The Miraculous

The Miraculous


As you pursue your desires and goals in this life, You must remember that God’s greatest desire is to transform you into the glorious image and likeness of Christ Jesus because He{God} can only TRUST you with his true POWER to fulfill his eternal purpose when you are operating in the Love of Christ and consecrated for his Perfect Will in Christ. {Philippians 3:7-14}. Global Prophetic Summit coming this December @ #RoyalCityNajjera. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello
Praise God pr. I lyke da way the Holly spirit is using u en yo ministry,i need God's favor to be upon my life Amen, Alleluah.

To Reveal the Supremacy of Christ Jesus with Miracles,Signs & Wonders thr Church Planting, Schools,Medical Care,Media,Youth,Women Mentorship,Relief Project

To Reveal the Supremacy of Christ Jesus with Miracles, Signs and Wonders Through Church planting, Television and Radio Programs, Medical Care, Schools, Media, Crusades, Youth, Women Mentorship,Power Summit and others.

Mission: Taking the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus to all nations with miracles, signs and wonders. Join us.

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Royal City Ministries “Mighty Lord, I am thrilled by Your healing touch. I will not allow doubt and unbelief to steal my miracle. Help me today Lord to walk in faith and not unbelief. I surround myself with Your Word and people who are strong in Your Word. Lord I meditate upon You. Make me whole and touch my life. I st...

United States and more than 30 other nations sign declaration that 'there is no international right to abortion' and that the family is 'fundamental' to society Trump administration leads the way

Royal City Ministries

YOUR TRUE IDENTITY IN CHRIST! By the virtue of your union with Christ, you’ve been made a life-giving spirit, who possesses a soul and lives in a body. This revelation knowledge of your true identity in Christ must INSPIRE, ENERGIZE and EMPOWER you to dream BIG and DO BIG THINGS FOR GOD. [1 Corinthians 15:45-49, 1 Corinthians 6:14-20, John 15:1-9]. I see you accomplishing great things for God this week by the Spirit of the Lord, in Jesus Matchless name. Hallelujah! Partner with #RoyalCityMinistries in winning One Billion souls for Christ today. #ApJeffersonStephenOkello “Mighty Lord, I am thrilled by Your healing touch. I will not allow doubt and unbelief to steal my miracle. Help me today Lord to walk in faith and not unbelief. I surround myself with Your Word and people who are strong in Your Word. Lord I meditate upon You. Make me whole and touch my life. I st...

Arise Ministries

Interview with Jefferson Okello on keeping vision alive PLUS finding out what is going on the ministry and tv ministry of Apostle Jefferson Okello

[10/11/20]   You can choose to operate either according to the natural systems of this world or the Supernatural System by connecting to the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that turns you into a WONDER to the world.[Gen 20:16-18]. Meet me @RCM

[10/11/20]   The Supernatural Experience with the Holy Ghost shouldn’t be a one time experience but daily LifeStyle of the believer that lives & moves in obedience to the Holy Spirit.[1 Corinthians 2:4-16].It’s your season of Special Miracles in Christ

We live by the Word of God and function by the Spirit of the Lord as Royal citizens of Christ in #RoyalCityMinistries and it’s your season of SPECIAL MIRACLES, as you ACT ON God’s word, in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah{John 2:1-11} Ap Jefferson Stephen Okello

October, the month of the Holy Spirit is here! Welcome officially to the realm of “Supernatural Experiences with the Holy Spirit” this October, as you aggressively surrender to God's purpose this month, you will be transfigured to higher dimensions of God’s glory, power, and authority that will cause you to do wonders as you manifest the Supremacy of Christ to your world this October, in Jesus glorious name{ 2 Corinthians 3:1-18}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

Encounter With The Holy Ghost!

When you get baptized in the Holy Ghost, the brand new you manifests with the miraculous wonder working power of the Holy Ghost to Transform your communities, in Jesus glorious name .{1 Samuel 10:6, Joel 2:25-32}. See you at Royal City Najjera this Sunday. #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

Royal City Ministries

FEAR NOTHING because, The Immeasurable, Unlimited, Surpassing and Exceeding greatness of God’s Power is WORKING INSIDE OF YOU in the person of the HOLY SPIRIT, making you a SUPER-BEING, therefore, ACTIVATE daily this WONDER WORKING POWER to achieve your goals and transform your families, communities, nations and DESTROY THE DEVIL’S plans completely through constant PRAYING by the Spirit in TONGUES and you shall PREVAIL, in Jesus glorious name. President Trump shall WIN the coming election. Hallelujah! {Ephesians 1:16-21}. Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello “Mighty Lord, I am thrilled by Your healing touch. I will not allow doubt and unbelief to steal my miracle. Help me today Lord to walk in faith and not unbelief. I surround myself with Your Word and people who are strong in Your Word. Lord I meditate upon You. Make me whole and touch my life. I st...

The Fullness of His Glory!

The Holy Spirit has come that you should live a POWERFUL LIFE, full of glory with marvelous testimonies as a witness of the resurrection of Christ Jesus today. {2 Corinthians 3:16-18}

Experience The Miraculous Power in Worship

There is nothing that Praying in the Spirit can not change on the earth,when the saints pray because God answers Prayer. {Matthew 21:13-14}. . Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello

Royal City Ministries

Come Experience “The Miraculous with Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello” “Mighty Lord, I am thrilled by Your healing touch. I will not allow doubt and unbelief to steal my miracle. Help me today Lord to walk in faith and not unbelief. I surround myself with Your Word and people who are strong in Your Word. Lord I meditate upon You. Make me whole and touch my life. I st...

Royal City Ministries

A Believer in Christ is the blood washed Abrahamic seed, chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation and peculiar saint clothed with the authority of CHRIST JESUS to destroy all evil works of the devil in your family, communities, nations. Therefore with your FAITH in the POWER OF THE NAME OF JESUS, take charge in the Spirit and command the evil forces of violence, hatred, fear, sickness, death, sexual perversion, and wickedness to STOP in your communities and it shall happen in Jesus matchless name.{Galatians 3:6-29, 1 Peter 2:9, Revelation 1:5-6}. Africa shall be SAVED! Partner with us. #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

[08/24/20]   DIMENSION OF POWER! There are different dimensions of the Power of the Spirit, the unfortunate thing is that majority of Christians are comfortable staying at the shores waters of the revelation of the Spirit, with occasional small victories, that doesn’t cause people to tremble at the feet of their God. Today, I’m inviting you to take a spiritual adventure with me to the deeper dimensions of the Power of the Spirit through consecration in God’s Word and unquenchable hunger in prayer to experience greater dimensions of the Power of the Holy Spirit that you may see what human eyes cannot see, hear things that are unlawful to utter with human vocabulary and be transfigured into the Weapon of God’s Power. The struggle going on in this world today is between the kingdom of the devil and the kingdom of God about the CONTROL OF HUMAN DESTINY and Christians can not continue in complacency with religious entertainments without Spiritual Power. It’s going to take those who are willing to PAY THE PRICE OF CONSECRATION to SHAKE this evil world, with the SURPASSING GREATNESS OF GOD’S POWER that will make you manifest the kingdom of God in Power, Authority, Love with Undeniable Demonstration of God’s Miracles, Signs and Wonders, to draw souls,souls to Christ Jesus with fear and trembling, to the glory of our God. Hallelujah! #DimenisionofPower {Exodus 33:13-23, Matthew 17:1-9, 2 Corinthians 12:1-12}

Preaching Christ, Changing Lives,


The God of Miraculous Breakthroughs! Believing God’s Word regardless of your situation, is the secret of all blessings from God. Apostle Peter obeyed the Words of Christ Jesus and experienced Supernatural Breakthroughs in his fishing business. Therefore, learn to OBEY the leading of the Holy Spirit as you PRAY and you shall “Experience Supernatural Breakthroughs and Abundant Testimonies” in all you do, in Jesus glorious name.{John 21:3-13, Luke 5:1-9}. The God of Miracles is my God. Hallelujah! #RoyalCityMinistries #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

The Lord has always caused “Divine Supplies” to come to his beloved children from unexpected channels that they may know that He alone is the Sovereign God. So worship God and serve Him in obedience, because it’s your moment to “Recover All you have ever lost and live the Triumphant life” in Jesus glorious name.Hallelujah! {1 Kings 17:1-6, Matthew 17:24-27}. #RoyalCityMinistries #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

When God's children start living by the FLESH/ CARNAL SENSES, sin, fear and the devil begin to control them and they stop PROGRESSING in the things of God but remember You've been called into kingdom of God, to live by the Word of God and be Transformed daily into the glorious image of Christ as you pursue to function by the Holy Spirit and know the Surpassing Greatness of God's power that causes you to be PRODUCTIVE IN THE THINGS OF GOD. The Holy Spirit is that Unlimited, Immeasurable power of God in you to do wonders, yield completely to Him.{Ephesians 1:1-21}. #RoyalCityMinistries #ApJeffersonStephenOkelloApostle

I didn’t know that talking about Hydroxychloroquine as curing CoronaVirus could CAUSE Twitter, and Facebook to BLOCK my VIDEO POST as they DID yesterday. Dr Stella talks about Hydroxychloroquine Curing CoronaVirus BUT I’m sent to TELL the World, that the GREAT HEALER of all diseases including CoronaVirus is JESUS CHRIST, son of the living God, the Resurrected Lord and King. He REIGNS forever as the Miraculous Healer. New diseases and Viruses may come but the Great Healer is the SAME, He’s JESUS, JESUS and JESUS. Believe in Jesus Christ the Resurrected Lord and King and your sins shall be FORGIVEN and ALL your curable and incurable diseases SHALL BE MIRACULOUSLY HEALED. Hallelujah! {Psalms 103:1-3, Matthew 15:30-38}. Apostle of Miracles, #RoyalCityMinistries #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

Never accept any moment of sicknesses, defeat or poverty in your life as a BELIEVER IN CHRIST, because on the cross at Calvary, the LORD Jesus the Christ himself bore upon himself all your sin, sufferings, diseases, poverty, death and destroyed them completely and after his GLORIOUS RESURRECTION, He gave you his very life, blessings, righteousness, and glory . It's no more you living but CHRIST IN YOU and He has now made you, God's Righteousness in Him. Therefore, with your absolute FAITH on the revelation of Christ perfect work, cover your families, societies and nations with the glorious blessings, power, and love of God as the joint heir of God in Christ. Hallelujah! {2 Corinthians 5:17-21, Colossians 3:1-4, Ephesians 3:1-21}. #RoyalCityMinistries #ApostleofMiracles #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

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#RoyalCityMinistries #ApJeffersonStephenOkello

Connect to this Prophetic Prayers, Worship, Teaching and the Holy Ghost Miraculous Anointing to be TRANSFIGURED! This Sunday 12/July/2030, EA Time :10am, Washington DC :3am. Apostle of Miracles, #ApJeffersonStephenOkello #RoyalCityMinistries Contact +256 774 010452

No Satanic agenda of SILENCING THE BODY OF CHRIST through CoronaVirus in Uganda, Africa, USA and the global SHALL PREVAIL. As the Ambassador of Christ, I declare Divine Judgement against all satanic agents in high offices around the global, they are all falling in Jesus Matchless name.{Jeremiah 1:10-19}. Ap Jefferson Stephen Okello


The purpose of God concerning people , nations and continents can ONLY be accomplished on earth by the Power of the Holy Ghost through men and women of Prayer.{Luke 4:14-19,Acts 10:38-46}. Ap Jefferson Stephen Okello

We join President Donald Trump and the citizens of United States of America to celebrate your Independence Day July 4th. There’s more that Unites Americans than what divides you. It’s our Prayers that you look at your past with appreciation for the glorious sacrifice offered by your “Founding Fathers” and look forward with Faith in God to achieve the American Dream, knowing that All Lives Matters regardless of background, or color. God bless the USA. “Happy Independence Day USA from Royal City Ministries here in Kampala, Uganda. Apostle Jefferson Stephen Okello

VICTORY THROUGH PRAYER! In our engagement today with God in PRAYERS. It’s important to note that PRAYER is not just pleading with God for mercy like Old Testament people pleaded with God by then, the Lord Jesus Christ hadn’t DIED but, to us the NEW TESTAMENT BELIEVERS WE ACCESS GOD through the RIGHTEOUSNESS and AUTHORITY OF CHRIST JESUS USING THE NAME OF JESUS. Therefore, TRUE PRAYER is Enforcing the perfect will of God through the instrumentality of the Name of JESUS in your life, families, communities and nations. The Lord Christ Jesus did not shed his blood or die in vain. He has eternally PURCHASED the entire world through his Atonement Death at the cross and He will not BLAME Political Leaders for the BAD THINGS taking place in your homes, communities and land. God gave that Responsibility to the BELIEVERS in Christ to BRING HEAVEN to Earth. Heaven doesn’t have CoronaVirus, Murder, Abortion, Drunkenness, Domestic Violence, Witchcraft, Infidelity, Homosexuality, so it’s your God given RESPONSIBILITY to bring the things of heaven to this earth and we do it through the POWER OF PRAYER. •Prayer is a Privilege, Prayer is more powerful than all human made weapons of mass destruction. People like Prophet Elijah Stopped the rain for three and a half years, interrupting the global climate through the power of PRAYER. •Moses delivered God’s people out of Egypt through the Power of Prayer. •Apostle Peter was MIRACULOUSLY DELIVERED from inner prison through the Power of Prayer. We MUST also as the PEOPLE OF GOD bring God’s Miraculous Healing Power to CoronaVirus/Diseases victims through Prayer, Prosperity and Social Economic Transformation upon Uganda and Africa through the Power of Prayer. What’s impossible with man is possible with God and in prayer we work with God to change the impossible and bring God’s intervention in the affairs of man. • Prayer is an irresistible Weapon given to you by God for Supernatural Victory, Salvation, Economic transformation and deliverance of humanity from the chains of darkness. • Through Prayer Satanic plans against families, communities and nations are DESTROYED. •Through Prayer Satanic chains of bondages such as Salivary, Domestic Violence, Inferiority Complex, Depression, Stagnation, generational curses are BROKEN. • Prayer also strengthens your intimacy with God, imparting God’s nature of love for each other in your heart, compassion for humanity, wisdom, possibility mentality and diligently hard work to achieve God’s purpose. •Don’t permit your background, location or life experience cause you to SETTLE for anything. God has given you the power of prayer to shape your destiny. Victory is your inheritance in Christ because you’re born of God, filled with the Holy Spirit and armed with the WORD OF GOD. No mountain will be too high to climb, or dream to big achieve with the power of Prayer as we march on to turn people everywhere into disciples of Christ Jesus. Christians everywhere should wake up from slumber, and take the BATTLE to the devil in the realms of the spirit through the power of prayer and obtain the Victory to reign on earth as kings and priests unto God. Let Christ Jesus reign over Uganda, let Christ Jesus reign over Africa and let Christ Jesus reign over your life. {Luke 18:1-6, Matthew 21:12-14, Acts 12:1-24, James 5:16-18}. Apostle Jefferson Stephen Okello

We’re calling upon all believers in Christ, here to JOIN US IN THIS PRAYER, against Satanic Agents stopping the Opening of Churches in Uganda, Africa and the globe. They're allowing markets, transportation, and other things that are more disorganized to operate but not CHURCHES for Worship, this is Satanic plan to SILENCE THE VOICE OF THE BODY OF CHRIST. Enough is Enough all Satanic Agents in positions of leadership MUST BE DESTROYED, as WE establish God's Kingdom in our communities. We prayed against CoronaVirus, and I'm again calling you beginning tomorrow, let us SEND GOD'S Fire against the devil without Ceasing. CHURCHES MUST BE OPENED FOR WORSHIP, in Uganda, Africa and the entire globe in Jesus Matchless name. This is a Battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. Every Satanic Agents in positions of leadership MUST BE DESTROYED, in Jesus Matchless name. Apostle Jefferson Stephen Okello

We’re calling upon all believers in Christ, JOIN US IN PRAYERS, for the ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD in Uganda, Africa and the globe. We’re in a Battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil and every Satanic Agents In positions of leadership MUST BE DESTROYED, in Jesus Matchless name.

[06/22/20]   The Lord Jesus has PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE AT THE CROSS for your VICTORY, therefore, with your FAITH in the POWER OF GOD, Receive the Miracle you’re Believing God for now, It’s DONE, in Jesus Matchless name. Hallelujah!. {1 Corinthians 2:1-9}. Apostle of Miracles, Jefferson Stephen Okello

President Trump, You’re Anointed of God for this hour. Let God fill you with the Spirit of Wisdom, Boldness, Sound Mind to lead the world and give you VICTORY over all your enemies. Wishing you a Blessed Birthday from Royal City Ministries in Uganda, Africa.

About Royal City Ministries

Royal City Ministries {RCM} is more than a church, we are God’s vision, revealing the supernatural supremacy of Christ Jesus to the world, through the demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power as we introduce people to the eternal life available in Christ founded and led by Pastor Jefferson Stephen Okello{Apostle of Miracles} .

Through the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit with Miracles, Healings, Deliverance, Wonders and Teaching of the deep Truth of God’s Word, Royal City is transforming lives of millions of people across the globe and establishing the Kingdom of God on this earth. RCM is small enough to recognize you yet, big enough to accommodate you, where millions of people of all races, are equipped to grow into the full stature of Christ as citizens of heaven and one royal family.

Join a Royal Cell and get connected to Royal City family and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit upon our man of God, Pr Jefferson Stephen Okello, Apostle of Miracles and by joining ROYAL CITY CELL, you are eternally covered!

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Encounter With The Holy Ghost!
The Fullness of His Glory!
Experience The Miraculous Power in Worship




Royal City Ministries
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