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BORN CHILD OF GOD. God will make a way
God be merciful unto us for the abominations of our land is unbareable..
Let your mercy shower like rain and cause your light to shine on us for we're not worthy but you alone is worthy..
God allowed Jesus to be crucified, not because of the sins of people, but because of Jesus betrayal.
Jesus followed the word of God, but just like Adam, he allowed himself to be tricked by Satan when he went upon the mountain. The bible tells us that Jesus said get behind me Satan as if he was not going to let Satan’s words change him, yet his actions afterwards tell us a different story. When people called him good master or try to praise him, after going upon the mountain, Jesus did not say no man can serve two master or that only God was good.
Jesus faltered and said nothing as they praised him (just as many still do today). After his conversation with Satan, Jesus told the people, I (Jesus) is the way and the light and should be honored like God. The book explains why Jesus cried out on the cross, God, God, why have you betrayed me? As God answered him (words that only Jesus heard) saying it is not I who have betrayed you, but it is you who have betrayed me. I sent you to lead the people to me, but instead you have led them to yourself and therefore you are being crucified. For I am the one and only God and no man shall serve two masters, for if they love you Jesus, then they hate me!
Christianity claims that Jesus rose from the dead so that man could sin all he wants and just ask for forgiveness. The bible does not verify this but says just the opposite. It tells us how Jesus died and how he told the people that he would return in three days. Yet, on the second day when his mother went to prepare his body for the next day arrival, it was not there. The body of Jesus was never seen again as two strangers told her that he rose early and left. The bible tells how the people search everywhere for Jesus, but he was never found. As later a stranger who looked nothing like Jesus proclaimed to be Jesus. Who told those who believed that he was Jesus to pick up the serpent and drink all deadly things. If you want to know who this person was, then my friend, read the book Jesus Is No Excuse by Gregory St. James.
I'm really touched by what you wrote about today and I'd like to know more on how to listen to God talking to us amen
God's case no appeal , it's a good thing to call on Jesus and surrender your life to him as early as now to safeguard your life before sunset , in Jesus Name, Amen
I love reading the bible that has has taught me a lot eg mat 6: 33seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteous and every other thing shall be added to thee
Devotion Title: Reverence and Wisdom"Who is among you that feareth the LORD, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the LORD, and stay upon his God. Isaiah 50:10"

Devotion : The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous run into it and they are safe. Proverbs 18:10. The name of the LORD gives light to direct us; it teaches us how to worship God in reverence. Let us never doubt the efficacy of the name of Jesus Christ; let us trust completely in His name and enjoy His fellowship and salvation. Dear reader, do you understand the above scripture? Share your thoughts with us!

Devotion Title: Conscious of His Presence"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. Isaiah 43:2"

Devotion : It is very heartwarming and comforting to read a scripture like this, where God has given His pledge to His children to be with them in all circumstances. Water and fire are good servants but bad masters. In the scripture above they symbolize bad masters. God is making it clear to His children that life may not be rosy after all; His children will go through trying times which may look like water and fire. However, He has given us His Word that He will be with us and control the situation: if the trial is like rivers they will not overcome us and if it is like fire it will not burn us. This should give us confidence that whatever difficult times we may be going through, the presence of God is available to deliver us. Let us keep trusting Him for He knows what is best for us. Dear beloved, have you ever gone through any trying times? Share your stories and testimonies here!

BIBLE Everyday was founded on a purpose of Encouraging and helping People grow their faith in God, I'll be Glad to Share Scriptures and Motivational words!

One might ask why I started Preaching on Facebook...
I did this away back starting with my own page, but later I realized it was not cool, posting Godly messages and at the same time my own stuff on the same page, so I came up with an idea of creating a page that will only be specifically for Godly messages... I looked around and I actually realized that Most of the people have no time for Readi

Operating as usual

[06/14/21]   Dear Lord, You've given me a chance to see another new day, a new week, Thank You a lot Father, I kindly ask You to guide me through this new week, may Your favors and blessings be part of this journey for me, my friends and family. When You do that I'll know and my mouth won't stop talking about Your goodness.

May this new week bring out the plans You have for me, may You open the windows and doors of heaven to pour on me a blessing until there's no more need! My whole trust is in You. I'm seeking YOU, allow me to find You! thank You again Lord for this wonderful morning, please accept my love, worship and praise as little as it might be for You. Thank You Again.

[06/13/21]   Dear Lord, what can't You do? what won't You do? what haven't You ever done? You've done all things. All creation gives You praise, You deserve. I'm happy that I know a little about You. How Great Thou Art.

Nothing is hard for You, nothing does even matter, nothing ever worries You, You're the Mightiest. How can I even speak about Your Goodness? It's too much for me to explain. You're capable of doing anything when You want and anywhere.
Nothing is like You. You are indeed God. No one will ever be able to explain how great You are. You're Just who You are.

I praise You for Who YOU ARE LORD. I'm happy to give you THANKS, ALMIGHTY.

[06/12/21]   Dear Lord, I have come to tell you something that I'm sure You already know. Lord, I may not be as rich as that man who's in the hospital fighting for his life, but I'm healthy, I may not be having the designer shoes, if not my shoes are even old, but I have the feet.

I may not be having that beautiful/cute face, but I'm not blind.
I may not be so tall, but I'm not crawling, I may not have the best meals every single day, but when I do I appreciate it.

I have come to realize that I may not be there, but I'm good where I am. I love You, Lord.
I just wanted to say thank You, Jesus, Thank You, God, Thank You Holy Spirit.

[06/11/21]   Dear Lord, I just wanted to thank You for how far You've got me, and where I am going! Thank You for always keeping Your Precious Holy Hand on me. I have not paid anything to live, but I'm living freely!

Thank You that I can still say AMEN, I can still call upon Your name, we can fix the broken together! I know for sure You're right beside me. Thank You for being available for me when I call You. I know You're at work on the things we discussed and I prayed for! I'm waiting, and nothing is going to hold me back! Psalms 118:1 "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever."

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You my LORD.

[06/10/21]   Dear Father, the Joy that You've given my heart is the joy that never fades, the joy that lasts forever the joy that has no conditions, I just wanted to thank You for who I am today.

Thank You for your Kindness and love, I belong to You, keep me, my friends and family safe, safe even from this coronavirus, and kindly comfort those who have lost their loved ones, due to this disease, and please God wipe it away, it's disconnecting us from doing a lot of things that we need to do! I hate it, we all hate it. Kindly heal the world Lord. You're the only one who can. We believe in You and Your power. Thank You, Lord. We are waiting for You.

[06/09/21]   Dear Lord, I know You are here with me, not looking at how I messed up yesterday but how I'm changing from today... This new opportunity of another beautiful day You have given, gives me a chance to amend. Thank You for Yesterday, I went through it, and thank You for this morning and a wonderful day, that You have made for me. I appreciate You and I'm forever grateful.

I still am praying You Lord, putting everything that I think I need or want aside, but to seek You. Unless I do seek You first, what I need will always keep in my list. Come Oh Lord, be with me. Guide me when I go astray, and help me self control always...

Fact is I need You. And You said it Yourself. That whoever seeks You, finds You. I want to find You and learn from You. I want to know You, then the rest will run for me, but that's if I only have You. Allow me Oh heavenly Father and cleanse me the way You feel right.
You name shall always be praised.

[06/08/21]   Dear Lord, You are awesome and I love You very much.

[06/07/21]   No one knows what you have done in me, thats why I praise you the way I do Lord.

[06/06/21]   Dear Lord, I thank You for this morning, I'm still able to speak to You, thank You for another chance for me to repent, and try again!

Dear Lord, I believe and know that You're working on my requests, but as You work, please lead me to the right people, those whom I need or need me genuinely.

I take heart, I praise and worship Your name, that's the least I can do.
May Your endeavors be mine! Hallelujah.

[06/05/21]   Dear GREAT GOD, I'm here, I may not know what will happen tomorrow, but I'm sure You're already there and You've great plans for me, but Lord, please do not let me give up before my time, I try this and I try that, but before that right time, do not please let me give up, because I know I'll not stop trying, but I'll not be tripping until that day and time come... I believe in You Lord, but if I do, without you, I'm doing for nothing, no good results, no good returns.
The gardener may water his plants every day, but the crops come out only when the time is right. In Isaiah 60:22 - The Lord Himself says, "When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen."

I TREASURE and RESPECT YOUR WORD Dear Father, but please I pray You to be in me, and never let me give up, I don't want to miss on the best You've prepared for me. I'm waiting on You.


I'm saved. And I'm not afraid to say it.

I'm saved. And I'm not afraid to say it.

[06/03/21]   Dear Lord, Your name is all I can call and be sure of the outcome. Listen to me when I call heavenly Father, You've searched my heart and You know everything about me. You've never failed me, and You'll not do it now. don't let the enemy laugh at me.

Allow me to do the things, I must do when I can, for You, don't let me burden within and smile on the face, may you redesign me, let my happiness come from within, even if it's about others! Take out of me the heart of hypocrisy, and bad wishes for others! Keep me in Your lane, so that I should be happy for others when they win or get something good, mine will then come, and jubilation will be in my own house then.

If there's anything bad in me, that You're seeing Lord take it out, let me be as clean as You want me to be, otherwise, I might end up losing out on the best things You could ever offer to me.

Clean my heart, Oh Lord, and let my feelings be real for others.

[06/02/21]   I'm up, again today is a chance for me to repent, a chance to revive a chance to try again! Sometimes things go astray, and I wander around because I think I can, then I fail with my little power and inabilities. But today, I'll lift up my eyes to the Lord, for He is powerful, He's mighty, He knows all about me about yesterday, today, and the future. God knows everything about me. My heart and hands up Lord, my being is in Your precious mercies and love.

I carry Your name in pride, the world may not know, but I know where You got me from, and I'll praise and worship You, I have seen Your hand in things that I touched, things that I have been able to do!

We are sick, we need You, we are hungry, we need You, we are young in faith, we need You, we are happy, we need You, we are sad, we need You, we are anything, we need You at all times, LORD.

[06/01/21]   You took away the curse, You carried all my sins away, You paid the price, I can never payback, but I pray that let the yearning for Your word, praise, and worship, haunt me, let me get restless before I worship or praise You, for there's nothing I can ever do to repay the debt You paid for me, Jesus Christ.

Father in heaven, I know You have never failed, You won't now, or even in the future, my prayer today is let singing and acknowledging You, become part of me, if I seek You first, then there's nothing that can stand in my way.

I'm not asking for money, cars or houses, or success this time, I'm asking for YOU, all these will come next! May my heart be filled with Your love, and I'll worship You with all my heart. For ever and ever.

[05/31/21]   I know I have asked alot Lord, but today I have come to say thank You and let You know that I remember everything I have prayed for, and I'm sure You're at work.

May You be Glorified, May You light and Shine for us for ever. I will always carry Your name in pride for You are the One who knows me better. My life is for Your Glory. I worship and praise with all my heart. Oh dear God, no one knows what You have do in me, but I know that's why I try my best to praise You as I Do.

Oh Heavenly Father the overseer of this Earth, the one we all look upto, You are the ALMIGHTY.

[05/30/21]   Dear Lord, my trust is in You, I have strong faith in Your kindness. May Your will be done in me.

[05/29/21]   I'm standing in the middle of nowhere, seeking ONLY YOU, I have cried, please Lord wipe my tears. Kindly come rescue me from danger. My heart burdens, I carry a lot of load on my head.
I'm surrendering everything to You, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, You said, if we ask anything in Your name it shall be done. (ANYTHING)

Come and pick me up with Your precious Holy hands, and kindly answer the prayers I have made to You. Teach me how to wait, and rebuild my faith in You. May I abide in You and You in me. Amen.

[05/28/21]   Miracle worker, You're the Miracle worker, come and do a miracle, a miracle today.

[05/27/21]   “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Your presence, and take not Your Holy Spirit from me.

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with Your free Spirit. Then will I teach transgressors Your ways; and sinners shall be converted to thee.”

[05/26/21]   Shepherd of my heart Jesus Christ, how I love You! You deserve the Honor and Grace, I lift Your name up High because You deserve, because of Your unconditional love, the least that I can do is to praise and worship Your name, to thank You! You're the treasure that I have, there's nothing much more than this!

I can't explain how much You do Your things, they're just perfect, for as much as I live, I'll acknowledge and tell those I can anywhere about You. I'm 100% sure of Your care towards the whole world, where there's the bad and the good! You take all of us as Your beloved sons/daughters.

Open my eyes Lord, let me see and understand Your word. I need to learn from You and do the things I'm supposed to do for You, for me, and for others!

I forever will have my heart beat for You, I'm yearning to praise and worship Your name Lord, if all I have got is YOU, then that's all I need! Keep me moving, in the line You've created Lord. I want to be different, I want You to look at me and speak. I love You, Lord..

[05/25/21]   You're my Father, You're my best friend O Lord, I have come this far because of You. Lord, I have learned a lot, You've given me more than I expected I would get, You gave me when I didn't ask, thank You, Lord, for all that You've done.

My actions have not been good enough to attract the good things from You, but Your love to me has built me well, Your mercies have got me this far, I just wanted to say Thank YOU.

[05/24/21]   Dear Lord, I thank You that I have been able to get to a new week, kindly drive me through, and lead my paths, Amen

[05/23/21]   I love You Lord, please teach me how to love those that hurt me too. amen

[05/22/21]   Any one of us here has wronged and has ever been wronged. Who doesn't want to be forgiven? We all go wrong towards one another in one way or the other, forgiveness is God-given, it releases the spirit of happiness for the two, Jesus Himself on a cross asked the Father to forgive those who had crucified Him, not because they were sorry, but because He knew they would never understand the meaning of forgiveness if He had not forgiven them.

God cherishes a forgiving heart, and He never sits in a heart that is contaminated with anger or hatred. Before we ask God for anything, we should first remember those that have annoyed or wronged us, forgive them God will forgive us our sins too.

Forgiving stirs love, and only love. If we want to be forgiven we should learn to forgive even the unsorry ones.

Luke 6:37, "we should never judge if we don’t want to be judged."

[05/21/21]   Dear Lord, I know You're at work. I have asked a lot of things, but one thing for sure, make me new, change me so that I can stand with sincere and heartfelt praise. You created me with everything, thank You. Lord, I have realized and recognized Your presence in things, that I have been able to achieve, see, touch, or feel.

Your touches have been felt, allow me to learn from You. My heart breaks down at times, I sometimes feel like giving up, but I remember that You didn't give up for me, even when it came to the cross, how could I have been if it wasn't Your sacrifice? This is enough to teach me.
Lord, I come for healing, protection, and providence, thank You so much, Lord, for all.

[05/20/21]   Dear Lord, my path is in Your lead Father, kindly take me to Your throne, and show me what I have never seen. I'm waiting. Amen

[05/19/21]   When we ask God to do something for us, He gets to work, whatever we ask, He looks into what are the best and the worst outcomes of what we ask. He Improves to the best standard that we might not even see. All He wants from us when we ask is to always remember that we asked, and believe that He's working on it.

They're so many things that we thought we wanted but until we get them, we find all reasons to regret why we asked for them.
Sometimes God lets things happen as we want, because we seem so impatient, but later we realize. So sometimes, God takes a little time as we might think, to prepare what we ask, to improve it, or get it to us at the right time. so we never have to regret why we asked.

So when we ask God for something, our patience and expectations should be, He's WORKING on it, He's making the best VERSION of my REQUEST. He's God. He knows what to and not to do, what is and not good for us.

If He is for us, no one can be against us, let us remember what we asked from God. He is really working on it.

[05/18/21]   Dear Lord, there's power in Your SPEECH and WORDS, no one is above when You say "YES", not even the Kings, or the greatest leaders of these countries we live in can say "NO". and nobody can say "YES" when You say "NO", Your "YES" or "NO" to my life is very important, thank you, Lord, for helping me go through it all.

If there's a "NO" where I expect YES, I definitely know it's Yours. And where there's a "YES" where I expect a "NO", I know it's You. Now, Lord, I want to thank You through it all, every plan You have upon my life is worthwhile. I'm not afraid, I put and surrender everything in Your hands.

Thank You, Lord. May Your will be done in my life, my family, and friends, I pray, believing in Your Loving Son Jesus Christ.

[05/17/21]   Dear Lord, I might have taken long to thank You for the things that You've done, or maybe quite forgetful, but I want to assure You that I'm very grateful for the things You do. I don't take anything for granted, many are looking for what I have, or I am. I thank You for making me who I am today!

May Your name be glorified... You've blessed me, You've not looked at my wrongs and sins, You've not looked on the bad things I did yesterday, or the other day, You've not even looked at my unrighteousness, BUT LORD, YOU LOOKED AT YOUR LOVE and CARE towards me, You looked at Your righteousness. You blessed me not because I'm good or bad, but because You are Good. I don't take this for granted. Thank You, LORD, AGAIN. For Your mercies that are over me.

[05/16/21]   Dear Lord, I know You do too much more than I can even see, the trips you take me through, days You've taken me through, the food and protection You've provided, I really appreciate the breathe that I get to use everyday. Thank You for all.

I know sometimes I don't seem to see these things that are very important, I'm sorry. Lord You know everything about me, You know about yesterday, today and the future, I know sometimes I get to worry about tomorrow, worry today because I'm not really like You. But I remember You promised that You'd do everything the next day, and the plans You have for me are far better.

Your knowledge is very MUCH I can never compare it. Kindly fill my heart with peace and love for one or the other. Teach me how to pray and praise You the way You want, open my eyes to Your word sso I can clearly understand it and hold my head up, my hands too with Yours. I pray and believe In You King of Glory. When You do I'll know. I'll testify in the multitude.

[05/15/21]   I just want to thank You for all that You have done for me.
You're indeed CARING.

[05/14/21]   Dear God, there's only one thing I want to ask You today. Please
Keep Your hands on me. Amen

[05/13/21]   Dear Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within me.
The greatest agent of change is love. Teach me how to love.

[05/12/21]   Dear Lord, I've been able to see another day, which is why I want to hear from You, the fact that You've given me another chance thank You, its clear that You want to talk to me. I'm listening.

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One might ask why I started Preaching on Facebook...
I did this away back starting with my own page, but later I realized it was not cool, posting Godly messages and at the same time my own stuff on the same page, so I came up with an idea of creating a page that will only be specifically for Godly messages... I looked around and I actually realized that Most of the people have no time for Reading the BIBLE, but Facebook.. I STARTED THE PAGE. knowing I'll get so many followers and fans... because every morning one wakes up, the first thing they do is to check on their FaceBook PAGES I DO THAT TOO... So I thought this would be the best way to tell people about God. to enrich their faith and trust in God. Honestly it has been a success. I have received so many messages... people thanking me... I'm grateful... The other one important Thing.... I do God's work, so no one is my boss but Him... no one pays me But Him... I do this free for Him... I thank God for this opportunity! I do this every day, and I'll never STOP. I thank all my fans and followers... I have a little hidden my identity to people, because HOW I look is not what I exactly am! So that's why so many people don't know I'm the one doing this. I want to Thank God Once again... And If you've read this to the End please like the page, ,and May God bless you as you go ahead and click on the like Button and share with your friends... Lets grow together... Amen Amen...

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Taking you around the historical Kiwamirembe A place of Peace.
We managed to reach out to these special people, I can't express enough how happy they were to see us visit them, I'd li...
We managed to reach out to these special people, I can't express enough how happy they were to see us visit them, I'd li...
But it was just a word!
Let's share!  May God bless you now!  JOHN 15:18-21 Amen





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