Angelina Youth Club

Angelina Youth Tororo is an association of the youth within Tororo which aims at bringing up and nurturing the talent of the young people through Music Dance and Drama.

From our inception with sixteen members at Mr. Kasbante’s home in 2008, we are now over fifty members in our humble home in Agururu Catholic Church, we have a district, National and worldwide recognition and acclaim, we are proud to be Uganda’s cultural ambassadors. With a repertoire of over 15 items representing Uganda's Culture and Arts, we take you on a journey of Uganda in one place. We engage in a number of activities, the most important being Drama with a primary purpose of advertising Angelina Lyaka, a young girl of 14 years who was murdered by her uncle because she refused to get married to him. We believe that through this association, we shall be able to pull back all those youths who have left the church for other religions to once again become active participants in the church activities bearing in mind the life Angelina Lyaka led during her time.

Mission: "The objective of Angelina Youth Tororo is to strengthen the youth community and encourage the youth to work in order to better the society through personal growth and achievements in diligence, responsibility, and leadership." To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among the memebers of youth club. To promote and activate the sense of social service among the Christians of Agururu and the community around. Provide opportunities for the development of young people so that they can achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials

Angelina Youth Club's cover photo

Angelina Youth Club's cover photo

Catholic-devoted Angelina Lyaka

Hello Everyone, we have launched our website, you can get all the information & History of Angelina Lyaka by visiting Hundreds of Pilgrims from far and near on the 6th of May every year converge in prayers to celebrate Angelena Lyaka Day at her tombs near St. Bruno Serunkuma Catholic Church in Tororo Town, Eastern Uganda. Angelena Lyaka’s tomb is visited throughout the year by many individuals for prayers seeking f…

[05/11/15]   I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made Angelina's day a Success, God has been kind to all of us as a group. we are happy with the all love, support, guidance and appreciation that we have been getting right from the first day we decided to follow this road we are in today.We feel blessed. I would like to encourage all the members of the Angelina Youth Club fraternity to never regret something that once made them smile. All of us have come to see that we can make it if we are united and believe in our selves. Please keep up our Aim, Mission and objectives at the peak of your brain as follow our motto: Hard work and Discipline leads to excellence.

[05/11/15]   Angelina Youth Club has printed books about the History and Life of Angelina Lyaka. These books are available at Mr. Nyanzi's home in Tororo Bison @ 4000/-. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of this publication especially Mr. Owor Martin, May God bless and reward u abundantly and to all of you who have continued encouraging the whole family of Angelina Youth club, we are all very grateful.

[03/13/15]   The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.......Come join this one in a life time

[02/19/15]   Let the youth remember that here they are to build characters for eternity, and that God requires them to do their best. Let those older in experience watch over the younger ones; and when they see them tempted, take them aside, and pray with them and for them. The Lord would have us recognize the great sacrifice of Christ for us by showing an interest in the salvation of those He came to save. If the youth will seek Christ, He will make their efforts effectual.—Mrs. E. G. White

[02/19/15]   The youth need to keep ever before them the course that Christ followed. At every step it was a course of overcoming. Christ did not come to the earth as a king, to rule the nations. He came as a humble man, to be tempted, and to overcome temptation, to follow on, as we must, to know the Lord. In the study of His life we shall learn how much God through Him will do for His children. And we shall learn that, however great our trials may be, they cannot exceed what Christ endured that we might know the way, the truth, and the life. By a life of conformity to His example, we are to show our appreciation of His sacrifice in our behalf.

The youth have been bought with an infinite price, even the blood of the Son of God. Consider the sacrifice of the Father in permitting His Son to make this sacrifice. Consider what Christ gave up when He left the courts of heaven and the royal throne, to give His life a daily sacrifice for men. He suffered reproach and abuse. He bore all the insult and mockery that wicked men could heap upon Him. And when His earthly ministry was accomplished, He suffered the death of the cross. Consider His sufferings on the cross,—the nails driven into His hands and feet, the derision and abuse from those He came to save, the hiding of His Father’s face. But it was by all this that Christ made it possible for all who will to have the life that measures with the life of God.

[02/19/15]   I have a deep interest in the youth, and I greatly desire to see them striving to perfect Christian characters, seeking by diligent study and earnest prayer to gain the training essential for acceptable service in the cause of God. I long to see them helping one another to reach a higher plane of Christian experience.

Christ came to teach the human family the way of salvation, and He made this way so plain that a little child can walk in it. He bids His disciples follow on to know the Lord; and as they daily follow His guidance, they learn that His going forth is prepared as the morning.

You have watched the rising sun, and the gradual break of day over earth and sky. Little by little the dawn increases, till the sun appears; then the light grows constantly stronger and clearer until the full glory of noontide is reached. This is a beautiful illustration of what God desires to do for His children in perfecting their Christian experience. As we walk day by day in the light He sends us, in willing obedience to all His requirements, our experience.........Ellen G. White Writings

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[12/31/14]   We are still welcoming all those who would wish to become members of Angeline Youth Club, Just come to Agururu Catholic Church and ask for Mr. Nyanzi Fred, he will be very ready to help you on anything you intend to know. Thanks and God Bless you all

[12/31/14]   Another year of success and happiness has passed.With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life.Angelina Youth Club wishes you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you may face in 2015.May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead,God bless you.Happy New Year 2015 !!!

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Angelina Youth Club

Angelina Youth Club's cover photo

Love for African Heritage

Angelina Youth Club

[09/10/14]   Congratulations to the Uganda cranes for the sweet win, you have made us very proud ugandans

[02/05/14]   Angelina Youth Club has successfully registered at the district level..........this is great news to us. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and encouragement.

[01/24/14]   Good Morning!!
Stay away from people who always focus on bringing up your past every chance they get.

[12/26/13]   Thank you for being great suppoters and well wishers of Angelina Youth Club - you continue to inspire us to do more. 2013 has been an exciting year, with the best still to come. Next year we'll bring you even more of our innovative ideas to help us achieve our set goals. We look forward to a great 2014.
From all of us, Happy Holidays!

[12/08/13]   It has been a nice celebration here in Tororo at St. Bruno Sserumuma catholic Church
We give thanks to the lord for seeing us through.

[12/07/13]   Tomorrow 8th Dec, come join us at St. Bruno Sserunkuma Catholic church az we celebrate our Arnivasary. We shall also as a club be welcoming our new parish priest officially. Come with a friend. See you there.

[12/04/13]   When a door closes just know that a window will always open.Everything happens for a reason.The greatest things in life are yet to come. Nice Lunch

Angelina Youth Club

U may have been knocked down many times, but u have made it through many storms. U face this day with courage, with a smile, with faith that even bigger and better blessings are coming down. Say "Amen". Keep liking our page at

Angelina Youth Tororo is an association of the youth within Tororo which aims at bringing up and nurturing the talent of the young people through Music Dance and Drama.

[12/03/13]   we welcome our team that went to Kenya for spiritual conference, it came back Monday morning. we thank you for your prayers.

[12/02/13]   No matter how bad your current situation may be, try to remember that there is always someone, somewhere who is somehow in worse shape than you are. Have hope in Life

[11/28/13]   Do something for someone today who doesn't deserve it, with a smile. Show that God and Christians are about love, not judgement. Be blessed our dear friends. we love so much and may our lord continue blessing you in whatever you are doing.

[11/18/13]   Thanks to all those who are liking our page, May God bless you all

[11/16/13]   The Date has been set for the Anniversary 23/11/2013 and the preparations are in high gear right now in Tororo. You can continue supporting us by liking our page and increasing the visibility of the club to the outside world. Don't miss this memorable day.

[11/04/13]   AYC Arniversary is coming soon, If u love and support this club encourage your friends to like our & be part of the wonderful, young & determined ethusiates. God bless you all

[03/31/13]   happy easter 2all de funs of Angelina youth clud may His resurrectn be of agreat meang 2yr lives

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[03/04/13]   We wish all the Kenyans a successful election today. Mya God guide you through the process until you get a leader that you all deserve.

Angelina Youth Club

For all those who would like to be part of Angelina Youth Club, Joining is very free, all you need to do is like our page by clicking this link and keep sharing it with your friends.

Angelina Youth Tororo is an association of the youth within Tororo which aims at bringing up and nurturing the talent of the young people through Music Dance and Drama.

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