Bandelmans In Africa

Brian, Shelly, Brie, Zoe, and Noah Bandelman are missionaries in East Africa. The Bandelmans are originally from Roseburg, Oregon and have lived and ministered in Uganda, East Africa since 2009.

Operating as usual

Merry Christmas! Enjoying a family Christmas in America. Looking forward to some amazing changes in the new year! Praying Blessings, Peace, and Joy from above! ❤️

The Bandelmans are all in America! Isaac is still in Uganda waiting for the embassy in Kenya to open. Praying he is able to join us soon!

Culture of Joy and Peace

Feeling a little discouraged this week? Check out this blog. Jesus wants us to have joy and peace! This week’s blog is to Christ followers. Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in with the culture of the day? Well guess what!? You aren’t supposed to. You are supposed to fit into a Kingdom culture that is dramatically opposed to the cultures of the earth. That’s right, we, Christ follo...

[11/05/20]   Happy November. So much to be thankful for as we move into the second to the last month of 2020! Shelly, Zoe, and Noah are in America preparing for the arrival of Baby Girl Bandelman. Gabe and Sarah are having a baby the first part of December and we are super thrilled.

Brian and Brie are still in Uganda finishing up some projects. We are all praying the embassy in Nairobi will reopen soon and Isaac can have his interview. This will allow him to travel to America and marry Brie!

We appreciate extra prayer at this time. Pray for a safe finish and delivery for Sarah. Pray for embassies to reopen and favor for Isaac. Pray for safe travels and low airfare for the three left in Uganda.

We are so thankful for each one of you who are part of our lives. We pray blessings beyond your dreams!

Easter Call Brian and I received a phone call from Gabe and Sarah Easter night. Our internet hadn’t yet slowed to the Sunday night crawl, and we had power. Both pretty rare on Sundays in Seguku! We had a video connection and they were grinning ear to ear. Gabe began the call with, “Mom, you have to be home ...

Whew! It's been a long summer. We are seeing some lights at the end of the tunnel. Creativity and harvest never stop! God has blessed us in so many ways, and we look forward to finishing this year STRONG!

Uganda's borders are opening with some restrictions. We will see how that works as details are released. But, Shelly is flying to America with Zoe and Noah in just a few weeks!

Churches are reopening with a maximum of 70 people. It will be good to go to the house of the Lord again!
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Kawempe Worship centre, yesu akwagala

Churches are still closed in Uganda, but they haven't stopped sharing the good news. Kawempe Worship Center has Weekly online services, and this week Shelly was there to minister the word. "Get Committed! Be a Pig!"

Sunday Service 30th August 2020
at Kawempe Worship Centre
with Pastor Kasozi Robert

Honey Bees Can't Swim

The latest adventure from our house! Last week our bathroom was really stinky. Between Noah’s pre-teen boy smells and Brian’s explosive tummy (benefit of some medication he takes) our bathroom definitely has its moments, but this smell would not go away. We kept flushing the toilet hoping for some relief. None came. As the days pro...

Life is slowly opening up more here. Schools, Churches, and large gatherings are still banned. Transportation is tricky with personal vehicles only allowed to carry up to four people (our family is six), and public transport at half capacity. Uganda has experienced it's first Covid death, but it hasn't resulted in any more lock downs. We pray it remains that way!

The borders are closed by land and air. This is causing an economic challenge in a nation reliant on tourism for 80% of their income. For us personally it is causing an issue with Brie and Isaac's fiance visa. It is ready to go, but he can't book an appointment with the embassy in Kenya, nor have it moved to Uganda, as embassy staffs are reduced to emergency personnel only. Shelly is hoping to fly to America in September to welcome our first grandchild (due the beginning of December). Hopefully she can fly cheaply and easily.

We have enjoyed the slower pace and spending quality time with friends. Two of our favorite families welcomed babies this last week (both born on Saturday a week apart)! It is always fun to celebrate the good things in life.

Please take time to check out some of the projects being produced by our family. Shelly has a book available on Amazon. The reviews are good so you might want to order your copy today (Shop Now Button)!

Isaac has produced and released two albums. Both benefit Kawempe Worship centre, yesu akwagala. "We Are One" features an original Zoe Bandelman song!

We Are One available

God of All Seasons available
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@KWorshipMusic | Linktree

A beautiful mix of English and Luganda worship out of Kawempe Worship Centre and Garnet Street Records Isaac Senteza! Linktree. Make your link do more.

Heading Home Entebbe Rd

YES! After 66 days restricted vehicle use (medical, cargo, and government vehicles only) we were released June 3! We are still restricted to three people in private vehicles, so our family of six has some challenges. We are learning to share!😁 The best part is not having to worry about how many groceries the boda boda 🏍 can carry, and being able to get to an ATM that doesn't charge $9 to withdraw money!

Uganda's borders are still closed, including our airport. The districts on the borders are still in full lock down (no travel in or out). We have a 7pm-6:30 am curfew. Churches, schools, and gatherings larger than five people are banned, and we are required to wear masks everywhere (although I must admit this is not being carried out very well). Our hands are sanitized, and we get our temperature taken at all building entrances.

Thank you to those who have sent relief funds! We have been able to provide food and/or rent for at risk pastors, children, and students. Besides Corona cases, we have helped provide feeding to a community hit by a flood in Kasese to the west, medical care for two small girls scalded by boiling water, and medical transportation for a baby delivery and well baby

Shelly Bandelman - Word Adventures

Shelly's book is out and ready for purchase. Check it out on Amazon (eligible for free Prime shipping)!

"Go, Love and the In Between" is available from Amazon! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.

Uganda has been in a lock down since March 31. Grocery stores, food markets, pharmacies, phone stores, banks, and medical centers have been the only businesses open to the public. Restaurants have operated as take away only. All public gatherings of more than five people are banned including churches and schools. We have a 7-7 curfew. The biggest challenge for our family has been the ban on ALL vehicles except government, cargo, and medical. This means we must walk everywhere.

Quality Supermarket is where we do our weekly business. Each week we walk 5 miles round trip (adding in hills the equivalent of 42 flights of stairs) to buy groceries, purchase airtime for our phones, send money to those in need, and pay our utility bills. There are small supermarkets in Mukaga, the trading center at the base of our hill, but they don't have everything we want/need. They also can't provide the other services on a regular basis.

One challenge with this system is getting our groceries home. Fortunately our boda boda (small motorcycles) are able to make deliveries. We purchase our goods, call a trusted boda man, and he comes to pick up our purchases and deliver them to our house. We usually leave a child or two at home so they receive the goods. We have one guest at the Mission House, and a small staff still working, so we shop for them also.

We round out the trip with a stop at Mukaga Trading Center for our fruits and vegetables. With less traffic on Entebbe Rd, the market isn't as chaotic as usual, and we are enjoying shopping there. We have made friends with one of the merchants and she gives us a great deal on our produce.

We are receiving more requests for food as people have been out of work for nearly six weeks. Our Bible college students from Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo were caught here when the borders closed, and we have been supplementing their food. Provision for them had run out when a donor stepped in to make sure they are fed through this month. We are so thankful for those who have sent extra funds for us to be able to help meet needs.

We are blessed by friends and neighbors checking on us and even bringing us food! God has been taking great care of us, and we are so thankful for His faithfulness!

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We Are One

"We Are One" pushes a lot of our buttons. KIDS (we love kids🖲), ages 12-14, heard from God and wrote and performed some amazing songs. These aren't your usual Sunday School choruses, but inspiring and uplifting songs of praise (we love praise🖲). OUR own Zoe (Yep, we love Zoe🖲) has her very first recorded song. Isaac Senteza produced a unique sound for each singer/songwriter (we love Isaac 🖲, young entrepreneurs🖲 and kids using their talents for the Kingdom🖲) . A portion of the profit goes back to Kawempe Worship centre, yesu akwagala (we love supporting kids programs 🖲)! You can't go wrong with this one.

Android users buy it here 👇

Apple users buy it here 👇 We Are One

Happy Resurrection Day from our house to yours!

Kawempe Worship centre, yesu akwagala

Kawempe Worship Center is our home church in Uganda. Due to some power issues you will need to go to about 18:02, but you won't be disappointed! #kawempeworshipcenter #zacsente #onehome #bandelmansinafrica #coronavirus2020 #covid19 #cantstopthechurch

Online Sunday Service
at Kawempe Worship Centre
with Ps. Kasozi Robert

Just a little update on our lives as we stay put in Uganda.

It has been a crazy time lately. Things here still look and feel mostly normal, and the Ugandan government is doing their part to keep us safe. Churches, schools, bars, unsanctioned markets, and a few other venues are closed for 32 days. We are encouraged to social distance as much as possible. All people arriving from tier 1 (Uganda term) countries, of which the USA is part, have been being quarantined for 14 days. Since we arrived in January we are free and clear! The last flights leave the country tonight at midnight, and our borders will officially close.

All of our spring teams are cancelled, and we are using this time to get some projects done that we had been putting off. Shelly has finished writing a book and is in the editing phase, the kids are working ahead in school (still at home), we are doing some cleaning around the compound, a little gardening, and baking! Enjoying some extra time praying and believing that God will move mightily, the church will be salt and light, and all those we love are safe and well. Brie and Isaac are finishing up paperwork for his visa, meeting with lawyers, and finalizing TWO worship albums from Kawempe (one of the worship team and one of the children). Never a dull moment even with social distancing.

This morning was fun on Facebook as several of our churches here live streamed the service with a small worship team and a pastor bringing the word. I encourage you to check them out (Kawempe Worship Center, Buzzi Worship Center, and Bwaise Worship Center are three we watched). Of course we are partial to Kawempe as our own Isaac lead worship this morning. It is amazing watching the creativity of God’s people getting the job done!

Goodbye Kihihi. It was a good week. The first ever born again church dedication happened Kinyamashe, we preached, we taught, we worshipped, two men were saved, we prayed a lot, and shared encouragement! And we saw zebras! #bandelmansinafrica #kihihiworshipcenter

Such a great program changing lives!

Another school term starts for our sponsorship students! They are getting ready and prepared for another semester of education and hope for a brighter future. Have you thought about sponsoring a child? Email us at [email protected] to learn how. #WOMF

Katonda Mukulu - Lyrics Video - Isaac Senteza

Artist: Isaac Senteza Song: Katonda Mukulu Album: Ku Lwo Musalaba Album Track: 5 Album Date Release: April 2019 To Purchase/Stream Ku Lwo Musalaba Album and ...

[11/16/19]   Seattle has treated us well! Heading to Salem where we are Ministering at Grace Community Church tomorrow morning!

[11/14/19]   We are in SEATTLE!🎉
"OPEN HOUSE" at McDonald's 🍟🍔on Meridian Ave in Milton from
2-5 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15! Join us if you can!

[11/05/19]   The Bandelmans are enjoying a few months stateside. We are getting some rest, celebrating the holiday with friends and family, and throwing in a little ministry time!
Is it cold enough? AFFIRMATIVE ❄️⛄🌬️
Are we jet lagged? YEP! Dinner sounds great at 4:00 am 🌍🕕🌛=🌎🕓🌞
Is it good to be home? ABSOLUTELY! 🤸‍♀️👍❤️
Did Isaac come? NOPE😔
Have we eaten at McDonald's yet? WE WAITED ALL THE WAY TO AMSTERDAM! 🍔🍟🥤

Abalang is a tiny village in Northern Uganda. We stopped in to visit and make arrangements for a team coming to visit in a few weeks. This was our welcoming committee and their church building (the tree). Pray with us for provision for their building. They have 10,000 bricks, but still have a long way to go. "We have a FUTURE" was their anthem! #abalangworshipcenter #onesmalltree #tesoregion #bandelmansinafrica #Jesusistheirfuture #prayermeeting #tenthousandbricks #drummingonajerrycan

What fun to visit Gulu Worship Center in Gulu, Uganda! Pastor Christine has been serving faithfully for many years. We had the privilege of being her first missionary visitors! Such a sweet congregation. #bandelmansinafrica #guluworshipcenter

Ku Lwo Musalaba

Check out Ku Lwo Musalaba (Because of the Cross) by Isaac Senteza. New, original, and available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. You can stream it on most digital platforms. Even cooler is he has four of the songs available on YouTube with Ugandan🇺🇬 lyrics and ENGLISH 🇺🇲subtitles, and plans to add the rest! Ku Lwo Musalaba

Sunday with our friends and ministry partners Pastor Joseph and Winnie Mubiru with Open Heaven Ministries. We met Joe and Winnie when they were studying at Yesu Akwagala Bible College. What a pleasure to be a part of their story.

Great time in the presence of God today. We had the Bandelman family visiting us this weekend-Mama Shelly bringing the word and child dedication. We bless God for our church family. Oh, and eight people that got saved as a result of our cell meetings Ministry have come to church today. Glory to God!!!

We visited Rwanda last month. One of the highlights was visiting the construction sight of Ntarama Worship Center. Today we received photos of the completed building! Sunday morning 13 people received Christ! #NtaranaWorshipCenter #RwandaChristianOutreachMinistries #RCOM #IloveRwanda❤️

Bandelmans In Africa

Imparting truth to our next generation of leaders. #BrianB #YABC #godiscipleteach

Pr Brian Bandelman sharing in chapel today, when the Lord says go, you have to get moving.

Women's Empowerment Program at Kawempe Worship Center. These ladies will graduate in July and they are already making these beautiful garments. Amazing thing is you can buy a beginning kit (scissors, measuring tape, apron, pins, cloth) for a lady to begin the class for only $25, and she can take it with her when she graduates! #womensempowermentprogram #kawempeworshipcenter #transforminglives #sustainability #trainingforlife #handsandfeet *photo credit Bukenya Paul Michael

Treated to lunch today by the Bakery Skills Club at Yesu Akwagala Bible College! Pizza skills mastered with an amazing deep dish crust and fresh made sauce. YUM! #YABC #deepdishpizza #woodfiredpizza #jobskills #ididnthavetocook #YABCbakeryskillsclub

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Heading Home Entebbe Rd
A Little Fun!




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