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Photos from UNREACHED AFRICA's post 07/03/2021

There is an emergency need for water in many Ugandan villages. A pastor asked Jonathan for help today. See captions on each photo. Share this! And Please Give to the Water Well campaign at unreachedafrica.churchcenter.com/giving


We are celebrating you today our dear Danielle. This ministry is blessed because of your hard work, compassionate heart, passion... the list is endless. We love you so much and we are so honored to do ministry with you. Happy birthday mukwano.

We are celebrating you today our dear Danielle. This ministry is blessed because of your hard work, compassionate heart, passion... the list is endless. We love you so much and we are so honored to do ministry with you. Happy birthday mukwano.

[01/12/21]   Join us in prayer as the nation of Uganda is preparing for elections and there is much unrest. Ugandans have been blocked from all social media. Contact us via email or reach out to the US Team here if you have any questions.


Merry Christmas and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless each and every one of you. Remember that He is our sustainer and provider. He is our King and Lord. May His peace reign in your hearts and minds so that you may be overwhelmed with His goodness and love.


Auction instructions


Unreached Africa Online Christmas Auction bidding can begin. Go to the album in the Group to post your bid! There are many beautiful items available.

[12/19/20]   Today you get to come shopping with us in Uganda! Your donation supports our ministry during a very critical time, and for that we thank you for your support. Please join our Unreached Africa Christmas Auction right now to have first bidding opportunities beginning in one hour. Auction ends on Tuesday Dec 22nd.


There will be a Christmas Auction coming soon!! Even Zippy the Zebra is so excited!


UNREACHED AFRICA's cover photo

[12/09/20]   Jonathan and Jackie and the team they are with continue to travel further into the deepest jungles of Uganda sharing Gods word. Arriving late in the evening at one village to find folks assembled playing drums and excited about hearing the word from the visiting team!

[12/07/20]   Jonathan and Jackie have traveled many miles to a very remote jungle village at the invite of a local pastor, they have arrived late and will be sharing Christ over the next few days. Pray that many will hear the good news and come to Jesus as their Lord and Savior

[12/06/20]   Unreached Africa is committed to the great commission! Our deepest passion is to “Reach Beyond the Reached”. We are committed to serving communities through the local church to meet local needs that are both physical and spiritual. One village at a time!

[12/03/20]   Our mission is to evangelize, disciple, equip, and empower with the goal of promoting lasting transformation in the lives reached to the glory of God.

We do this by student sponsorship, pastoral training, church planting and community development through the local church.

[12/01/20]   Our Core Values:
1. Christ-Centered
2. Good stewardship with resources
3. Dedicated to serve with Excellence


As the Coronavirus spreads around the globe, the Unreached communities of Uganda are at unprecedented risk.
This is what your support looks like right now, in the middle of a pandemic. Communities of Kisagayirye and Namalinda in Nakasongola district are able to collect the clean and safe water they need to protect their families and stay healthy.
None of this is possible without supporters like you.




On this day as we celebrate women, Unreached Africa together with you our partners we celebrate Babirye Ruth. The only girl who has made it to this level in education amongst 16 siblings.

Her mom a market vendor who missed an opportunity wished nothing less for her girls but never knew how to get things work out. Having a daughter come out like Ruth is a blessing and encouragement to all women out there. Thank you for your generous giving our dear partners. You made this possible. Happy Women's ❣️ Day.

[02/21/20]   This Video is about a program called Dignity program!! In this program we have days for girls helping young ladies with sanitary help before school starts so they could get help with sanitary towels and not miss any week of their school days and having a dialogue with these girls to hear their thoughts and challanges that they go through. Jackie Nakabugo facilitated this outreach 3 weeks ago and we want to thank you all who support this program of young girls to get their dignity back.


The gift Camp is a time to share Christ and the Gift of Salvation He brings to us in this season. I am asking you to be apart of the Gift Camp.


If you feel God puts it on your heart to help, please join this Cause. Together we can make it happen.


Because of you moments in lives of children were created. Such moments travel miles in a life of a child. Thank you.

[01/29/19]   Hello friends, we Just returned from a 10 days mission in the villages to the children, we visited 4 villages, reached out to over 300 children with games, bible scriptures, songs, memory verses etc..55 children gave their lives to Jesus Christ. praise the Lord for the children. thank you friends for your prayers and support.


student testimonies.

look at what the Lord has done in the lives of these young people. Ebenezer.


The Impact when you believe and Educate the teenagers.

Friends, i would love to introduce to you our ministry promo video about out teenage sponsorship. feel free to share the vide with your friends.

[05/21/18]   Friends I know this may sound off from most of our discussions but I thought I should share with you friends. From last Wednesday to Friday I spent those three days with prisoners in one of our country village Prisons. (I was not a prisoner) The life I saw was so horrible, when speaking to them and spending time with them. I realised they go through slot during their time in prison, injustice,mistreatment and don't have mattresses but they sleep on the floor, I managed to give them good breakfast and lunch and to them they called it a party. It touched my heart to see that they work so hard and they don't have mattresses where they sleep on but just on the floor, I felt compelled to talk to my friends and see if we can buy mattresses for these prisoners. The prison holds 200 prisoners not more than that.. The prison warden asked me to go back and preach the gospel to them and reach out to them in anyway we could, like buying mattresses,soap, bibles and do counselling among them. Friends would you stand with me and we buy mattresses,Bibles and soap for these prisoners? It takes $30 for one mattresses, $10 for one Bible, $5 box of soap. Please I ask you don't feel offended by my plea but stand with me and we reach out to these men and women. God bless you.


About 3 weeks ago we ministered to one of our churches in the villages and we gave out Samaritan's gifts boxes to the children.
About 14 children gave their lives to Christ. we have some of the pictures here , God bless you'll for your prayers.


in our sustainability program, the couple in the middle where given two cows as their income generating project. As i speak now one of the cows gave birth to a female calf and another one is soon giving birth which will make it 4 cows in a period of 6 months since they got the two mother cows. thank you guys for your support.


I have posted pictures of some of our activities last Year. I hope you do enjoy them.


Friends thank you all for your prayers! We had a successful prayer conference for the church in Busoga in a region called Kidera. Eastern part of Uganda. The church was blessed and God unveiled the eyes of his people and encouraged the church in prayer and seeking God. Thank you grinds for your prayer support.


The true heart of Christmas is one of wonder and warmth.
May this festival season bring joy, wonderful memories to you all our friends and partners.


Nothing should make you afraid. Do not fear. For God is with you.

[11/24/17]   Happy thanksgiving to all our partners and friends in the United states of America. We love you with the love of God.


As you start your week today, all of us here an Unreached Africa want to let you know that we are praying for you all: our partners and friends. Have a wonderful week ahead.


This was the leaders conference where pastors gather to be encouraged and motivated to be good leaders. Such a wonderful conference organised by Fellowship Of Community Churches which we are part of.



Friends watch the video and pray for our ministry. God be with you.


Videos (show all)

student testimonies.
The Impact when you believe and Educate the teenagers.
Work Evangelistic Camp
Training Rural Pastors in Africa.
Here is the joy of receiving a brand New Moto-Bike.  This is what we call dancing with joy. I love AFRICA.
Mathew 25:35, when I was hungry you feed me and when I was thirsty you gave a drink. friends lets pray for the people of...
when Jesus asked! Who is your neighbor? I think this video tells us clearly who our neighbors are.
Remindsme of the excitment we got when we got gifts during our compassion days...these children received ther first ever...
The true African way of worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ! Enjoy friends.We dance, jump and sing loud.





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