Kobwemi International Evangelism Ministries

This is an apostolic ministry called with the mandate to restore God's glory in the church.

Operating as usual

[10/20/18]   Just because something seems hard to obtain doesn't mean you should give up instead you should pray more & believe that God is gonna change everything around!!!

[10/20/18]   Just hold on, I can see a breakthrough coming on your way!!! Its coming.

[08/09/18]   Confidence is the feeling we have before knowing all the facts

[12/18/17]   Nothing should intimidate or stop you from pursuing your God given vision!!
Just stay focused; you gonna make it.

[12/07/17]   Press on, be persistent; you gonna achieve what God has prepared for you!!
You are great & you will always do great

[11/04/17]   Don't stay stranded, you are not alone in that situation, God is with you so you gonna overcome!!!!

[10/14/17]   In life, you will only see what you believe.
If you see yourself blessed, you will live a blessed life.

[10/04/17]   Though you walk in the midst of trouble, God will revive you. You are His chosen one.

[09/08/17]   Every instruction you obey will bring a miracle in your life!!!

[08/29/17]   Continue pursuing your dream until its fully realised. Your dream your life don't ever give up!!

[08/23/17]   If you can still count your money, you are very poor and you need to work harder. I pray for you today that God blesses the works of your hands so that you stop counting your money unless u have money counting machine. AMEN!!

[08/16/17]   Whatever you are fearing is also fearing you so trust God for the best!

[08/08/17]   Don't waste your time plotting revenge, trust God for better results.

[07/31/17]   Despite your shortcomings, only choose to trust God for a better you!!!

[07/24/17]   Hello, a person with a vision is never afraid of the future. Trust God, also stick to your vision; your future has great opportunities.

[07/15/17]   Hello, stop crying; start counting your blessings!! You gonna do far greater.

[07/07/17]   No matter what comes ma way, no matter how I cry; ma tomorrow must be greater than ma today!!!

[06/26/17]   Blessed are those who trust God. They will never lack anything!!

[06/16/17]   Your season is now!!!!! Cry no more, God is changing your story!!!

[06/13/17]   Discover who you are, know who u are exactly and then pray to God accordingly. He will grant you all your requests.

[06/02/17]   Don't pay attention to what your enemies are saying; you have seeds of greatness within you!!!

[05/27/17]   You can move all the mountains around you through Christ who strengthens you!!!


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[05/26/17]   Hello, wealth is our inheritance: God wants us Rich!!!!

[05/22/17]   The blessing of the Lord is gonna make you rich. Just trust God!!!!

[04/28/17]   You may have been struggling with life and nothing seems to be working out for you.
Do not loose hope, God still has the best for you. Wipe your tears a new season has come. Its a season of doing great!!!

[04/26/17]   Change your perspective, fear no nothing; God is with you. He is positioning you for greatness.

[04/18/17]   You are of God, blessed and anointed to do great things. Everything in the world is under you!!!

[04/06/17]   God is opening a new chapter for your life. You gonna do better than that!!

[03/30/17]   Don't Quit Don't Quit keep on moving;
God is coming to your rescue

[03/29/17]   God has the best for you; keep trusting Him for the best you!!!!!

[03/28/17]   You are not alone, God is with you: you gonna overcome that situation.

[03/25/17]   The Grace of God is upon you!!!!!! Fear no evil!!!

[08/06/16]   God has blessed you!!! you will never be a failure in life. You will only do great things no matter what?

[07/06/16]   Fear no evil, you are destined to win.



We preach and teach God's true word. We also write books which have inspired many. We organize Crusades and conferences through out the world.



Najjanankumbi Opposite FDC
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