Dormition Church

Dormition Church


God Will Not Test Beyond Your Power. We Shall Have A Very Good Moment Tomorrow At 5 Pm Deliverance Service And Remember Our Portion Is Always Miracle ,Signs And Wonders . Tell Afreind To Tell Afreind Hebrews13:8
The time will come and it is already when for those who worship the Lord should worship him in truth and spirit John 4 :22-24
Mana Warakoze Kunduhura . It Was So Painful And Very Hardtime, Things Was Not Easy, But All In All God Has Been There . Isaiah 54:17 no weapon is forged against me that shall prosper
Mushumba njya mbakumbura uwambwiraho muri pe
Ok,I will join this church
Thx God bless you al!

Mobilizing The church for strategic Mission Mobilizing the Church for strategic Mission

Operating as usual

[10/30/21]   The word of God is the wisdom of God.

[10/30/21]   An uncommon seed Always creates an uncommon Harvest.

[10/30/21]   Your Rewards in life Are Determined by the kinds of problems you Are willing to solve for others.

[10/30/21]   The secret of your future is Hidden in your Daily Routine.

[10/30/21]   What you Respect, you will Attract!

[10/30/21]   When your Heart Decides the Destination, your Mind will Design the Map to Reach it.

[09/09/21]   Make your calling and election sure, for if you do this, you will never fall! See 2 Peter 1:10

[09/09/21]   Your decisions determine your destiny! More than 331 times in scripture, we see verses that tell us that our decisions are creating our circumstances. See Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 8 &28
Isaiah 1: 17-20, etc.

[09/09/21]   DECISIONS: You don't decide your calling, you discover it!

[09/08/21]   Put away laying lips, and let everyone speak truth to one another.
See Ephesians 4: 22-32

[09/08/21]   Never ask someone a question if they do not know the answer.

[09/08/21]   Confession brings possession!
If you say it, you will see it!

[09/08/21]   You frame your world by the words of your mouth.
What you speak will either put you under or put you over.!

[09/08/21]   Stop being critical.
Please bless your brothers and sisters.
The Spirit of the Lord said to me, " Complaining is the road to Hell!"

[09/03/21]   MONEY:
Money answers all things
(See Ecclesiastes 10:12)
Money is a defence!
(See Ecclesiastes 7:12)
Money chases great ideas!
Money is neither good nor bad. It is neutral.
The good or evil it produces comes from who has it and from what they do with it!

[09/03/21]   MIRACLES:
Miracles, signs and wonders always been and always will be God's intention for the Church.
The supernatural should become natural to the believer.
The supernatural is above the natural.

[09/03/21]   MINISTRY:

[08/28/21]   The reason having a plan is so important is because most people have dreams but they fail to have a plan.
Well it's important to have a dream of retiring young and retiring rich , but in order for the dream to come true, a person needs to have a plan to bridge the dream into reality.

[08/28/21]   If you want to keep up and retire young and retire rich, you will need to be able to continually change your context quickly,
Because context determines content. And context plus content equals capacity.

[08/28/21]   If you want to get rick quicker, it is a matter of going beyond the comfort of your current realities and into the realm of new possibilities for your life.

[08/28/21]   Today most of us, know that job security is a thing of the past, but back then, no one questioned the idea of seeking job security as being the smart thing to do.

[08/04/21]   8 ENJOY THE LORD AND HIS WORD IN YOUR OWN LIFE ( 1Tim. 4:12-16). This is how the encourager keeps from getting discouraged.
Paul faced many discouragements, but he knew the Lord's fellowship. Others will be affected by your enjoyment sooner or later keep at it.

9. BE A PEACEMAKER (Phil. 4:2, Mt.5:9). The flesh likes to fan the flames of conflict, but spiritual believers engage in the more difficult task of peacemaking. We don't need to be in the middle of every assembly problem, but when asked, make sure we contribute to peace. Remember blessed are the peacemakers ( My 5:9)

10. LEARN TO BE A WORSHIPPER (Ps. 122:1, 1 Pet. 2:1-10).
Worship is the believer's highest occupation. It gives the Lord His rightful place and puts everything else in it's place. It will move the hearts of other believers so their hearts and minds will be in the right place, too. Worship is the ultimate objective of the Lord in saving us ( Jn. 4:23). If you can do nothing else, learn to be a worshipper.


[08/04/21]   If you want to be an encouragement to your assembly here are at least ten ways.
The list is almost endless.

1.BE THERE ( Acts 28:14-15, Heb. 10:25). Attendance at all assembly meetings is an encouragement. It gives a sense of security in the assembly if you are always there.
2. BE IN PRAYER ABOUT PROBLEMS AND BLESSINGS! ( Jas. 5:16b-18).The discipline of prayer indicates whether we are interested in solutions to assembly problems, or just interested in talking about them. Men and women of prayer add a necessary spirit dimension to the fellowship.
3. BE INTERESTED IN THE GOSPEL ( Phil.1:5, 1 Thess. 1:8).
Gospel work brings us together. it shows us who the real enemy is. It keeps things in their proper perspective. It reminds us we are all sinners saved by grace. It wins lost men and women. This isn't about the gift of evangelism. Do what you can to encourage Gospel work in your assembly.
4. HOLD A BIBLE CONFERENCE (Neh. 8:1-12, Acts 18:27).
A day or two given to the word of God refreshes Christians. It is an opportunity to work together. It's a reason to invite gifted Bible teachers to your area. It is an opportunity to provide ministry to other area assemblies. It's good idea.
5. VISIT (Acts 18:26). Apollos received a lot of help from the home of Priscilla and Aquila. Maybe you can visit people in their homes. You don't need to go with a heavy agenda. A warm , friendly, short visit can work wonders. Maybe you can invite people to your home. Maybe you can meet someone at a coffee shop.
6. SPEAK A WORD, SEND A CARD OR AN E-MAIL (Prov. 15:23, 25:11, Isa. 50:4).
You would be surprised how much encouragement the right word at the right time brings.
There is never a right time for a wrong word. And there is sometimes a wrong time for even a right word. Make an effort to communicate encouragement.
Eph. 4:29
7. PRAY FOR THE ELDERS (Heb. 13:7, 1Tim. 5:17).
Praying for someone changes our whole focus. We no longer feel like complaining, criticizing or condemning them.

[08/04/21]   It Does Take Work!
In a labor of love, every day is payday.

The Lord was a worker. ( Jn. 9:4). The life of the master was one of industry and business.
Learning the trade of a carpenter, he knew what it was to work. Yet his Father's business was the chief objective of his life, and all of it involved work. He started in important lesson for us: Jn. 13:16

[08/04/21]   God's Great Idea :
Thought the Church has many critics, it has no rivals.
We have only so much to give, so why should we give it to the assembly? There are good reasons.

1. The local Church is part of God's eternal purpose.( Eph. 1:11, 3:11).
This makes it superior to anything else we do.
But I must remember that what and how I contribute to the local church is an eternal investment.
Paul's life was characterized by viewing the eternal and unseen ( 2,Cor. 4:16-18). This equipped him to make intelligent decisions in how he was going to invest his time.

2. The Lord insists on giving rewards to those who build with quality materials. (1 Cor.3). Our view of reward is based on merit and success. God's view of reward is based on faithfulness. In fact, God views it an unrighteous thing to forget the service that his people have performed ( Heb. 6:10).

3. The assembly comprises God's present-day people (1 Pet. 2:9-10). The New Testament makes this clear.
While God has not forgotten Israel and he will deal with them again in the future The fact remains that at present, the Church is God's people.
The Lord Himself began to show this in His ministry. ( Mt. 21:28-46). The apostles later confirm this.

4. The assembly is God's dwelling place. Even in the Old Testament the language is not so strong as to state that Israel was God's dwelling place. But in the New Testament the language vigorously states that the church is His dwelling place. Forexample, read in John 17:23.

[05/29/21]   Everyone doesn't face the same problems in life but we can all have the same solution.
His name is Jesus Christ.

[05/26/21]   It is only through love we are able to respond to God and to others at present.

[05/26/21]   The wound of one is the wound of all, the pain of others is the pain of all.

[05/26/21]   We begin to succeed with our lives when the problems and hurts of others matter to us

[05/15/21]   God strengthened Elijah.
- After God showed his power on mount Carmel, Elijah waited for God to bring rain, and when it came, there was a mighty Storm.

[05/15/21]   Elijah Boldly believed God!!!

[05/15/21]   Elijah Fearlessly obeyed God!!

It took courage for Elijah to face Israel's King and tell him that he was to blame for the nation's problems.
It took boldness for Elijah to tell Ahab to summon Jesebel's favorites, the 850 false prophets of Baal and Asherah, to mount Carmel.

It took confidence for him to challenge Baal's prophets to summon fire from their god to burn their sacrifice and mock them when they shouted and danced and cut themselves in their vain attempt to do so.

[05/15/21]   God chose Elijah for this important Assignment!!

God had chosen Elijah to tell Ahab there would be a drought three years before, but that didn't mean He had to choose Elijah again but he did.
He invited Elijah to perform one of the greatest miracles ever witnessed earth.

[05/15/21]   Life Lessons from Elijah!
Elijah sits silently, now I begin to understand the fall must have felt twice as great because Elijah had fallen from such a height.
No wonder he had felt so disconged . But then Elijah's expression changes.
" But even on our worst days,
God still love us"
He says" you would do well to understand these truths"

[05/15/21]   God can never be Disappointed in us!
Disappointment comes when reality falls short of our expectations.

But nothing falls short of God's expectations because He knows everything.





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