Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association

Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association


Keep The Candle Burning
For those in and around makerere University, like and follow our official page of st Augustine catholic community
hw are u friends
Dedication mass of our candidates on 8th October 2017
Dedication mass of our candidates on 8th October 2017
ANKOLE WESTERN UNIVERSITY informs the general public that they university offers the following courses in language department.
Kiswahil, English and Runyankole at Degree, Diploma and Certificate Level.
Courses are offered to Regular students and short time courses are also offers to Adults who wish to gain PROFICIENCY in Kswahil, English and Runyankole Languages. Since its Genesis, AWU has remained a melting Pot for languages in the whole of Uganda. Indeed a light of the world with excellent language Lecturers.
Thanks To All Obs That Came During The Course Ov The Term For The Good Advice

For all official communications of the association. For details, contact Nashaba Victor i/c communications-0750875884/0787023716.

Operating as usual



3 years ago is still fresh in the minds of most of the OBs. Chosen from among us was our own Mukasa Adolf as before the altar of God offered to serve Him for the days of his life.

We ask God to always guide you in all that you undertake in His vineyard.

Happy Priesthood anniversary to one of our 4 OB priests🙏

Always remember to pray for Rev. Fr. Adolf Mukasa Isingoma


Today we finally managed to perform the charity in the three places. Two homes for children and the Orphanage all run by Fr. John Baptist Bashobora. With thank you all for the support.


Catholic News Kampala

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis appoints Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha as new Archbishop of Mbarara.

At the same time he accepted the resignation of Archbishop Paul Bakyenga.

The Rt. Rev. Lambert Bainomugisha was born 12th July 1961 at Kashumba, Bukanga, Isingiro in what was at that time the Diocese of Mbarara. He studied both in Uganda and in Canada and obtained a degree in Canon Law through the University of St Paul of Ottowa. He was ordained priest on 13 July 1991 at Mbarara Cathedral.
He exercised his pastoral ministry for several years in St Joseph the Worker Parish in Rubindi, Mbarara. He then returned to Canada in 1994 to complete his studies. After returning to the Diocese, he was the Chancellor of the Archdiocese from 2000 to 2005.

On 2 July 2005 he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Mbarara and Titular Bishop of Tacia Montana. He received episcopal consecration on 1 October the same year.

On 13 November, 2009 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Apostolic Administrator sedes plena et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the Diocese of Hoima, until a new Bishop of Hoima was ordained and appointed on 29 February 2016. Bishop Lambert then returned to the Archdiocese of Mbarara to continue his duties as Auxiliary Bishop.
Arcbishop-elect Bainomugisha is also the President of the Legal Service Commission and is a member of other commissions of the Uganda Episcopal Conference.



Raising Hope Initiative - RHI


Advice to Young Professionals
Paul Smith, CFA, Past President and CEO, CFA Institute

The Coronavirus pandemic provides all aspirant Charterholders with intense life and business learnings that will have taken previous generations of Charterholders a life time to acquire. The lessons of this crisis, if learned well, will stand you all in good stead throughout your careers. They give you an opportunity to deploy both your technical as well as your softer skills; to show why human intelligence and empathy will always be key ingredients in financial markets; and to demonstrate the grit and determination that employers value in all people who have obtained the CFA designation.

But it is in the area of change management that I think the most enduring lessons can be had.

It’s a clichĂ© but nonetheless useful to remember—change is the only constant in life. Life and business are always changing. However, for most of our life change is gradual and hard to perceive. Perception of change is made even harder by our propensity as people to think in straight lines—what happened today will happen tomorrow. We are naturally conservative animals.

Change is all around us. How we react to it and manage through it will define our careers. Here are my takeaways.

Inaction is never an option. Most people freeze in a crisis; take control, make a decision, act and stay the course. Don’t be battered about by ill informed opinion and by those with the loudest voice.

However, do be flexible. New facts are constantly emerging. Re-assess your views regularly. Don’t be afraid to change your course if the facts tell you to do so. Remember your JM Keynes—when the facts change, change your opinion.

Be humble. You will never get every decision right. Accept your errors, admit to them and learn from them.

Communicate. In a crisis confusion, noise and mis-information are all around. Be firm but clear in everything you say and write. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who is receiving your communication. They will probably be a little panicked. What are they really hearing? Go slowly. Go back over every message you are trying to impart at least 10 times. Keep messaging short and simple. Less is more.

Keep calm. Tone of voice is key. No one expects you to know everything. Don’t claim to be omniscient. The expectation is that you be diligent and thoughtful, not perfect. Over confidence will be seen as stridency.

Be forward thinking. Nothing but nothing, ever remains the same forever. In a crisis you need to constantly think about what the world will look like as you come out of the crisis. What will change and how? Always remember that it is never as good nor as bad as you think. Find a central case but put a band of outcomes around that case and manage to the band not to a specific outcome. Precision is an illusion in an unpredictable world.

Finally, never substitute optimism for realism. Things never return to where they used to be. Change is always obvious in hindsight. The 2008 financial crisis for instance. This one will be obvious too. Its seeds there for all to see - SARS, Bird Flu etc. Life does not go back to where it was. Plan for a future that is different to the past.

Remember a crisis is simply a concentrated lesson in life. Change is always happening. These seven takeaways apply just as much in ordinary life as in the extraordinary times we have just lived through. Never waste a crisis.

I wish you all the very best in your careers, and I hope this crisis will have taught you much that will be invaluable to you as your lives unfold.


The usual charity drive announced before is still on!


Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association


Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association's cover photo


Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association


Dear Members,
On my behalf and behalf of Ntare Catholic obs association I congratulate you upon finishing the Lenten period, and wish you a blessed Easter Triduum which we begin today . Thank you for always supporting our programs and has always been, in light of our calling to be of help to our neighbor and those in need in our community, in times such as these , I humbly request you to join hands and we collect material items , and money towards the support of a charity drive to an orphanage(name with held).. I have hereby appointed Papa Robert Enzama to head this drive with a team that will support him! The details shall be communicated by the team! Thank you once again family and God bless you always.

vinasbiz.com 27/03/2020

Pope Francis’ touching Homily at Extraordinary ‘Urbi et Orbi’ Blessing - VINAS Businesses

Pope Francis' touching message that is so important in this time of Corona Virus

vinasbiz.com You ask us not to be afraid. Yet our faith is weak and we are fearful. But you, Lord, will not leave us at the mercy of the storm.


St.Augustine Catholic Community Makerere University - Muk

Please note carefully the Mass program during the Christmas season from 24th December 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 at St.Augustine Catholic Community Makerere University - Muk
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperity new year 2020.


[10/23/19]   Ntare Catholic OBs will be animating Mass at St. Augustine Makerere University on Sunday 27th October 2019. Inform a friend










Some of the pics from the reunion at Ntare. It was a great day indeed

[07/15/19]   Thanks very much to everyone who made it for the reunion. Thanks to Fr. Fidelis Betungura and Our dear former patron Baguma John for being there with us

[07/13/19]   Don't miss out the Mass as OBs will be officially handing over the machines to the school


The RĂ©union commenced today (Friday) with Holy Mass led by our very own Fr Adolf Mukasa Isingoma....
The Reunion will run upto Sunday when will handover the machines official to the community..
It's not yet too late for you to join

[07/12/19]   All roads lead to Mbarara, Ntare School. We shall be there from today till Sunday. Don't miss out being with us.

[07/12/19]   And the reunion begins today!


Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association's cover photo


Ntare School Catholic Community OBs Association


Mark the date!
It's this Friday

[07/09/19]   Our reunion is on!
This weekend starting Friday, 12th July to Sunday, 14th July 2019.
Don't miss out!


We do congratulate Rt Rev Bishop Serverus Jjumba, the new Bishop of the diocese of Masaka â›Ș.....
May the Almighty God guide you in this service of Shepherding your people throughout the world.

#KatondaYebale #GlorytoGod

[06/08/19]   As we plan for the home coming, we are planning to fulfill our pledge to the community of purchasing machines. We need about 2.5 Million in addition to the already purchased ones (3.5M). Contributions are sent directly to KEITH ARUHO on 0775158844/ 0705173596 for now!

[06/08/19]   Please take note dear OBs. Our homecoming this year is yet to be scheduled. The official date will be communicated.


Tvwest Nehinda

That was our charity in Mbarara. So humbled by all those who contributed to the cause


Bwanyima ya TV West ehweraire omugurusi kutunga obuhwezi kuruga omu banyambabazi bwanyima y’okworeka amakuru gye ashobangiriirwe ahabwa ekiyungu, enju n’orutookye rwe kucwekyerezibwa enjura y’eihunga omuri Rwakwezi Nyakayojo Mbarara.

Abaana abakaturiki abaashomiire Ntare School nibo bahwereire eka egi barikubombekyera ekiyungu, kugarura amabati aha nju hamwe n’ebyokurya


We were able to successfully complete the first phase of our charity drive of renovating the house of an elderly couple in Nyakayojo, Mbarara.
Thanks to all those that contributed towards the cause. Next is the visit to the Missionary home of the poor, Busega


All Ntare Catholic OBs in and around Makerere University, dare not to miss out this tea party on Thursday, 7th March 2019 starting at 6pm in Nsibirwa hall room 202(White house). Alot in plan for us

[11/11/18]   We shall be animating the 9am Mass on Sunday, 18th Nov 2018 at St. Augustine chapel, Makerere University. Main celebant: Rev. Fr. Adolf Mukasa Isingoma (OB)

[10/04/18]   All our dear Catholic OBs who are not on our WhatsApp group, kindly leave your contact here or inbox it to this page/account so that we can be in touch.

[10/04/18]   A message from Fr Adolf

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Beforehand, I thank God who, in His immense Mercy, Protection and Providence Has enabled us to:
*reach where each one is,
*attain all levels of education and dominance,
*acquire everything good each one has,
*be united in this family by Faith.
We believe that all the above and other breakthroughs in life accrue from the Almighty God. (Psalms 127:1-2).

Friends, I would like to bring to your attention that we have a treasure amongst us, not just a treasure but a greatest Pearl. and that Pearl is our Unity in the Catholic Faith as Catholic OBs of a mighty and only School. Unless we realize how precious that unity is, and how rare this treasure is, we'll not gain much from it.
It makes me feel proud always, it uplifts my spirits, it vividly reminisces my roots, it has made my life never the same again, it propels me to a greater future, it radiates sharp rays of hope in me and in the generations behind me, oooh the list is like a litany. I don't know how you feel about it.....?

One may be tempted to think that I am tending to fanaticism, well...., let's consider these:
I am sure that many of us here, have some groups to which we ascribe. In some groups there very tight and strict rules. In some, each person is required to subscribe either weekly or monthly or annually, and payments are not just peanuts but hefty ones. We may not condescend the reasons for such consortiums and groups, however Ours here superceeds the rest coz what unites is not just whims and vanities, but the greatest of all that has ever existed....and that is JESUS, the Son of the Living God, the Savior of the World, the Rock on which our faith originates and stands firm. And what consoles us most is that Jesus is always with us, He is there for us. That's why we have been able to achieve; both individually and on the YCS Obs level. And allow me to elaborate more on the current.
As a family we have been able to:
*strengthen the Catholic faith in Ntare school by inspiring our young brothers and the teachers.
* become good examples to others, the reason we have two priests and many others wedding in the Church.
* uplift praising and worshiping at Ntare by buying some music instruments for the students community. etc.
* set some goals and ideas.

However, I feel this is the time to evaluate ourselves, to look at the end of the tunnel and see whether we can find light.:
* One of our major goals was to buy music instruments for Ntare Catholic community worth 7million. we raised 4 million and bought some and handed them over to the Catholic community. thanks to everyone who contributed and whoever was involved in the arrangements. This means we still have a debt of 3 million to reach the end of the runnel.
* secondly, we proposed that a savings club,,call it Sacco.....should be formed. It was seemingly formed but not functional.

Brothers, I ask each one to say something......and do something that will enable us find light at the end of the tunnel.
I request that the debate shouldn't be a blame it on me or you game.....rather a moment to tighten our nuts, a time to rethink, a time to renew our commitments, a moment to know that the One on whose Rock we stand firm and strong, assures us that with our little faith, we shall move mountains. (Mt 21:21-22).

God bless you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Congratulations Rev fr. Augustine Munyandamutsa


Ntare school my shield my strength

[08/04/18]   13 days to the ordination of Dn Augustine


You're highly invited




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