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This page has been established to spread the word of God and nurture God's people. Prepares multitudes for the Kingdom of God.

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[04/01/21]   For the Lord reigns in glory, all honour and power belongs to him, by him all things were made by him.


I will celebrate and sing to the Lord anew song.

[03/26/21]   Jesus is the answer, he is the way the truth and the life, no one goes to the father, except by him.


For he gave his own life to redeem us.


From the rising of the sun to the go down of the same the name of the Lord should be praised.


All glory goes back to God.


God's grace is sufficient to us all, let's keep righteous, pure and holy never to provoke him.


God has given you another chance to either serve him or Mammon, think twice.


[09/14/20]   The very heaven approves of your worth, goodness or evil habits, for the Lord is so holy to look on our iniquity, for his hand is not shortened that he can't reach us , neither his eyes blind that he can not see us, not his ears deaf to hear our prayers, but it's our iniquity which has kept him a distance afar.


Seek of the Lord while he can still be found.

[08/08/20]   To God be the glory for the great and marvelous things he has done.


Let's take our refuge in the Lord our God.


God protects us on all sides, for we are always under the shadow of his wings.


God cares for us.


[04/10/20]   In this festive season let us die to sin and Evil ways, and resurect to Holiness, purity and righteousness for the glory of God.

[03/28/20]   Suffering or terrified by the havoc pandemic , Corona virus, it's a matter of taste of time, in a measure of 4 score, by the grace of God it will be over.


Delight in the Lord and he will fulfill the desires of your heart.


[03/09/20]   Ascribe greatness to the lord the Rock,for his work is perfect and all his ways are just

[03/02/20]   As long as the Lord liveth, I can face tomorrow, for he cares.


God's promises Endure

[01/01/20]   Happy new year to all of you, may it behold prosperity, and progress in everything you do, To God be the glory


[12/21/19]   Wishing you a blessed festive season, for Christmas and a happy New year.


[12/10/19]   Glory to him who sits on the throne and unto the lamb, for he reigns forever and ever, he is the Rock of ages.




Zion Ministries, Kampala, Uganda
Other Religious Organizations in Kampala (show all)
Africa saves future children ministry Africa saves future children ministry
Luzira Kirombe
Kampala, 0000

We help homeless children orphanages we give them food give them were to sleep take them to school because our future is in children join hands with us.

Charles Akwanga Ministries Inc. Charles Akwanga Ministries Inc.
1068 Lira, Uganda

Reaching out for the lost and bound and showing the the true light that peace n love should abide in them.

Youth Ambassadors International Youth Ambassadors International
Kampala-Uganda (East Africa)
Kampala, 256

its a youth led non profit organization that empowers young people with life skills education programs and empowerment programs to enable a better future.

The Renaissants fellowship The Renaissants fellowship
Watoto Church Central

Isaiah 58:12.......The hub for interacting, having fun in the Love of Christ......

Visionary Worship Centre Visionary Worship Centre

visionary worship centre is a non goverment organization best found in uganda east africa helping people grow in the word of God and meet their needs.

Uganda Capstone Church Mission Uganda Capstone Church Mission
P.O.BOX 5054
Kampala, 25641

Uganda Capstone Church Mission was founded in 1992 with the mission of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to date with its head office in Tororo

Gospel Messengers of Holiness and Righteousness Church Gospel Messengers of Holiness and Righteousness Church
Lusaka, Makindye
Kampala, 256

This is the Official page of The Church of Gospel Messengers of Holiness and Righteousness. Our Lead Pastor is Rev. Moses Ssemanda Mbuga, with its Headquarters in Makindye-Lusaka-Kampala. Watch our sermon videos here.

SEMA Projects Uganda SEMA Projects Uganda
51 Wakiso Town, Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, 256

Our mission is to practically create a Christ-centered environment within the local community whereby the people can: • develop an ethical and moral cen

Youth for Christ Compaigners ministry Youth for Christ Compaigners ministry

We are youth from different churches, We preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ through the word and actions, We proclaim hope to the hopeless.

St. Stephen's Nsambya Church of Uganda St. Stephen's Nsambya Church of Uganda
St. Stephen's C.O.U Nsambya, P.O.Box 6790 Kampala, Uganda

Dedicated to transform lives all over the World to have a Christ like character.

St Francis children 's Church Makerere St Francis children 's Church Makerere
Kampala, P.O BOX 7062 KAMPALA

St Francis Children’s Ministry is an entity that brings together parents and teachers in a bid to spiritually support child-congregants.

Binding the Broken Hearted Ministries. Binding the Broken Hearted Ministries.
Kampala, +256

is to spread the gospel to all believers and non believers and disciple the next generation leaders and to reach out to the crying society with the word of hope and encouragement.