CrossRoads Fellowship

Crossroads Fellowship is an ALL inclusive Christian oriented gathering that encourages the study, practice and discipleship of a holistic gospel as per 3 John 2.

Plot 11 Lumumba Avenue. We meet 7:00am - 8:00am every weekday. You are welcome


LISA Bakes

LiSa Bakes is honored to have been part of this book Launch.

I met Catherine in search of a transport solution for our son to his school. Somebody gave me her phone number and we spoke. We met briefly at Anderita beach in Entebbe, exchanged common pleasantries and formed an acquaintance. On our first date, I took something home with me about her just as much as I believe she did about me....

[07/25/13]   A prayerless family is the root of all insecurities and waywardness.

[04/10/13]   Biblical Christianity is not a business. It is medicine for people sick unto death.

[04/09/13]   "Confidential" means you can be trusted. In the good old days they made footballs out of pigskin. Guess why? Pigs don't have pores. In other words, they don't leak. Accountability partners don't leak.

[04/09/13]   There is hope in your future. Jeremiah 31:17

[04/08/13]   If we see ourselves as weak, tempted beyond control, or needy, then that is how we will behave.

[04/08/13]   The minister is of more importance to God than his ministry.

[03/26/13]   Some thoughts come to weaken your faith.

[03/25/13]   Pray for others.

[03/22/13]   Never despise the size of opportumities. You have to start somewhere to go somewhere.

[03/21/13]   What you see is limited. What you don't see is umlimited. Know your purpose, build a dream, and have faith that God will make it come to pass IN HIS TIME.

[03/19/13]   Don't deny the circumstance. Deal with it using God's word.

[03/18/13]   What are you reading?

[02/13/13]   The greatest blessing we can have is a correct knowledge of ourselves that we can see our defects of character and by divine grace remedy them- Unknown.

[01/09/13]   Your mouth is very powerful when you speak words you believe. Words carry the picture. Watch what you say.

[01/08/13]   Would you like to know how much you are willing to sacrifice for another soul? "Machine Gun Preacher" Find and watch this movie.

[01/07/13]   "Everybody in your situation has the same choice: you can rue your situation or you can dedicate yourself to changing it." - Mark Ford

[01/06/13]   God knows how to make a situation glorify His name.

[01/03/13]   Everyday brings you closer to your dreams, but also everyday brings you closer to your death. How are you going to leave here?

[01/02/13]   God has the original plan for your life and the blue print for each time. By wisdom you can know the blue print this year.

[12/29/12]   Abraham had to wait continually on the Lord so as to become the father of nations. Psalm 27: 14; Wait on the Lord, be of good courage.

[12/29/12]   God will move over a thousand people to get to the person who believes in faith. Faith is not moved by circumstances, it moves circumstances.

[12/27/12]   The devil brings us temptations at the time they appeal the most.

[12/27/12]   Every man needs another. It is why there are successors.

[12/26/12]   You are God's concern.

[12/19/12]   People can change. If you don't believe it, look back at the rotten things you used to do.

[12/19/12]   Because there's sin in us and all around us, people will seldom appreciate your good qualities. But they will be so quick to harp and escalate your weaknesses. When such happens, it can result to feelings of discouragement, withdrawal, rejection, low self-esteem and the likes. You are special and there are really good attributes about you. Make a decision to start by genuinely praising someone. Remind them what they are truly good at, and watch God remind you through them as well, how good and special you are.

[12/18/12]   Truth #1:
There are many ways to succeed besides having a dynamic career. You are only successful as the way you balance your priorities as worker, husband, (or wife), father (/mother), friend, provider, and follower of Christ.
Actually, career success is how the people who care about you least evaluate your worth as a person. In a word, you are expendable. -By Patrick M. Morley in the book; The Seven Seasons of a Man's Life.

[12/18/12]   Don't wait for trouble to come before you can start to pray.

[12/17/12]   "You have wanted to be something; it will go better if you want to be used." God

[12/16/12]   Do not under value anyone's testimony. It may not appeal to your circumstances but it drew them closer to God.

[12/15/12]   How deep the Father's love for us!
How vast beyond all measure!

[12/15/12]   The hotter the fire, the deeper the lesson, the greater the maturity- James R. Lucas

[12/15/12]   Do everything as if today is your last day on earth.

[12/14/12]   You can smile
If you can't say a word, you can smile
If you cannot be heard, you can smile
When it's cloudy or fair
You can smile
Anytime, anywhere:)




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