Nomods/kasese Mission Team

Nomods/kasese Mission Team


Understanding and interpreting the signs of the times. This was the problem of the religious leaders, and am very sure the this same problem is still happening today. Christians are failing to understand and interprete the signs of the times so the keep demanding for sign from Christ.
They still want to test his Authority.
See. Math. 16:1-3.
But in vs 4 Jesus gives this reply, Only an evil, adulterous generation, would demand for a miraculous sign......

Check the generation you in, review you walk with Christ.
Christ has unleased all blessings to us, we living in the finished works of Christ.

Stop demanding for a sign from God any more.
I can see clearly now, here on my knees............. I understand better now, here on my knees....... We are all invited to a night of prayer elevation....... Pray uninterruptedly.........all are invited.
We Are Going In The Mission At Kamathuko On Sunday 10/12/2017. We Expect The Best.
Kasese-#Kamatsuku Mission is rocking with power.
We are highly in prepartion time
10-17th Dec 2017.will b days v unusal pwr.
Do not miss friend
We do Mission with alot of Love.
I wish you should never plan to miss any NOMODS MISSION.
#KAMATSUKU- #KASESE is uploading in December.Do not miss alot of happiness when seeing the manifestation of the love of God& of power,You see
While on mission ground,we impact lives of youth and preach to them the hope of Glory.
Below in the comment are fruits of 2014-Kilembe Mission who puporsed not to miss 2015-Maliba Mission.
oo wawu ,Youth in #Kamatsuku are also crying 4 U
Gods Generals coming from stage after ministering a powerfull praise in December 2015 at Maliba town-Kasese
Now members, Kamatsuku Mission is loading in high gear from 10th dec.These men have impacted Maliba so greatly that upto now fruits are still coming.
Be part of Kamastuku-Kasese in any way this December.

Healing & Restoration of theLand

Operating as usual


Destiny International Church Nabbingo

Prayer overnight. Let's pray together.




"Come to me all you who LABOUR and are Heavy laden and i will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. (NKJV)

Extracted from a series of teachings titled ▪PRIESTHOOD & SACRIFICES.▪
By: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc,DD

To purchase a complete message and many more inspirational sermons kindly Visit; Or go to ▪Christ Embassy Church BOOKSHOP near you.▪ Either you can also watch and download it on YouTube.
Be Blessed.

[04/03/17]   Through this team, God has produced great men and women of God, Pastors, teachers, Prophets, men of faith, Apostles, etc. Now you who is about to join, you are just the nearing your greatest in this generation in Jesus name

[04/03/17]   In Exodus 15, the bible shows us the very first song that Moses and the children of Israel sang unto the LORD after crossing the Red Sea. The children of Israel saw no possibility of crossing the waters of the Red sea but Jehovah did a tremendous miracle in their sight by the hand of Moses. This is what inspired them to sing unto the LORD a song of praise. This month, the LORD will do tremendous miracles in your life that will usher you into songs of praise to the LORD GOD of Heaven in Jesus name

[04/03/17]   You just can't miss this celebration, [email protected] in Kyambogo this Saturday at 3pm in west end Main hall. As we say "Ebeneezer," come with a friend and get socked into the joy of the Holy Ghost

[05/20/16]   This May 29th-june 5th, mukono will be bowing to the most powerful name of Jesus Chrsit. Join us in prayer as we pray for Mukono. God is gonna raise the dead, heal the sick and above all, many will come to Christ Jesus. Hallelujah
Restoration, Miracles, Signs and wonders are gonna happen as the LORD confirms His word. God bless u

[05/11/16]   You are loved

[04/22/16]   Good morning family and praise God. It's ma pleasure to d alumni team to remind u this Sunday is d last Sunday of d month, so as we agreed we shall be joining d campus team in bible study. Please make t a point to b there. And to d campus team, plz attend in large numbers so that u partake of this grace we carry. I assure u, you will b transfigured.
God bless you all


Martin Nabwana

Glory to the God for the nomods family

Last year in sept, Nomods/kasese Mission Team went to preach the gospel to the young generation in kasese. Watch out wat God did in one of the schools. This school was a Muslim school and more than 3/4 (three quarters) of the students gave their lives to the LORD Jesus Christ. If yo still there bargaining whether you should give your life to Christ or not, u better do it now. The bible says that if u hear His voice, harden not your heart. (heb 4:7)
God bless u


David Oyedepo Ministries International

If people will seek for God’s wisdom the way they seek for silver, they will end up having more silver than they ever dreamt of.


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Anointing will put you up integrity will maintain you there.


Victor K**I Boateng

I am praying for you now...


Prophetess Mary Bushiri

If you can understand how it happened, then it's not a miracle. A miracle is something which happens beyond human understanding. I declare miracle healing, miracle possessions, miracle money and miracle turnaround in your life today in Jesus name...#LordINeedAMiracleToday


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

May God embarrass all your enemies!

[10/23/15]   The Consummation of Love (1John 4:17)

17 Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.


Believe God for the best in all things that you do. You will surely get them in Jesus' mighty name


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[09/09/15]   This sept 20th to 26th, Kasese is on fire. Plz join us as we do school ministry in Kasese. God bless u as u participate.
luv u child of God

NOMODS FAMILY 30/07/2015


[07/30/15]   Praise the name of d living God brethren! This page was created to share the word of God, preach Jesus, minister to people, share testimonies, etc. so i ask all of us to always share what the LORD is doing in our lives, wat he is asking us to do at that time, among others cz u may discern a season and another person fails to discern that season. it will therefore be more important if we all post on this page.
God bless u so much

[07/08/15]   "If your God never disagrees with u, you might just be worshiping an idealized version of yourself"
timothy keller


If you believe you can get to heaven by being a good person, you'll be shocked at what the Bible says! Read John 3:3, John 3:16, 1John 5:24 and finalize with 1John 5:12. Religion has made us so much comfortable and we think it can take us to heaven. Many times they have preached to us that as long as u do good, then u will go to heaven! who told u so?? my bro, my sis, i wan to help u wherever u r, Jesus Christ is the way, truth and the life. we can only think of heaven if we accepted Him in our lives. Romans 10:9. so receive Jesus and receive life. God bless u.


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Nomods/kasese Mission Team


Nomods/kasese Mission Team's cover photo

[06/19/15]   When a man does good, foolish people always ask why he/she keeps doing good. But our LORD Jesus Christ told us to always do good. where am doing my training from, most of the workmates are so concerned about my employment than myself cz they see me do good to them. Wen u lay yo life for somebody, someone will lay his/her life for you. I declare and decree, by the anointing of the holy Ghost, that as u lay yo life for sam1, God will put a burden on samone else just for u in the mighty name of our LORD Jesus Christ........


Take time and thank God


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[05/07/15]   1Corinthians 4:20. Da kingdom of God z not in word bt demonstration of power. We gonna demonstrate God's power this may 10th-17th in Kiyindi-Buikwe district. Kam & we witness 2getha d power of God..

[05/06/15]   This month, may 10th - 17th, Kiyindi in Buikwe district z in trouble! Jesus is visiting d pple of Buikwe. Join us in prayer, yo physical presence z equally necessary. Let proclaim d gospel of Jesus Christ to all creation.

[04/10/15]   NOMODS- "No More Despise" love defines us as a family. many have been despised but the bible teaches us in titus 2 dat let No man despise you. be part of those who are not despised by liking the NOMODS page

[04/06/15]   we thank God for the Easter camp that took place in Mukono. Am sure u & I were blessed.




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