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Keep One End Full and the Other Empty! When we were ‘born again’ and came to believe in Jesus Christ, and then learned that it was Jesus Christ Who took the initiative and called and chose us, we have that desire and motivation to serve loyally and lovingly and faithfully. But even after receiving this wonderful new life - old habits can hang around. Even as disciples of Jesus we are aware that old habits seem to cling to us - and we wonder if we will ever be rid of some of them. They can appear to have such a hold. That is why Peter says - Now make the effort to get rid of certain things. The new life will never die - but the old ways have to die. We are in the concluding verses of I Peter Chapter 1. When we are born again a seed is planted in us - verse 23 - the word used is "sperm" or "spore". God planted His Sperm in us. It sounds very physical as well as spiritual - and it is - because just like a baby that seed has to grow, and develop and mature. We are born again and after we have lived a number of years, we can discover that some habits and traits can be difficult to break. It can be like men taking the hardest of granite. In order to break that hard rock - they drill holes in it - a series of them - and then they break of pieces of a tree and place these pieces in each hole - and pour water in every day for two or three weeks. The cells of the wood grow - and the granite is split. Life - new life - can crack and break that which is hard. The life of God in us and watered regularly through the Word and prayer and fellowship - can crack bad habits - and push other things out of the way - things that God does not want us to have in our lives. We have to learn a new language as we speak to a new Father. We are a new baby growing - and we have to learn to walk and talk. The physical life and spiritual life need the same kind of care. One medical man said recently when asked by a new mother for one piece of advice as she was about to take the new five days old baby home - he said this - "Keep one end full and the other end empty and you won't go far wrong". That is basically what Peter is saying here - Keep one part empty - and the other part full - and you disciples will not go far wrong. Babies need washing and cleaning - and so do all growing Christians. As soon as the baby is born those present take away all the traces of that former existence in the womb. We too need to be washed and cleansed from our former existence - with all the traces being removed. That is why we have Baptism. Peter mentions five things - which can cause spiritual disease if not dealt with. These five things can become a source of ill health. 1. Malice - that certainly can prevent or stunt or thwart your growth. Malice has been described as - a perverted joy in hurting someone else. Or it is a desire to bring a person down a peg or two. Peter says - now get rid of that. 2. Deceit - guile - being deceitful - being too clever by half. Peter says - now get all of that out of your life - have nothing to do with underhand methods - and don't be a snake in the grass. 3. Hypocrisy - insincerity - play acting. Take off any mask - be real. Don't be hiding behind some exterior - deal with that at the beginning of your Christian Life. Be what God would have you to be. 4. Envy - this was responsible for the first murder in history. Envy looks at someone and says - "They have more money than I have - they have more opportunities than me - they have more gifts than I have - they have more friends than I have. They have more - and I resent that! Envy is a horrible thing - and Peter says don't envy - get rid of all that. Get this side cleaned up - if you want to grow. 5. Slander of every kind - this can be so harmful if it is allowed to lurk around - gossip. It is like a beast of prey that does not wait for the death of the creature it devours. These must be washed out of our lives - and then we are told to crave pure spiritual milk. LUNGE at the very breast of God. We need more than just rooting out bad things - we need to be filled with good things. Keep one end empty - and the other end full - and you won't go far wrong as you follow Jesus Christ. “Gracious God, help us to be rid of those things which should have no place in our lives. We find this difficult at times. Enable us to grasp the truth of your Word in this part of Scripture – and as we feed upon Your Word day by day, may we grow and develop and mature. Risen and living Jesus, help us. Holy Spirit, help us.” Amen. (This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at and - in the 'Archives' section - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)
colossians 2:6-7 therefore,as you received christ jesus the lord so walk in him,rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught abouding in thanksgiving.
pls try to help lamwo baptist association for building churches now,becase this season of rain it is good for pastor come home with a wet bible on his hand now.
gd org but think about those who a down!
Hi. Is there a Baptist church along ggaba road or Munyonyo?
Hi. I used to worship st Crossroads Baptist Church Mombasa and would like to find a Baptist church in Kampala. Is there one along Ggaba road/Munyonyo area?
And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder ; so he shall open , and none shall shut ; and he shall shut , and none shall open .
Many people #believe in #God, in the end praise letter and God more mind?
God bless you all in Jesus name
I Am Mr. Obote Denis Of Aculawic Baptist Church. I Thank The Union For The "Strengthening" Vision; And I Pray The Almighty God Grant You Wisdon Abundantly. As Well, I Pray That The Union Team Helps Diagnise The Vice In The Leadership Core Of Lango (lower North) Region. The Leadership Here Is Poor Enough To Break Down The Majority Of Local Churches. Please!
Eboko, George and SG 80% involved in the mistakes and confusion hence closure of bwaniha. May the lord bless you and continue to use you to close more projects because of conflict on interest and interference in individual church decisions. The sky is the limit.......

Baptist Union of Uganda is a Christian denomination NGO of all Baptist Churches in Uganda whose elected and nominated leadership (from church, association, region and executive council) presents its visibility among Baptist Churches and linkage to other Christian denominations worldwide while its activities are all co-ordinated through the secretariat office. >Baptist Churches >Baptist Union of Uganda (APAC) Baptist Association >Baptist Union of Uganda (Northern) Region Departments include: Children Department Youth Department Women Department Education Department Community Partnership Program

Mission: The vision of the Baptist Union of Uganda is to see that its member churches are biblically strong, mature and united to fulfill the great commission. The mission of the Baptist Union of Uganda is to serve and strengthen its member churches to faithfully live, proclaim and grow toward maturity in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Values: Accountability Integrity Transparency Servant leadership Family OBJECTIVES: 1. Create space for continual church growth 2. Explore, mobilize resources toward community development 3. Encourage quality ministry through unity, capacity building and interrelations with other Christian denominations 4. Keep good open communication: suggests procedures for sharing information 5. Promote Christian missions through BUU organs and departments 6. Express and implement Christian social concerns and alleviate human needs. Desired Goals: • Placing the kingdom of God above Institutionalism or organizationalism • Overcoming the decline of member church participation in the Union • Multiply loyal Disciples for church work • Strengthen Church engagement locally and globally • Innovation and integration of community based programs.

Operating as usual

Children at Risk Action Network

Day of the African child.

As we celebrate the day of the African child on the 16th June 2016, under the theme "Ending Violence Against children" CRANE Network is raising awareness and calling upon the public to protect children from sexual violence no matter who the perpetrator is.
CRANE, Keeping children safe.

[10/13/15]   No matter what. I still consider them as part of my family. BUU staff

Children at Risk Action Network

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Baptist Union Of Uganda's cover photo

Baptist Union Of Uganda's cover photo

All the youths interested in attending this conference contact: 0772047709

Promotional Poster in Telugu!

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[12/30/11]   Your all invited to join us @ Kampala Baptist Church Nakulabye for the :
Baptist Family Celebration Night 31st Dec 2011. Miss not great worship and preaching from various speakers and especially from our our own Bishop JOHN EKUDU. One Family, On Baptism, One Goal. Come celebrate the Lord Jesus with us.

[11/23/11]   Michael Okwakol, senior pastor of Agape Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda, founder and president of African Church Empowerment Ministries, and immediate past chairman of the Eastern sub region of the AABF, was elected AABF president.

The Baptist Union Of Uganda President, Rev. Dr. Micheal Okwakol, General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Mayimba and Rev. Andrew North at the National Baptist Youth Festival 2011.

[04/05/11]   The National Youth Festival, was power packed, great and a blessing. Thank you all who gave in ur time, money, participated, attended and prayed for this event. May God bless you all and Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord.

[03/14/11]   Come 2 April 2011! Join other youth from across the nation for a youth gathering that is …spiritual …missional …reflective …connective …experiential and fun! Kampala Baptist Church will be the place of miracles, signs and wonders in Jesus name. Plan to be there with all ur friends and family.

[03/11/11]   Please come and join this page- Alice

[02/15/11]   Jesus Cares

[02/15/11]   Welcome to the BUU fun page pliz join

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P.O Box 7508, Kampala Kampala, Uganda
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