House of Love Ministries

House of Love is both a church and a field Ministry currently operating in Uganda. Our core values as a church is to sow true Love in the hearts of all people and Grow the faith in all saints to please God. We believe in Jesus, God and the Holy spirit.

House of Love Ministries is set to impact the lives of people with true love and Faith in God. As a church we are determined to preach the true word of God to all nations around the world with all the signs guided by the Holy Ghost. As a field ministry, we share our love with all people through giving and teaching life skills. Through these services, Many have realized the love of God and increased their faith in him.

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If the church keeps positioning itself as needy, it is going to be difficult to impact the world.

Christ did not come into the world to be helped by the world. He came with a solution to the world.

The world has questions and the the church has all the answers to these questions.

The church must therefore parade itself as a solution provider at all times and not needy.

[02/12/17]   The ability to deal with sin does not come from human strength or reasoning or intelect but from the power of confession through a sincere PRAYER of repentance.

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As a child who loves God the father, you have a special reward not yet seen or known by any one, i want you to know that what your eye has not yet seen, what your ear has not yet heard and what has not yet come into your heart is what God has prepared for you who love him. I urge you to see the faith(1st Cor 2:9)

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You and I were meant to be crucified because we had sinned but instead Christ who had no sin was crucified in our place so that we may obtain mercy, favour, love and grace.

Sinless as he was, Christ did not even fight back to prove his innocence but endured to die so you and I may be saved.

As children of God, salvation is our inheritance and we must crave for it. We must defend it and above all we must preach it.

Don't just talk about your desires but Pray for whatever thing you desire, believe and receive it in your spirit with thanks giving and you shall have it.

If you desire healing, marriage, job, Holy spirit encounter, I pray you receive it in the name of Jesus.

The devil is not scared of us because we have bibles, we read the word everyday or go to church daily.

Its scared when we embrace salvation and EXERCISE the faith through the word that we read in the bible.

Friends its not yet time to rest!!!!! The enemy is not sleeping causing so many Christians to feel content and sit back. Many Christians have become more of prosperity seekers compared to being witnesses of Christ.

Its like everyone is seeking a blessing in a certain area where as others are more into charity work which an organisation like UN is also doing.

Where as some of these charity activities may be good for people, they are temporally. People need the word of God in their spirits which no one can take away.

So nothing should make us forget the real job as described in the great commission.

We need to carry the cross, preach Christ and win souls into the kingdom of God which is the real true ministry.

There is no simple battle. We often fight battles in this world and come out with many bad scars but like Christ let your scars be proof that you fought a tough battle and you Indeed over came the enemy and you are the very you who stands again. You are a fighter and a winner in Jesus name.

If only we knew how powerful Our God is, we would not complain about obstacles in our lives because one thing we should know for real is that Whoever is born of God over comes the world.
You and I have been fashioned and filled with the spirit of God to face all battles and emerge victorious in Jesus name. You should not fear any condition no matter what.

As a minister, desire to be a loving channel of divine resources from almighty God. You may not have silver and Gold, but through you, the divine resources from God will flow to meet human needs making Christ known and God will be glorified.
In the name of Jesus, I pray healing power, blessings, signs and wonders will flow through you to meet someone's need.

In God we find that peace that the world can never give us. Its all about choosing to live beyond the limitations of this world, Its about living by faith with hope for great things that the world can not offer. You can choose to live in peace today by resting in the word of God. what you can not do, God does!!

House of Love Ministries

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[03/13/15]   As witnesses for Christ, we must be ready to lay down our lives for believing in him and that's what makes us true witnesses. We must choose to be true prisoners for Christ.

Even though tough times come your way or hills plant themselves in front of you or friends abandon you along the way, non of these however much they keep coming should ever scare you, STAND STILL IN YOUR FAITH AND COUNT IT JOY BECAUSE GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH.
YOU MUST WIN to emerge as a strong fighter!!!!!
Say amen.

The power of the holy spirit is not just for us to feel, its purpose is to enable us accomplish something.
I pray you execute your purpose by the power of the holy spirit in Jesus name.

All I need is you lord. More of you in my life and in all the works of my hands.

Say this with me!!!!

I am what God says I am AND NOT what the world says I am.

I will be where God wants me to be AND NOT where the world wants me to be.

I will do what God wants me to do AND NOT what the world wants me to do.
Say amen

We have two kinds of FREEDOM!
Freedom that leads to death which is given by the world for you to do anything and freedom that leads to eternal life given to us by Christ.

Much as we desire to do the will of God at all times, without the spirit of God in us, all our works will be satisfying the desires of the flesh.

Today I pray that you be filled with the spirit of God by faith through his word and do the will of God.

Don't fight the Darkness, just switch on the light.

In the same way, don't fight the flesh but rather feed your spirit more with the word of God and you will overcome the flesh easily.

His only Crime was LOVE for me and you. Even when Jesus had powers to strike back, his love for us restrained him and the same love held him up on the cross so that we may live.

You may never change your past but you can change your direction today for a great destiny through Christ Jesus who is the hope of glory.

The moment you choose to walk away from the wrong path, you automatically start walking into your blessing.
Just let go whatever is hindering you from seeing the truth. Let go the old you

I pray in the name of Jesus that God will forever protect you, heal you, bless the works of your hands and work great things through you for the glory of his name. You are blessed.

As long as the lord lives, I will praise him with all my breath.
I will praise him with my Job, my speech, my thoughts and my works.
I will praise him in the light, in the darkest times, in times of trials and in times of joy. I will purpose to see his glory in everything I do.

Tell it to God because he is ever listening. Trust in him for answers because he never fails those who trust in him and you will receive it all for his glory. God loves you.

When we speak, God waits for us to act and when we act, God looks at our motives.
So what should be our target then? All our actions and motives should glorify God at all times.

Things may be taking long to happen the way you prayed and but this should not water down your faith in God.

God has a comprehensive plan for you to receive a permanent blessing that will stay for generations. Just hold in there.

When the storm is over, everything will be new again. Do not look back and admire the past things. The best moment is coming your way.

Having a close personal relationship with God makes us stand out of the crowd. God's love towards us never changes and he is always waiting for our response.

Open your heart and allow the word of God to cultivate every part of you because it is life and brings victory at all times

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