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[04/28/20]   Today's chat time at 5pm "How do I prepare for a long lasting relationship?

Hello, People! God is up to something good!

[04/22/20]   Shortly will be talking about the sin and it remedy on my FB profile!

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[04/11/20]   Auntie Mo Kigozi is coming on shortly with fitness and dance on her page!

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[03/22/20]   Good morning People!
It's a lovely day! We are coming on shortly

[03/21/20]   We will be live on this forum this Sunday 10:00am! Tune in and get others to do the same!

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Come let us return to the LORD; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up. Hosea 6:1

This Sunday 10am at jokas hotel!

Now do not miss this Sunday at real life!

Fathers and sons! Take them out and show them a dream home they could own if they only paid more attention to what is important!
Better than buying them toys like phones on their birthdays!
Happy birthday Maxwell!

If you are lonely, frustrated, depressed, disappointed, heartbroken, let down..and you need to talk to someone about yourself, your marriage, your relationship and life, come to our office opposite Quality shopping village "Auntie Mo Ltd" and you will be glad you came!
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[07/24/19]   I would love to declare a blessing on all of you who love Jesus and are called according to his purpose!

[06/30/19]   When any man finally discovers that the fullness of the Godhead lives inside of him; in Christ, his mission will only be to partner with Christ and bring out that power to do good and heal, and bring that kingdom down; he really will be an overcomer!
Paul said,..Christ in you, the hope of glory!

She is coming on the 29th sept for a war room conference! It's time to fight and take back territory in your family, life, business and marriage!
2 things
1-Pray for this time
2- We are looking for men and women to seed in this( 55 people giving 1 million each)
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[05/21/19]   Greetings 😂😂
For those who missed the video sermon on Sunday or those who would like some notes here it is below ;

3 THINGS the devil uses in Christians to destroy the church and rob you of your destiny!
The devil no longer sends his Devils to churches to destroy them!
He has turned some ignorant believers into church assassins! We destroy ourselves through 3 deadly things

We talk ill about each other and our church leaders thus spreading falsehoods that cause people to discredit the word of God and the family of God.
Gossip sows dissension and separates families and friends

This is accusing another falsely yet we don't have all the facts! We do it a lot as believers and destroy people's reputation and character

It is the feeling of being irritated by the action of another and having an attitude towards everyone else because of that experience! We harbor anger and Unforgiveness which locks us in a prison but also locks the ones who we take as offenders in a prison

Steps to liberty
1- Forgive
It benefits you more than the person you forgive
2- Repent
3- Avoid the people who gossip and slander

Healing spiritually, emotionally and physically has been seen to occur when we forgive and get rid of these vices! Some people are sick of hypertension, pressure, rheumatoid anthritis because of these things!
Blessings come as a result and you get to your God given destiny!
Having and har boring these things may block your Destiny! Get rid of them

Real life family church
Jokas hotel Bweyogerere
Bring a friend

Sunday 830am & 10 .30 am
Thursdays : community life groups

Your all welcome ❤❤

Lovely youth retreat this holiday at real life family church! It was awesome sharing my story and advise with them!

Lovely! Youth visit home!

Thrilled to hold baby Othniel, Benaiah, Adonai, Kimuli in my hands and dedicate him(my nephew) to the Lord in a Jewish way and father pronounce his blessing! It was a natural birth even after doctors said it was impossible at such an age but God proved them wrong again!
Congratulations Kim and Olivia!

This Sunday 27th January, 2019, we are glad to host a military man, served in Anisom Somalian as a field staff, a superintendent in Uganda Police, married to a superintendent, a father, a husband, a born again believer, upright in a corrupt generation, in line with real life family church theme (rooted and built up in Christ col2:6-7) Topic: IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE IN CHRISTIAN LIFE introducing Superintendent Phillip Mukasa this Sunday at real life, jokas hotel Bweyogerere 8:30am and 10:30am! Come hear stories of miraculous survival from terrorist bombs due to discipline and hearing from God! See you then!

We are launching a Luganda service this Sunday the 20th of January 2019 at real life, jokas hotel Bweyogerere! Bring your entire family; 8:30am!

Colossians 2:6-7 New International Version (NIV)

Spiritual Fullness in Christ
6 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness

I had an opportunity to be alive last week when a sudden flash storm wrecked part of the city and there was a blackout for 2 days! People in low lying areas lost property and some cars were smashed! I was told the cause of the power outage was a tree that fell on some electric pole in Banda so I purposes to pass by the scene!
Indeed a tree had fallen! It was an old tree and strong looking with a large stem! Many smaller trees had not fallen though they looked weaker than it and I looked closer to find out why!
I noticed it had been uprooted! The tree had grown really big and tall but the roots were not deep enough to sustain it in times of the storm! The smaller younger trees had deeper and stronger roots to keep them strong during the storm!
The spirit of God spoke to me through this word that this year, we need to get rooted, build the foundations of our faith so that we wear out the storms ahead! It doesn't matter how long you have been saved but how deep your relationship with him is!
Many build flamboyant ministries, they pray long, fast frequently, gather large crowds but they don't stand the tests and trials that come because of shallow relationships with God! Being busy doing ministry does not mean you have a growing relationship with him! It's a deliberate private time of quality in his presence and word! So when the storms of 2019 come, we will be standing at the end! Let's take our roots deep!
Our relationship depends most on our submission to Him as Lord in all areas of our lives! It's a journey and theme we will have at real life church, jokas hotel Bweyogerere!
Happy new year!

We have our minds set on these non negotiable things:

1- Exercise is good for the body! Lack of it immobilizes your life and reduces lifespan!

2- Maintenance of Gods temple is key! Eat right to feel right!

3- There is no excuse for not loving! Conflicts come but they must not be heightened by one withdrawing sex, affection, responsibility..because feelings come and go but our marriage is forever!

4- We are the only visible object lesson of Gods grace and love to our children and hence our lives are a love story for them to watch and have hope!

5- Keep your hearts from lies and wrong emotions that may steal your joy and happiness, causing conflict with God and your spouse and bringing physical illness too!

6- God is our source not our spouse! When God fills my spouse, they can overflow to me!
So we love God and spend time individually and together with him so that we don't put unnecessary and unrealistic demands on each other that only He can fulfill!

7- Life is too short to be spent grumbling and complaining! Enjoy it! Love yourself so much that your spouse starts to love you too! Love your neighbor as you love yourself!

2019 is going to be my year when I extravagantly love Maureen; keep my size and looks, my passion, my fervor for God, my love for the ministry, my love for the children, my health and fitness..I will surprise her, cook for her, carry her, say I love her..until she is fed up or full of love!
I know where my love reserves Jesus(the way he loved is my example)
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.
Sagala banja..I don't want to go with her debt!
Happy new year to all of you again!

[12/28/18]   In 2015 alast Sunday to Christmas I walked into Mandela national stadium after 6 months of failure disappointed as I failed to do my senior six due to lack of registration fee I had so many questions as to why it was me surely I had lost sense of direction and almost giving up with God .fortunately when I entered the stadium I found two young people who were ushers who welcomed me with joy and a great wonderful smile to join the worship indeed when I entered my heart felt rest like never before as pastor Mark said dat 2016 will be a great year to those who believe and obey God's word ,indeed in 2016 I sat for my UACE miraculously and in 2017 October joined UPDF training and passed out on 24 August 2018 and deployed in field Atirally and taken for another course in olilimu school of field Atirally and air defence thax so much pastor for Real life .that is part of my testmony

You are all welcome!

Sandra and McColvin!

Along the paths of life, you meet different people and make friends but also lose friends along the way! Some hang on and partner with you in your life's destiny and become true sons and daughters in the house of God! I would like to honor and recognize in a special way Ray Ssro who has a great gift in music and worship and has made real life a worthy place for Gods dwelling!
Merry Christmas to ray ssro and his kin! Join me to honor him!


Two people here am proud of Jean Biwaga people could easily mistake u to be quiet and proud, but woman your heart is Gold I remember all the love and connections you have given to my orphanage( elohim children's home Bombo) both under Opic and your work place. Now for Mark Mark Kigozi my lovely wife Mirembe Julie Rachel Ahigika gives many testimony references trusts and talks about your work lots I for one could see u often in Vieena and out but just admired ur commitment to friends cos I know many even under Bethel cell kwegamba u have changed many souls Merry xmass pastor
By Duncan Ahigika

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