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We have a vision to start an altar within Wakiso town and we kindly request you to stand with us financially and materially in any way you can.

Below is our budget for this establishing a fellowship centre.

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As one of our specific objectives we take care of Widows, the fatherless and Orphans.We are believing God that we will put up a school so that we will take care of our children.
Matthew 18:2-10 25/03/2013

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My testimony
My name is Mugisha Amza and this is my testimony after I got born again. I got saved on December 2001 and my life took a turn for the worst as my friends and family rejected me and I became homeless.
I approached the evangelist that had led me to Christ, Mr. Sentongo, a pastor of Yesu akwagala prison ministry and currently a resident in Masaka town. I stayed with him in Masaka for about one year being taught and shown the love of Christ. He had a big household and it had become hard for him to look after us , so he told me he would return with me to my father to asked him to accept me back.
So we set off for home and on talking to my father, I was given conditions for being accepted back into the family. I was to reject Christ as the main condition for my return. Mr. Sentongo asked me to humble myself to these conditions until he could get me another place to stay. I agreed and stayed with my father until 15th November 2005. During that season, I endured hardships as my family tried to ensure that I never practiced my belief for example, on Sundays, I given tasks that would not enable me to attend church. I thanked God for my Mother who in spite of the conditions I lived in, she still gave me food and monetary support in one way or another. During that time, I grew in the areas of fasting and praying and concentrated on reading the WORD. I had a new testament Luganda bible the I read during the times I used to herd cattle, it had been given to me by my Pastor.
When I made up my mind to leave in November 2005 due to worsening of those conditions, I approached my mother and let her know of my intention to leave. She asked me about where intended to relocate to and I replied that I would go to Kampala find a Church and stay in that church. She was gracious enough to given me 5000 shillings to help me along the journey.
Thinking that Kampala was not far off, I decided to walk. I walked from home to Masaka town which was forty miles, having woken up so early at 6am, I arrived at 2pm. I had something to eat at 2500 shillings and got onto a lorry carrying bananas to Kampala, they accepted to take me for no fee at all on condition that I would help them offload the truck in Kampala. On arrival, in the night, we offloaded the truck and I tried a find a place to sleep so I found a box on William Street and slept on it.
In the morning, I felted exhausted due to fatigue from travelling the night before and also from offloading the truck. I started looking for a church in that area, but unfortunately didn’t find any. I returned to the street where I slept because that morning I had seen people calling out for to take taxis to Maganjo, Matugga and Bombo, so I asked one of the conductors to take me for the rest of money (2500 shillings) in his taxis up to where he thought it would help me get to because I feared to stay in Kampala. I was taken and dropped off at a place called Kyiggogwa on Bombo road. I sat on a bench at one of the shops I found there until I saw a young man come to the shop with a bible. I decided to follow him to where he was going. Coincidently there a conference going on at there church that day. The church , New Hope Church whose leader was Pastor Commando, happened to be located deeper in the Village and so we arrived there at lunch time and I was given lunch and I talked to the pastor about my situation and he promised to get me a place to sleep after the conference. I then started to attend that conference and on conclusion of it, I returned to him that Sunday during the service and he asked me to testify. After my testimony, a young Lady came up to me and promised to provide me with shelter and also an elder in the church also promised to provide me with food. This elder told me as we had supper that her daughter had been sick for six months with a continuous bleeding. So I prayed for the girl and she was healed. The elder then promised to continue providing food for me for as I stayed. After three months, the Lady that had given me the house left and I there was left homeless as I didn’t have money to continue paying the rent. So I gave out all my belongings apart from a small mattress which I used when I relocated to the church.
I spent more than five months sleeping in the church while I received my meals from the elder. So I began providing manual labour for her in return, I also took my showers and changed my clothes there also before I went back to church to pray and read my bible. In that year of 2006 during the month of October, a brother of the pastor of where I prayed from came. He was security guard in Maganjo and he offered me a job. I asked to first let the pastor know before we left. He later let me know that there was a church near where I would work and I that I could always attend services whenever I wanted. During this time I put my efforts in praying, fasting and reading the word of God. The pastor accepted to let me go. I left with brother to the pastor mostly because I was tired of living in the church as I had had my share of mosquito bites. So I was given a job as a guard to a home without a perimeter fence, I was provided with shelf, food , a heavy coat and a bow and arrow, I was paid 80,000 shillings a month. I wasn’t afraid as I guarded at night because there was a church very close by. I prayed on my first day at work that God would take control, as the bible says in psalm 127 that if the Lord doesn’t stand watch over the city, those that guard, do so in vain. I would keep guard up to midnight when they went to sleep and go spend the rest of the night in the church praying until morning, then leave for home to sleep. I did that for three months and the third month the pastor of that church in Maganjo saw me an called me, he inquired of my where abouts and asked me to begin leading the prayer meetings at the church. In my four month at my new job, my employers found out that I had not been spending my night at their job and so I was fired. I committed my self fully to the prayer meeting at church. When I talked to the pastor about what had transpired, he began looking after me up to November 2007.
When the pastor founded a new church in Kanungu, he left to pastor it. Life wasn’t easy as I didn’t speak the language of the residents because they spoke Rukiga with which I wasn’t conversant . I later got an interpreter, I was a pastor their up to the year 2008, I was persecuted by police man in the name of claiming that I was raising cult, that I wasn’t raising a church but that I wanted to kill people like Kibwetere did. Having had a friend in Kampala called Brigadier Wakaro David whiom I called and told about that situation. He then call the RDC in Kanungu who asked the Police to let us go. I spent that period of persecution in prayer and fasting. The church grew steadily then in July 2008 a new pastor was sent to take my place. I came back to Maganjo and was again put in charge of prayer meetings. My life was back to the point where I didn’t have regular meals and I had poor housing had spent most in prayer and fasting. That time there was a pastor called Henry Musana who arranged lots of conferences and was contact evangelists from out of the country, at one of those incidents where he organized a conference at Seroma High Mukono, he asked to attend the conference and promised to foot my bill as I didn’t have any money. I spent my nights in Prayer during this conference where I met a lady who asked me to become her friend. From that day our friendship grew up to the point where I considered her to be my mother because she has provided so much for me in life even in my wedding she participated a lot and has continued to take care of me and my family from 2008 to August 2011, where out money. I still believe God, praying and fasting for her life to be revived. When we run out of money in that year, we couldn’t pay the increased rent from 50,000 to 100,000 so we left after letting our pastor know, for the village from 6th August 2011 until September 2012. I had dry fasts for three days at a time when the Lord spoke to me to prepare myself to be taken back in March 2013, for three consecutive times. I talked to my wife about this word and she asked me whether I wanted to return us that life of struggle and lack. I told her that if God had said it, he would do it and I began pray and believe his word. On 24th February 2013, a person gave me one million shillings, it was a miracle! I asked my wife to help me with a pig herding business, but she asked me to set apart a date for praying and fasting in consideration of what we would use that money for. So I agreed and on a Wednesday, we went into prayer and fasting for one day. During the night I got a dream about God telling me to go back to Kampala. (I had had a vision in 2006 to start a church and I had written down, prayed about it and forgotten about it) So I told my wife about the dream, but she was still concerned about where we would get more money to take care of our needs. I encouraged her saying the Lord would provide because he had sent us. I had a friend in Kampala whom I called up and asked to look up a house for us. We have since found a house to rent and we are now back in Kampala.
One of the miracles that took place in my life back in the village was when my wife gave birth to our second child on the 13th of August 2012 at 9:00 in the night. When we had Prayed that night and gone to sleep, I was awakened by my nine month pregnant wife. Her water had just broken. I rushed to the neighbors for help and found two elderly women and asked them to come and look after my wife while I called a boda boda. We rushed back to the house with the women only to find that my wife had already given birth to a baby boy all by herself. I actually don’t know where I was going to get money to take my wife to hospital anyway because I only had 700 shillings that I used to buy my wife pain killers that night. This was a miracle so we called the baby boy Isaac.
The joy of our new born baby and the miracle of his birth however seemed short lived as the next morning the baby had blood coming out of his nose and mouth. We then rushed to a nearby hospital and had a doctor look at him. The surprising news from the doctor was that our baby was perfectly fine. He had conducted blood tests and washed out his stomach and found nothing of concern. This second joy only came with more joy as the doctor informed us that there would be no charges at all. I however insisted that he take the 2000 shillings I had received earlier that day and he did.
God has since then told me to start a ministry called THE HEART OF JESUS CHRIST INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. You can write us at [email protected] Mobile Tel: 0702511653
On facebook : www.facebook.comtheheartofJesuschristinternationalministries Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.


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