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In the time where everyone is seeing the worst and preparing for the worst, choose to keep your mind on what the word of God says. Our only hope is in God and he has turned around worse situations than these. Isaiah 26:3, it says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” #ItsYourTime #IamCharis2020 #COVID-19 #Grace #EnrolToday

*Recap from Gospel Truth TV* Watch Andrew Womack's latest television series about, " *Lessons From Elijah* " on: ▪LTV, Monday to Friday 8:30pm and 8:30am. ▪TBN at 12:30pm ▪ FAITH TV at 11:30am ▪DAYSTAR TV at 7:30pm

Gospel Truth TV Watch Andrew Womack's latest television series about, " Lessons From Elijah " on: ▪LTV, Monday to Friday 8:30pm and 8:30am. ▪TBN at 12:30pm ▪ FAITH TV at 11:30am ▪DAYSTAR TV at 7:30pm

Gospel Truth TV/lessons from Elijah
Watch Andrew Womack's latest television series about, "Lessons From Elijah" on LTV, Monday to Friday 8:30pm and 8:30am. Gospel Truth TV show is also available on TBN, FAITH TV, DAYSTAR TV, AWMI website ( and also our YOUTUBE channel ( We believe you will be transformed by this serie

THIS IS YOUR TIME. Charis does not teach theology but the revelation of the word of God. #ItsYourTime #IamCharis2020

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE WORLD. #ItsYourtime #Iamcharis2020

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our STUDENTS, PROSPECTS & ALUMNI. #ItsYourtime #Iamcharis2020

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our PARTNERS. #ItsYourtime #Iamcharis2020

A Special Message From Our AWMCHARIS Director
A Special Message From Our AWMCHARIS Director

THE SHIP IS MOVING. Enrollment is in progress. Come register and receive live altering revelations at CHARIS bible college. ENROLL NOW #IamCharis2020

THE POWER BEHIND MONEY. A feast is made for laughter, And wine makes merry; But money answers everything(Ecc 10:19) #FFS

OPEN CAMPUS DAYS Your Journey Starts Here Answer the call! #IamCharis2020

If you are experiencing a delay in your prayers, ask God to show you what the hindrance is. It's never HIS fault. For in-depth teaching on prayer, get: A BETTER WAY TO PRAY teaching by Andrew Wommack in BOOK, DVD/CD Formats & a STUDY-GUIDE at _Andrew Wommack Bookshop_ Ground Floor on Park Royal Mall- Buganda Rd. Call: +256392177059 for special orders! #ABetterWayToPray #IamCharis2020


Start on the Path of Experiencing Victory Today!
Start on the Path of Experiencing Victory Today!


"YOUR LIFE is going in the direction of your dominant THOUGHTS" Excerpt from the teaching "DONT LIMIT GOD" Get your copy TODAY from the Andrew wommack bookshop, shop 104, Park Royal Mall ground floor

Director's Message 2019

RESOLVE TO CHANGE NATIONS. Let us show you how. Join us on our open days on Friday Jan 11/ Saturday Jan 12. Call: 0777-716336/ 0701-422747 #IamCharis2019

THAT'S RIGHT; You too can come to bible school. Join hundreds of others on the same pursuit who have embraced a better way to Study at Charis. Come for the CORRESPONDENCE DAY (Dec 08) @10Am and get to know how you can study away from school. Call: 0777-716336/ 0753067113 #IamCharis2019

CHARIS IS FOR EVERYONE! With a tight Schedule or Working outside far? Enrol for CHARIS_HYBRID 2019. Visit Andrew Wommack Bookshop on Ground Floor Park Royal Mall (Kyaggwe Rd) Adjacent to Watoto. OR Call Us On: 0777-716336/ 0701-422747 #IamCharis2019

We are almost there saints. #GTSUG18

"Andrew Wommack is one of The Finest Teachers of The Word of God!" Pr. Robert Kayanja Welcome to The gospel truth seminar with AndrewWommack LIVE in Kampala OCT 19th and 20th 2018 at Hockey Grounds Lugogo. 2PM Invite someone. #GTSUG18

THIS IS IT!!!! Don't miss great teachings about Gods unconditional Love and Grace. Join us for the GOSPEL TRUTH SEMINAR this October 19th & 20th live with Andrew Wommack at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds. Gates Open at 2pm & FREE Entrance! #GTSUG18

To be spirit minded means to be word minded. Don't miss the GOSPEL TRUTH SEMINAR Live with Andrew Wommack at lugogo hockey grounds on 19th & 20th October. Gates open at 2PM. #GTSUG18

Nothing Beats the Love of God. #GTSUG18

Happy are the feet(phone/pc) of him that bring good news. The Gospel Truth is here & Andrew Wommack will share it live with us very soon. You don't want to miss this.

Andrew Wommack is a seasoned minister of the gospel who has stood the test of time while preaching the Love & Grace of God. He will be in the country for the Gospel Truth Seminar at hockey grounds 19th & 20th October 2018.#GTS2018 Don't miss it. It's HUGE & FREE. See you there

2018 Campus Open Day! Day 2 is on, you can still grab that boda and come! Goes on till 5:30 pm!

It is on TOMORROW!

Do you have a burning desire to know the Lord more intimately? Has God been aligning your desires, dreams and purposes? Charis Bible College Kampala is here to help you grow in your relationship with Christ, and therefore fulfilling your destiny. Our Campus Open day is just a couple of weeks away! Come have a foretaste of Charis!

Different ministries operate different gifts different ways. Watch, learn and be inspired by Greg Mohr in this clip as He shares divine wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is always turned out. Respond to His promptings by being sensitive to His leading and you`ll have direction and light flood your path. Be inspired as you watch this clip.

In the ministry of Jesus, He was always attentive to the Holy Spirit, always allowing Him to have expression. He ministered the word and demonstrated the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Spirit. Our own lives ought to be just like His, not quenching the Holy Spirit but allowing Him to move freely. We need both the Word and the Spirit. That`s the key to a miraculous life. Be inspired as you watch this clip

We need both the Word and the Spirit. As a believer you are both, don't pick one over the other. Jesus was full of the word and of the Holy Spirit. Charis Bible College Kampala will get you rightly rooted and grounded as you ought. Be inspired as you watch this clip.

The Body of Christ has been blessed with amazing gifts! Apostles, teachers, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Embrace all gifts, they are set for the edification of the church!

God is committed to performing His word
God's covenant with you isnt based on your emotions, actions or anything you can do, therefore, you cannot break it. God's convenant with you is based entirely on Jesus. Enjoy the liberty and the other benefits that come together with the New Covenant. Be inspired as you watch this clip.

God is the God of the now! Today is the day of salvation! The Bible says "Now, Faith is...". To operate in faith you must operate in the realm of the now! You can be healed today, you can be prospered today, you can be promoted today! Don't relegate God's miracle working power to the past or future! Be inspired as you watch this clip

Our Ethiopian students leading us in praise

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