We bring you the final stage of the Water supply facility💧🌊 @KidsArkInfantSchoolfoundation, a school for Needy orphaned children👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 in the heart 💖 of Africa. We glorify God, deeply thank🌷 our Donor Mr. Marc Brown in Germany 🇩🇪 for saving lives of the innocent children under Hold Hands-Uganda organization. We thank you all for your prayers and support towards helping the needy communities in Africa. Finally kids have got safe water. #SafeWater #WaterIsLife #YOUandIforOTHERS.
This is what moves our emotions and feelings @HoldHandsUganda #YOUandIforOTHERS . @KidsArkInfantSchoolfoundation we are changing the life of the less privileged abandoned children, we are sailing deeper. #Thanks2GodSponsorsPartnersDonors
How can I find you???? and where
I Kasule George am in S.1 but there is no Fees for me to continue but l would like to build my future so that I bring my family from poor conditions I didn't study my third term in P.7 but I managed to 11 aggregates and my first term in S.1 Please l need help to continue studying next year
Thanx Bro We All Need A Hand Go Ahed
It is a blessing to see that we have started the foundation of the school. A place where the children will find wisdom,knowledge and grow in spiritual life. =-O WE ARE @FoundationLevel @KidsArkInfantSchoolPrimary a pioneer foundation for HOLD HANDS-Uganda. Huge thanks to almighty God, sponsors for the children, all partners of HOLD HANDS-Uganda, team HOLD HANDS-Uganda in Germany&Uganda for holding our hands, strength together for the Needy children.
we feel that we are blessing to the children around the world and this makes us feel at home @HoldHandsUganda and we belong together as one family that holds hands together with other to let them(orphaned children) to RISE and SHINE. #YouAndIForOthers
WIN-world in need, this is the journey #[email protected] Hands-Uganda.
It is really touching me watching LIFE-CHANGING MOMENTS for these children at Kids Ark Infant Sch. Life is transforming at HOLD HANDS-UGANDA. these are future champions, #GodBlessOurSponsors.
Even Jesus did not do it alone, He called different people from different clans, regions,tribes and made the 12 disciples to spread the gospel(Mark 1:16-20). Our God is three in ONE (father,son,Holy spirit).Matthew 28:19. The Bible says when two or three come together, God is in the amidst ( Matthew 18:20). At this moment, ITS NOW "Hold Hands-Uganda" , We are an organization, team of different colors, from different regions holding hands together for others and God is amidst us to fulfill His commandment. H2U works as a team and we meditate on the WORD OF OUR LORD CHRIST JESUS. #ThankUfor #BeingpartOf #HoldHandsUganda. We respect your support, Bless you God.


A community-based Organization in the Heart of Africa. Holding hands together to give raise to the Tomorrow Generation "You And I For Others"

We encourage you to stay HOME and be SAFE as we continue to pray for God's mercy upon all nations.
To all our sponsors, partners and friends with your families. Please your LIFE FIRST. we wish you safe days as we continue the LOCKDOWNS. Let us follow the DOs✔️ and DON'Ts❎ on regards to FIGHT🥊COVID19.
1.Keep distance 4m.
2.Use sanitizers🥛.
3.Use mask when having cough😷
4.Stay home if you are feeling flu&other related signs of Covid19 😵🤧.
5.Seek for medical attention.
6.Wash hands frequently👏with soap. etc
Hezekiah 6:1.
As HOLD HANDS Uganda Organization we join the rest of the world in continuous praying for you all and your countries. Pray for Uganda too.
We also pray🙏 for the active personnel who are out to 🤜fight Covid19.
We thank you the DONORS who have given out to help fight COVID19.
Our love💚 to all doctors/medical teams👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️, policemen/security agency👮‍♂️👨‍✈️🚓 ,religious teams, transport🛬🚁 Army,paramedics🚑, Store keepers👨‍🌾🍉🍨, Gas station workers⛽, politicians👨‍💼👩‍💼 etc in all nations🌍. Though it is your duty,it is a big👐 sacrifice you are doing . We pray for you.

Amidst the current situation around the world, we are delighted to thank you for the service you have provided us.
Our Volunteer Mr. Jakob Wentzel we are happy for the great time we have had together as HOLD HANDS Uganda team. Thank you for your time and restless days we have had together, joining hands with us, with the teachers at the school project to help the less privileged children at HHU.
Our words alone cannot thank you enough but may the Almighty God bless you. You have been a great team player and we are missing you already with the children at the school project.
Thank you Mr. Jakob wentzel for your two months contribution towards the organization and we are glad that you reached home 🇩🇪🛬 safely and healthy.

[03/29/20]   Dear our sponsors, friends, families and partners of Hold Hands Uganda ,
We bring you greetings from Hold Hands Uganda Organization.
Together as a family of Hold Hands Uganda we extend our love, care and love to everyone, every country including Uganda in this trial moment because every one, every country is trying to live and in this moment we unite together in prayer to pray for you, your country and your economy, our sponsors and friends.
Let us continue in prayer for the breakthrough in this situation.
The padermic is already in Uganda as well, schools are closed, public transport stopped. but let us strengthen our body in faith and trust in God.
God has a solution for us all in prayer and seeking him. He is a miracle working God.
We thank you all the medics around the world, all different bodies holding hands together to bring back lives of many.
God have mercy on us.
We wish you safe days.
Yours in solidarity,
Hold Hands Uganda team

Before closing of the school today. We made sure we make awareness of COVID19.
Guardians with our school children and staff were sensitized on Corona virus yesterday to:-
1.To know how the virus is spreading/transmitted.
2-the signs and symptoms of COVID19
3-what they should DO and what they should DO NOT DO in this padermic situation.
As HOLD HANDS UGANDA ORGANIZATION together we join other organizations to fight Corona virus. And we pray for all countries affected by this virus and other countries not yet affected.

It is not all about education only, we also get time and they go out to visit Disney villages of Uganda. It was an epic day

Soon we are starting to have ⚽football⚽ games with other schools, we are forming a school team.

This is part of the graduards of the 2nd kindergarten graduation at Kids ark Infant and primary school, a pioneer project for HOLD HANDS Uganda organization. These are sponsored children and with the help of the sponsorship scheme under Hold Hands Uganda, these children have moved to the next step in their education.
Dear sponsors, thank you for always promoting the children's lives to another level to build their career and rise their HOPE.
Our partners and friends, we thank you for building the foundation and the structures that could help promote the children's standards of living @HHU.
Thank you for attending our benefit events. Your presence is highly heaven's-appreciated.
HOPE for YOU e. V association, we thank you for your cooperate endless hard work.

Time is too short, the children are going to miss you all. Our team from Germany 🇩🇪 is on flight ✈️ going back home after 3 weeks of visit to Uganda 🇺🇬

Seien Sie mit dabei ....immer aktuelle Bilder zur aktuellen Uganda Reise mit Bildern von der Einweihungsfeier des neuen Schulgebäudes.

Unser zweiter Freiwilliger aus Deutschland, Jakob wentzel, beginnt am kommenden Montag seinen Dienst und wird 3 Monate bei HOLD HANDS Uganda bleiben. Wir nutzen diese Gelegenheit, um dem Team unter der Leitung von Maama Bea Hoefler und Jacqueline Böslau wit maama Daniela Siemantel und Jakob wentzel zu danken, die dieses Jahr zu Besuch gekommen sind. Und heute wissen wir, dass sie sicher nach Hause kommen🛬🏠
Unsere Paten und Sponsoren zusammen mit unseren Freunden danken Ihnen für unsere Geschenke 🎁⚾🏏🥍🎮🖼️🚙⛄🎈🧸🧩🎸📻🎹📱📕🔦

It was a fruitful moment we shared with Joshua Luyonza a country coordinator of Nehemiah Gateway in Uganda with the Directors for HfY and Founders for HHU at African village hotel in Kiyunga.

HOLD HANDS Uganda's cover photo

It was an awesome time to see godchildren cerebrate their completion of kindergarten level at Kids ark infant and primary school foundation with cutting a cake 🎂with maama Bea Hoefler and maama Jacqueline Böslau and special appreciation to all our dear godparents, sponsors and partners for supporting and building kids ark.

✂️Opening soon🔓 in Middle Februar 2020.

Dear our beloved sponsors, Partners and friends, the Classroom block construction is going on well. With this classroom block the children at the school project will be able to have a shelter for classes 3, 4 and 5. we thank you🙏 for 🙌2020 double blessings🙌 and above all, we thank God for keeping safe and healthy. Thank you for giving us your l💚ve and the same love we give you back full of blessings.

HOLD HANDS Uganda's cover photo


This year has started with a great blessing to Kids Ark infant and primary school foundation with the construction of a classroom block for creating shelter to have class lessons✍️.
Our beloved sponsors we thank you for supporting the education of children at Kids Ark infant and primary school foundation a pioneer project for Hold Hands Uganda.

We take this opportunity to thank Hotel Bomonti Oberasbach 🏨⛲ for the pure love💚 towards HOLD HANDS Uganda organization, The ☕🍵 Benefiz-Veranstaltung
ADVENTS-FRÜHSTÜCKSBUFFET☕🍽️ on 1⃣4⃣th Dec, 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ was a a blessing🙌 to the needy children of HHU. We thank you all the organizers of hotel bomonti with all the staff of this event and management of hotel bomonti for your kind charity heart. Be/you Be/You ModelsBe/You ModelsBe/You Models agency of Salit Huber, we thank you for your love and support, you made the event smiley and fashionate.
our team of HOPE for YOU e.V association, madam Tatjana Michael with maama Bea Hoefler and maama Jacqueline Böslau, the ''abasandors'' of Hold Hands Uganda, We thank you for representing us in 🇩🇪 and working with your great energies to help people in need.
Our dear guests who attended this event on 14th.12,2019, may God bless your efforts, families, your work, your country.
We wish you a happy 🎆🌌new year 2020. We wish a double blessing of 2020.

HOLD HANDS Uganda's cover photo

We wish you a 🎄Merry Christmas and a happy new year🎆.
The families👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👭 of the community were overwhelmed😯 for the 🎁Christmas food basket🍞🍲 from the godparents, sponsors, friends and partners of Hold HOLD HANDS UgandaD HANDS Ugandaa huge surprise and the families are over joyed. This is the message from us 2cor 9:10 because we can't thank you enough but your reward is heavenly sent.
Our dear sponsors, all our supporters and godparents we thank you for your love💚 towards us all🙌.
May you enjoy your Christmas with your families.
Special thanks to the HOPE for YOU e.V association led by Directors- Bea Hoefler and Jacqueline Böslau with CEO- Tatjana Michael for their great energy of helping Hold Uganda organization. God bless you with your families.

The 🎄🎁ChristmasGiveAways🎅🎁 are now ready after a long hectic day of packing. We take this opportunity to thank you🙏 all our dear sponsors, friends of HHU, godparents for making this Christmas a special experience to the families of the children at the school project Kids Ark infant and primary. Thank you for sharing this Christmas with the families of Hold Hands Uganda organization.
On Monday 23rdDec,2019 we make the giveaway to the families and they are so excited to hear this great news. Our hearts are filled with joy. A merry Christmas and a happy new year.

HOLD HANDS Uganda's cover photo

Be/You Models

This is so amazing to see Be/you models agency of Ms. Salit Huber joining hands to attend this event at Hotel Bomonti Oberasbach on 14th.12,2019.
God bless you.

Frühstücken und dabei Gutes tun :

Wir laden Sie hiermit nochmals ❤️-lich ein zu unserem BENEFIZ-FRÜHSTÜCK
am Samstag, 14.12.2019
von 10:30 Uhr bis ca. 13:30 Uhr

Es erwartet Sie ein leckeres Frühstücksbuffet ☕️, eine tolle Modenschau 💃🏼 von Be/You Models und ein Kurzvortrag über das Projekt 🎞.

HOPE for YOU möchte Sie gerne über die Entwicklungen 2019 ihres Uganda Projekts 🇺🇬informieren.

Alle Einnahmen des Vormittags spenden wir gerne wieder zu Gunsten des Projekts „HOLD HANDS Uganda“.

Reservieren Sie Ihren Tisch gleich unter
☎️ 0911 9996990,
per E-Mail
💻 [email protected]
oder per WhatsApp 0163 9823503

Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch!


Sehr geehrte Sponsoren, Unterstützer und Freunde von Hold Hand Uganda, wir freuen uns sehr über die Liebe, die Sie den Familien👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👧 der Kinder in diesem Projekt entgegengebracht haben. Sie sind Weihnachtsmann🎅 für diese Familien und möge Gott Ihre Familien, Ihr Land und Ihre Arbeit segnen.
Wir wünschen 🎄Ihnen ein frohes Fest🎄

Liebe Unterstützer der Weihnachtspäckchen Aktion,

wir sind überwältig von Ihrem Herz für die Kinder und deren Familien in Uganda.
Nach nur 10 Tagen haben Sie 1528 € gespendet.

Wir danken Ihnen von HERZEN für ihre großzügige Unterstützung.
Noch heute werden wir das Geld überweisen, sodass die 141 Kinder mit Ihren Angehörigen die Päckchen pünktlich am 23.12.2019 ausgehändigt bekommen.

Wir halten Sie weiterhin auf dem Laufenden.

Der Segen, den Sie gesät haben, soll 100-fach in Ihre Familien und Ihre Arbeit zurückfließen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen alles Gute und eine besinnliche Adventszeit.

Herzliche Grüße
Ihr Hope for you Team

Dear our beloved sponsors,Partners and friends, Once again⛲ Hotel Bomonti Oberasbach 🏢🏖️is inviting💌 us for a breakfast Buffet to see and hear the good🙌 works you have done for HOLD HANDS Uganda.
Dear all, Don't miss a wonderful presentation organized by HOPE for YOU e. V.
Thank you 💐❤️💐.

Liebe Freunde und Unterstützer,

Herzliche Einladung
zur Benefiz-Veranstaltung

am Samstag, den 14.12.2019
von 10:30 Uhr bis ca.13:30 Uhr

Kosten: 15,- € pro Person,
(Kinder bis 14 Jahre zahlen 1,- € pro Lebensjahr)

Es wartet ein leckeres Buffet, ein Kurzvortrag und tolle Gemeinschaft auf Sie.

Das Besondere an diesem Frühstück:
Das Hotel BOMONTI spendet die gesamten Einnahmen an unser Projekt "HOLD HANDS Uganda".

Gerne möchten wir Sie an diesem Vormittag mit hinein nehmen und Sie an den Entwicklungen 2019 unseres
Uganda Projektes teilhaben lassen.

Herzlichen Dank, dass Sie die Reservierung direkt bei Bomonti vornehmen.

Über Ihr Kommen würden wir uns sehr freuen!
Ihr Team von Hope for you e.V.
i.A. Tatjana Michael

Wir bitten um Reservierung unter:
☎️ 0911 999 699 0
💻 [email protected]
WhatsApp +49 163 982 350 3
Hotel Bomonti / Stollberger Str. 1 / 90522 Oberasbach

We are happy to inform you all our sponsors, friends, partners and followers that we were blessed with an amazing support of 1500euros from Stylissima Saloon🙂 Nuremberg led by Mr.Jörg Blödel. Special thanks to the Organizing committee of this Benefit Gala Event at Stylissima Saloon and everyone who attended this event especially the stylissima Customers and workers with Mr.Jörg on this day. Our leaders of Hope for you e.v association Maama Bea Hoefler Maama Jacqueline Böslau madam Tatjana Michael and Marliese Zach,we thank you for your kind hearts and endless efforts towards transforming and helping african less privileged people. God bless you. Happy new sweet November🌹🌷

We are finally done with the school wall fence and we WELCOME YOU ALL to KIDS ARK INFANT AND PRIMARY SCHOOL, A foundation for HOLD HANDS Uganda Organisation. We thank you all for your prayers and support towards this program.

Thank you for your prayers 🙏, your loving 💚💙❤️💛💜s, God bless your efforts.

Aktueller Stand und Ausblick:
Wir freuen uns sehr, dass der Mauerbau reibungslos vonstatten ging und abgeschlossen werden konnte.

Dank Ihrer Unterstützung und Großzügigkeit können aktuell insg.126 Kinder, durch Patenschaften finanziert, den Kindergarten sowie die Grundschule besuchen. Insgesamt werden 141 Kinder unterrichtet.

Ein weiteres Schulgebäude für die 3 und 4 Klasse ist in Planung.

Am Kindergarten / Vorschule, bei unseren Kleinsten, weißt das Dach, die Dachrinne sowie die Böden erhebliche Mängel auf, die bis zum nächsten Schulstart erneuert werden.

Wir danken Ihnen von HERZEN für Ihre Gebete, Ihr Mittragen und Ihre Unterstützung.🥰

Ihr Hope for you - Team


Let be there. Together we can create a difference that could change lives of many in Africa. Your presence is honored.

HERZLICHE Einladung zur Benefiz-Veranstaltung bei Friseur Stylissima, in Nürnberg.

Durch den Besuch beim Friseur unterstützen Sie unsere Arbeit "Hold Hands Uganda"

am: Samstag, den 26.10.2019
von: 9:00 - 14:00 Uhr

Friseur Stylissima
Maxplatz 46a
90403 nürnberg
Tel: 0911 - 8 10 53 33

Ein großes DANKESCHÖN an Herrn Blödel und sein Team für Ihr großes Engagement.

Herzlichst Ihr
Hope for you - Team

We were so grateful to see our Heads of Hold Hands Uganda Organisation in Germany 🇩🇪 maama Bea Hoefler and Maama Jacqueline Böslau meeting with Udo Schick and the Team of 🍀 United Kiltrunners e.V.United Kiltrunners e.V. 🍀.thank you so much🙏🙌, we think about you and pray for you,your works, your family, friends👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 and country🇩🇪, thank you for for being a family of HOLD HANDS Uganda
To all our dear sponsors, friends and partners, we wish you a good health.

Happy birthday🌹 🎁🍰maama Jacqueline Böslau receive greetings💚🍀 🙌 from your family👪 of Hold Hands Uganda, enjoy your celebration. God bless you. MAKE A WISH 🕯️😗AND YOU WILL HAVE IT 🕯️.

We are also so amazed by the view of this place. The Wall is near to its completion.
We thank the last term who visited the project # Dino Noth, Marc Braun, Kerstin Kerstin Gaertner-SchulzKerstin Gaertner-SchulzKerstin Gaertner-Schulz, Jürgen, Christian Wenning, Simone Wenning, Daniela and Roland Labs and every organization and all who are offering their love inform of donations to support the lives of the needy communities in our country.
HOPE for YOU e.V team led by Maama Bea Hoefler and Maama Jacqueline Böslau and C.EO Tatjana Michael and all our friends, partners and friends, we can't thank you🙏 enough but your thanks are heavenly sent💚 through the Thanksgiving from the children👨‍👩‍👧👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 @Hold Hands Uganda.

Our dear sponsors, partners and friends of HHU, Receive greetings👋 from the Guardians of the children @HHU.
As usual our annual sensitisation meeting with the Guardians took place on 08th September, 2019 and It was a fruitful at the project.
We shared alot for the betterment of our community and below are some discussions:-
1- challenges affecting our community
2- The importance of education to the children
3- About sanitation and hygiene as one of the ways of promoting a health community.
4- The value of having a number of children they can manage as parents.
5- About spiritual development and growth to the community.
6- their roles as care takers of the sponsored children.
7- Praying for the sponsors of the organization so that doors can be opened for them to continue support our needy community.
And many more.
We thank you our dear sponsors, partners and friends of this project because without your endless merciful support we could have gathered our people to give them words of encouragement to transform our community.

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