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Our first ever Easter production this Palm Sunday at Namirembe Christian fellowship...Donot miss..
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πŸ“Œ We thank God for water. Water has very many importances for example our body is 90% water.
Even in the Bible water was very important,in baptism of Jesus,the son of God,water was used. We thank God for water and the holyspirit that enabled this.
The holyspirit is the most important.
The holyspirit is God himself and we donot order him around. He has feelings and a person. He will do what we ask of him but we must know that he is God himself.
πŸ“Œ We are spirit ourselves and live in a human body.
Some people think that their spirit is their intellect or intelligence but that's being disrespectful to the creator because he was there before human intelligence.
Human intelligence is limited. Your intellect is not your spirit.
πŸ“Œ Donot try to understand God with your intellect. You will not understand him.
πŸ“Œ There is an extra intelligence in the spirit of man.
The character of man has two kinds: intellect and ego. All these are limited but the spirit is not.
It's universal and goes to God,that's why we pray in the spirit.
πŸ“Œ To pray in the spirit means to invite the mind of Christ as our spirit speaks to God.
πŸ“Œ The spirit of man can receive and host other spirits within us . Like the madman of gaderenes,he had a legion of demons in him.
Jesus cans being used by the spirit of God and the demons feared him. The demons who are spirits left the madman and went to the pigs. And the man was well. He had received another spirit- the holyspirit.
β˜‘οΈ 1John 4:4
You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
πŸ“Œ His attitude changed when the spirit of God came into him and the demons had no place in him and they asked to go to the pigs. That shows that even demons too can hear and have feelings.
πŸ“Œ When it comes to the human spirit,you can also receive the holyspirit. The spirit in you can receive God
β˜‘οΈ John 15:10
If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.
πŸ“Œ There is intelligence beyond our bodies. When you are dead,it doesn't mean you are not aware of things around you.
β˜‘οΈ 1 Peter 3:18-19
For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, by whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison
πŸ“Œ Can you preach without intelligence?
The intelligence that Solomon had was not inborn- he was tapped with extra- intelligence.
There is intelligence beyond our human thoughts. The spirit of God can increase your wisdom.
β˜‘οΈJohn 16:13
However, when He, the spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth;
πŸ“Œ There are so many divine and spiritural things we cannot understand. It's not our wisdom.
There are so many things that you should do without your wisdom or your thoughts but with a wisdom that is extra- a special enablement.
πŸ“Œ The holyspirit is not a force but is a person: part of the Trinity and he puts life into our bodies.
He is a giver of life from God into our hearts. You can receive from God life into your hearts through the holyspirit.
πŸ“Œ He can direct your steps and give you wisdom to go through tough situations. That's abundant Life.
β˜‘οΈ John 10:10
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
πŸ“Œ You can go through all the complicated things with the help of the holyspirit. That's how God is protecting Uganda by the power of the holyspirit.
πŸ“Œ Allow the holyspirit to guide your steps into abundant Life.
πŸ“Œ He also gives us spiritural gifts that we can play our role in the body of Christ.
πŸ“Œ Understand your spirit and how it's is different from your intellect,ego and feelings.
the manifestation of the holyspirit in your life is for your good.
πŸ“Œ The spirit of the Lord will protect you as it hovers around you .
πŸ“Œ When you have the spirit of God ,you have wisdom. You are able to separate between spirits.
People who donot have the holyspirit attack fellow churches thinking it's God that has told them. How do you think the world looks at you?
The church is beyond that because the intelligence that runs the church is beyond material experience.
We preach in Church to enable people to go to heaven not to fill up churches and if one is a sinner,the spirit of God brings back their soul.
πŸ“Œ The spirit of God doesn't break people but heals the broken hearted.
When you have sinned,you don't need to be condemned but a pastor to get you out of that darkness with love and kind heart.
πŸ“Œ Understand that there are spirits that preach.
There was a spirit that preached to Jesus. The holyspirit took him to the wilderness to show him that spirit. Satan preached to Jesus.
Therefore the spirit of God helps us to discern.
πŸ“Œ The additional wisdom of the holyspirit is what you need.
walk in the step of the holyspirit.
Your human intellect when you leave the body still remains because you are spirit.
His wisdom is greater than ours. That's how your blessings will be.
πŸ“Œ You will overcome despite your troubles. He will be with you in your victory.

❀️❀️❀️ Be blessed


Donot miss this Palm Sunday at Namirembe Christian fellowship....
Come one come all


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Youth service every Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30

Worship with PR star...
Youth service at Namirembe Christian fellowship Every Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm
You are welcome


1. The unseen world is real and more powerful than the visible world.
2. For the next three months;
a) If you don't have an urgent reason, please stay home but don't miss church.
b) If you must leave home, put on a mask, sanitize and avoid crowds
c) Avoid visitors and don't visit

From the office of Prof K


Happy birthday to our lovely KAMYA Paul... His life is a living miracle.


The youth service every Sunday at Namirembe Christian fellowship from 3:30 to 5pm

πŸ“Œ What is a habit?
There are things that are part of our lives that we do repetitively and automatically but unconsciously.
Some habits are positive and others negative.
Positive eg greeting people, smiling.etc you can create a good habit to be a part of you. Keep pursuing those good habits ,it will be accounted to you.
Everytime you do good,you are writing on a blank cheque. In a due season it will be deposited. Keep writing.
πŸ“Œ There are habits that came into our lives through a small gap but now they are occupying a big space in our life. And we have to work so hard to get it out.
πŸ“Œ We are ministers of God with maggots and habits in us. And these things hinder the things God has placed in us to go deeper.
Bad habits that have placed their roots in us eg masturbation,anger,lying, fornication,adultery,etc
A habit starts as a small rash and increases slowly to become a big problem,a cancer.
πŸ“Œ We give habits a space to come into our lives and after it enters it closes. Unless you work on it,it remains in there.
πŸ“Œ some habits are inherited. We inherit them from our families.
πŸ“Œ Whenever we give gap to these habits,we attach ourselves to the strings of the devil.
πŸ“Œ A habit only goes away by blood. It takes alot to take away a bad habit. A bad habit is associated with shame.
Some of us got spiritural husbands and wives because of the habits that we brought in ourselves. These things follow us even to our marriages.
πŸ“Œ We bring in habits as something precious but they undress us and leave us in shame.
We think noone us watching but Jesus is watching. Time comes when God uncovers your nakedness.
πŸ“Œ How do we overcome habits?
1️⃣ *You decide.* It's not going to go away with just praying alone,you have to decide.
We believe with our hearts and confess with our mouth.
We believe because we decide.
2️⃣ With decision,add prayer. But pray after you decide.
πŸ“Œwhen you decide to leave a habit,God will help you. Drop every item that has been causing you to go into that habit.
When you decide with whole your heart,God will help you.
Today you have to decide.
If you donot decide today,your children will take the same path. If you want to save your kids,donot take that path.
That spiritural world that you are attached to,God will cut them if you decide. These things affect our marriages too. God will help you,God will change you and make you a new person.
When we stay in these habits,we have put a dark covering on our future.
πŸ“Œ These habits can even bring mental confusion.
πŸ“Œ Give it unto the Lord...take your burdens to him. He will help you.
If you want God's presence,if you want to see God....decide.
A habit never brings anything but shame.

❀️❀️❀️❀️ Be blessed


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Nil empire doing their thing....
Every Sunday at Namirembe Christian fellowship from 3:30- 5:30pm


πŸ“Œ It's important for us to know that there are thoughts and power beyond our human nature.
And it's important for us to think without human thoughts: that means you can drop your thinking and think in the spirit.
Think without human thoughts so that Christ may dwell in you. That's how miracles are done.
It's when you stop thinking with your thoughts and God starts thinking through you...that's called transcendence.
It's a state of existence above the existence of material experience ( surpassing and excelling your thoughts).
πŸ“Œ In the spirit,you can go beyond human thoughts- the transcendental Christian doctrine- outside the body range of human beings so that you can pray for a miracle and expect and depend on the miracle just like Daniel in the den.
πŸ“Œ Donot mix your human thoughts with those of God . Mary asked how can this be when am a virgin. In that way she was going to miss her miracle.
πŸ“ŒWhen you are told to go receive your miracle. Donot mix it with any other thought.
πŸ“Œ You came here today to meet a God who heals and there must be angels to help you .
πŸ“Œ You must be able to overcome the reality of your thoughts and expect things unknown to you in your mind or experience.
You cannot think about then in your mind but God will give them to you.
πŸ“Œ What is not in your mind is what you have come to receive. Something that is not in your experience is what you will receive by the power of the holyspirit.
kyotasubira,kyotalowoza yesu omulokozi kyakola.

Jesus has angels with a sniper rifle that never misses. They will not miss your disease or your troubles.
❀️❀️❀️❀️ Be blessed


Happy birthday dear peter are blessed


Happy birthday to you dear Nancy kabahumuza......we love you here at Namirembe Christian fellowship


May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God be with us all,now and forever...Amen.
It's the grace and love of Christ in one body







PR kiwede is back to Christ


Kiwede's baptism

He came to save that which is lost........PR kiwede back to Christ


This is Kiwedde, he used to be Pastor Kiwedde ( like you all know...he somehow went astray off Track but he has decided to come back again, become real Born again & be baptized...

Jesus is a God of restoration..his mission is to save that which is lost


Youth service at Namirembe Christian fellowship every Sunday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Happening right now...
The breakthrough service for the youth at Namirembe Christian fellowship


πŸ“Œ Words like he washed my soul. It's much more than removing sin from the heart.
It's possible to be bornagain but still be envious, unforgiving etc.
β˜‘οΈ Hebrew 12:1
Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,
πŸ“Œ The author of our faith is Jesus,not the pastor or anything.
Look to him as the most important example. Lead example.
One thing we can learn from him is that he was patient with one who denied him in the most difficult time. Someone who was going to be a leader. You love them even when they denied you and put them in charge of what they own.
After Peter had denied Jesus,Jesus receieved him and asked him ,do you love me. It's not what you have done but do you love me. If you love me feed my sheep.
πŸ“Œ If you want to wash your soul,you can forgive and cleanse your heart towards that person who has denied you.
We need endurance. A great person has the capacity to endure people.
πŸ“Œ Jesus was not the one who was in wrong but he was wronged.
The sin is not an issue and every sin must be repented. But there are times when we are wronged. Jesus was wronged in this case.
His soul was washed,clean and holy.
β˜‘οΈ John 14:12
Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.
πŸ“Œ That's the extent to which Jesus'soul was cleansed,he said that even though am the owner of the church,believers will do greater things than me.
The problem with the church today is that everyone wants to be on top alone. Noone was created to be on top alone.
You must know that some people will help in other areas more than you.
Let's learn from Jesus,if Jesus the creator of heaven and earth can say that there will be someone on Earth to do greater things..let's learn that attitude. He wants us to learn that if there is a person who is better than you,let them do.
πŸ“Œ Be what you are,what God has placed in you and stop wanting to be what others are .
πŸ“Œ There must be someone better than you where you can go to ,for counsel.
You should respect people knowing that there is something important in them that you can learn from them. We are sorrounded by a cloud of wise people. Donot undermine people.
πŸ“Œ That's why we should love the non believers and the believers. The non believers when they become bornagain,they use alot of knowledge because they have it.
πŸ“Œ You may lose what is important in someone unless you become a friend of them.
πŸ“ŒAdam named everything,so whatsoever was named by Adam,you have Dominion over it and you can rule it because Jesus said whatsoever you ask in my name ,you will receive.
After 40 days after resurrection,Jesus went to heaven with everyone watching so that they may know that there is a heaven you can go to with your physical body and there is a healing from heaven.
πŸ“Œ Donot despise what you donot know.
πŸ“Œ Jesus endured alot of hostility from sinners . Sinners can discourage your soul but if you are patient and learn from Jesus ,you get power to withstand the hostility from sinners.
Therefore washing your soul means he washed your soul to be able to endure the hostility of sinners.
πŸ“Œ There are people who have grown up in environments where it's very hard for them not to be sinners.
You can make a sinner your friend without abusing or judging them and help then come to the Lord.
πŸ“ŒDonot boast against people who cannot overcome sin but pray for them. Help them..those that are weak,make them strong.
β˜‘οΈ Hebrews 12:12
Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, 13 and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather be healed.
πŸ“Œ For that very reason,Jesus sat with sinners. There's a different way of sitting with sinners in a way of love so that they can feel they have friends in Jesus

❀️❀️❀️❀️ Be blessed.

[01/25/21]   *NCF JANUARY FASTING*
*It is going to be Fasting*
Those who are able can do Daniel for two days or whole week.....
Those who are not able, can do normal fasting...
*Fasting time as usual up to 6pm*....
*Fasting Starts tomorrow Monday up to Saturday*

Every day (Mon Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat) during the Fasting Session, we shall have Prayer Services from 2pm to 5pm

*Annointing Services as usual every Monday and Thursday from 2pm to 7pm in the evening*

Enjoy the fasting Session


About 3 days ago I was told covid 19 is continuing for more 7 years so tomorrow we are starting fasting,a Daniel fast from monday to Saturday to ask Jesus to have mercy on us and also protect us.
Prof Kayiwa
Services will be available everyday.


πŸ“Œ John 21... Jesus says Peter do you love ...then why do you deny me these three times.
Which heart loves me and sides with my enemy..why don't you defend me in front of my enemies. What kind of love is this.
Peter could not overcome the adrenaline of flight that comes when one is afraid. He denied three times and the c**k crowed,Jesus looked at him and he sobbed.
That was the incidence of Repetance for Peter.
πŸ“Œ Jesus was teaching him how to be a true servant who was going to lead the church. He wrote because Jesus was a good friend of his.
πŸ“Œ Repetance is very powerful. The church today has a problem. It doesn't recognize the Repetance of people.
Even when you repent truly from your heart and the heaven forgives you,they don't.
πŸ“Œ That is restoration. Jesus wants to restore people to himself. Be merciful to people,donot destroy them.
People that have done wrong need some space in the heart of the church. Not to be treated harshly but with love.
πŸ“Œ How can we pray: the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God,and the fellowship of the holyspirit be with us , without having the grace and love of God in us.
Being able to understand the pain and hurt of people.
πŸ“Œ The grace of God must be in the heart of everyone. That's how people can be brought back to God.
πŸ“Œ You cannot compare Jesus with the weak character of Peter.
Jesus is higher ,that's why there is grace in his heart.
We can't have grace for Jesus because his way is higher. The church must learn to be gracious when people weep bitterly for what they have done.
πŸ“Œ So Jesus asked do you love me?.
There is one love that Peter didn't have,the love for gentiles. he couldn't go beyond loving fellow Jews.
You can't love Jesus without loving his people.
πŸ“Œ Jesus' love went beyond the Jews: so he said feed my sheep.
Peter was so accustomed to the customs of the Jews that even in a vision he refused to eat certain things given to him by God.
He was told to cross the boarder and absorb those who are not Jews. Still Peter failed to do that.
Therefore God decided to get an educated person who knows that culture is not born. We are are just taught.
β˜‘οΈ Galatians 2:11
Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed;
πŸ“Œ Paul rebuked Peter even though he was older because he had left the cross and sided with the law.
πŸ“Œ Everybody should respect one another. Respect opinions even you donot agree.
Especially here at Ncf.
This is a church of restoration.
πŸ“Œ Remember if you are not feel fine,you can pass via the premises of the church..the place has been prayed for in that whoever places their feet here is healed.

❀️❀️❀️be blessed

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Kiwede's baptism
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