Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira

Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira

Full Gospel Church, Kirombe-Luzira is a member of the Full Gospel Churches of Uganda.

Operating as usual

[11/28/18]   The name of the LORD is a strong (fortified) tower, the righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)


Full Gospel Church Kirombe-Luzira Worship Team

More like Faith without Action is dead!!!

A Dream is good. But a dream without action is dead!!! - Pr. Patrick Owachgui

Be strong and very Courageous - Joshua 1:6

[06/14/17]   JUNE SEASON :

Last Night, we kicked off yet another Season of Prayer.

Our theme this time round will focus on 'Ministry Discipleship, Prayer & Worship'

JOIN us every evening starting 13 - 30th June 2017 from 5pm to 9pm as worship, praise and study more about Discipleship, Prayer and Worship.
See you there and please come with a friend.

God Bless you!

[04/12/17]   Over 2000 years ago...mankind watched in amazement how the Mighty One humbled Himself...To redeem men back to God!!!
This Sunday...we relive the Story of Redemption #Easter #BackToTheFather


Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira's cover photo


JOIN US this Christmas day as we Celebrate Jesus!


Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira's cover photo


Jesus is Coming Soon.....Are you Ready? Reach out to the Lost and Hold your Lamp keeping it oiled and ready to Shine in Darkness at all Times!

[11/12/16]   Afterward I will pour out my spirit on everyone: your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions. At that time I will pour out my spirit even on servants, both men and women.
- Joel 2:28-29


Today is our special Joint sunday. The spirit has so filled the atmosphere. send in your requests for the Lord Jesus is here.
Follow for more.


We all fear something or someone. This explains it all


This Sunday's sermon was part 2 of breaking the chain of poverty.
What did you learn from this sermon?


Today we flashback the Pakwach Worship Conference. Where next do you think we should have the conference?


This Sunday Ap. Manson from America shared in both services. What did you learn? Please share.


Life is like a camera.
Focus on what's important.
Capture the good times.
And if things don't
work out, just take
another shot.- Anonymous
Be inspired.


Today for our begin of fundraise project Ps. Patrick Ozunga shatede with us on breaking the bond of poverty.


Today our Man of Christ Monday #MCM is Filliam Ochanda Mungumio. Filliam is the leader of the Worship Team of Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira vocalist , pianist, technician and that he needs to do for Chirst. Known for his commitment to ministry, patience, sacrifice,heart for others oh and the high soprano amny gys cant sing. He inspires many to serve and love God.
Filliam we appreciate you and love You .
What would you love to say to Filliam?


Last Sunday Bro. Oyo Patrick shared; THE MIND.
Join us this sunday as we recreate ourselves to the Christly Mindset.


As you enjoy your Freedom in Christ today, Don't settle for anything less.


As you go through the Day may the spirit in you Radiate Freedpm.


Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira

Some of the worship team members who went to Pakwach.


Some of the worship team members who went to Pakwach.


With the current increase in the Price of Everything, we should be grateful to God that he hasn't increasee TITHE to !5%. Its still 10%.

Even with inflation today, the wages of sin is still death.

Pakwach Worship Conference '16 Day 1 09/06/2016

Pakwach Worship Conference '16 Day 1


Today the Worship Team of Full Gospel Church Kirombe Luzira together with our Own Pastor Patrick Ozunga arrived in Pakwach for a three day worship seminar.We were welcomed with this sunrise. More pictures coming up. Watch the space


As we start this week . Be assured you are not alone, the battle is the Lord's. Share with friends encourage someone.


Today as fellow Christians remember the Uganda Martyrs, let's pray for the martyred church in the Arab world especially. Let's also use our freedom of worship to Exalt Jesus. Type amen in agreement for this prayer.


Welcome to a nnew month. We all expect alot but don't forget God's plan it's the best for us.


Be courageous, you are not forgotten.


Bible Quiz Question of the Day
Who is the high priest of Jerusalem who put Jesus on trial?


Test your Bible knowledge Bible Quiz question coming up at the top of the hour


Happening now. Sermon in session. #worship'16


This is how it went down yesterday. Join us today for more praise, worship and much more heaven on earth


We ae ready for you are you ready.
Come let's go up #worship16


THE GOD OF A SECOND CHANCE " a Testimony of Pastor Benny Hinn on his tour to South Africa in April 2016.
Please pay attention to his detailed testimony. He says in 2015 he had heart attack and was taken to the hospital for heart surgery and while in the hospital he had a dream and in that dream he found himself in a long queue at the gate of heaven and everyone was dressed in white garment. At the gate was Jesus dressed in a shiny sparkling white garment different from everyone and beside him Pastor Benny Hinn saw a woman that was playing a piano. Jesus would nod his head in signal as to whether a person was accepted or denied to enter. If it was a yes, the pianist would play glorious melodies and the glory was overwhelming and the gates would automatically open but if it was a denial the pianist would play horrible melodies and demons would come to take the person away to hell. He says, out of the whole queue only 20 percent entered but 80 percent were denied. They were all Christians and full of pastors but only 20 percent entered. He says everyone was trembling as they were waiting on the que. He says eventually Pastor Benny Hinn's turn came and the pianist knew Pastor Benny and smiled at him in admiration of his record amongst the people on earth but when Jesus looked at Benny Hinn, his look could tell that he was not impressed with Pastor Benny Hinn, and Pastor Hinn says his trembling and fear had increased knowing that he would not be able to make it through that gate and when Jesus was about to make his decision, then he woke up and God said to him "Don't blow up this time, this is your second chance" Pastor Benny Hinn then explained something that every long serving christian need to take note of. He said all through his ministry he had two ministry duties, one was to serve the people with his gift that God has given him ie preaching and performing miracles and the other ministry was his personal walk with God ie. his fellowship with God on everyday basis. He says but from 2010 as he passed through a divorce his relationship with God became dead and God was far away. He says through the divorce he lost about 7 million dollars and his house and his relationship with God was gone totally. The amazing thing is that he says when he knew that he is no longer with God thus when he saw many miracles in his ministry. He says that, because he is a great pretender so he pretended before the people as if he is with God and yet he was not.(remember the gifts of God are without repentance that is to say whether you are with God or not the gift will still work, but to enter the gate of heaven it will be your relationship with God ie your right standing with God through Jesus Christ) " As to pretence, it is not only Pastor Benny Hinn but any long serving christian becomes used to the things of God and eventually pretence becomes his everyday walk before the people and one minds more of the degree and opinion that the crowds hold on him than what God says" pastor Benny Hinn now condemns the selling of anointing oils and holy waters and any thing of God that today pastors sell in churches to make money. He says since God has given him a second chance his focus is no longer on the crowds and their opinions but on his personal relationship with God so that he may enter that gate. The question is if Pastor Benny Hinn was trembling and sweating at the gate in fear that he would not make it, what about you when you will face the gate. If we think because of our long serving in the church, or preaching, or works or miracle performance, I think he has out done most of us and yet God's acceptance at the gate is not based on these. "Phil 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." God has not given Pastor Benny Hinn alone this second chance but the whole body of christ world wide to walk home into his arms through his grace and mercy before the door closes which is very shortly. God has used Pastor Benny Hinn in this case because of his influence and the public opinion that people have on him and of how much an individual would then realise of his short fall before that gate. Its time to seek repentance before God, its time to drop down titles given by men in search for God's mercy that enables one to enter through that gate. Its time for evangelising and awakening of our souls.



Faith Building, Hope for the Lost, Message of Salvation



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