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Following Preaching and Teaching in Thessalonica – They Pray We turn to I Thessalonians Chapter 1 – having read in Acts of how this Church was birthed. This is a letter from Paul and Silas, or Silvanus, and Timothy, and it is sent to the Church, and the wording is most specific and precise. It is some title – written from Corinth – and there is a strong suggestion that both letters were written within a week or two of each other – or a few months at the most. We have been dealing with themes and topics recently – all biblical and biblically based – but it is good to take a letter – part of Scripture – a portion of the Word of God – and feed upon it. And if you like reading other people’s letters then enjoy Thessalonians. These are significant opening words. God without Christ can give rise to a question, and Christ without God is nothing but heresy, but God and Christ is power and these people knew the power of God the Holy Spirit. There is a double emphasis here. The Church belongs to Christ and to God. When we belong to God we belong to Christ, and when we belong to Christ we belong to Almighty God. There is another double emphasis – Grace and Peace to you – which speaks of the unity between the Father and the Son, and of course, the Holy Spirit. There is perfect unity and perfect harmony and perfect agreement. From that unity flows grace and peace. Grace and peace flow from a source which knows no disunity or disharmony. No matter what shortages there are on earth, there will never be a shortage of grace and peace. The Church of Jesus Christ is universal, but this letter is written to a church in a particular place. Thessalonica was named after the sister of Alexander the Great. It was on the main road from Rome to India – west to east – and we know it was governed by a democratically elected Assembly – and we think this is the first such place to which the Christian faith had come. What happened in this city could be transported and take root elsewhere. This was another strategically important area for a different reason from the Roman colony of Philippi. Alexander the Great came to conquer for Greece. Paul came in a different direction to conquer for Jesus Christ the King, and with very different methods. Everywhere Alexander of Macedonia went, the people spoke Greek, and as Paul preached in Greek, the Gospel of Jesus Christ swept through the Greek and now Roman Empire. Although we regard this letter as one of Paul’s, do note that there are three names in the opening greetings. They had had a good mission in the sense that there was spiritual fruit for Christ Jesus and Paul gave thanks for what happened when he visited Thessalonica. This is being written to real disciples of Jesus Christ just like you and me. This team was praying for these believers, and they never forgot their very real faith. Think for a moment of this letter being read – again and again From our reading of the letter we learn that this was not a church with a lot of people and it did not have a lot of money. It was not what might be called a ‘busy’ church – with not a lot of meetings – but with a lot of faith and hope and love. This community of faith had the marks which mark the family of God. It was a faith that acts – we are speaking of work that is produced by faith - and a love that labours – and love that holds on. They had worked at being disciples and being lights for Christ. Their endurance is inspired by hope, or assurance. Love has very little to do with how we feel – love is what you do as consequence of your faith in Jesus Christ. It is what you do about it that matters. The love of these people saw them toil until they were tired – and then some. Faith and love and hope are all to be found in Jesus Christ. “Lord God Almighty – prepare us for what You have to say to us and teach us through this part of Scripture – may that grace and peace fill our hearts and lives and overflow from us , as we serve. Enable us to toil until we are tired – and then some – so help us, Father – in Jesus name.” (This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at and in the 'Archives' - warmest greetings to you, in Christ Jesus.)
Good work done God bless u
Let No One Accuse the Church of Jesus Christ of Being Exclusive We are reading Isaiah Chapter 49 – the second ‘Servant Song’ – and these are not among the best known verses in the Bible. Isaiah is writing about the coming of Jesus Christ. Verse 5 refers to being formed in the womb – there is not only a divine intervention but a divine intention – and God will not be thwarted. When one considers the attempts to thwart the plans of God over the centuries, and to crush witnesses who would testify to the greatness of God – all these attempt have failed – from the pogrom in Egypt when Moses was born – to King Herod’s planned slaughter of the male children in Bethlehem a year of so after the birth of Jesus – and the global persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ today. These persecutors will one day have to stand before God – whether they want to or not – whether they think it is a good thing or not! Verse 6 – Isaiah writes about the ministry of the servant expanding – his ministry widens – to the nations – even to the Gentiles. Isaiah could not have been more comprehensive if he tried. This ministry is also all-inclusive – all are included and no–one is excluded. It is for all who want to come, and who wish to come. Salvation would be offered to all – it is a vast canvass. God will speak to the whole world – through Israel – through Jesus Christ – and through the Church of Jesus Christ. Do not let anyone accuse the Church of Jesus Christ of being exclusive. Verse 7 – We read of the word ‘despised’ being used about Jesus for the first time. Jesus is not going to be accepted by all men. Everyone is not going to like Jesus, or welcome Jesus. That was the situation then, and that is the situation today. It has always been like that. It does not make things any easier, but it is good to know that we are certainly not the first generation to experience such strong rejection of Jesus Christ, and the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. We need to remember that today. But, one day, people will see who Jesus Christ is – the Saviour – the Redeemer – the Holy One of Israel. “The Holy One of Israel” is a favourite phrase of Isaiah – and so apposite. Kings will arise – they do not normally do that – but in the presence of Jesus Christ they will arise – and bow down. From verse 8, God speaks about the salvation of Israel, and there are lessons in these verses for us, who believe in Jesus, and who belong to Jesus. I will answer you – I will help you – I will keep you. To those who feel they are prisoners I will say, “Come out” – and v.9 – to those who are in darkness – a light to the Gentiles – bringing salvation. God begins to say things to people who knew suffering – and you can say things about God which you could not say if people had not experienced suffering. Verses 10 to 13 are strong reassuring words – and they thought they had been forgotten and overlooked. (See Chapter 40 verse 27.) You may still have to go through the deserts and climb the hills and rugged mountains, but God will be with you – providing for your need, when you need such help. Our God will provide, protect and guide. Verse 15 – Can a mother forget? No. Not really – but it is possible. God says - “I will not forget you.” “Thank You Father for that promise – I will not forget you – make the reality of Your presence real to me this day.” I have engraved you on the palms of My hands. Every time I look at My hands I see your name – so I can never forget you. And, when God sees the walls of Jerusalem He thinks of His people. Verse 20 – As people came back to that land, the city was too small – and they had to build outside the city wall – and that happened again over 100 years ago – and that continues to happen today. Isaiah goes on to speak in such a strong positive way, as God pours His words into his heart and mind. Verse 23 - “Those who hope in ME will not be disappointed. And yet, it is as if the people are saying in their hearts – can anyone rescue us here in Babylon? They thought the situation was too serious. They thought the situation was even out of God’s control, and beyond God, and God answers them and God replies. Yes, I will do what you think could not be done – so that people may know! Chapter 50 – The people were saying, it is as if He has divorced us, and God says, prove it! Show Me the certificate. They were saying that God was so much in debt, that He has sold us into slavery. People say daft things at times! No, no – it was not what I did – the fault is on your side. When I came to meet you, there was no one there – verse 2. When I called, no one answered. Was My Arm too short to reach you? No! Do some think they have sunk too low to be reached by Jesus? Do some consider that God is not strong enough to lift them up to where He wants them to be – rescuing them – forgiving them – renewing them? We read verse 4 – Jesus has a word for the weary – wherever they are – no matter how sore or pained or dark their situation. Jesus has a word – and sometimes all that is needed, is a morsel of bread and a sip from His Cup! Reassure – Encourage – Strengthen – Satisfy. “Lord God – let me pray these words – Reassure me – Encourage me – Strengthen me – Satisfy me – and wherever I go, may I stretch out a loving and helping and rescuing hand to those wrestling and struggling in life’s rough seas – in Jesus Name I pray. Amen” (This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at and in the 'Archives'. Take care - keep safe - at this difficult time globally - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)

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Missed our September - October NEWS? CLICK / TAP the link to read all the updates Members & supporters NEWS | SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER, 2020 Greetings! Thank you for supporting the mission of Scripture Union Uganda. We are humbled by your commitment to the gospel through prayer, encoura

We are excited about this!

Today, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Scripture Union Uganda to formalise an already on going partnership.

The MOU will strengthen programmes that support Children’s spiritual, social and emotional development in schools, and help them overcome the emotional challenges brought about by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This partnership will create Spiritual nurture clubs in over 1,000 schools across the country.

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S1 - S3 CLASS IS LIVE, just for today.

Our Values Class on Obedience is on for all ages. Tap/click link for your child to attend

This Sunday, our online class for children and youth returns with a great team of facilitators. We are looking at the value of OBEDIENCE. To all parents whose children attend, we will be using the same zoom meeting ID and password



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Too many children are living without the knowledge of a loving God and all around the world Scripture Union teams are helping each new generation to discover afresh what it means to follow Jesus where they are #sharingGodsBigstory #Godislove

A big thank you to all parents whose children are part of our online classes! So much growth and fun with all the children!

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden!! 😍 🇺🇬🙋📖⚡



“No man who merely skims the Book of God can profit from it; we must dig and mine until we obtain the hid treasure.”

Today's online classes for children and youth begin shortly. We are still looking at PURITY. Tap this link for details .

Behold, God is my salvation.. ☺

Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? 💡

SU Values Class returns today for children and youth via ZOOM. 4 amazing classes, stories, discussions, break out rooms for youth and interaction with SU children and youth facilitators. Tap this link for details .

SUU - June & July updates.

Our June - July newsletter🇺🇬⚡

TODAY: Starting a new Values Class on Moral Purity. It's a class for children and youth. SEE details by clicking this link .

SU PATRONS have been greatly affected by the school closure due to covid-19. We are collecting FOOD DONATIONS to supply to some of the most affected patrons. If you are able to make a food donation, signup on our form here and you will be contacted -

ONLINE Values Classes on MORAL PURITY and workshops for children & youth in Uganda this AUGUST. Click to Check out what we have .

When our Self Control is tested, let's not forget to keep UNDER control!!

With more 🇺🇬Ugandan teens engaged in ONLINE activity. We are offering this ONLINE workshop on SAFETY⚡. Our facilitators will have discussions with teens especially those in high school on how to AVOID wrong people & wrong practices when ONLINE. It's free but registration is required. PARENTS / STUDENTS should send an email expressing interest, we will guide you on next steps!

Last week, our 5 online values classes brought together 143 children and youth. It was our 4th lesson on Self Control and was very interactive! Thanks to all the parents! 🇺🇬💓

I'm indeed a king because I know how to rule MYSELF! Lots of learning in all our online Values Classes last weekend. Lyn had a wonderful time with the upper primary class that has 56 children🙋🇺🇬

Our First Class is in about ten minutes. Topclass - p3. Parents whose children are part of it should join with the same zoom meeting details. Have fun! 💓🇺🇬

Are you in S6 vacation and looking at being a children & youth ministry facilitator at some point in your life, this ONLINE class for vacist is a great place to start. Every Thursday at 2:30pm. To get an invite, inbox us your contact.

In our Values Education Class THIS WEEK, we will be talking about how Self Control helps us with 'TIMING'. It's a great topic for children & youth especially this season of so much change!

Each class meets weekly for an hour via zoom. Class tasks are given via google classroom. Vacist - every Thursday, All other classes take place on Sunday. Inbox us for details.

Busoga College Mwiri

🙋.,......So many have gone through SUU

H.E President Yoweri Museveni reminiscing about Mwiri ..

Values Education classes begin shortly!

This week, a very awesome team of children & youth facilitators are in charge of our free online Values Education Classes for children & youth. If you joined us last week, the same zoom meeting details apply. Don't miss! If you want someone to attend, inbox us!

Last week, we had a successful start to our free online values education classes with over 100 children and youth. Thank you to all the parents. We still have space in the secondary and vacists classes. This is a unique class where you interact with your teacher, other students and get notes and assignments through google classroom! Inbox for details.

If you registered for our free online values class, check your email for details on how to join a specific class through zoom and google classroom. The First Classes begin this week. Please make sure your all set up. Remember the classes will not be streamed. Looking forward to meeting all the children and youth! Our topic - SELF CONTROL -🇺🇬🇺🇬

Due to many registrations for our free online values classes, a special class is being created to cater for Senior 6 vacists. To get an invite to this zoom class, please sign up at this link,

Nb: The classes will not be streamed online.

Values Education Classes by SU teams on Purity & Self control will be delivered to lower & upper primary and secondary students through zoom & google classroom between 22nd - 27th June. Limited space for each level! FUN, very educative and interactive. SIGN UP to be invited -

[all youngsters who participate will receive a certificate]

Our Story

Scripture Union Uganda is Uganda's Leading ministry to Children, youth and families. We are part of the global Scripture Union family and have been leading the spiritual nurture of Uganda’s children, youth and families for over 50 years.

Our mission Statement: Scripture Union Uganda is a Christian Organization that nurtures children and youth holistically, helping people engage with God through the Bible so that they may follow Jesus Christ and be instrumental in transforming Africa.

Our Vision: Children and youth, following Jesus, filled with hope and transforming the families and nations of Africa

Our Core programs: Evangelism, Discipleship and Life Skills.

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S1 - S3 CLASS IS LIVE, just for today.




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