Living Hope Charity Ministry

Living Hope Charity Ministry


Good Morning Maria Natalie Thank you for the invite the page looks great. Am the Spiritual Pioneer for the group, The Seeds of Abraham Spiritual Bible Study Group Our doors has been open since 2010 focusing on Giving The Homeless Spiritual Food. Through the Scripture's which has been Sustaining our Lives. We have 7 Key foundation Steps; And Our Mission Statement is Psalm 42 for each New Day Our souls pants for the Living Water of the streams that flow through the Earth. Once again Thank you for the Invite and we look forward to hearing more about your Ministry. Psalm 3
you are welcome happy to host you. surly we need revival.
Happy independence Day
Change Your FocusTODAY’S SCRIPTURE: “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2, NIV TODAY’S WORD: We all have days when we don’t feel very enthusiastic. If you don’t feel like you have any reason to be excited about your life, today is the day to change your focus! It’s time to set your mind on things above. Too often, we settle for what we see in this earthly realm, but God has so much more for us in the supernatural realm. Whatever we choose to focus on is what we will see manifested in our lives. We need to daily set our focus on the goodness of God and keep hope alive. Today is not the day to give up on your dreams; it’s the day to feed your dreams. That means instead of dragging around finding every reason you can to be unhappy, your attitude should be: “I am not going to live my life defeated and depressed. I may have some obstacles in my path, but I know I have victory in my future. I know God has great things in store for me, so I’m going to get up each day anticipating the good things He has in store for me!” PRAYER FOR TODAY: “Father, I choose to set my mind on You. I know that Your dream for me is so much bigger than my own. Draw me close to You as I daily set my focus on You. I bless You today and always. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Digg Send email
Glory t God who does mighty wdrs

REGISTERED MINISTRY Reaching out 2 the most poor districts of Uganda & empowering them while supporting many in schools to help them have a better future..

Orphans,vulnerable,teenager parents,abused girls and boys,neglected children etc

Operating as usual

Living Hope Charity Ministry

How our week is transparing at OUR HOME #livinghopecharityministry....

Our Ministry "Father figure" just took us through what really makes a real man, a heart instituted with thoughts of working to build a home!!!! We discussed on how a girl child can be impacted & perfected more and drew a conclusion on protecting a girl more, teaching her hygiene, and skills of establishing a home...This can easly be achieved by a settled,caring loving heart & identifying her responsibilities as a girl child.

NB: Know your areas ie.Kitchen,laundary, general cleans because no matter how the world is trying to make us equal we shall always differ in gender : A mother is a mother and a father is a father period......

long chat short : ,LHCM our heart breed for any child below 19years of age and the oldest is now 17years. However growing with them & pass 19 it is ok but the pick up age is 0-18........and not every heart wishes or is capable of pursuing a PHD so all matter @ LHCM.

So on 7th.Nov.2020 we created a small earning Job for our 14yrs old boy, its 3hours job per day & enables him to save 1k-2k daily summing it to 6,7k-12k withou fail per week & it allows him to do his school work well, we believe with time he will be able to save more than that......

WARNING: the activity taking place in the photo its not the Job... thats a home chore sorting black ash from the charcoal to make clay ball charcoal used to save ...

An NGO home should not look a strange place like where people are meant to come and leave!!! should feel more like a home, naturally a bird will hatch @ the right time " by nature the next step will be achieved if u worry about today only, reason no tomorrow is made by tomorrow! articulation of today makes a better tomorrow feed their Spirit,Body and Soul well.....

Error made today gonna affect tommorrow worry about today to live it perfect.........

I feel like telling an NGO HOME out there deep deeper about responsibility our children need to balance not to grow like idiots depending on the support of a donor everything is available dont hunt out are not doing them well, in fact classify them and know who is ready to try what...........


love y'all

Ephesians 6:2-3 "Honour your father and mother" which is the first comandment with a promise ...That it may go well with you and that you may #enjoy_long_life on earth

U deserve the glory lord and the honor......All for your glory...Your Wisdom is so high as u so high...........

God you're awesome

On behalf of Elim Church Akoboi we seek to fundraise for their church sothat they can shift from the mango tree which is not weather favouring especially during rain season which is on now, prayers are disturbed and church is cut off..

If we are to budget for a more solid structure may cause delay in the shift since a lot may be required including Land..

For now the community has improvised the space where a small temporary structure can stand as days of glory draw closer..

Elim is a humble church and welcoming while on my Mission in 2019 in their place they shared every little thing they had with me and gospel was spread....

Pastor/Co-ordinator Job Edonu says : if their structure can get iron sheets roof to avoid rain water to drip through and a concrete floor for now, then they can plan to strategically fundraise in future for a more solid place after settling down

For now $500 can help them get somewhere.

inbox or comment if u can stand with this church with anything Christ Will love it.

The kingdom of God is for such as.......

Dr. K N Jacob


Single Ladies

There's Power in Working together ....Shared energy saves time and gets work done quickly ....

The power in your brain Can get us a thousand miles.....

Whatsapp if you would like to be our ambassador to your peer.....

Meet Out Kenyan Ambassador : Hes a social worker, Music lover, loves hiking and taking photos, so passionate at seeing the world settling for the best, be it transforming the worst to the Best ..He will get it time

Gabriel Etyahng thanks for loving LHCM, thanks for defending it and praying for the beneficiaries........

We Love u and we cant wait to visit Kenya 2021 with the most love that saved the world thats the LOVE of God....


Transforming Hearts

John 2:17 The zeal of the house of God will Consume Me....

Nothing is good like helping one think otherwise from the world thinking

Mathew 19:14 Let the little chilldren come to me..

Little in mind, knowledge, wisdom , understanding and in stature

Only if my finger can touch, My days will b changed forever Jesus Christ My Living Hope............

Gain faith you who is reading this & know He calls it done, halleluah, changes dark nights into mornining , hallelluah......

Theres nothing he can't do even sins are forgiven, new begins are given....

That night it was you & God and what was concieved is Holy put on Strength

Never Judge a book by its cover, the way my boy looks & the way he loves chapti meal & preparing it r not matching may be he wanted me out sothat he surprises Properly? Not sure , one thing am sure of he loves chapti & preparing it?....

Job 14:7 Theres still hope .....

Uganda @ 58 .....

58 years Uganda became independent and today we celebrate the independence..

Theres Joy too when an adict gets delievered from his/her weakness and much joy if you never crossed the addiction path as it saves much time and develops more..

We are here to help a child realise a best way and establish in it LIVING HOPE CHARITY MINISTRY.

for God & our Country

Find what u can do best focus on it , develop it became an achiever....

Living Hope Charity Ministry encourages the young generation to focus, have agoal and we cherishes everyone's ability and this how we are able to stand with the young generation tommorrow's leaders...

Stand with us if u can

For now anyone using paypal can Chanel it through : [email protected] as we fix the ministry account

A great applause to #mercychips.....A heart after saving humanity is gold....satisfies, ...if the entire world hard agolden heart, the world would b more than a better place to live! It wld b heaven..

We are so inspired, emotional and speachless to see such a live revived...

Glory to God who makes a way in the Sea, who gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding far defining...Amen

African children give me clay soil and mold for u, They seem to be enjoying their fun time, I can see a big home, grandfather on achair with his rod, a tank of water, local dishs carrier, radio etc

Busy playing ,passing time .mmmh much fun

Hebrews 11:6 without faith it is impossible to please our father God in heaven..

School Life Of Love

Cant watch this and I don't tear some how

Bambi ka taata 😊😊😊

I try to obey, My ears are always pulled by the holySpirit and am glad He is MAKING ME

Mathew 6:34 In a whispering voice "Do not worry about tomorrow" says the lord...

So if you do, it is doubting his POWER!!!!

Receive his word like BABY


The kingdom of God is worthy working for MATHEW 19:29 one hundred fold reward for just letting God lead

May next week be of open doors, begin with most joy, hopes....

Sow into somebody this weekend could be huge, word of encouragement, bed, house, time etc to add on your HARVEST

A blessed weekend

Day out was well spent @ Jaaja's place eating guaver climbing trees....thanks God for the blessings and protection.......Mathew 4:4

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