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Deliverance Church Uganda


Praise the lord brethren.
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Merry Xmas and happy. New year Bbaale David Mp lubaga south 2021
To live a *Transformed life* you need to examine the various ways you work. Do you focus on leading factors or lagging factors, are you dealing with stated needs or felt needs, do you have in mind the #AudienceOfOne? Plenty of reflection and learning from last night @ Day 1 of *#Inspire2019*. Don't miss today's session, starting 5pm @DC Makiv recommend a friend too, they will thank you! See you there
Want to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of women of Zion n the leadership of DC Uganda for this owesome women conference. Every facilitator was on point. They taught well.we learnt alot. God bless you. Looking forward to more.
QUICK SURVEY: How many people come to the church you attend on average every weekend? This is your specific Congregation/Location/Campus, not your whole network or denomination. Also, the whole Sunday or weekend, not just one specific service. Please make a guesstimate, and choose one of the letters below in your reply. Thanks in advance for your participation. A. 0-100 B. 100-300 C. 300-800 D. 800-2000 E. 2000-7000 F. 7000+
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Hey there. Nice to see such a great work of God there in Kampala. I hope to come and help the nation be the hands and feet of Jesus to those suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Do you all have any ministries to the villages that I could serve under with The Everett and Austin Project? Here is our page. Please like it -
pliz today's program on fasting
We a evr heald in the nm v Jesus

Pentecostal Christian Organization Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Planting Churches and Discipling New Converts Preaching and Teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Planting Churches all around the world.

We are a Non-Profit Christian Organization

Mission: Vision: A mature Holy Spirit empowered church, transforming the nations and advancing the Kingdom of God. Mission: To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit through preaching, Teaching, Equipping,, Deliverance and Social Development, and be a Prophetic voice to the Nations.

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Deliverance Church Uganda

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Still on #HopeForToday this Sunday 21st Feb . Pr. Jairus Mutebe will be sharing on the basics of leadership. plan early to be part of this bradcast. #6pm Gugudde TV Uganda

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Welcome to #HopeForToday . Don't miss this Sunday 14th Feb . Pr. Jairus Mutebe will be sharing from the word of God to restore hope to you. #6pm Gugudde TV Uganda


"Jesus is coming soon ..and we can't risk not to be ready'- Mrs Sarah Mwambu
Mathew 25:13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour Mathew 25:13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. Dear Church lets keep watch and ask the Holy Spirit to guide as we traverse ...

Power Morning - Deliverance Church Uganda 8 Feb 2021

Power Morning- Pr Nobert Tugume

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Power Morning - Deliverance Church Uganda 21 jan 2021

Power Morning - Deliverance Church Uganda 13 Jan 2021

Power Morning - Deliverance Church Uganda 11.Jan.2021

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Sun 10th Jan 2021:
Pray that God will bless DCU members-. Gen 24:34-35; 26:12-14; Deut. 28:1-14; 3John 2

Pray that the Lord will teach us and give us the power to make wealth- Deut. 8:18

Pray that we shall not be lovers of money- 2 Tim. 3:1-2

Pray that we shall love God and give ourselves totally to Him- 2 Cor. 8:1-5

Pray that we shall worship God with all our substance-Prov. 3:9; Mk.14:3-9

Pray that we shall give to the work of the Lord generously, cheerfully and this done without coercion -- Ex. 25:1-8; Prov. 11:24; Lk.6:38; 2 Cor.9:6-8; 1 Tim. 6:17-19.

Pray for good stewardship of the resources that God puts in our hands- Matt. 25:14-30; 1 Tim.6:20-21

With his great testimony of coming out of a #hopeless situation... Join Pr Stephen Barasa ..on Gugudde TV Uganda this Sunday 10th at 6pm..

Fri 8th Jan2021:
#Enlarge #Lengthen #Strengthen

Pray for revival of Bible teaching and study in our Churches-Ps 119:9, 97-105; Matt. 28:20;1 Tim.4:13
Pray that we shall design good discipleship programs for children and youth that shall ground them in the Lord.

Pray that Joy TV will be a discipleship tool; that anointed men and women will teach the nation in all the 7 spheres of influence

Pray for intentionality in our Child Development Centres to love, care and win all children to Christ; that none will slip through our hands-John 6:39;17:12;18:9

Pray that God will raise Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who will equip the saints for works of service and to maturity- Eph. 4:11-13

Pray for fathers and other family heads to take up the responsibility of discipling their families; that family altars will be vibrant

Pray for revival of house cells and for proper leadership and programming

Wed 6th Jan 2021:
#National #Elections
Thank God for the coming 14th Jan election day and offer Him Praise and Worship

Pray as the Electoral Commission prepares to run the National elections, that they do it in a manner that will bring credibility to the process.
Pray the all election materials will be availed in time for all voters in the country.

Pray for peaceful minds of people as they travel to and fro their polling stations
Command that the day will be peaceful as people trek about their other businesses.

Pray that the Lord will keep the nation from chaos associated with the campaigning period.

Pray for wisdom to police to keep law and order as mandated in the constitution.

Pray that the day will be associated with peace and tranquillity in the weeks that will follow.

Pray for calm and understanding between party competitors

Pray that the entire process will start and complete without shedding of human blood or injuries
Pray that Gods choice at this moment will prevail and win the elections

Pray for all brethren who felt called into the race to be Salt and Light during the process and that if they lose, they will do it with dignity and if they win, they will give God all the glory.

Pray for all brethren involved in organizing the election at all levels to do so with integrity such as to bring honour to God.
#Enlarge #Lengthen #Strengthen

[01/05/21]   #Day4
Tuesday 5th January 2021:
#Nation Day 2
Pray generally against pestilences, viruses and all diseases that have attacked our nation and other nations.
Pray that God will deliver us from them all-like Covid-19. (Ps. 91:16; 103:3;3 John 2).
Pray for our medical experts to find solutions to the pandemic and other health issues.
Pray that the devil will not take advantage of the situation for his personal agenda of stealing, killing and destroying mankind. (John 10:10).
pursuit of wanting to dominate and control others.
Pray for our health sector to be functional- the medical practitioners to be well trained, competent, humane and enthusiastic (Col 3:22-25).
Pray that health for Ugandans will be given priority in funding; that proper and modern equipment will be procured to enable the practitioners do their work well.
Pray against apathy and stealing of drugs in our health units.
Pray for the sick in our midst that the Lord may heal them- (Ex.15:26; 23:25-26; Deut.7:15; Isaiah 53:4-5; 57:19; Matt. 4:23; 15:26; Mk. 16:18; Lk. 10:19)
Pray for the brethren involved in high offices in the country for divine wisdom
#Enlarge #Lengthen #Strengthen

Power Morning

#Enlarge #Lengthen #Strengthen
Mon 4th Jan 2021
#Nation Part 1
Pray for the nation of Uganda to have peace in all our districts.
Repent on behalf of the nation for all wicked acts and practices.
Pray against chaos, rioting and bloodshed. Let us pray that the shedding of innocent blood from the reign of kingdoms throughout the different regimes will stop.
Pray that the evil intended for Uganda will be turned away in Jesus name.
Pray that God will remember mercy in his judgement-(2Kings 20:1-11; Hab.3:2)
Pray that the entire election process will be peaceful and that the righteous, godly, visionary, incorruptible and nationalistic men and women will be elected to positions of leadership (Gen.41:33-40; Deut. 1 :15-18; Ps.75:6-7; Dan 4:35).
Pray that those who win, will do so gracefully and those who lose will lose with dignity.
Pray against incitement to fight- (Ps 46:9; Is.9:6)
Pray for tolerance and respect for one another and against divisions and tribalism.

#Enlarge #Lengthen #Strengthen
Sunday 3rd January 2021
Pray that the church will rise up and take her position as Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-16).

Pray that she will not take sides but be true representatives of God (Joshua 5:13-15).

Pray against fear and compromise, that we shall speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) in proactive prayer in the affairs of the nation, giving prophetic direction to the politicians and technocrats; pray for unity. (Prov. 14:34; 1Tim 2:1-3).

Pray that the church will indeed pray fervently for sure results (James 5:16-20)

Pray that Deliverance Church Uganda shall grow strong in stature and in the knowledge of God.
Pray that we shall maintain kingdom values amidst the pressure to compromise.

Dear Saints Welcome to that season again...
#2nd to #15th Jan 2021

#Day1 2nd Jan 2021
Dedicate this 14-day prayer program to the Lord.
Give thanks to God for watching over us through 2020; He has kept and is commited to keep us in this CORONA virus pandemic; (1 Chron.16:8-36;Ps.91; 92:1-4; 95:2; 118:1-17; 136:1-26).

Thank God for six new churches planted in 2020, for the successful registration of JOY Media House,for starting of ministry on TV and social media.
That God’s visitation will be manifest in our midst. Sanctify yourselves before God-(Leviticus 20:7-8; Joshua 3:5; 7:13).
Pray that the Lord will receive us, hear our prayers and answer – (2 Chron. 7:14)

Thank God for the Vision of 2021 that the Lord has given to Deliverance Church to reach the world


B.R.E.A.K Camp 2021 virtual(online) experience

#Date: #2nd and #3rd January 2021

Time: #3pm - #6pm EAT

Join B.R.E.A.K Camp Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 7038 9331
Passcode: breakcamp

page live: BREAK Camp UG

What you need: Gadget (laptop or smartphone), internet, notebook and a pen

Invite your siblings, friends, OBs, OGs, neighbours, crushes😀, etc


This 1st Sunday of the year on #HopeForToday.. join Pr Edward Kiwanuka - General Overseer Deliverance Church Uganda on Gugudde TV Uganda at 6pm. Follow both #online and #onair . Prayer Lines +256788125810 / +256705198555 .



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Despite the hurdles 2020 is a year to bless the Lord that we're still standing... Join us on 31st December 2020 as we crown the year..
The end of year #ImpartationService will be streamed live here and on #youtube. #3pm to #5:30pm Please share to invite someone..

This Sunday...on Hope For Today broadcast...

Seasonal Greetings from Deliverance Church Uganda..

"Let this Christmas be one where we share the gifts God has given u with others" Pr. Edward Kiwanuka - General Overseer.

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Our Story


A mature Holy Spirit Empowered Church, Transforming Nations and Advancing the Kingdom of God.


To present the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit through: Preaching, Teaching, Equipping, Deliverance and Social Development, and be a Prophetic voice to the nations

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Kampala Uganda

General information

Deliverance Church Ministry began in 1967 as a fellowship of young people in a secondary school. They got pre-occupied with preaching the gospel in secondary schools, colleges and the university (only one university then). Up till 1971, they prayed in their traditional Churches in the mornings but met in the afternoons for fellowship which was the forum for firing them up to go out for missions. Then in 1971, Deliverance Church was began based on Luke 4:18 . The Church is indigenous, self governing, self financing and self propagating. It is governed by a Team of 14 men who constitute its apostolic authority.
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