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Operating as usual

[11/11/20]   Passion for Christ Ministry in collaboration with Calvary Chapel at Gadith Building Level 4 down town Kampala opposite Mutasa Kaffero runs a Lunch Hour Fellowship from 12 noon to 2pm.. This started on 2nd November 2020.
Join us daily Monday to Friday for Worship, Word and Prayer.

[07/19/20]   Is there a place for a committed Christian in politics? Watch this space.

[06/05/20]   "We are safe not because of the absence of danger but because of the presence of God." I agree with this statement entirely.
The world today is troubled by the dangerous pandemic, the Covid19. Many people have died, people have lost jobs and economies once powerful are limping. However men and women of faith are praising and celebrating the goodness of God! Amazing! Yes, because the danger has always been there but His goodness mitigate the dangers because He is ever present. Oh, how I love Jesus!

[09/01/19]   God has been working on and through me for a number of years now refining what he wants me to concentrate on in his garden. This caused a bit of quiet at this platform. I have the good news. Even as I continue to share my Spiritual story, I will be focusing in the direction of the area I believe God to be emphatically directing, helping and enabling me to be of impact; developing Kingdom (Transformational) leaders.
I see God touching many to help us raise the quality of leadership in our country and continent as we continue to share through these interactions. God is urgently calling on us to raise Servant Leaders. God bless you and make you a blessing to those around you as we move on this journey together. Let me hear that you are a partner on this journey.

[02/04/19]   Praise the living God brethren.
We have been off for a while going through some leadership growth processes as we follow God’s leading towards our calling; developing Transformational leaders. Denis has been busy with the hospital missions while I responded to God’s given opportunities to enhance training leaders at various institutions.
The Glad Tidings Bible College halted its Degree classes where I was impacting leaders many of whom already exercise considerable influence both in the church and in other work places. God soon opened another window. An opening at the Africa College of Theology Kigali exposes me to the leadership deficiency in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC and is an opportunity for me to engage in cross cultural missions as well as share leadership challenges.
The Watoto Church School of Community Leadership (SCL) has been most fulfilling as the interactive model of facilitating the various Modules and the follow up with the Governance Group and the Church’s Market Place Groups offer practical openings into real leadership at work. God has been amazingly good directing us to the areas of need; touching lives with the love of Jesus and restoring hope.
I am confident that God wants us to focus on bridging the leadership gap both for our country and region and the opportunities that come our way are a confirmation of where God wants us to go.
I am personally grateful to all those that God has used and continues to use to enable us realize our big dreams.
This platform will actively share progress and inputs for a more vibrant for we are one in Christ.

I was born in 1952 to ‘Balokole’ (born again) parents. They got saved during the Balokole Revival (Late forties/early fifties) which originated in Congo, spread to Rwanda and swept across the East Africa Region. These ‘Balokole’ soon turned to the Anglican faith that was beginning to take roots in the West of the country. In 1953 I was baptized as an infant into the Anglican faith.

In 1961, I enrolled in the Church School for Primary Education. At school we were taught the Bible stories and grew knowing the basics of Christian faith. Scripture was a main subject at all levels. I remember in 1963, there was a Christian rally at our local church and many of us were called to denounce bad habits and manners. I also denounced sins of disobeying parents’ instructions. In 1967, I joined the ‘Boys Brigade, Uganda’, an association of young Christians.

I joined secondary school in 1968 at Kigezi College, a secular Secondary School. Christianity was organized through clubs. I became a member of the Christian (Anglican) Club. In November 1970, I was elected the Club President. The leadership of the Club was responsible for organizing church services and inviting preachers. In the absence of an external preacher, student leaders led the service. I preached to our congregation many times. I think it is this background that motivated me to read the Bible, cover to cover, during the Senior Four Vacation

In 1972, I joined Higher School (A Level) at Kibuli Secondary School, a Muslim school and also Headquarters of the Uganda Muslim Students Association in Kampala. The leadership however allowed non Muslims to hold prayers in their faith. In November of that year, I was elected President of the Christian Union, an Anglican leaning organization that promoted Christianity among young people, mainly in schools. As the president, I also doubled as the ‘School Priest’. That year, I was confirmed in the Anglican faith at a ceremony presided over by the first African Archbishop of Uganda, Eric Sabiiti.
In October 1972, I organized a Scripture Union Conference for all the Schools in Kampala that had Scripture Union branches. It was a two day conference facilitated by some of the best Pastors and evangelists at that time. They included Pastors Stephen Mungoma, Laban Jjumba and Zack Fomum. At the close of the conference, the facilitators called for people to identify themselves with one of the four groups:
1. Those who had accepted Christ before the Conference
2. Those who had accepted Christ during the Conference
3. Those that had not known Christ before and to whom the conference had no impact
4. Those who had been touched by the messages of the conference but still had issues.
Participants responded in that order.
I had fully participated in the conference but had not considered making any serious decision. All I knew was that I was a ‘Christian’ and a leader of this particular branch and the host of this conference. I knew I was not saved as per the teachings of the Bible elaborated in the Conference and did not come out when the first category was called. I also had not yet made a decision and could not qualify for category 2. It was also not true that I had not been impacted by this conference and so could not respond to category 3. Finally category 4 was called and I thought I belonged there. (To be continued)




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