In Christ Business Projects

it was founded by members of the Kampala Church of Christ/New Testament Churches of Christ.

Operating as usual


these are now at 20000shs

[07/13/17]   am selling then at 20000shs,now,call or whats app 0753696212


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[06/27/17]   i have got new shoes in stock please check me out?

[05/11/17]   any shoe customers pliz mumpagire?

[05/11/17]   am looking for ministries,projects and church missions that want business knowledge and fellowships to share ideas on how to be innovative and knowledgable in business?

[05/04/17]   what do you think about these shoes on your foot ladies? price is 25000shs.

[05/04/17]   these are the new arrivals of shoes that are selling hotly on the East african market,find me on nabugabo road RA 22,OR CALL 0753696212?


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In Christ Business Projects

[04/25/17]   am thinking of how i can help out small businesses to link up with big busineses and share experiences in business and i invite people every thursday on pap cafe for a business fellowship organised by the international christian chamber of commerce under our president ANGUYO Dralega owner of MED optics,you will be blessed!


i love the iq of this greatman of faith,he has been the man of the week.


This is Inchrist shoe making project,located on kamuli road,in bweyogerere,30mins drive from kampala central, we have plans with brother Paul of teaching the youth how to make craft shoes and widows how to make flowers for craft shoes so that they can earn something at the end of the day.
and Rouben has plans of mentoring other businessmen and women and network with others on the continent of Africa for new innovations and better development.


0753-696212, 0703-285363
Email:[email protected]
[email protected]
Christ forum that promotes ethical business principles through net working that are then executed in the market place.
Establish the relationships that become synergies for successful businesses.
Serve and share with others.
To make God known in the market place through a walk of faith where corporate goals, strategy and plans become the outward manifestation of a personal inward walk of faith.
In Christ business project is visionary, doing new things in new ways where new initiatives are required to accomplish our “Joseph Calling” for our time
In Christ business projects affirm the importance of the body of Christ and seeks to discern the specific functions as expressed in the local church and to promote unity among all God’s people.
Diversify local economies.
Build/ accelerate local industry growth.
To increase changes for start ups surviving /enhance the success and growth rates of new enterprises /internal perspective.
To prove start ups with comprehensive and integrated range of business support.
To propose business development services to meet the need of new firms
To maximize new ventures impact on economic development (MACRO ECOMINIC PERSPECTIVE).
To add value by monitoring and business assistance via
i. Coaching training and mentoring
ii. Building management teams
iii. Obtaining finance or start up capital
iv. Personal connections and expertise
v. Provide seed funding
• Character ie servant leadership
• Cell
• Competence ie not knowing it all
• Compassion ie not to be selfish
• Collaboration ie work together for food
• Capacity ie to take ownership
• Determination for excellence.
• Prayer
• Business development
• Fellowship.
• Business is through natural means of people attaining sustenance.
• Its works out no matter how small but start from some where and march toward a goal.

[12/08/14]   i like pastor robert and jesca kayanjas way of mobilising p eople for crusades,kibuli was wonderfull.

[12/02/14]   have been working on it and it has developed to promoting ethical principles through networking and creating synergy groups that makes up networks.
have been struggling with family,but when i reconciled with the challengers and came back to blrc,my family is under attack,do you think its a generational curse??

[06/04/14]   our vision is to be a leading business forum establishing and extending the biblical principle in the market place.
Mission: to raise and empower christian businessmen and women for the realisation of Gods plan for the nation.
strategy: serve and share with others.
mobilise train and disciple christain business persons to master kingdom business principles and be transformed into kingdom businessmen and women.

[05/10/14]   our vision is to creat a prosperous business environment for believers and establish and extend the kingdom of GOD to the market place.
our mission is to creat a a leading business forum to engage christians and raise kingdom resource management personel for the realisation of Gods plan for uganda.
mobilise,train and disciple christian business persons to master kingdom business principles and be transformed into kingdom business persons,
encourage innovation,creativity and strategic thinking among christian enterpreneurs to harness GOD given potential.
provide information and skills for the creation of business enterprises that function optimally a cross generations.
network and build strategic linkages among christian businessmen and women.
advocate for the application of biblical business principles in the market place and the world.

[05/09/13]   hello people inchrist is taking another step we are doing it again and this time around we are having an engagement at GRAND GLOBAL HOTEL,makerere kikoni and any one is free to join us it will be wonderfull as we make synorgy groups and remake our vision,nice time! ruben ssenkubuge.

[12/21/12]   merry xmas everyone and prosprous new year!

[09/22/12]   we are on our final stages of drafting our constitution and now we are on changing it to a limited company or turning it into an NGO,what do you think is better?

[09/11/12]   well,well,inchrist piggery project is doing good,and we now have more than 7pigs,but we are challenged with food,like maize brand and silver fish,so we need prayers and donations from well wishers,so that we keep the projects running,praise be to our GOD!

[09/03/12]   its september again and as inchrist we are believing GOD for 2 pairs of piglets so that we boost our piggery farm,are you interested to join?

[08/28/12]   it was nice meeting with seroma and he advised us on alot of issues and i believe we wont be off track anymore,your welcome to be part of this movement that will create jobs through the inchrist business projects,write and advise or share something on the page.

[08/26/12]   inchrist is about businessmen and women who believe in christ coming together in an association or organisation were they share ideas and build it up to the enterprise,factory,big businesses,farms to improve our incomes and tithes and thus build the body of christ and others as well,thats what we are up too.

[08/24/12]   its happening believers in christ,gues what inchrist is meeting seroma,pstor amon bwengye and others,can u believe we have a 5year working document of the ministry? check with isac sanyu to have a copy about us this evening!at better living resource center or kampala church of christ.

[08/23/12]   wow,wow ,wow,the lord has been so GOOD,i have got a strategic work plan from my friends in the united states about how to learn the projects and each one has to pay 20000ushs to have a copy of it and learn more about inchrist,its worthy your money call and get a copy,ruben 0753696212

[08/18/12]   AM inviting people who want to do piggery business to contact me on 0753696212,for this inchrist piggery project,its a good business,pliz call me up before you regret why you did get involved.

[08/13/12]   am starting up two projects one is inchrist chicken poultry keeping at nakigalala with one of directors called florence and share information with bro,nsubuga and piggery project with my lovely wife racheal in kakiri,we need your suport guys!!!!

[08/07/12]   am thinking of a grand openning of the projects at the end of this month and am going to talk it over with isac sanyu our church administrator,and see how we can develp it,remember our main objective is to transform unemployed christians into self employed using the available lknowledge i have with skills to advise and counsell,love you inchrist ruben


a picture of me, my wife and the two handsome boys.


Timeline Photos

[08/03/12]   Nancy Harbron thank you for liking our page. but it all goes back to you five years back when we met and shared about sharing the gospel at the resource center in kampala. and this is one way of how we want to do it.

[07/31/12]   well the good news is we are done with the process of registering this organization with the government, its legal. thank you for your prayers. God bless you all. don't forget to always pray for this ministry and to pass on any ideas you might have on how we can make it better. in Christ nothing is impossible, don't forget that. invite your friends as well to join. have a blessed week.



SHOES,advise on business,business incubation and planning etc



Nabugabo Road,freedom Center RA 23.P.O.BOX 7656
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