual leadership offered by Solomon is exemplary. He kept reminding Israel of God's promises and appealed to them to walk before the Lord keep His commandments and statutes. Vs 56-58, God's faithfulness should should make us want to seek Him and serve Him more in the church.

It should be deduced that Solomon and the people were so dedicated that they offered the sacrifices from a free heart to God. After the dedication ceremony and the feast that followed, observe what happened in vs 66. That is exactly what happens when God's people worship and give whole hearted sacrifices to Him. When God's people are well instructed, they know God's goodness and faithfulness.

Prayer: I pray that you will see God's goodness in your life. In JESUS name. A men

Pr. Jaymin

[08/21/20]   Your Food for Today

Pray today for tomorrow
1 kings 8:22-40

Notice how Solomon addressed God before he started his prayer of dedication vs 23. God keeps his covenant that he makes with His people. His steadfast love is unfailing for all who seek to faithfully walk before him. In vs 26, Solomon appealed to God to confirm his promises.

Read 27-40. Take note the different subjects of prayer.

King Solomon appeals to God to listen to his people when they turn to him for repentance.
Committing and securing the future of his people. He knew they will need forgiveness and prayed for them.

How far sighted is your prayer for your life, family, church, ministry etc.

Praying; The Lord keep, bless and bless your children. The Lord be with them that non will be lost.

Pr. Jaymin

[08/20/20]   Your Food for Today

The Ark in the temple
1 Kings 8:1-21

King Solomon was careful to keep the rules for carrying the Ark of God. Read 2 Sam 6:1-10 and see what happened when the Ark was carried incorrectly. The Priests were the sole carriers of the Ark of God. Solomon learnt from his father David to handle temple issues with care.

From vs 12-21, see Solomon's statements and prayers. The people of God hinge on the precious promises of God. God demands respect for His temple/church as a house of prayer. Even in the lockdown may your reverence for God's house in all ways either your body or the church be with fear.

The Lord will bless your entire life and house as He did to the house of David.

Prayer: The Lord bless u and grant u honor even as u regard His house with honor and fear.

Pr. Jaymin

[08/19/20]   Your Food for Today

His Love endures for ever
Psalms 118:1-29

Just as God's love and faithfulness is steadfast so must our praise never cease in all situations. Find three reasons in vs 6-8 why the psalmist says he is fearless. Fear can make us forget that the Lord loves us and never forsakes us, Isaiah 41:10

The psalmist resolves never to trust in man, not even princes vs 8&9. Why is this a wise decision, see Jeremiah 17:5-6.
God may use people to help us and we may also help people, but we cannot trust them as they are unreliable.

Vs 28+29 the psalmist ended in the same way he began, praising and exalting the Lord. Always give thank to the Lord for he is good and his love endures forever.

Prayer: That you may experience Gods love in this situations.

Pr. Jaymin

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