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'Demonstrating the Spirit'

Prophet Brian Kagyezi is LIVE now.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

"The Word gives you life that you may be established."

Stream live this Friday with the Prophet, 7:30pm EAT. #PBKOnline

Thee Prophet ...
Prophet Brian Kagyezi will be on!

"To hear God when you call, you must hear Him when He speaks".

Tune in for sound wisdom with the Prophet this Sunday, 10:00 am EAT. #PBKOnline

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship Online | Prophet Brian Kagyezi 2Oth, March | Pneuma Miracle Grounds

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship Online | Prophet Brian Kagyezi 2Oth, March | Pneuma Miracle Grounds

See hunger... See thirst...see faith.


PBK In Burundi | Prophetic Conference Live

Thousands storm Nyabagere Conference centre, Bujumbura with great expectation for the Prophetic Conference ready to interface with prophetic grace.



I have come with the word and fire of God to set Burundians on fire again.

"Expect Prophecy"


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

If your life is going to be better, you must understand that you were sealed with and by the Holy Spirit. Get this understanding.

Join us at the Pneuma Fellowship today at 5:30 pm EAT at the Pneuma Miracle Grounds in Kyanja.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi



Every Friday Plot!

I invite you to the first Pneuma Fellowship of the Year of Plenty, 2020.

We are going before God to learn His Word, to tarry in His presence and to pray all sorts of prayers.

Join us this Friday.

It was said, and now it is happening.

Such wonderful testimonies are in overflow.

Somebody connect to your properties!


At the word of the Prophet, it was done!

As spoken by the Chariot; "this year you will own lots of properties," here is another testimony in the house.

Somebody connect!

Let's Go!

I will be in Burundi this February, 2020.🇧🇮
Get ready to see the works of the power of God.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship | Healing and Deliverance

"Mark these people, they will come back with a testimony", declared the Prophet as he prayed for those who stretched their faith to come and receive healing and deliverance.

It is for this reason that the Son of Man came to the earth, that those blind could see, that those deaf could hear, that those crippled could walk.

He further instructed the congregation to pray that God gives them sight, to pray that God teaches them how to learn.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship | Dimensions of Learning Part 1

The Prophet taught that the first dimension of learning is Seeing.
Some will see the works of God and will still refer to them as rumours, they will still ask for more proof. Ref: Luke 7:11-19.

It is important to perceive [blepo - eido - raah] with the eyes of the mind for if you never perceive things, you may never learn. To understand the life of God, you must learn to see, you must have foresight, insight, hindsight and foresight.

Pray that God gives you sight for if God gives you the ability to see, there is nothing in this world you will fail at.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship | I Testify

Testimonies that are a result of serving God were given today. People came back to the house of God with evidence of the great things He had done.

From miracle contracts being signed, to new business branches being opened. From major shifts in character to major shifts at work places.

Lives are being transformed at the miracle grounds and for this, the glory goes back to Jesus.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Pneuma Fellowship | Plenty

Chains are being broken for our sake
Mountains are being leveled for our sake
Walls are falling for our sake

As we lift His name, His presence manifests

From cars to HOUSES!

Last year we saw many dedications of cars, but this year the Chariot declared that dedications of houses, of properties, would be evidenced.

It has started already as today the Prophet of God was invited to dedicate a house of one of the members of the Choir Ministry.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

I invite you to the first Pneuma Fellowship of the Year of Plenty, 2020.

We are going before God to learn His Word, to tarry in His presence and to pray all sorts of prayers.

Join us this Friday.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service | Declaration

This week, may God break some things out of your life, in Jesus' name.

--The Chariot

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service | How We Prevail

Ref: Acts 19:8ff

"Your thoughts, your spirit, your soul, your flesh and your tongue must hear the Word of God"

The Prophet taught that the Word of God should prevail in the life of a Christian as it's this very Word that created everything [John 1:1-3]

He emphasized that people should wake up everyday and preach the Word of God to themselves and everything around them.

--The Chariot

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service | I Testify

It's just the first Sunday of the year and testimonies are already in overflow at the Pneuma Miracle Grounds.

From families and relationships being mended to miracle job placements. From financial breakthroughs to the fruit of the womb. From elevations at work places to immeasurable favor being experienced.

Just as declared at the Night of Plenty, there are already plenty of changes happening for the congregation.

Somebody connect to your testimony.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service | Plenty

1Kings 10:1-7, 16-23 NLT

When we talk about plenty we are talking about kings coming to your rising.

When we are talking about plenty, we mean plenty jobs, plenty lands, name it. When queen Sheebah came to King Solomon, she found him already great. God has called us to the extent of others coming to consult of the wisdom that God has given us.

You must receive plenty in every sphere of life. This year, don't limit God in what He is going to do.

-- Pastor Shilla Peruth Awori

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service | Year of Plenty

The first Sunday of the year 2020 found us in the house of God, worshiping and praising God for what He has done and what He is yet to do.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Crossover into the year 2020 with a fresh fire anointing dual!
This anointing is more than able to prosper, to deliver, to heal, to instruct, to impart spiritual blessings.

Get Ready!



We can't wait for you all to listen in more and more.

Thank you for partnering with us as we carry this Gospel across the world. Our Pneuma Online radio studio is looking great.

The work continues, and we are not tiring until we see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of men across the world.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!

Pneuma Fellowship| Relationship with God

We need to know how to build a relationship with God. God is bottomless, wide, high and therefore your growth in him depends on how far you are willing to go.

There's so much God can show you and enable you experience.

Today focus to learn what it means to have a relationship with God and how to cultivate it.

The Chariot

Meeting Point!!!

Agenda: God

"When you learn to obey the voice of God, you learn to see God."

—Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Join us this Friday at the Pneuma Miracle Grounds, 5:30pm for godly wisdom and life transforming moments.


Prophetic Tour | Makindye

You need to understand the words which you speak will justify you and this justification is before God.

You need to understand that the words which you speak are important. From tonight start paying attention to the words you speak.

The Chariot

All vacists, let's meet here.

I will be live this Sunday for #ChariotLive on YouTube, Pneuma Channel TV and also on Facebook at 7pm EAT.

For live audience, join us at Oryx gardens, Makerere along Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

"I have come as a prophet of God to open this land" The Chariot

Prophet Brian Kagyezi targets impacting 1000 souls in this season of Celebration.

WATCH FULL VISIT on the link:

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

"God can use anyone. If he used fishermen, he can definitely use you."

Learn about the Call and the Called in Today's edition of The Chariot Scroll through the link below;

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_God bless you. Shalom_

The Call, The Called

Mark 1:17-18 "And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. And straightway they forsook their nets, and followed him." (KJV)

Sometimes it is amazing to see men fail to realize that they have been called. In the scripture, Jesus met two men who were fishing, he then called them to follow him: notice that anyone in this world can be used by God if they avail themselves.

Most men were nothing, by the standards of the world, until God begun to work in their lives. Notice also that these men immediately left their nets to follow Jesus.

God can use anyone. If he used fishermen, he can definitely use you.

Just like Jesus used these normal fishermen, he is going to use you to change this world. Not by power or might but by his Spirit.

Prophetic Declarations

Heavenly Father, I thank you for you have called us with a high calling and I am ready to serve you. Amen

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

The season is on!
We are celebrating 2 Years
What are you thankful for this season?


So should you.
Go type your prayer request.

I am praying for you at the prayer mountain. Send your prayer request.

Your story MUST CHANGE.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

As children of God we need to learn to be profitable in the things of God, in the house of God, in life, to everyone we get in contact with and to everything we put our hands to.

This is one of those teachings that will stir in you holy emotions and teach you how to be profitable. WATCH TEACHING by clicking on the link below:


Hebrews 10:39 "But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul." (KJV)

Prophet Brian Kagyezi


Seeing what God is doing through these amazing worshippers I can only say this sound will touch and heal so many lives.

Support them by downloading and sharing their music. Listen to this song titled "Architect” by my daughter Florence off #TheVoiceAlbum and be blessed.
AVALABLE to download on YOUTUBE channel:

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

"The life of God is not about alot of solutions, only one thing is needful."

It's a new season, it's a new glory, it's the month of Joy. Join us tomorrow at the Pneuma Miracle Grounds, 5:30pm EAT.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

We are inviting you for a powerful weekend at the Pneuma Miracle Grounds this weekend - Saturday and Sunday.

We will be there to impart something in you, we are coming to pray for you, we are ready to direct you towards your purpose, we are prepared to demonstrate God, we are filled with words of life for you and your generations!

You are all invited.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service| Changed by The Word

Ref to Matthew 13: 10-ff
Jesus taught taught using parables but only a few could understand his teachings. This is because mysteries are not meant to be understood by everyone.

Unlike the rest of the world; when you belong to God, it is given unto you to understand the mysteries in the word of God. Therefore when they preach, you need to focus your attention on hearing, understanding, meditating and acting upon this word.

__Pastor Steve Bwete

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Mega Sunday Service| Praise and Worship

Jesus we enthrone you. We proclaim you are King. We raise you up with our praise.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

"Having a perfect heart is how you have faith in God."

This Friday, come, receive the Word which can build you up and give you an inheritance.


Our valued followers, catch the Oracle of God, the Chariot; on Lighthouse Television, on GOTV channel 824 and free to air signet today- Sunday at 11Am [EAT]


Prophet Brian Kagyezi

Watched this yet?

You better.

To all the ladies, the Ladies Interim Conference, L.I.C is back, hosted by Pneuma Word Ministries. We had powerful sessions last July and its now reloaded in another glory. See you there.


Prophet Brian Kagyezi


Tune in Now and enjoy

The Chariot Live | Month Of Grace | Pneuma Miracle Grounds | 26th.05.2019

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

If righteous people are the ones ruling, then a nation will be exalted.

Righteous ruling creates safety for the people.
[Prov 29:2]

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