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Great to tune home
Matthew 6:9, After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed{HOLY} be Thy NAME. Yahusha did not say, Holy be thy title. God is a pagan deity, not a name. President is a title, not a name. CEO is a title, not a name. John 17:6I have manifested thy Name[Yahuah] unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word. 11And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own Name[Yahuah] those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are. 12While I was with them in the world, I kept them in Thy Name[Yahuah]: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled. John 5:43 43 I am come in my Father's Name[Yahuah], and ye receive Me[YahuSha] not: if another shall come in his own name[jesus], him ye will receive.
We appreciate the pastor for preaching God's word. And his generosity to the community during this COVID-19 season .may God reward him abundantly.
You bless us so much. God bless you.
Jesus is coming back are ready for him
let us turn to christ dia frndz, thank u papa
Pstr I Will Join U On Sunday

We are an unaffiliated church with a strong scriptural and evangelical emphasis. Our congregation is diverse in its background and traditions.

We tend to focus on those things which unite evangelical Christians rather than on those which narrowly divide. Our church strives to be a friendly, caring community of believers that functions as a family. We have ministry for and by all ages with cross-generational interactions. We seek to strengthen and support the families within our congregation through our ministries and programs. We seek to be a place of healing in Christ's love for those who are hurting and a place of growth and equipping for service in Christian living. While our faith and relationship with God is individual, we recognize the importance of learning, growing, and serving together within a local church body. Our shared vision statement is: ‘To Discover Christ and Display His Transforming Power’. We pray that, through the words of this Profile, you will sense that God is leading and working among us for His glory. The following statements from our Confession of Faith document and Constitution outline the purpose and some of the beliefs of Ever Increasing Miracle Church, but they only begin to describe who we are. We believe that mankind is sinful both by nature and by choice and that God reconciles the sinner to himself by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, given by the Holy Spirit through inspired men, are the word of God, and therefore are the supreme authority for our faith and life. (from Confession of Faith) The PURPOSE of Ever Increasing Miracle Church shall be to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to its constituency, its community, and to the world. It shall provide the vital experiences of worship, fellowship, growth, and ministry in order to make its calling effective. (Constitution, Article II)

Mission: Our church is strongly committed to the support of missions. Approximately one fourth of our total church budget goes to the support of missionaries and mission agencies. Many of our currently supported missionaries grew up in or were members of our church. Our missionaries are involved in evangelism, church planting, church leadership training, youth ministry, medical services, Bible translation, services to the urban poor, and a wide variety of support activities. We sponsor mission emphasis weekends each year, providing opportunities for our congregation to meet our missionaries, learn about their ministries, and capture a vision for the global ministry of the church. We also provide support for individuals and groups to participate in special mission activities and short-term mission projects.

Operating as usual

[10/24/20]   FROM MY INBOX
hi, Pastor:
i hope you're keeping well.
please hide my identity when you post this in WTD, because its painful for me.

next week, i'm going to meet my wife at the stage because she'll be bringing me my stuff.
she doesnt want me to come to my former home and let my kids see me or she's got another man in there and is probably scared i might start drama, which is the last thing i would do, because i dont want my daughter and my son to see a side of me that would give them trauma for life.

8 years of marriage is ending like this.
because i've been jobless since January and couldn't pay the bills like house rent, groceries, school fees, etc.

she asked me to leave them in March because although she was jobless at the time, too, she had means of somehow staying afloat.
probably from some sponsor.

this is somebody i loved and worshipped for 8 years.
never been unfaithful to her, not even on a single day.
sacrificed myself to go work in the Gulf Countries for them.
paid her college education when i was working in the Gulf because i loved her and i was empowering my woman and we would be together in a Home Team, right?

when i lost my job in the Gulf, the behavior started changing.
lack of intimacy.
her going out at night and coming in the morning.
still i persevered for the sake of my kids.
i looked at them and told myself, "ok, i cant take this anymore. i'll wait for this woman to come in the morning and once she's in the house, i'll greet her with a knife. sure, i'll kill her, but she'll scream, and my daughter will barge into the bedroom and see her mother lying there in a pool of blood, her throat slit, several stab wounds on her body.
and me standing there, bloody, with the knife still in my hand.
my daughter would probably scream and this would bring her younger brother into the bedroom.
i love my kids very much and wouldnt harm them, but what will this do to their psyche?
sure, i'll be the lead item on the 7pm news, but who's gonna look after my kids when they take me away and lock me up?"

these are the thoughts that passed through my mind.
so i preferred to leave them when she asked me to do so.
i've been living by myself fora while.
still jobless and doing whatever crappy job that i can get to stay afloat.
i'm angry at myself for failing my family.
i'm bitter with women because i treated somebody's daughter decently but she treated me like crap when i was down.
i'm angry at God and have lost my faith in Him (i'm a Muslim).
i'm a good person or tend to believe i'm a good person.
i dont cheat, i dont steal, i've never been unfaithful. i help in my own small way those who're less fortunate than i am, why has God let this happen to me?
whose sins am i expiating?
if its some kind of test of faith, why has God let me lose my most prize possession, my kids?
i wouldnt have minded living in our house with no love or sex, but i could see my kids on a daily basis, be with them.
i've had my children late in life and i'm so attached to them.
love is a fairy tale.
you treat a woman with special consideration and she treats you like crap.
i've thought of ending it all, but i'll be damned if i give her the satisfaction.
i'm working on getting back to the Gulf again, but this will cost me 100k in agents fees, money i dont have because whatever savings i had were depleted since i've been in Kenya since 2018.
i have no hope in life or love.
i look at the photos of my family in mt phone, both wife and kids, and i weep.
why me?
what kind of test is this?
i dont want to be recompensated like Job, i want my wife and kids and the life i had before 2018.
i dont even think i'm worthy to be loved by any other woman because i'm so pitiful now.
i'm in excruciating pain right now.
thank you. and please inform me when you've posted.
thank you.

[10/24/20]   Don't forget to join us tomorrow in our Sunday services live from morning service and Main service and Evening with the youth service. Streaming live from #EIMCHURCH.

Evening Glory

Evening Glory

Evening Glory

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Ministers Fellowship

Ministers Fellowship

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eimchurchuganda.org EIMCHURCH is a christian based religious and Gospel preaching ministry which is build on the word of God. We are enticed to be able to reach people in all corners of the world through preaching the word of God and following the task that Jesus Christ left for us. We value so much the five gifts God....

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Evening Glory
Evening Glory
Evening Glory
Ministers Fellowship
Ministers Fellowship




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