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TESLA : Genius for the future 31/05/2021

TESLA : Genius for the future

Do you anything about Nikolai Tesla?

TESLA : Genius for the future When asked what it felt to be the smartest man alive, Albert Einstein said, “ I don’t know, you have to ask Nikola Tesla!”. Similarly…


Bigger Than You Think

The Goliath you meet in your life is standing over your Treasury, he's blocking the way to your Destiny. You've to take him out. Just as David did.


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[07/28/20]   In the coming days starting today I will talk progressively on some known principles of success, principles that, if we all adopted and adapted to, can cause a real miracle change in our lives. Today we look at

Going the Extra Mile💪

The habit of going the extra mile-
Means the act of rendering more service
and better service than one is expected to give
(render). And doing it in a positive mental attitude.
It’s a magic principle of self-advancement, it’s
the one rule you must follow if you expect to write
your own price tag and be sure of getting it.

It's been called the QQA formula-The Quality
of service you render, plus the Quantity of service
you render plus the mental Attitude with which
you render the service determine the space you
occupy in your chosen calling and the compensation
you get from your services. If you look around
you will find that the successful people you know apply this formula, though they may do so unconsciously.

You can take advantage of this habit/principle
by applying it consciously and deliberately with the
purpose of expectation, this way you will have
the edge over those who apply it unconsciously.
And it pays handsomely, may be more!

The benefits of cultivating the habit of going the extra mile are:

As you adopt and adapt to the habit you will discover:

1.The habit will bring you favourably to the attention
of those who can and will provide you with the opportunity
to promote yourself into a better bargain
2.Going the extra mile will position you to take
advantage of the great law of increasing returns
through which the service you render will bring back
greater than average compensations.

3.The habit will make you naturally indispensable
in your chosen occupation or calling; therefore it will
place you in a position to write your own ticket

4.It will help you excel in your work because each
time you render service you endeavor to do a better
job than you did previously.

5.If you work for a salary or wages this habit will give you preference over others at work place when there is
downsizing and others are being laid off.

6.It will help you benefit by the law of contract because
the others around you may not be going the first mile
let alone the second mile.

7.Following this habit in doing your very best in all your efforts, and doing it in a pleasing attitude will improve your personality a great deal and make you liked by others.

8.It will help you to develop a keen and alert imagination because you’ll be continuously seeking new and better
ways of rendering useful service.

9.It will inspire you to move on your own personal
initiative instead of waiting to be told what to do, a habit which is the first step in leadership in all callings.

10.The habit of going the extra mile definitely develops in you great self-reliance and gives more courage to move ahead without fear of criticism from others.

11.With this habit you will be able to master the habit of procrastination which is an evil foremost cause of failure.

12.Going the extra mile influences others to respect your integrity and inspires them to go out of their way to cooperate with you in every respect.

13.Going that extra mile helps you to develop that
definiteness of purpose which is the starting point of
all personal success and stops you from drifting in life
without knowing what you want or where you are going.

14. The ICING on the cake. It provides you with the only excuse to ask for higher promotion to a better station in life or higher pay.

15. Last but not least the habit conditions you to maintain a mastermind alliance with those you work with, without a mastermind alliance in any project work you do as a leader, success becomes only a mirage.

If your current employment or engagement does not permit you to go the X-TRA MILE change your employer IMMEDIATELY. 09/06/2020

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Warren Buffett Quote

You must believe this, regardless of your current earnings and position in the government, corporate world, the private sector and the family nucleus... If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. 15/05/2020

1 Opt In – no video with alerts – Profits Passport

I did a post earlier today on some MMO website, not really a post, it was a marketing/advertising email blasted to over 25,000 recipients worldwide, and boy what a feedback! Here is the email that has worked up some serious sign-ups so far.



That’s quiet some subject head line.
It’s the shortest they came up with for this case in point.
And this is mind-blowing! The money mint-system I have also discovered.
I don’t talk hype because am a very limited edition. I want to share
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will not find its way to your s**t basket.
Please take a few moments to read this.

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Obscene because the return on your investment
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And the sweet cool part is this, and please read this slowly,
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Yes, it’s a 100% done-for-you system
No promotions.
No fancy internet marketing and tech skills.
The system does the telling and selling.
The system follows up and coverts leads.
These are not JUST leads, they are leads kept under locker and key
Verified, treasured and protected leads.
All these under the system automation.
The system works fast and enables you
to start earning within hours of Starting.

And your commissions are 100% in the amounts you paid,
with the first commission fully paying you back your stake. Read that again.
We don’t have baby commissions here,
our commissions are mature.

Let me ask you a stupid question,
What else are you looking for?
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And now you have a choice to make.
If you decide to go by this system, you will never have to regret that you read this mail.
It’s not my system, I’m just one very satisfied customer.

Rick K


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* Millionaire Mindset * Do YOU Have One?

Could you answer some small Quiz questions? They have nothing to do with Covid-19!! I promise. But just before the small Quiz........

I am very sure you realize how the world has been frozen at this time of a real global scare. The Covid-19 has held the world by the balls, excuse my language. People and governments all over the world were kind of flippant in their caution when the virus started in China, if that is true information. But soon it was realized that the threat was real, is real . REAL! Announcements and demands were made that people must stay at home. Stay at Home. Work at home! And this where I am at....🏠

Do you realize that for those who have chosen to work at home full time it's like nothing is happening that is disrupting their work schedules. Digital entrepreneurs are at home with working at home, the 🦟 scare is real,but they are working like nothing has happened. Their business model does not find working at home a disruption!🐱‍👤🤷‍♂️

😢I must take this opportunity to extend my condolences to those who have lost their loved ones to the virus and wish a speedy recovery to those who are suffering from the virus. We shall overcome!

I would ask you to take sometime to think about what is happening now, observe a moment of silence and wish the world well. If you pray, please, in that moment of silence ask God to heal the world.Let us all do it. There comes a time when the world must come together as one. There can never be a more opportune time.

Please stay safe. Stay at home. Work at home and may God bless you.
Heal business model is a work at home model, it's a Bulletproof way of weathering the storm in many fronts. Click the link below to get your bullet proof armor...🤑🤑 and step out to war...💪💪 2 MINUTE QUIZ! Does your mind hold the power to earn you a fortune online? Get personalized results! 26/03/2020

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Working at home is ideal, and at this time, more than never before. Welcome to Heal! LIMITED TIME OFFER – World Traveler Shows You How To Earn Obscene Profits, Even If You Have Never Made Money Online Before.


My page just reached 900 Likes! That may not sound to be a major fete, but it's a milestone to build on!
I thank you all! 13/03/2020

*Become Bulletproof!*

A few more products at Heal are being added, and some of these like the Bulletproof give you kind of a low entry point into Heal Business. And the value in the training is epic, amazing! The Truth Finally EXPOSED! Why You Aren't Making Money Online. The ONE Crucial Piece You're Missing AND What You Can Do About It...

[03/06/20]   Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway..........

When we get started at something for the first time we all get to this feeling of uncertainty, almost always immediately after. Will I make it? Will I make a fool of myself? What will my friends think of me if I do not make it? And those I tried to persuade to join me? These self-questions will cause a deep sense of doubt in your abilities and in most cases will cause you to simply disintegrate and withdraw from a duty and task you had assigned yourself to.
That kind of fear is very normal, and those questions are a part of a process to appraising oneself. And what is more? Any fears that you develop is second thoughts, in any kind of situation. Ever heard of the ‘animal instinct’? The general thinking is that as an ‘animal’, you must respond to instincts; the first instinct is what makes the animal survive. The instinct is not out of options availed to you as a person, NO! the body or the mind reacts to situations in an attempt for self-preservation or protection. The FIRST mental reaction is the right one just for the simple reason that it is not subject to reason, call it the sixth sense, or is it the infinite intelligence?
So what was your first mental reaction to the current situation from which you are trying to extricate yourself? You may not want to believe this, but the first instinctive and natural reaction was “I will do it”, “I can do it”. “I’m in it”, “I can make it”. 💪💪When you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to get yourself out just ask yourself, ‘how in hell did I get me here’? If the answer is, you did do yourself in there, 99% of the time you are in the right place. FEEL THE FEAR BUT DO IT ANYWAY! X 3.

Untitled Album 23/02/2020

Untitled Album


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7 WAYS TO WIN! 7 Day Video Series

Stephen Munson, the CEO of Heal has designed this, and he's the man to trust, Paulo Barroso, a world leader in Affiliate marketing has highly recommended this, Michael Mansell, another icon in the Affiliate marketing industry is marketing this, and Ace Rich, yet another personality in the industry is on a run beckoning the world to join in. All these reputable people wouldn't be wrong about a product. And I can assure you, they are not into this product just because of the money factor, as you will definitely realize when you take the challenge. Purchase a low level alternative entry into a mega business that will pay you residual income. The income is just part of the bargain. When you get into Heal you start experiencing a healing in a very holistic way, you experience transformation in all areas of your life. Health.Wealth.Family.Faith.Love.Fun.
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Fearless Soul

Take care of what you feel........the best is yet to come! 25/01/2020


Something special has been happening in the internet marketing industry and a lot of people are taking note, it's a wave of excitement, it's a tornado, it's a tsunami, of some kind, but with blessings of sorts. It's truly a MOVEMENT! The man behind this is Stephen Munson, the CEO of Heal. Stephen has put up a formidable Mastermind Alliance with world leaders in the industry including, but not only, a most famous Paulo Barroso. The Mastermind Alliance is out to cause a major paradigm shift in the industry. This is what Stephen himself had to say, and you will love it, whether you are a new or an old hand in the industry:
Here is what Stephen just wrote:

“ Let me introduce you to a man named Paulo Barroso. He is a lethal weapon in the online marketing space and has many names like Bond 007, the International Man of Mystery and even the Golden Ticket.

I've known this guy for 6 years since we met at an event in Miami, Florida. It is rather interesting how we both risked it all to go to this event, we meet, and now 6 years later we are locked arm and arm to build something like never before.

I never saw Paulo as a free ride or some great marketer that would make my life easier. I never tried to enroll Paulo into any marketing companies in my entire life until just last October when I finally decided to ask him a question that was stirring on my heart.

I picked up the phone and said, "Paulo when are you going to stop marketing garbage?"

He kinda laughed and in somewhat shame, he said, "I know you are right!"

This is the Paulo Barroso that I always knew. The kind, humble and very brilliant marketer. He has found a way to consistently generate top results for the past 7 years in the online marketing space. When he decided to take a close look at Heal he came back saying, "I've never seen a community like this in my life"

He was very curious if there was actually a way for him to earn money while sharing Heal. I let him know with absolute confidence that we just released our new affiliate system and I believed that if he put his head down and did what we are capable of doing he would be able to earn $10,000 in his first month.

I also made it VERY clear I wasn't able to guarantee anything and that NOBODY before had earned $10,000 so it would be based purely on the timing and the new model.

A few days later he bought all the products and did not do anything for several days. He let me know that he really wanted to take the time to go through everything before he began sharing it.

Before long he went to town and just 30 days later he had earned nearly $10,000 to the penny. In his first couple of months, he's earned around $30,000 and the cool part is he brought in some other world-class marketers like himself.

This is all cool but this is not the purpose of this post nor this story. I want to go to the root of it all from my perspective. When I first reached out to Paulo it actually had nothing to do with me.

I was NOT thinking about the future of Heal or how great this would be for me. What I noticed was a man with major skills who was still seeking purpose, vision, and mission. What I saw was my friend who needed some love, encouragement, and guidance, not vice versa.

In fact, I felt compelled to reach out to him and he will testify that I never ONCE in the past 6 years asked him to join any company, ever.

In a short amount of time, I also realized how this would be the exact thing that I needed to grow into the man and entrepreneur I am called to be. I've got a huge dream loaded with pressure and responsibilities and I need people in my corner that will push me to the next level.

Ever since we took this photo a couple months ago in Las Vegas Paulo Barroso and I have been working on a strategy that will change internet marketing forever.

Our goal was to create a way for the brand new person to be able to start, get traffic, leads and sales without much hassle or losing loads of money. We also wanted to make sure that the end product and service had real-world value beyond money for marketers. We both aligned that the transformation of the customer was more important than the transaction of the marketer.

What I did the last 2 months was take in advice from incredible marketers who have been around the block. I humbled myself and instead of acting like I know everything about marketing I became a hungry student willing to stop, start over, keep learning and find a better way for everyone.

All my heart keeps telling me is to pay close attention to these wise people around me, stay very humble, keep an open mind, be patient and remain diligent.

As a result of our mutual humility and willingness to learn and grow we have successfully created a much better way to do business and next Monday, we are going to let the cat out of the bag on a Private Heal Webinar.

Following the webinar, we will begin using our new method in the market place and we have big plans for helping many others set up their real, reliable and remote business.

I'd like to encourage you to get connected now and if you have been on the fence waiting to see what Heal is all about and where Heal is headed, you are about to see! Enjoy the transformation. “

You heard it from the horse's mouth! You must come along into this Webinar to hear Stephen Live on his dream for 2020 and beyond......